Jump into the rich world of Warhammer 40,000 in this fast paced 3rd person action shooter. As one of the Emperor's Elite Space Marines you have been sent on a vital mission to assault a gigantic Ork Kroozer headed for an Imperial Forge World.
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Release Date: May 22, 2014

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About This Game

Jump into the rich world of Warhammer 40,000 in this fast paced 3rd person action shooter. As one of the Emperor's Elite Space Marines you have been sent on a vital mission to assault a gigantic Ork Kroozer headed for an Imperial Forge World. Choose your Space Marine Chapter and weapons class and commence the purging of brutal Orks and vicious Tyranids on board. Team up to form a 2-man Kill Team in same screen co-op mode and benefit from multiple team pickups to help survive the onslaught.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8
    • Processor: 2.0GHz Dual Core processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 8800 GTS or Radeon HD 4770 or Intel HD 4200 512MB
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
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Posted: December 18, 2014
It's a really nice game if you like Warhammer and dual shoot game.

I guess the game can be a lot more fun with a friend....but I have no friend....that's why I play video-game :'(
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Posted: January 13
This warhammer game reuses assets from the space marine game, not a bad thing. You feel less like a kill team and more like a patient at a doctors office, everything is a waiting game. Everytime you enter a section the game stops and spends 10-15 seconds showing you the area there is no way to skip this. Everytime you die at some parts and restart your faced with another wait period while it explains the same thing again. Even starting new game has a waiting period of 10 secs for no reason. This game is more like heresy that will drive any player to the point of chaos as the ruinous powers of the warp tear their mind apart at how tedious and boring this game is. Could have been a great arcadey shooter if it didnt stop the play ever minute or every area for some panoramic camera showoff of the area. Not a horrible game but not great since it breaks up the action, make sure to only buy it on sale.

Rating: 5/10 Value: $4.99
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Posted: November 30, 2014
I like Kill Team. I like it a lot.

This is the game that introduced me to 40k as "Space Knights vs Space Orcs, roll with it yo". I thought it was awesome.

The game is very clearly a Dawn of War 2 mod, same textures, characters, sounds, and a portion of the scenery. However, it really comes into its own with a very unique location, a kustom Ork Kroozer.

What Kill Team does best is lets you feel like Space Marines are ultimate badasses. Alone or with a friend, you will destory thousands of enemies and disable an entire spaceship without support. That's what 40k and power fantasy is all about.

On the bad side, there are some camera glitches, the upgrades can't be reset which mean's you'll always just use the most powerful weapons you have, and there's no online co-op.

However, I still reccommend just to be empowered and feel like an ultimate Space Marine badass.
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Posted: January 5
I bought this game first and fore most because this was literally the only game I could find on steam that two people could play simultaneously on the same screen.

This game is plain and simple in it's purpose. What makes it fun is having a buddy to play with and blow things up. Would I recommend this game? Only on the pretense you're playing co-op. The game is fun, there are characters to choose from with their own respective powerups that you can choose from. There is usually a melee attack as well as a gun attack that your character has. There is also a powerup that your character is able to use given a cool-down or given you pick up a power up laying around the level. This game has as much playability if you like the Warhammer series.

