Chip is an isometric puzzle game with robots, electricity and fancy dress! The player must help recharge Chip - a plucky little red robot - who has been imprisoned by the nefarious villain, Rust.
Release Date: Apr 25, 2014
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"Kouen and Las have a positively electrifying experience, puzzling out conundrum after conundrum in an effort to save Chip, the hero of this adventure!"
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December 23, 2014

Happy Holidays! Controls update.

Happy Holidays everyone!

We've just pushed an update out, focusing on tweaks to the controls/interface.

Update notes:

- Keyboard Camera Controls (WASD / Arrow Keys)
- New selection reticule to show what the user is about to select
- Object selection is based on tile again now (due to reticule) and no the objects sprite
- New settings screen with control information

We'd love to hear your feedback, as always. ːChipJoyː

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November 4, 2014

66% off in the week-long sale

Greetings puzzle fans!

Chip is on sale now, and it couldn't be a better time to buy. 4 more updates are just around the corner, including 20 new levels (featuring the latest mechanics) and an engine overhaul to improve all kinds of things.

Why not make Chip the first of many holiday gifts you buy? ːChipJoyː

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“Chip is an incredible puzzle game. It has the perfect mix of cuteness and smartness.”
9/10 – Novo Adagio

“Chip offers satisfying gameplay with a real level of challenge to its levels, and it’s presented wonderfully.”
8/10 – Highscore Reviews

“Chip is a good looking polished game that has some fun puzzles and solid gameplay. It has charm, character and the ability to appeal to both young and older gamers.”

About This Game

Chip is an isometric puzzle game with robots, electricity and fancy dress! The player must help recharge Chip - a plucky little red robot - who has been imprisoned by the nefarious villain, Rust.

The player will interact with a wide variety of objects such as cannons, mirrors, and magnets in order to direct a blob of energy to Chip and save him from his grisly fate! Players must utilise their whimsical puzzle-solving prowess by tapping, moving, and rotating these objects to achieve victory.

As the player progresses through the game they will find presents hidden amongst the many puzzles in Rust’s lair, containing a variety of Rust’s fancy dress costumes. These can be used to customise your little robot avatar, for bragging rights on the leaderboard and because everybody loves a new pair of fuzzy slippers!


  • 75 levels across three exciting level packs
  • 3 loveable characters that are fully customisable with dazzling array of accessories
  • 20+ achievements, do you have what it takes to earn them all?
  • Beautiful visuals accompanied by entertaining animations
  • Original music and sound effects from the award-winning composer Vince Webb
  • Steam achievements, leaderboards and trading cards

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 1.6Ghz Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon II
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel Integrated Graphics 4000
    • OS: Windows 8.1
    • Processor: 1.4Ghz Dual Core Intel i3
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel Integrated Graphics 4000
Helpful customer reviews
18 of 22 people (82%) found this review helpful
2.7 hrs on record
Posted: December 24, 2014
I have already posted a negative review on this game because of the horrible controls. And i have deleted it. Don't really like that updated review will still be somewhere on the bottom of the list. Also i want to do it justice. Developers of this game are super cool for supporting their game long after the release and trying to find a way to please all the gamers. Controls are now WAY better than they were (now it actually selects tiles, not the objects on the tiles and there is a visual cue what object will be selected if you click your mouse button, also they've added more alternate controls options). For such great support only they deserve a Yes.

The game itself is a mix of puzzle and speed. I don't really like the speed element, especially when the puzzle element itself can be mind boggling alone, and then you have to do all very fast. But that's just me. And you can still do just puzzles, if you don't want to earn every star (sorry, light bulb) on a level. Artistic style is cartoonish and pleasant. There is also a shop in the game to spend your dollars earned for completing the levels and doing extra bonus things on some levels. You can buy outfits for your characters :) It's a bit silly, but still, you are using those points you are collecting, not just playing for the highscore and if you are a completionist it may be fun to buy all the outfits and complete some achievements along. All in all a little pretty puzzle game with a nice support. But if you don't like the speed element, maybe you should skip it or play just the puzzle parts, though many of them still require to move objects in time.
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Posted: December 23, 2014
Chip is a logic puzzle game that is very much focused on efficiency. Finishing a level isn't in question; instead, you are timed, your moves are counted, and there are some extra collectables in some of the levels.
It also another component of customization. There are 3 characters, with several slots for cosmetic items. You buy these with in-game money that you get from completing the levels. It doesn't affect the game at all, it's simply a mechanism to give the player a goal.

As I've been trying to do recently, I'll try to break the review into sections, instead of describing the whole game and its problems all at once.

