Summoners have toppled empires and challenged gods. They are venerated as saviours and feared as destroyers. With rings crafted by the ancient Khosani, the gifted can call forth demons, dragons, and elementals, but only the strongest can control the forces they unleash.
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Utgivningsdatum: 19 mar, 2001

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“Summoner is a game of hidden depth; a game with an interesting combat system; an intriguing story.”
7.6/10 – GameSpot

“More than any other single factor, the story and scripting are what make Summoner stand apart.”
8.8/10 – Daily Radar

“It offers a lot of character interaction and an interesting storyline that will keep you guessing.”
8.2/10 – Game Spy

Om detta spel

Summoners have toppled empires and challenged gods. They are venerated as saviours and feared as destroyers. With rings crafted by the ancient Khosani, the gifted can call forth demons, dragons, and elementals, but only the strongest can control the forces they unleash.

The Story:

Born with the mark of the Summoner, Joseph possesses a power greater than emperors and gods. As a child, he summoned a demon to save his village, and watched in horror as those he loved were destroyed. Nine years later, the armies of Orenia invade, and Joseph must confront the prophecy he was born to fulfill.

Key Features:

  • Traverse a beautiful, completely original world spanning two continents.
  • Up to 16 different creatures to summon and control in combat, such as minotaurs, golems, dragons, and original fantastical creatures.
  • Cast spectacular spells. Wield an arsenal of weapons. Clad yourself in the armour of a warrior.


    • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processor: 1.8 GHz Processor
    • Minne: 512 MB RAM
    • Grafik: 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 9.0c
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Lagring: 800 MB ledigt utrymme
    • Ljudkort: DirectX 9.0c or better compatible sound card
    • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processor: 1.8 GHz Processor
    • Minne: 1 GB RAM
    • Grafik: 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 9.0c
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Lagring: 1 GB ledigt utrymme
    • Ljudkort: DirectX 9.0c or better compatible sound card
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Mest positivt (173 recensioner)
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( 58.6 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 14 maj
Dated interface, controls, and camera. However this is a solid RPG.
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( 5.1 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 12 maj
Well I played five hours in one sitting and I'm afraid to play again in fear for losing time. I loved this game on ps2, and I love this game on PC. Got ambushed and It brought back good memories.
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( 0.1 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 13 april
Not my kind of game 8/15
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( 70.1 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 7 april
A true rpg experience, fun battles and good level design. there is however a few game breaking bugs.
Recomended 9/10
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( 9.2 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 27 mars
Old but good was the first open world RPG i played on a ps2, and i've loved it since.
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Darklight Unity
( 1.3 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 19 mars
As one of the few survivors ofthe destruction of Ciran all those years ago, Joseph has led a hard life. Now, the Emperor of the continent Orenia has invaded Masad village, his new home, looking for a young man with a strange mark on his hand - Identical to young Joseph's. Now, he must find out why the Emperor wants him so badly...

I first played Summoner in 2013, when I got it at a garage sale for my PS2. The title was enough to draw my attention, so I bought it and tried it out ASAP. The background of the protagonist, Joseph, is a sad one. The opening cinematic, after giving a bit of backstory, transitions into gameplay, and starts you off with a tutorial, which involves killing some of the afore-mentioned Orenians, referenced in-game as "Rennies." The controls are hard to get used to, as movement is controlled by mouse, but entirely possible to get used to. The lore of the world is a bit patchy in places, but there's enough there to give you a sense of the world's history. And then, there are the characters. Each of the four main characters has their own unique backstory (and I got deep into theorizing about one of them), meaning they all have their own specialized skill sets. Finally, for a game of its era, it's actually MASSIVE. Not quite Elder Scrolls massive, but still ♥♥♥♥ing HUGE. The navigation is a bit disappointing, however, as whenever you leave certain areas, such as Masad village or the Lenele Outskirts, it places you in the World Map. Traveling around the map, you have a chance to be placed in an Encounter, where you are pitted against rather powerful enemies, depending on your skills and inventory.The navigation is also disappointing because of how huge the continent you start on (Medeva) actually is. If Summoner had been made by Bethesda, Medeva and Orenia would each be the size of the Daggerfall map (approximately the size of Great Britain).