It's an average game in my eyes : 7/10
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Posted: December 26, 2014
The game was ok. I remember getting it on Xbox and it was good. The thing I hate about it is how large groups of orc for example will run straight into to heavy bolter fire just to stand 4 ft behind me to shoot, instead of standing behind some cover or even just in the open to shoot. Melee units are th most common they attemt to flank before attacking. Like one grot will run at me and go straight past to about 3 ft away and then charge at my back...
The camera is very annoying too changing all the time and often in side map views getting pipes and other scenic items in the way. Controls fine not to complex and its a generic spacemaring follow up, bought for the power sword on Xbox. You can buy the power sword on PC.
Play it if your a WH40k fan like me...
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Posted: January 4
This is a game for the fans of the 40k universe. If you are new to this world play Dawn of War or Space Marine instead. Those games are much more polished and balanced. If you are going to play this game then play it with a friend if you can. Not only is it poorly balanced for single player but the classes themselves are largely co-dependent. The camera is very poorly programed and if you are unlucky you can die durring cut scenes. To be sure there is plenty of xeno killing action to be had, but overall the game gives a clear feeling of being rushed and poorly constructed purely to make money off of people who are already fans of the franchise.
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Posted: January 1
This Game really needs an Coop-Mode for Online-PC-Gamers. Not only for two Gamers and one PC.
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Posted: December 12, 2014
A terrible bug ridden disaster. All graphics, assets, and music are ripped straight from DoW 2. The game is 2 and a half hours long and the difficulty doesn't scale meaning if you're playing solo, the amount of enemies and damage they do is the same as if you were playing co-op. Co-op is local only.

This is a lazy port of a terrible game. Avoid at all costs.

Full review:
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Posted: March 31
This is a long review, so if you want a brief summary of why I recommend Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team skip to Results and read from there.

Nomad Games pushes out a great addition to the Warhammer 40,000 sage with this rendition of a typical Space Marine mission. Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team is a top down shooter that offers 4-player co-op adventure that’s entertaining to the end.

Your mission begins as you encounter an orc ship on route to invade a sector of the imperium. You are sent on a mission of the upmost importance to disable the invasion ship and figure out the orc plans. As your mission progresses you realize this is an impossible mission and completion requires the top fighters. Luckily you’re a member of the Blood Angles one of the elite fighting forces of the Emperors Space Marines chapters. It is up to you and your team to defeat the Warboss and protect the galaxy.

The campaign consists of five-levels, which vary in length based on your play style. Each level took me around 30-minutes, with the campaign lasting about 3-4 hours depending on how many times you die. One of the pit falls is that when you die you typically either get warped back a considerable distance or you have to watch a cinematic again. I didn’t find myself dying too much, so it wasn’t too bad but it could get annoying if you happened to die quite a few times. Overall the campaign is typically a run with a varying missions in-between; either surviving waves of enemies in a confined space, running on exploding platforms, planting explosives, fighting epic boss battles, and more.

Overall there are a good variety of enemies which keep the game interesting and offering a nice variety. There are four separate classes two melee and two ranged specialists. The classes form a bell curve of extreme range power to extreme melee power. The weapons and ability power-ups are unlocked randomly throughout the campaign and to achieve the best benefits typically involves switching characters between each map. Each class has a special ability that offers even more diversity between each class. The campaign is a top down shooter where hordes of enemies charge at you and you must fight them off either by slashing them apart, blasting them to shreds, or exploding with bombs.

>The metla gun is ridiculously over-powered.
>The melee classes are at a huge disadvantage as every mission requires you to use a ranged weapon at some point where power is very important.
>The special abilities are powerful try not to forget about them, there is no point in saving them as you regenerate ability points after killing only a few enemies.

All and all Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team is a great game. Some of the gameplay elements could use adjusting, but it’s nothing that ruins the game. I personally played the game alone and I had a great time and could only imagine it being better with some friends. The gameplay is relatively straightforward and the difficulty curve is well laid out offering a fun campaign at a good length. I would highly recommend this game if you can get it for a good price (I got it for $1.99 and felt that was just the right price).

+Four classes with relatively high diversity making them interesting.
+Buffs and weapons unlocked randomly which cause you to switch classes to take advantage of them.
+Five levels with varying missions, strategies, and battles which offer great dynamics.
+Four player co-operative experience (if you have the friends).
+In mission weapon/buff switch to mix things up if you need to.