Audio-Visual Design
Not much to say in here. Its interface is a bit iOS-y, with big buttons, and the controls relying only on clicking and dragging. I'll get into the controls later, but the rest works fine for what it is.(1)
I liked the cartoon-y style, with bold lines and clean colors. Nice job on that.
The music also started out to my liking, but there isn't enough variety, and quickly got repetitive.

General Structure
There are 4 worlds, each with its new mechanics. The first 3 worlds have 20 levels each (with additional 5 challenge levels). The last one seemed to have been added after the game's release, featuring only 5 levels.

Each level has 3 stars, one for the timed element, one for the number of moves, and one for simply finishing it. Leaderboards are only present for your overall score.
Additionally, some levels have a bag of money, or a cosmetic piece for you to collect. You get gold as you progress, and can then spend it on the shop. You can buy headgear, dresses, boots, etc. to use in each character. These are only visible in the starting screen, and in the level. The objective is to get an energy ball to the your character, and the character appears as you've customized.
It's more of a distraction than a mechanic, but hey, it's cool that it's there, I'm sure there are people who appreciate those details a lot.

General Mechanics
You can always see the whole level in the screen at once. Unfortunately, there's no zooming option, which could solve lots of problems. But more on that later. (2)
The level effectively starts when you do your first move. The puzzles consist on shooting an energy ball in a certain direction, and then move objects around to alter the balls trajectory. There are object that reflect the energy ball, portals, magnets, etc. etc. There are many different elements at play, but they're well introduced and don't overwhelm you. Tutorialisation was one of the highlights of this game, for me, but not without its problems.(3)

You can rotate and/or move some objects. For example, there's a wall that reflect the energy ball. However, if it's not the right angle, the ball is simply destroyed, or sent in a direction that you didn't want it to. Or, when starting the level, you may want to shoot the ball into a different direction. Rotation and Movement are level dependent.
There's no point in explaining details here, just trying to give you an idea.

Every object is already placed within the level when you start. It doesn't ask you to construct the level to solve the puzzle. Everything is placed, and you have to play accordingly.
It's a bit limiting, but that's due to the game's (valid) design. If you don't like that type of puzzle, you're better off looking elsewhere.

Alright, onto the major design problems/highlights.

This is probably the biggest issue with Chip. You click an object to select it, and hold if you want to rotate it, or click another tile to move it. The problem is that the hitboxes are very dodgy. Part of it is due to the isometric perspective, and part of it is due to its size. I've had to restart levels countless times because I wanted to move and ended up selecting another object, or rotated it the wrong way. The alternative controls scheme helps, by moving the camera with RMB. The main has movement AND the camera tied to LMB which aggravates every control problems.
It's particularly bad in levels cluttered with objects.

Another huge problem with bad controls, is the efficiency in the level design. Since you are always timed, and your moves are counted, it's too easy to screw up, without it being the player's fault.
The game is not pausable, although there is a slow-down when you have a object selected. It's not enough. They wanted to make a real-time, reflex based puzzle game, and sort of hammered it in, trying not to compromise that initial vision.

A zoom featured could have helped with the hitboxes, I feel. The closer you are, the more precise the movement is, and could lead to fewer screwups.

2.Time Elements
There are two elements of time in Chip. One of them, is the time limit for each level. The other, is how sequencial your actions are. You'll have to move and rotate the same object several times, depending on which sections the ball is, and also have to coordinate every move to achieve each star. This could be great, but there are several reasons why they fall apart.
Again, it seems like they wanted to make a game reliant on being fast and efficient, but didn't quite know how to do it properly, hence making those mechanics very artificial.

The solutions rely more on reflexes than logic, sometimes. You can often see how to finish the levels, but end up failing because of the controls. Also, creating a time limit makes no sense to me, in such a game. There's usually only one solutions, and the creative side of the game is so low, that having it timed doesn't really help. Besides, it is often impossible to get the moves star and the time star at once. That's right. You'll have to replay the levels to get them separately...

I don't think it the real-time element should be present at all, as it doesn't enhance the experience in any way. Plus the clunky controls, it's a nightmare.
A simple pause would do this game wonders! Time the levels as you want, but make it count only when things are moving. The slowing down helps, but it doesn't quite reach it, and it's just there to stay "true" to the initial design, which doesn't work. If the player paused the game when moving an object, it would certainly feel much better.

The game isn't awful. Despite having critical problems, it has some very elegant design as well!
How it teaches the player is one of those features. It progressively introduces mechanics, one by one, and has a couple of levels that focus on teaching the player. Those are easy, but often lead the player in the right direction to beat the following levels, that are a bit more complex.
For the most part of the game, levels didn't overwhelm me, and the solutions were spot-on! Later on, it all crashes, as you need to get each star separately, there are many objects close together, the previous 6-7 moves are now 30, etc.