All in all, Summoner is a great game and, in my opinion, a worthwhile purchase. I give it 10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥ off Fire Imps out of 10.
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( 29.9 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 10 mars
Great game this.. one of the best RPG classics on steam and one of my personal favorite RPG's of all time

to this day Summoner still shines as a brilliant and enjoyable RPG experience with a fantastic story and enjoyable gameplay

that being said it does take a little getting used to the controls.. being a bit dated the controls can be a little off putting to new players who are used to the general PC controls but it doesn't take that long to ajust and familiarize yourself with the gameplay and controls

for those looking for some old school RPG's from the golden era of RPG's this is a definite must have and I would recommend this game to everyone who loves a good RPG
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( 0.5 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 1 mars
I'm one of those people who sank thousands of hours into this game, absolutely love this game to death, amazing story and tons of content for even different playthroughs, and there's plenty of reviews on the game from when it was released to ps2, so to make this short, if you don't mind the whole point/click system that's set up, this game would be an amazing buy, but personally I would recommend just going to a used game shop and getting an old copy of the game for ps2 and enjoy it along with summoner 2.
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( 26.2 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 12 februari
i used to love this game on the playstation, however it shows its age and not in a good way, the story is still somewhat decent and gameplay fun, graphics are quite bad as expected, however the summons and other features when compared to summoner 2 are also awful, but still it was a fun childhood game, just hard to stick to and even harder to pick back up where you left off if you leave it a while.
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( 0.2 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 10 februari
This is either a bad port, or the game wasn't worth porting. Horrible interface, crashes, and general slowness (in the pace are too much).
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( 74.5 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 10 februari
i use to play this on the ps2 it was a really good and it still is and dose anybody want to go multiplayer on this game? if so message me paddy121
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( 0.1 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 1 februari
I bought this game to watch the credits.
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( 29.1 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 22 januari
I wish they made Summoner 2 on PC
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( 2.3 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 19 januari
The GUI is absolutely terrible, in order to click anything of interest you will have to spend a large amount of time spinning the camera in order to get just the right view to actually click what you desire.

In terms of combat, just dull. Only way i know how to describe it. You point the person you want to stab and then you wait for your person to hopefully outstab the enemy. Also the GUI makes it difficult to click on the enemy in the first place, so you will often get hit before you can hit back.

Camera and movement are also a very large problem, you move by using your mouse to point on the ground where you want to go. This would normally be fine, but the camera just does not give you the option to path your characters movement more than a few steps. Be ready to have to halt your movement so you can move the camera to see where you are going and then go on your merry way again for a few steps before rinsing and repeating.

Quest tracking is terrible. Just.............terrible. Each quest is logged just fine. They even give you a little description of who you got the quest from and where you can find them. However, as you advance some quests, you get new information. Better have a pen handy, because any additional information will NOT be finding its way into the quest descriptions. Also half the quests have you hunting down people in the HUGE city hub (which has over 4 chunks to trudge endlessly through). Again, pen and paper so you remember the locations of all the people of interst.

The map is also just awful. You can pull up your map and it will show you where you are and a little around you. Thats it. You cant zoom out, so you only get a little chunk right around where you are standing. Not only that, but the map lists absolutely NOTHING on it. Its just a graphic of the enviroment around you. No merchant locations, no points of interest, just nothing.

Bottom line here is that it is a dated game that makes me so unbelievably greatful for the wonderful maps, quest tracking, camera etc of modern gaming. I like to believe that games were never this bad, but then again maybe we just live in spoiled times today. I can see no reason anyone would want this game, it just has nothing to offer.
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Video Game King! (VGK)
( 19.2 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 24 december, 2015
Part of the reason I purchased this game on Steam was because I had so much fun playing it on PS2 as a teenager! The graphics are dated, the combat can be slow at times, and until you become familiar with game mechanics, Summoner can be frustrating. With all of that said, the games flaws do not detract from how much fun the game truly is. One of my favorite things about this game is how your characters looks changer after you equip different items. Being a big JRPG fan in the 90's, this was one of the first games I remember that did this.