-Relatively expensive for such a short game, $9.99 is rather high for a 3-hour campaign.
-The checkpoints are few and far between and when you die they cause you to watch cinematics without being able to skip them.
-The camera angles can be a pain every now and then causing you to not see what you’re looking for.
-The melee classes were not designed to solo some of the missions very well.
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Posted: December 13, 2014
I always liked the Warhammer universe, and even not being a huge fan of top view shooter like Kill Team, i like to play those once in while to change a little since their gameplay is interesting enough to keep me attached to it.

I put Kill Team at par with Halo Spartan Assault in term of entertainement, and for 10 buck if not bought on sale is adquate for the time the game delivers, since you can replay with 5 diferent classes.

One of the aspect i liked more is the power up we get during missions that change the gameplay greatly, the graphic are good for a game with this budget and the sound also very nice with some voices that remind me Space Marine.

In term of story its enough to keep you entertained and add a few things to universe that if you already are inside of it, its interesting, but story isnt what you look in this kind of game, at least for me, when i play a game like this is to have little fun at specific time doing a mission or two and then return other time, so the story isnt really what keep me come back but if its entertainment enough.

The real issue i see in this game is the lack of online coop since it only have local coop, it didnt stoped me from buying but may turn off lots of players bc not everybody have friends available to play at home for what ever reasons.

It is definetly a huge drawback that i dont understand why the Devs didnt go for that since now days, people like to play with others and even more that become to be a standard feature in new games.

If you like this kind of game, Kill Team is good enough to be bought at standand price, but if you arent fan of this type of game, you can get it at very good price on sale for half or even less.
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Posted: April 21

This is a competent twin-stick shooter set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, you play as one of four space marine classes as you fight your way through hordes of Orks and Tyranids while unlocking a small amount of gear and upgrades.
You can be a tech marine who has a deployable tarantula turret, a librarian who has a power sword and psychic powers, an assault marine with a jetpack, or a devastator with a heavy weapon. You can also pick from six chapters, Ultramarines, Blood Angels, Blood Ravens, White Scars, Imperial Fists and Salamanders, unfortunately no Black Templars though.
Customization is minimal but fun, as you play you'll unlock three new weapons for each class and modifiers for stats like health, damage, special ability duration, etc.
The graphics are fairly nice and the player models are accurate and finely detailed, with proper chapter heraldry and decorations, which makes the character select menu look awesome.
You'll probably get about 4-6 hours out of the main campaign and there is a score attack horde mode that has a lot of replay value.

My minor complaints are that I think the game could use more chapters (they're just skins), and I would have really liked a terminator as a playable class.
My biggest complaints are that the game has some annoying difficulty spikes, and we encountered a few bugs that required us to reload checkpoints.

The biggest selling point of this game is true local coop on PC, you can connect two controllers and it will let you do couch coop, we hooked my PC up to a 50" TV and played with two 360 controllers in Big Picture, there are so few games on PC that let you do this even though the feature is often present in their console counterparts, and it's a ton of fun.

The game's price is very appropriate, and I got it on sale so I can't fault the game for it's length, if you're looking for a local coop game to play with a friend you'll probably like this.
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Posted: April 22
This game gets trashed on too much.
Compaired to the console release it's a bit jerky, but not unplayable. The overall feel is spot on for the univere it's set in and it's just enough game for the purpose it was built for. And that was to build up hype for the Space Marine release.
My one and only complaint about this game is that there is no option for online multiplayer. But so long as you have at least one other friend into the 40k univers, this should be too large an issue.

Now to the truth of it. Unless you are an avid fan of the 40K univers, this game is not for you. It was a shallow story at best so you will really have no clue as to what you are really doing or why. The fluff codex doesnt supply enough information to immerse yourself in the fiction and the light customisation such as weapons and skins will have no meaning as they have no real impact of the game and are severly limited

For the fans of the univers I do though highly recomend this game. It's a blast of a way to pass the time in between serving the Emperor.
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Posted: March 28
This is a pretty awesome game. I definatly think you should play it with someone to solo play is not the best and there are a ton of orcs to kill.
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Posted: May 22, 2014
I love my Warhammer 40k games.
But this? No.
Bad port all the way. And it doesn't even support widescreen.
Co-op is broken in all senses. Can't even plug in a second controller.
They both move the first character. Even if one is using a keyboard.

