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You're going down... again. If you thought Descent™ went to the edge of 360° 3D power-blasting sensory insanity, then prepare yourself. You're about to plunge over the edge, and into the depths of Descent II™.
發售日: 2014 年 02 月 19 日
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You're going down... again.

If you thought Descent™ went to the edge of 360° 3D power-blasting sensory insanity, then prepare yourself. You're about to plunge over the edge, and into the depths of Descent II™.

Suddenly warped into the outer reaches of the Zeta Aquilae System, your new mission sends you into the black depths of treacherous alien mines. You blast through enemy robots with powerful new tools, leaving their flaming hulks in your exhaust. Your ultimate goal: to exterminate the alien robot stronghold from the enemy Alien Base and claim total control -- it's 30 new levels of outrageous destruction.

But this time, you're not alone.

Joining you on your deadly new assignment is your loyal Guide-bot. This faithful companion rushes with you through the twists and turns of the menacing darkness, often scouting ahead to hunt down the orbs, powerups and tools you desperately need to complete your job. But beware -- raging enemies are still determined to destroy you, including the menacing Thief-bot who's set on stealing your weapons of destruction and precious powerups. Get ready -- Descent II™ is about to take you on a whole new synapse-smashing ride.


    • OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1
    • Processor: 1 Gigahertz or faster
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 7.0
    • Hard Drive: 700 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Sound Blaster compatible
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I was around 30 already when the Descent 1 demo appeared, and for me this game was a revelation. I had played Doom before, but it wasn't my cup of tea really. Descent however had me the moment the entrance room of Lunar Outpost appeared in front of me on my monitor, moving slightly up and down as my ship gently wiggled.

Descent's gameplay is very unique because of the full freedom of movement in all three spatial axes. For its day (and if looking at what many game devs consider "AI") the robots (the game's "NPCs") had a very good and quite diverse AI. Depending on your point of view, gameplay of the first two titles of the series can seem bland or refreshingly straight forward, which is very much owed to the abstract and artificial nature of the levels and lack of unique and varying tasks and goals in different levels. Still the basic principle of the game seems very appealing to me.

On the other side, if you are looking for great and frantic multiplayer action, Descent imo still is one of the best games out there. It greatly rewards skill, offers a huge variety of explosive gadgetry and allows for creative gameplay.

There are also several fan-driven mod projects improving the game and allowing to run it on modern OS's and hardware. If you really want to enjoy Descent even today, you should download and install one of these.

The one I prefer (and maintain) is D2X-XL, which allows to play Descent and Descent 2 in vanilla mode like in the old days, but also has a ton of optional enhancements for those who like to try a fresher flavor of Descent, offering high resolution textures, better models, improved sound, colored light, many effects (smoke, fire, lightning, weather, glow, etc. - stuff that is standard today), and much, much more, and on top of that has Oculus Rift support.

There also are great new missions available for D2X-XL, breathing new life into Descent with diverse, detailled levels, improved graphics, new level mechanics and non-standard objectives.

D2X-XL runs on MS Windows, Linux and OS X. Find it on http://www.descent2.de .
張貼於:06 月 22 日
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I was a huge fan of this and Descent 3 when they came out (Descent 1 not so much). I think Descent 2 was the first video game I bought for my PC. Some complain that the graphics are dated. This is true but don't let that dissuade you from getting this title. The gameplay is still a lot of fun and the level variety is tremendous. There are also a huge number of user generated levels available for download. Excellent bang for your buck.
張貼於:04 月 22 日
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actually, this game is amazing, its old but still a great game! you have to get the rebirth update for this game to be play other people. multiplayer is very intense and heart pounding and yes i would recommend this to other players!
張貼於:07 月 5 日
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My childhood games have returned. Descent 2 and Descent: Freespace were the #1 hits of my day on the Windows 98 and finally after many years I get to relive these experiences. It's taking me a while to get reacquainted with my old joystick but I'm totally loving every minute of it.

Descent 2 requires some definite tweaking. It took my about an hour to figure everything out, including my joystick issues, but it all functions properly and took no additional patches to work. Using the mouse could be an issue unless you really know how to modify the game. I however do not know this, but I feel the joystick is the only way to properly relive the experience.

Steam has just became the best gaming service I have ever had and I can't find a console or other company that even comes close to offering sales of this nature or retro games that can be played with this kind of ease. I know I'm just sucking up now but in reality I couldn't be happier.

Old or young, PC gamer or not, everyone should try this game to gain some nostalgia and respect for how far the industry has come since then as well as relive what was one of the best games of mine and many others childhoods.
張貼於:05 月 19 日
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Im not sure which way to go on this its a fun game, but it was hell to get running, first you will notice that the game says zero hours recorded the reason for that is that I needed to download a mod which isnt recorded by steam in order to get this game running on my machine, if you are running this game on a modren OS you will have difficulties installing it, however those difficulties can be solved by following the steps on this site enjoy!
張貼於:04 月 28 日
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Ok, first off, you don't have to run the game through DOS Box - DX Rebirth is a much better port and works well with STEAM - read the forum post on Widescreen Support for more info.
What is there to be said about the game - it is a classic, the gameplay is frenetic, it really tests your reflexes and the enemies just keep on coming :)
Back in the day I had hours and hours of fun with Descent and Descent 2, then lost the discs and have been wanting to play this ever since. Played it again last night for just a few minutes and was hooked all over again ...
Only gripe is the price - it should have been offered for 50% off just like Descent, other than that, I have no complaints :)
張貼於:02 月 20 日