If you're looking for a challenging but fair RPG with lots of equipment setups and a decent story line look no further.

(The AI can be a pain at times. You have been warned!)
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A Red-Letter Day
( 40.0 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 24 december, 2015
Curator-esque Review

Summoner is a single player, third person RPG that is reminiscent of the Dragon Age series in terms of gameplay. The story is told mostly through text windows and the game is not very difficult once you learn how to play it. Get this title on sale if you enjoy older RPG's with original stories, simple mechanics, and minimal inventory management.

Summoner Review


The story of Summoner is rather complicated. Playing through it means lots of reading with the occasional cutscene providing exposition. To briefly summarize: players take on the role of Joseph, a farmer living in the kingdom of Medeva. In his youth, soldiers attacked Joseph's home village. During the pillaging, Joseph manages to summon a demon, which not only destroyed the attackers but also the village and nearly eveyone in it. As one of the few survivors, Joseph left his town ostracized but eventually meets a man named Yago who helps Joseph learn about his true identity. Many years have passed since then and the game begins in the village of Masad, where Joseph is currently working. From the northern kingdom of Orenia, the army of the Emperor Murod invades Medeva in search of a very important person. Joseph fights his way out of Masad and heads to Lenele, the capital of Medeva where Yago is currently residing as an assistant to King Bellias. Once in Lenele, Joseph's true quest begins as he meets colorful characters who join him and help him to understand his past.


As I said above, Summoner is quite similar to the Dragon Age games in terms of it's gameplay. You have to talk to people to recieve quests and information. Most quest givers are found in the main cities but if you explore levels, you often find quest givers hiding in obscure places. There is no morality system but in several quests you have the option of choosing different dialogue lines that can merely alter quest rewards. In other words, you almost never see the outcome of completing a quest a certain way (aside from the main quest), you just receive a different reward. Loot in Summoner is actually one of the main reasons to complete sidequests, since certain side quests will give you powerful weapons that you will use for a long time. Of course, you can still buy everything from potions to armor from merchants but everything in Summoner is very expensive, especially in the early game. I recommending grinding random encounters for a bit early on, not just to improve your stats but to also collect a bunch of junk to sell. Most of the quests are of the fetch variety but there are a few that standout.

Combat in Summoner is a hybrid of real-time and turn-based. Once you are seen by an enemy, they will automatically engage your party and you will trade blows back and forth automatically until you or the enemy is dead. Your party consists of four members (some of which have overlapping skills) and an optional fifth in the form a "Summon", a creature that only Jospeh can call forth. You can pause the game at any time during combat and issue the next command you'd like each party member to execute as well as use items, switch gear, choose targets for spells, etc. When combat is occurring and you control a melee character, you can chain together attacks with the press of a button, extending your "turn" until you break the chain. It's sort of like playing a rhythmn game: pressing the chain button at the right pace unleashes bonus damage and special effects as you learn more chain abilities. You can only control one party member at a time with the other party members operating on an AI routine that you can set in the character attributes screen. Giving a bow to your thief character? Set her to "Ranged" and she will engage enemies from afar instead of getting close. Want your mage to focus on healing? Set her to "Healer" and she will only cast spells to heal party members when they go below a certain threshold. This ability to choose how your party members behave is very nice becuase it allows you to instantly change a characters speciality if you need to. And you will need to, hint, hint , in my experience at least. That being said, the AI sometimes behaves erratically, such as targeting unintended enemies, not casting the most useful spell, or getting stuck on the environment. There is a lot of micromanagement in the late game, requiring you to constantly switch characters to cast hero specific abilities. I advise making at least one character strong in "Heal" and "Holy" spells for increased party survivabilty. As Joseph acquires certaing rings, he is able to summon a fifth party member known as a "Summon". Summons all have their own unique look and abilities and knowing the weaknesses of your current enemy allows you to bring forth a summon that counterracts their strengths.