It even tells me what button to press.. On an Xbox pad, when I'm using a keyboard, and mouse.
Really-really, isn't worth it.
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Posted: May 22, 2014
Gauntlet meets Warhammer 40k. As long as you go into this game expecting not much all of your expectations will be met. The forced camera angles will give you a headache; the poor transitioning from console to PC will grind your gears; and the story is laughably... well the story is more of a narration, which is to say a disembodied voice will tell you to go "here", or go "there", and destroy "thing". $9.99 is a bit much of an asking price imo. This is more suited for $4.99, and below, venues.
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Posted: May 22, 2014
These are my first impressions of the game. I have a video for it for those who perfer watching instead of reading:
You can pick your chapter marines (select few).
4 classes with customizable weapons and perks.
Powerups and grenade.
Survival mode.
Fully voiced codex entries.
Unlockable collectibles.
Local Co-op (2 player).
Drop in Co-op.

Repetitive, no variety, there are no weapon pickups in a level.
Performs badly (60fps is easy but tanks with v-sync off between 70 to 220fps).
Can't access graphics options in the middle of a game.
Low resolution textures (although there is nice detail in the environments).
No easy Drop Out co-op.
No online multiplayer.
Camera is bad, it can bug out and get stuck or be at bad angle transitions causing enemies to hit you from off-screen.
No steam trading cards (minor but I feel I should mention it).
Little warhammer implementation, seems like another game with a warhammer skin slapped on it at the last minute.
Heavily re-used assets within the game and many assets used from other warhammer games under the THQ name (this game was originally on console under THQ in 2011)

I will continue playing and my perspective of the game might change a bit but with the gameplay being so boring it won't make much of an impact. Until then buy Renegade Ops or Halo: Spartan Assault instead. Wait for a sale if you REALLY like warhammer and twin stick shooters.

This game is a disgrace to the emperor!
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Posted: May 22, 2014
Added May 23 of 2014 (하단에 한국어로도 적어뒀습니다.)

I have to modify my recomand. Kill Team still has problems but serious problems seem fixed after update.
(Likes cam angle bug, bad mouse sensitive, etc.)
I'm glad watch Nomad Games has intention to modify and I hope they fix co-op problem too.
Update makes me feeling better, meanwhile, it means Nomad Games sold beta version of product to full price when I think about it. It's another nasty things.
So I still recomand you wait buying and watch the development of 40k: Kill Team.


When I saw Kill Team on steam, I'm really happy. I'm big fan of Warhammer 40k, I have 5000pts(Maybe 6k) Imperial Guard army, playing warhammer fantasy too, have lot of Warhammer game(most of them... you know, shity game), Novels... Trailer seems 'not bad 40k game', I was really happy, and buy 3 Kill Team for gift. Hah, damn you Archrite. You poolish ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.

As both Warhammer fan and PC gamer, I can tell you it's not bad game for Xbox but PC... you know.
40k : Kill Team is kinds of big ♥♥♥♥ like Storm of Vengence. Well... strictly say... better than SoV....
Local Co-op? Bull ♥♥♥♥! It doesn't support co-op! It dosen't work! It doesn't! To start Co-op, you need press start button of 2p but in game you can only control 1p. Game option doesn't suport 2p key! Ofcourse, no invite friend option too! You can't invite your friend, both online and offline.

Bad optimization is another problem. In game, we control shooting angle by mouse, but can't modify mouse sensitive. Doesn't support wide screen, screen easily change wide to full to wide to full to wide by vaccine or whatever, and steam option cover game screen when press splint button. Game hint doesn't change. For example, It told me 'press LR to use Special Move'. What??? What is LR?? What am I supposed to do??? Bad cam angle is problem too.