Another detail, is regarding moves and the tutorials/subsequent level design. The moves counter is supposedly optimized. However, in some levels, you can do better (which feels good, of course!) by hitting the ball while the object is moving towards the next position. It's like hitting two birds with one stone. That particular detail is almost tutorialized early on. There was a level that couldn't be beaten with all the stars without this trick. If that is the case, one would expect them to follow with it, and take that into all of the levels' design. They don't.
I realize that this is a very minor gripe, but it's one of those details that stick out, to me. And this mechanic made some levels really satisfying too!

Well, I'm out of characters.. I was positively surprised at first! Unfortunately, when the difficulty ramps up, the game falls apart and every problem becomes too evident. I can't recommend it, but it has potential!
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Posted: April 11
First Impressions:
It's a fun puzzle game where you not only need to solve the puzzle but also do it fast and in the least amount of moves possible.
If you are into puzzles you should give this one a try.
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9.1 hrs on record
Posted: January 12
Chip is a puzzle game where you have to guide balls of electricity floating around an isometric grid in order to power up a robot each level. The mechanics are introduced slowly, so by the time you reach the more complex levels it isn't as daunting as being thrown straight into it. There's a shop to get more costumes (no actual money required, just play the game to get lightbulbs as currency),

All in all it's a fun little game vaguely reminiscent of Chip's Challenge with cute graphics and good puzzles. The developers also seem to be doing a pretty good job of following up with the community post-release, which is always a plus and encouraging to look at their games in the future.
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4 of 7 people (57%) found this review helpful
2.4 hrs on record
Posted: December 26, 2014
Frustrating pain in the a**, but fun game.
OK it's a geometry puzzle game, which I love and hate.

Plenty of levels
Customization via reward points
2nd & 4rd character unlockable
Cheap ($1.50)
Steam cards
Low system requirements

Can be frustrating
Some control issues
Needs workshop for more levels
Time sensitive so no time to work the puzzle out in your mind 1st.
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3 of 6 people (50%) found this review helpful
2.3 hrs on record
Posted: October 25, 2014
There are point and click issues, but other than that the game is fun for puzzle lovers.

Note: They should really fix the point/click/drag issue, it's getting annoying from mis-clicking to beat the timer.
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3 of 6 people (50%) found this review helpful
1.7 hrs on record
Posted: November 16, 2014
Puzzle fans, no need to look further.
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2.0 hrs on record
Posted: November 23, 2014
UPDATED on Feb 17, 2015; see below review. Cheers!

I was playing the game and having fun, fully prepared to come and claim that those who are having trouble with imprecise controls must need to replace their mouse. And then, I hit level 12. Suddenly there's a problem. I can click on an object but when I try to place it, not only is the hitbox incredibly tiny, but I swear it moves. Now, this alone is fine with me; if a game is fun, I'll play around with placement to get the puzzle aspect correct in order to compensate for poor controls...and make no mistake: Chip is fun. However, throw in a countdown clock and it becomes an exercise in frustration. A clock is fine ONLY in cases of precise controls; this game lacks those controls. For the developers, there's only one choice here: Ditch the clock or fix the mechanics; otherwise, there's no point in the player continuing.

Chip has, believe it or not, been bundled 11 different times (as of this writing), sometimes as a free bonus game. And yet, according to Astats, while 293 people have completed the first level, only 114 (39%) have finished the first 20 (introductory) levels. There's a reason for that! Puzzle games should be fun, not rage inducing. A player should never feel as though they are fighting against the interface. This game has charm, thoughtfulness, and personality, but it's being let down by poor controls. That's a shame. As for me, I'm uninstalling. Life is too short, and there are far too many other excellent games to or not.

UPDATE: On Dec 23, the developer released an update containing, among other things, " New selection reticule to show what the user is about to select [and] - Object selection is based on tile again now (due to reticule) and no [sic] the objects sprite." It seemed only fair to give it another chance, since I genuinely enjoyed the actual gameplay, just not the inability to move any certain selected objects. Unfortunately, this has made a new problem pop up: the game simply won't recognize when I click on objects sometimes (level 15 is an example of this; although it did occur earlier, I wasn't quite sure what had happened). You can click all you want, wherever you want, the game simply won't recognize that you're doing so. Resetting the level sometimes works for the first click, and after that the object is dead again.