While loot can be acquired through completing quests, great loot can also be found if you take the time to look around. Seriously, scour every corner because loot is literally just sitting on the ground waiting to be found. Most of your exploration will be easy though there are a few segments in the game where you can only use one or two party members for plot reasons. There are a few sequences where you can only use the thief character for example. The only part of the game that bothered me was a segment beyond halfway through the main quest where you must trek through a haunted forest while poisoned. The only way to cure the poison is to reach the end of the level, requiring a lenghty slog through enemies and a boss fight you may or may not see coming, all the while constantly spamming party buff and heal spells as everyones' health constantly depletes. The level felt too long and really killed the pace in my opinion but I made it through. Backtracking is also something that you will do a lot of in Summoner and certain areas are also reused albeit with a different aesthetic for the most part. This did not bother me however as there was always new loot to find.


At first glance, you may not believe Summoner was a PS2 launch title but it was. It has not aged well but I assume you are not buying this game for it's looks. Environmental textures are simple, characters are jagged, and animations are stiff. But, each piece of gear looks different and even stays on you during cutscenes. Spells and abilities all have unique sounds and partical effects. The voice acting is nothing to write home about but it gets the job done. You will be reading most of the story anyway so thank goodness the text is humorous and serious at the right times. Sounds all have a canned feel to them but some are custom and fit well with the what is happening on screen. I think this the first game I've played where the music does not fit the setting of the game but still works great anyway. There are definitely some hummable tracks here and a few that remind me of Deus Ex for some reason.

Final Thoughts

At around forty hours for a first playthrough, Summoner provided more value to me than I thought it would. While it's age and backtracking in the game are certainly hurdles potential buyers should consider, Summoner feels like a very casual RPG that is not too difficult to complete and does not last longer than it needs to. The game's mechanics and inventroy system are simple and the graphics are too but it tells a compelling and original story none the less. If you can look past the age of the game, you will find an RPG that may be more entertaining than you thought it would be.
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( 19.8 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 23 december, 2015
Find a copy of the PS2 version.

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( 12.6 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 23 december, 2015
This game makes me cry, not in the good way either.
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Cthulhu Crisis
( 998.0 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 7 december, 2015
A Classic RPG with memorable characters and fun battle system. I have put quite a bit of time into this game, even before it was available on Steam. Well worth the price if you played games like this back in the day.
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5 av 5 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
29.9 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 10 mars
Great game this.. one of the best RPG classics on steam and one of my personal favorite RPG's of all time

to this day Summoner still shines as a brilliant and enjoyable RPG experience with a fantastic story and enjoyable gameplay

that being said it does take a little getting used to the controls.. being a bit dated the controls can be a little off putting to new players who are used to the general PC controls but it doesn't take that long to ajust and familiarize yourself with the gameplay and controls

for those looking for some old school RPG's from the golden era of RPG's this is a definite must have and I would recommend this game to everyone who loves a good RPG
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9.5 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 13 oktober, 2014
Wow i am so glad i tried installing this little game. The simplicity of it is what makes it such a great RPG.

Make sure to install the custom screen resolution patch (Look at the left side of the web page and scroll down a bit until you see SUMMONER and download the patch)

Open the dinput.ini file and type in your custom resolution and make sure to remove the ; symbol in front
It should look like this
;Remove the semicolons from the next line to set a custom screen resolution
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89 av 103 personer (86%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
0.3 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 12 mars, 2014
It's been probably eight years since I played this, but I was very happy to see it available on Steam. I played the PC console-port of this game and liked it, for the most part. Keep in mind the graphics are dated, and the engine is dated, but it's still fun to play. I remember running into some graphical glitches and some quest glitches that were annoying, but didn't ruin the game for me. I'm a fan of the Volition games like Freespace 1 and 2 and this game was a fun departure from that game style. That said, I really, really, really hope Freespace 1 and 2 come to Steam! Summoner is a good console game port and is a fun game. I remember the summoning being extremely compelling and it kept me playing all those years ago. I'm looking forward to playing it again!
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39 av 41 personer (95%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
31.5 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 28 september, 2014
Absolute unknown gem of a game. Before you get it, though, remember that it came out over a decade ago. If you're a graphics ♥♥♥♥♥ look somewhere else, and be aware that it needs a simple (less than 5 minutes) fix to run correctly on modern machines. It has its imperfections but they're heavily outweighed by fun combat that you still have to think about, meaningful skill points, and the basic fun of summoning everything from a floating sword to the incarnation of death to help you in fights.

