Canyon Capers is a retro style platform game brought right up to date, with tons of levels, modes, collectables and secrets.
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Release Date: Apr 25, 2014
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"Welcome to another video from Kouen & Lasharus Play! Today we are taking a look at Canyon Capers, which in a nutshell is Tomb Raider meets Mario!"
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“Canyon Capers is a real blast from the past, and especially in the memories for longtime players.”

About This Game

Do you have fond memories of playing old style platform games, where you didn't have to learn a hundred button combos to play it successfully? Canyon Capers is just for you if that's the case.

Canyon Capers is a retro style arcade platform game for all ages, created by the authors of the 1992 original.

Starring DinoJr and his many friends as they venture through the canyons and caverns of ancient ruins in historical locations, to reach the ultimate goal, retrieval of the Golden Mollusk, source of all universal power and a mighty fine trophy at that.

With a finely tuned difficulty curve, from nice and easy, all the way to rock hard, just like old school platforming used to be. Canyon Capers will make you rely on your wits, your memory and at times, seat of the pants twitch gaming.

  • Simple to play, hard to master classic retro platform gaming
  • Full steam support... achievements, stats, leaderboards, and cloud support
  • Trading cards, emotes, backgrounds and badges to earn
  • 50 levels each with 3 levels of completion, each with many ways to complete... find your best path to fame and riches
  • Race to the end, collect all the items and unlock the unique bomb levels
  • Unlock new characters, each with their own unique abilities as you complete canyons and worlds
  • Tongue in cheek nods to your favorite classic retro games
  • Tons of secrets and collectibles

System Requirements

    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / Windows 8
    • Processor: 1.4GHz or faster
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics Card made within the last 4 years (Pixel Shader 3.0, Vertex Shader 3.0)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 250 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller or Direct Input compatible controller
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Posted: January 17
-Quick Review-
Cayon Cappers is a 2D plat former that usually handles pretty well, you unlock other characters as you get higher scores on levels (by unlocking stars). The whole concept of this platformer is to "collect all the things", after you collect the required items a portal opens and you finish the level.
-Detailed breakdown review-
Story: I'm under the impression that you're an explorer, inside a canyon, capping gems, coins, fruit, and treasure boxes. There are 10 levels in each world, and 5 worlds to play through, each with their own "theme". Don't get too excited though, I saw little to no change in environment, only scaling difficulty at a dramatic rate, and different music.
Most platformers don't have much of a story, you're supposed to like them because of their gameplay. Sorry, your princess is in another castle. There really isn't much else to say about the story, it's uninteresting, if barely existing at all.

Game Play: I heard a great man once said, "There's a difference between difficulty, and a broken game." (I think it was either JohnTron, or ExtraCredits) As much as I wanted to hate Cayon Cappers for being a hard game, I didn't hate it until I ran into glitches.
I would say 90% of the game is glitch free, but I ran into glitches that would respawn me in a kill zone, (aka: I would spawn and then insta-die. Good stuff) this type of failiure is one of the most frustrating that any gamer would need to endure. One particular spot on the LAST LEVEL of the LAST WORLD, I was killed and ran out of time while a bomb ticked to my immanent failure, because I kept respawning under a swinging axe blade of death. ...After something like that you can only quit the game before you go Super Saiyan from Rage.

Achievements: The first few achievements are freebie's, you literally get one for just playing called "the easiest achievement you will get". The toughest achievements are the "complete 100%" type. So if you're aiming for achievements this is doable, but only if you're good at platformers. I would originally say "this is an easy 100% for achievements", but I have reversed my opinion since world 4. I now lack 3 stars on one level: the last one. I have gotten 9000 points and still haven't gotten 3 stars. (finished it about 3 times)

Price: I got this game for free, so I can't complain too much here, but the price for Canyon Cappers $6.99, which is a pretty high price, but if you know you love playing all playformers, you can probably make it worth it. But it would be best to get the game on sale.

Conclusion: I initially thought "yes! a playformer I can beat", but since the last two worlds were so brutal, my disposition has soured for this game. Additionally this game just make me feel bad for being bad, because the characters have huge smiles on their faces, and each jump is a flip.
To recap, the story was nonexistent. the gameplay was painful. Achievements were pretty doable (and at times the only motivation for me). The price was reasonable. This game will appeal to people who love platformers and can over look a "childish" graphic style.
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Posted: January 22
The price is to expensive for this Adventure.