I know I'm in the minority here, but I cannot recommend a puzzle game where the interface is this broken.
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61 of 70 people (87%) found this review helpful
2.8 hrs on record
Posted: April 25, 2014
Played it for a couple of hours, and could quite happily put a few more into it. Fun game, nice graphics, solid gameplay and challenging puzzles. Over all worth a buy.
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16 of 20 people (80%) found this review helpful
1.6 hrs on record
Posted: April 26, 2014
I've played an hour and a half of Chip so far, and it's great! Don't be fooled by the cutesy graphics though, it gets REALLY HARD the longer you play. Lots of fun and full of character though.

If you like puzzles, indie games, and charming characters, I highly recommend this. Well worth the cheap price. :)
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13 of 15 people (87%) found this review helpful
3.4 hrs on record
Posted: April 27, 2014
Chip is a fun and clever game that's easy to sink several hours into. Gets quite challenging after a while so I would happily recommend this to any puzzle enthusiast!
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15 of 19 people (79%) found this review helpful
1.4 hrs on record
Posted: April 26, 2014
Played this at Insomnia51 and couldn't wait to get it on Steam!

Intuitive but challenging with likeable characters and a lovely style. Chip is well worth your time!
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8 of 10 people (80%) found this review helpful
23.0 hrs on record
Posted: April 29, 2014
The artwork is amazing, but do not let it fool you. The game starts off easy, three starring every level, but the diffculty increases very rapidly.

If you like puzzle games and completing things to perfection this game is for you.

Good luck to all trying to 100% this game :D
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6.3 hrs on record
Posted: September 6, 2014
Chip is an isometric puzzle game where you are guiding an energy ball from its source to destination through the use of mirrors, portals, magnets, and various other contraptions. Mechanically simple, there is a surprising amount of depth and variety to be found within the puzzles.

Every level has an additional goal number of moves/time to meet (not necessarily at the same time). Oftentimes these are relatively straightforward, but in some cases they involve meticulous timing in the movement of pieces, which can vary from very satisfying to quite frustrating depending on your preferences.

I was able to beat every level (although not every time/move challenge) within roughly 6 hours, so consider that a reasonable ballpark for amount of gameplay available. More level packs are supposed to be incoming, so that will likely grow.

The graphics are relatively simple (it feels a bit like a phone game), and there is character customization items you can purchase, but they're all superficial and have no impact on gameplay.

Ultimately, Chip is a nice little puzzle game. A little rough around the edges, but there's some good fun and challenge to be found here. In future updates, it could really benefit from the addition of Steam Workshop support to allow for user-submitted levels.
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4 of 5 people (80%) found this review helpful
2.3 hrs on record
Posted: May 8, 2014
Very fun and very engrossing, perfect for killing a few hours on, now a solid member of my go-to puzzle games :). Some of the lightbulbs can be frustrating to figure out and, while I enjoy that, others may just skip ahead. As with many games of this kind, there's no penalty for that, or for experimentation.
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3 of 4 people (75%) found this review helpful
7.2 hrs on record
Posted: June 23, 2014
Very good logic game, got few levels done with alot of head scratching and logic. good game.
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3 of 4 people (75%) found this review helpful
25.8 hrs on record
Posted: July 23, 2014
nice, cute, fun puzzle game, their challenge is fun & hard too.

you can try alot of things inside,

totally recommended !
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4 of 6 people (67%) found this review helpful
2.5 hrs on record
Posted: May 6, 2014
I made a video review to show off some of the features and gameplay of this game!
I hope you enjoy!
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4 of 6 people (67%) found this review helpful
1.9 hrs on record
Posted: July 18, 2014
A deceptively deep puzzle game with top-notch visuals and audio, and highly engrossing. In the vein on Bombuzal, pipemania, or even Q*bert, this little gem provides all the fun you need.

It's tremendously addictive, and the visuals give a true feeling of the polish and thought given to this game. You won't regret buying this, and I would believe this is honestly just the start of a bright future for the people being it. Buy it.
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Posted: May 4, 2014
Some challenging puzzles with funky graphics and music. All in all good fun... Just.

Unfortunately I found the collision detection to be pretty awful. For example to move a block you have to click on it and then on the destination tile. But many times either the first or second click would have no effect for no apparent reason. This severly hampers completing some puzzles in the time limit or indeed at all.

I have a slight suspicion however that the problem may not in fact be a collision detection issue but instead be due to clicking having multiple purposes. A plain click is to select objects and their destinations. Holding down the mouse button triggers rotation of objects. It may well be that when I think I am selecting an object, I am in fact holding the mouse button down just a tad too long on a non-rotating object and so nothing happens.

Whatever the cause of the problem, it can be very frustrating and for me almost ruins and otherwise charming and fun game. What a shame as I'm sure it would be easy to fix the problem.
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