A quick rundown of the negatives: Has what one might call "old game syndrome" (no auto saves, quests rely on a walkthrough or you being persistant, such as finding an item in a town and you're not given any clue as to where it is, enemies can really spike in difficulty, and other things that games have more or less grown out of) story is a bit predictable at times, some parts of the game drag on for a long time while others you just walk in walk out, if you put skill points into the wrong skills you're at a decent disadvantage, possibly completely screwed if you decided that you would max all wrong skills first, the game's a bit easy, especially if you know or find some of the more exploitative mechanics, the AI is more than a bit dodgy at times, and the voice actor of the main character is honestly so-so

The positives: Loot system as well as exploration feels rewarding, varied gameplay, while there may be a functional best build there is far from only one build to make your characters strong, very nice aesthetics to the game, combat is fun, I only felt it to be grind-y when I was literally grinding to catch up on a few skills before I hit a big boss, you level up frequently enough that you feel like you're constantly improving and if you decide you really need a skill you can get the points fast enough, good plot that has a number of twists, bosses (and a number of regular enemies) are challenging without needing 20 tries to defeat, the summons are very fun to use and can make hard areas easy, and the side quests can also be extremely rewarding
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48 av 56 personer (86%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
14.5 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 13 mars, 2014
I remember having the original disc on the PS2. I think it is one of the best RPGs, and one of the most underrated. It is worth every penny to play this again. Good storyline. They had a second summoner, but in this case i think the first was the best.
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41 av 48 personer (85%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
26.2 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 16 juli, 2014
Of course I do recommend this game.. Damn it. It's one of the best RPG's I've ever played in my life, I still have it on ps2 and I was thinking about finding games like this because it's impossible to find anything similar today.

There are some RPG's but nothing will ever be compared to it, the storyline, the amount of items/abilities is huge. I never thought about replaying the game because I remember how long it took me to finish it as I like to explore a lot and to take everysingle stuff.

The storyline is great, my overall score for the game would be 10/10. And remember real gamers doesn't care about graphics !

PS: In the same kind of very good rpg there was also Gorly 17, also called Odium but it's a bit more strategical.
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5.9 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 25 april, 2014
WoW, once again these old games never cease to amaze! While it is currently debated among some friends, I still think Summoner is the inspiration for Skyrims tale. You are born with a mark that allows you to summon, but not until you get proper training, even the king without an heir (his 4 sons died under strange circumstances, and one idiot move), While some argue this is a storyline of many games and movies, I feel this one is very close to how Skyrim is written

The world appears gigantic, however downside, is there are not enough NPC's to make up for the space. So it feels empty in these otherwise large towns, cities and buildings.

Music is modern - odd choice, you would expect something celtic - but it works - at least for me.

Graphicly, it is the style of the old Gothic RPG, maybe a little less, but the story is amazing and the mechanics are great. The casting of spells have nice animation, and I was pleased to see that most of the A.I. on your team works well. Sometimes you have to make sure they are attacking the right mob, but for the most part they know where to go.

There has been a massive complain that the game runs to fast on modern systems, so with that, I'll post here in this review how to fix that - For $5 its a good buy! Get it.