It's not game for PC gamer, I recommand Do Not Buy, if if if yoooou really want play, buy Xbox version.

<Korean Version>

로컬 코옵이라는건 작동하지도 않고, 마우스 감도 병신같지, 옵션 그지같고, 최적화 전혀 안했고, 시프트 키 누를때마다 스팀창 뜨지, 뭐 하려고만하면 창모드 전환되지, 카메라 앵글도 존나 등신 같고 버그도 개같고 난이도 변경 안되지, 게임 디자인도 불평하고 싶은게 많음. 그렇다고 게임이 재밌는것도 아니고... 정하고 싶으면 엑박 버전으로 사요. 그건 코옵 되니까.

병신게임. 아오♥♥♥♥♥♥. 내 것도 사고 스팀친구 두 명한테 선물했는데 진짜 내가 또 낚여서 이 지랄을 하다니.

<5월 24일 추가>

오늘 보니 패치가 되었는지, 많은 문제가 해결되었습니다.
노마드 게임즈가 이런 문제를 해결하려는 점은 매우 기쁘게 생각하지만,
한편으로는 베타버전 게임을 일반가에 팔았다는 생각에 불쾌감도 드네요.

아마 패치를 통해 지속적으로 문제를 해결하고, 코옵도 추가해 넣을 것으로 보입니다.
그래도 혹시 모르니 킬팀을 살 생각이 있으신 분은 문제가 해결될때까지 지켜보라고 말씀드리고 싶네요.
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Posted: May 22, 2014


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Posted: August 2, 2014
A top-down shooter in the warhammer universe. Not a too good, but not too bad either. Because top-down shooter fans don't have too big collection to choose from and most participant is pretty bad i must recommend this, as it's playable at least.
- Cool graphics,.Not too sophisticated, but does the job. I love warhammer style, especially the ork's statues are funny cool.
- Great sound, even the music is 'there'.
- Solid gameplay.
-4 different chars, but the gameplay only slighty differs.
- Short, only 5 levels.
- No difficulty settings, and the 3rd and the last levels are pretty hard for mediocre players.
- Awfull checkpoint system, too big gaps between each.
- The camera is fixed and operated by the game. Sometimes, not even rarely, it goes behind walls or simply shows the other way rather than where you wanna see.
- Unskippable gamescenes. That's the worst! You die and start from the last checkpoint, but mostly all starts with a gamescene you have to view again and again and again. I had some pretty bad thoughts about the designers and the testers.

6/10 Better than mediocre top-down shooter. Fun for a playthrough.
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Posted: May 23, 2014
First off: Don't expect a game as good as any of the DoW games. Still, this game is really funny.
-You can choose between 4 different classes (Techmarine, Devastator, Assault Marine and Librarian), each with different skills and weapons.
-Every character plays different but none is overpowered
-The graphics are ok
-The sound is good
-You can unlock weapons and perks for every class (e.g. more health/melee damage/ranged damage/etc.)
-You fight Orcs and Tyranids and each level has a boss that has different abilities
-Almost no bugs (had an enemy stuck behind a wall one time, but nothing a grenade can't handle)
-Random slow-motion killcam
-It takes some time to unlock everything and find every collectable

-Rather short story (took me around 3 hours to finish it), only 5 levels (with one being almost completely the final boss fight)
-As it's a console port you can't use your mouse in the menus and you can only change a very few things in the settings
-Some graphic glitches (ragdolls spazzing out, etc.)
-Only local coop

-The 5 missions are extremely linear
-You often go back to areas where you have already been
-The A.I. of your enemies is not that smart
-You can easily dodge enemy bullets (e.g. by running around in circles.)

Overall, i'm giving this a 7/10 as i really miss online coop and there are some minor issues. And you should be able to use your mouse in the menu. But if you got 10€ left this game is a good choice.
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