+ Nice Retro Style
+ Can choose from several Character's Afroboy, Dotty's etc...
+ Wolrd Stats
+ Several Gamemodes
+ Steam Trading Cards

- very hard to get 3 stars on each map on each World
- bad sound effects
- DLC for 2.00euro, even in Grid Autosport the Drag DLC is cheaper

There are other better Retro Style Games. In my opinion go for another one.
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Posted: January 8
Short review: Don't buy this game, even on sale. This game is bad. I got the thing for free, no idea how, and will be deleting it off of my pc because I would rather have the empy hard drive space than own this game.

Controls: I don't know what people consider to be accurate terms for describing controls. Tight? Loose? Responsive? Floaty? The only way I can think to describe this game is "slippery". Your character controls like... other characters might in an ice level of a traditional platformer. Playing through eight levels of this game, I never got a handle on how the character actually controlled. When I jumped a gap I hoped they'd land where I wanted them to go, but could never feel certain. Vertical jumps were hit and miss; I'd make ones I didn't think I could, and miss ones I thought should have been easy.

But what about the character's attacks or special abilities? I can't comment on that because I have no idea if there even are any.

User Interface: It is at an absolute bare minimum. This game looks like it was made for a smartphone, with five massive buttons on the splash screen, all of which are just symbols. Want to know what the controls are, or change them? Too bad, no button for that. At least, not one that's readily apparent. Games don't have to have prompts to tell you how to do every little action all the time, but at the very least you should be able to look up your control scheme.

The hud is fairly bad. Your health-meter is a giant heart on the top-right corner of your screen. I have no idea how many hits I can take before I die, because it just gets smaller. You'll never be looking at it anyway, as it's pretty much opposite of the level time which is just a counting-down progress bar at the bottom of the screen. So yeah, everything is just vague.

Art style: General: Many of the elements of the UI and such look like they were made in Flash. Now Flash can be a great and amazing program; when I say "made in Flash" I mean "made in Flash and put on Newgrounds in 2002". Much of the art uses things like oval tools and such in it's construction, such as the cow-head logo. You know, like you'd use to make art in MS Paint? It looks lazy and amateurish.

Art style: Character: Character looks like they took a larger image and resized it at an unequal aspect ratio. No one wants to play as an ugly character unless you're playing a next-gen first/third person shooter ooh-rah.

Art style: Enemies: Some of the enemies look alright, but many of them are things like little green mice and other cute things. They look like they should be rescued by you, not that they'll harm you. Hit boxes are fairly hit or miss as well.

Art style: Level / items: You know, this is where the game is best... or least-worst. A lot of the art elements for the level design actually look pretty great. But there's a mixture of styles. You have these great shaded in-depth elements like rock pillars and platforms, or treasure chests, then off-set by cartooney coins or very flat-looking mine carts. It looks like several different people worked on different art elements and they just combined them together, rather than working together with one specific art style. It took me about four levels to realize that the pillars of flame shooting from the ground wouldn't hurt you but were actually just torches to light your way.

Level design: It's just platforming, nothing too amazing, right? Well there are parts where the game screws this up too. Some areas are only accessable by one route. That's fine for extra stuff, but when you have to transverse 2/3rds of the level to reach an area, then fall due to the poor controls, and have to start over again... in a game that's focused on timed treasure collection, that's fairly inexcusable.

Story: As far as I know, there isn't one. But games don't always need a story if they're fun. But since this game isn't fun the lack of story harms it more.

Playstyle: There is no consequence for dying. There isn't a lives counter and your health meter is totally ambigious. So you could die a few times in a level and not even really realize it. When you do die, you often respawn in odd locations; there are no obvious check-points.

When you are hit by an enemy you have invincibility frames, that's pretty great right? Except that you can't hit enemies during those frames either. So you may get hit by an enemy and then try to jump on another enemy, only pass through that enemy and "rematerialize" inside of them, which makes you take another hit. And sometimes you just go invisible, which isn't great in a game where you can't control your character very well when you CAN see them.

Oh and remember those minecarts I mentioned earlier? In other games you'd jump in one and it would "catch" you, like a bucket. Not in this game. You can slide or walk out the side of them. That's just poor programming.

Final verdict: There are elements here that could make for a good game, if more time had been applied, more experience been used... I really don't know. I can't tell if this was made by amateurs who gave it their all, or by a company that just slapped something together to try and make some quick cash. That's the boggling thing about a game like this; you don't know if it's failures should be depressing or infuriating.
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Posted: January 11
This is the most basic of platformer games. Collect gems, or complete other simple tasks and then move to the exit. Not unlike a dozens of games found on the internet for free.
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Posted: June 14
This game shouldn't exist.
Thanks for the free 9 cents that the cards are worth though.
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