---- ------------------------------------------------------------
---- Tested with Win 7 64bit QUAD Core..
Win7 64bit QUAD Core - Here is a fix I used. Work very nice
If you have tinkered with the V-Sync then you already know thatt is a hit and miss (system dependent)
Changing the Afinnity will not work either, as these games are made to run on single core (sometimes dual core), and will not recognize anything other than that. So using more cores is impossible

Here is a successful option, that works on many games (and some DOS games as well).
I know it works in win7, if you have another OS and can follow this method - please confirm.

Go to control panel: In the search box (upper right) type POWER then click "Choose a power plan"
A new split view will open.
Select "Create a New Power Plan" (left side panel)
Select High Performance
And name it something like "Old Games"
Change both settings in the next view to NEVER
Click "Create"

Now you will see your new power setting (now selected). Click on "Change plan settings"
You'll now have a link that says "Change advanced Power settings"
Scroll down to "Processor Power Management"
Change the Minimum Processor State to 1% (YES ONE PERCENT)
Change the Maximum Processor State to 1% (SAME)

Save it, your done.
NO YOUR COMPUTER WILL NOT RUN AT 1% but it will force it to use the lowest possible processor state as most games are run by state of the processor.
Which this will likely be somewhere between 500-800mhz.

during play there were a few (very rare) minor speed glitches, but they lasted a fraction of a second.. sorta like a hiccup. But it plays nice.

Again, this works on my W7 64bit, Quad Core... results may vary on other systems.

Hope this helped at least ONE person so that they may enjoy this classic!!
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59 av 78 personer (76%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
0.6 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 12 mars, 2014
Loved the game on PS2! All in all good, save the fact the resolution is a bit buggy, no matter which rez i choose, parts of the screen are cut off :(.
Var denna recension hjälpsam? Ja Nej Rolig
33 av 36 personer (92%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
5.0 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 13 mars, 2014
Blast from the past this one, but in a good way. I remember having many late nights playing Summoner on the PS2. The PC port works fine and I suspect will run on fairly low end rigs. The Graphics are a little muddy looking in places but Summoner's not really the kind of game I play for good visuals. Bottom line is -

If your up for a decent RPG experience with slightly dated visuals then for the price you can't really go wrong. Summoner is one of those games you can sink heaps of time into and still only scratch the surface.

Recommended to any fan of old style RPGS!
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30 av 33 personer (91%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
1 person tyckte att den här recensionen var rolig
4.0 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 6 september, 2015
Hands down one of my most favorite games of all time. The story and music are amazing as well as the voice acting. They just don't make em like this anymore.

I remember getting dozens of hours out of this and look forward to getting many more. Great big thank you to the people who made bringing this to Steam possible. Now if only they could port the second summoner game to PC. That would rule.
Var denna recension hjälpsam? Ja Nej Rolig
29 av 32 personer (91%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
5.1 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 13 mars, 2014
Probably my favorite computer RPG. Great music, atmosphere, story. The graphics were spellbinding when I *first* played it, so I'm still glazed over by that perception, but it's still a blast to play. My favorite series from Volition.

Highly recommended.
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23 av 25 personer (92%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
1 person tyckte att den här recensionen var rolig
0.5 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 23 juni, 2015
One of my most beloved classic RPGs of all time. Great story, interesting characters with background and motives, gameplay and combat system is good with active pause, planning ans skill usage. I definitly recomend it to all fans of good old-school RPGs with great story and complex world.
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21 av 23 personer (91%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
0.5 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 5 november, 2015
This is one of my teenage favorite games. I must have sunk 1000+ hours into it back on my PS2. It was one of the games that was released with PS2 and I got it the same day I got my PS2 ((And I picked up The Bouncer that day as well)). So much content for an older game. The depth in the story and ability to control your own fate with your actions.

Many of times have I lost track of the days (and missed school) because of this title. I still have one of my original playthroughs with over 700 hours just on that one file on my PS2 memory card ((remember those)).

If you are looking for a game that has more story then a game of its time would be expected of, alot of side quests, good loot system, tons of ways to customize you're character and you're party to whatever playstyle and class build that you want you're group to consist of, and a storyline that will have you pulling out you're teeth for more. With a good ammount of replay value. And different endings. Then this is a game you should take the time to try.

Its alot cheaper then what I paid for it originally. So if you buy it and dont like it ((to each their own)) you lost out on what would be a pack of cigarettes or can of monster/redbull.

This is just a great game with what was a newer combat system ((unless you played StarOcean)) for its time. I also own the second Summoner title for PS2 as well But insted of summoning you became the summoned creature. And it is not a continued story. So this one as well as the second title kind of have there own standalone style of gameplay and story.

In this one you can summon monster to battle with you rather then becoming the summon. ((I personally liked the first one more then the second title)). Beat them both multible times. And would do so again. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as I do.
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Old school classic.
Leaves me wishing for a "modern version"
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Summoner is a very good game that came out way back when the ps2 was in its prime. It was made for both the ps2 and the PC. Made by violition and THQ it had small but decent studio's working on it. The story was really what made this game what it was beecause it sure as hell wasn't the graphics. The game has an amazing story and rich lore. The combat is turn based on the level of dragon age origions but with four different companions to switch around at max it gives you plenty to think about before your turn is even up. The four companions all have rich stories as well. Graphics are smeh at best, remember this was a ps2/old PC game and so it didn't have the best graphics. Sound is usually good, the music on all the different levels and world random encounters you have is amazing and it really gets you into the game. All in all I would give this a 9/10.
Remember your definitely not playing this game for the graphics.
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**Fair warning, this game was developed with the PS2 in mind, the PC version doesn't control as well and sometimes camera panning doesn't work. Same with a few nonconsequential interactions. Also there is, to my knowlege, no way to enable gamepad support.

The story of this game revolves around a young boy named Joseph, who was born with the mark of the summoner. When raiders descended upon his childhood village, he summoned a beast from his ring to fight off the invaders, but he was too weak to control it, so it slaughtered everyone except for those who could escape. Out of his disgust of his power and his inability to control it, he threw the ring down a well and exiled himself, only to have a foreign military attack his new village in search of him, thus leading him on a quest to find his old mentor and reluctantly get involved in the world's events.

The combat consists of left clicking on a target, and waiting a bit. You could cast a spell then open a menu to cancel the spell's start up if you want more hands on, or you can manually chain your attacks as well, tho there's little reason to until you get to a certain point.

The party you get is only 4 members plus one summon. The members you get are just a standard main-hero jack of trades, a rouge, a spell caster, and a warrior-- Pretty standard. But how the game handles summons is more interesting. Only the main character can Summon, and he has to wear a ring to do so (thus giving up a slot for bonus stats). Also if he gets downed after summoning, the summon goes rogue and you must kill it before you can summon again without leaving the area, but beyond that, summons are permanent until you reach a new area, it dies, or you banish it. Beyond that, you can jump in between control of your characters and even move them around individually (which is required for a few parts of the game), though beyond that, there is not much else.

The lore is the strongest part of this game, where every NPC has something to say, either it be some snippet about their daily life or how the nations are interacting with each other. There is even a whole religion you can learn about and you can find how skeptical other people may be of it. There's not a whole lot I can say without spoilers or just saying things, just if you like talking to NPCs, there is certainly a lot to be found here.

For voice quality, this IS an early 2000 game. The voice acting is okay, but there are repeated lines and sound effects galore. Like every time Joseph levels up, he says "I grow more powerful." in the most dead-panned way, and there are only so many times you can hear the same grunt sound over and over. I have a tolerance to these kind of things, so I wasn't bothered too much, others may be though.

The music in this game is overall down to preference. It has a very 2000s feel to it, but the soundtrack services this game just fine, although the first city's theme may wear thin after a while because it's constantly retarting from going between area and area a lot, and also you may be there for a few hours if you side-quest, and being stuck in large areas just has the songs drone on. However, the game does have individual sound sliders, so you can just mute the music and play your own.

Back in the day, Summoner was an unrecognized game that was very good for what it had. It's still true today, but how the game aged may turn some people off from it. This is a game that doesn't push any boundaries by any modern means. However, it is still worth checking out if you enjoy stories.
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I was about ten years old when my father bought a gaming magazine. It was rare for him to buy these things, moreso to actually read through them or even install something from the cd. But when I came home from school one of these days, there he was, telling me that he installed this awesome demo where you could walk in the city and there were even rats and shopkeepers and stuff. So I tried it, and I was eternally captured. Was it the design or the great and original music? I kept replaying the demo over and over again. Months went by, it was december, and we stumbled upon the full version in a supermarket. I will never forget the shade of that green box. My parents told me we couldn't afford it and I understood that, but I cried like a little ♥♥♥♥♥ when I got it for Christmas. Still got the original cds, but the beautiful green box is lost because I kept carrying it everywhere with me like a ♥♥♥♥♥♥. I will be thinking of this game on my deathbed.

Game settings, lore
Summoner is a dark fantasy RPG with an amazing lore. The story itself is extraordinary, but all the cities and mountains and forests are filled with little stories that actually hold together and give the world a subtle, enchanting atmosphere: Masad, a burnt down village where the game begins. Lenele, City of Gods, where people fear the upcoming war and where strange noises come out of the sewers. Iona, a secluded monastery built on the carcass of a gigantic god whose body turned into deep catacombs. Khosani kingdom hidden in the mountain; Tower of Eleh, built to reach the sky. You visit all these and many more locations, none of which are empty or dead, as some Summoner reviews on the web say.

Balance issues
The game is built around singleplayer experience and as such, it doesn't focus on balance. You may notice these little balance twitches after few playthroughs: e.g. most enemies are resistant against sword attacks. And who the hell would level up anything but sword mastery? If you don't know this, you may have a hard time, especially when facing some bosses and during the Tower of Eleh solo run.

The combat system, skills
The combat system is the only thing I was always unsure about: you click an enemy, you start attacking him. No adrenaline rush. During your attack, you have a chance to prove your professional gaming skill and chain into more attacks by pressing RMB when a chain symbol appears over your head (it gets progressively harder). You can let the game chain the attacks for you by ticking an option in the game settings (don't ask me). Aside from autoattacking an enemy to death, you can cast a decent amount of spells - if that is what you want your character to learn, because it's impossible to learn all the skills on one hero. Summoner is not about plain skill, it's about planning your characters and employing some tactics in a wider perspective. The game is SLOW PACED. Especially if you summon the stone golem (DON'T EVER SUMMON THAT FAT ♥♥♥♥, YOU WILL LOSE FIVE MINUTES OF YOUR LIFE FOR NOTHING).

Objectively, Summoner hasn't aged well. It could use texture updates or voice acting and some technical tweaks (resolution, running on fast rigs etc). Just watch some gameplay videos and try it out for yourself, if you feel like it.

I will always love this game and all the people that worked on it.
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Upplagd: 30 januari, 2015
I played this originally at ps2 launch and thought I would see how it holds up today. What I found was an excellent, very mature story with loads of interesting lore that I actually have the patience and maturity to read through now. You get to summon quite a vast array of different minions to fight along side you, like a hulking minotaur or a spell flinging imp depending on your preference.

It's very surprising how catchy the music gets at points where it starts out atmospheric then suddenly goes nuts with some very fitting tune. The game is a party based rpg where you can pause any time to issue orders like Baldurs gate. I feel that this sort of gameplay fits pc's much better then a console controller would. Anyways, if your looking for a fun mature game this will definitely hold up after you get used to the dated graphics.
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Excellent Childhood game , recommend it to anyone Though never got a chance to complete it as a child im working on that now :)
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I could NOT recommend this game enough, It's a MASSIVE CLASSIC. (It has it's issues, but... jeez, the game was for the release of the PS2) The Soundtrack is immersive, the game is "different' and it dares to "try"

if you use Hamachi (And switch the ingame online settings to LAN) you can still play online.
overall, it's a great game for playing with friends, and has quite a bit of replay value in multiplayer.
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