Shadow Blade is an action-platformer set in a visually striking world where the ancient teachings of ninjas and samurai clash upon a modern landscape. Sprint through stages littered with traps, slaying enemies along your path without hesitation as Kuro, the blade of shadow!
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Release Date: Aug 10, 2015

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March 8

Cutscene Subtitle

You can watch cutscens in your selected language,
German, French and Russian.

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February 28

The Linux Version is available!

You can now enjoy being a Ninja on your Linux box!

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About This Game

Shadow Blade is an action-platformer set in a visually striking world where the ancient teachings of ninjas and samurai clash upon a modern landscape. Sprint through stages littered with traps, slaying enemies along your path without hesitation as Kuro, the blade of shadow!


Darkness and chaos are once again creeping into the world of man. The covenant made in a time almost forgotten has failed, the three clans now in a violent struggle for dominance. The medallion is almost made whole again and it falls upon Kuro?s shoulders to restore balance. All his training has led up to this one moment, where the fate of the world will rest in his blood-stained hands.

Key Features

  • Epic NINJA Platforming: Test your skills in fast-paced platforming, mastering the skills of the ninja to breeze through challenging levels.
  • Vicious NINJA Combat: Kill your enemies with extreme prejudice through the mastery of the katana, shurikens and kusarigama!
  • Shadow Ninja: Attack the guards before they see you and alert all other mobs.
  • Story Campaign: Fully voiced motion comics tell the story of Kuro?s plight to restore balance!
  • More than 50 Challenging Levels: Environmental hazards, rifle-toting warriors and many more challenges await a hardened warrior.
  • Level Secrets: Raw speed doesn?t guarantee the highest rank. A true ninja is ever vigilant, aware of any possibly hidden areas.
  • Ninja = Hardcore: Cleared the normal campaign? Prepare for the ?Hardcore? variation and if you dare, the ultimate ?Master Class? version awaiting only the foolhardy.
  • Challenge Modes and Leaderboards: Feel the need to gloat? Challenge yourself in these specially crafted stages only for the masters. Compare your stats with friends and other players as you fight for the top of the leaderboards!

Additional Features

Level Editor and Workshop Integration: Create and upload your own levels to Steam Workshop for your friends and other players to check out. Become the ultimate Dojo Builder!
Stylish 3D World: Feast your eyes on a world where ninja and samurai clash in a modern landscape.
Achievements: Unlock a full list of achievements as you embark on your mission to restore balance.
Cloud Saving: All progress saved through the Steam Cloud for pick-up-and-play on any steam powered device.

The Deluxe Edition includes:
1 - Shadow Blade: Reload game
2 - Art Book
3 - Comic Book
4 - Original Soundtrack

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System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP and up
    • Processor: Intel Core Duo or faster
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Dedicated video card recommended
    • Storage: 900 MB available space
    • OS: OS 10.6+
    • Processor: 2.8 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo or better
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Dedicated video card recommended
    • Storage: 900 MB available space
    • Processor: 2.8 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo or better
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Dedicated video card recommended
Helpful customer reviews
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Posted: February 26
This reviewed is written with me completing the story and some of the challenge levels along with replaying some of the original level back in masterclass difficulty to see what changes.

Shadow Blade: Reload [Review]
Developer: Deadmage
Release Date: 2015
Genre: Action Platformer

Ninjas, always hiding in the shadows, roofs, backroom, and other such shady places waiting for a chance to slit our throat then be gone in the darkness with no one none the wiser. Yeah Shadow Blade: Reload isn't one of those ninja games. As Kuro the black hooded ninja you carve a path of bloody rampage as you jump, slide, dash, and slash your way through a bunch of very short and pretty hard levels [but ultimately satisfying] in his quest to do stuff.

Yes that means no sneaking or whatsoever as you just run and avoid all the obstacles while raking up points for ratings and get to the end While playing through several themed world [that all share the same pool of enemy]. Anyways... review anyone?

You get those little *squick* noises as you stab and slice into the enemy, some beeping and shooting noises, and grunts for the SFX which isnt too bad really.

Music only serves as ambient noises but it never gets in the way until it forces you to mute it and put on some other tunes. In fact it's pretty relaxing listening to it as you restart over and over again dying.

It's alright, nothing too fancy a little 3D here and there and at least the locale for the world changes for each of them. A shame the enemies don't even have a palette swap but hey I argue for gameplay purposes you want to be able to tell the enemy at a glance. Overall it's fine.

Controls, Optimization, Option Menu
The game ran at 60 fps nearly all the time but there are dips here and there especially when part of the scenery contains an outdoor tile, those usually run my fps down by 20-25 down to 40. Testing with an Intel HD4000 yields playable framerate although dippings are far more noticeable with it.

Option menu is lacking to say the least, you get some audio options, SOME graphical options with some of them might help with your FPS if you're having issues such as resolution, AA, some other things. Overall it could be better but at least it does give you some leeway.

Controls, to preface I did not play the game at all the keyboard, sure you can rebind but god help me because this is a platformer game so you pretty much would want a controller for those precise controls, not that you can't play with a keyboard of course especially if you prefer it that way. At least the keys are rebindable. For controllers you might encounter a weird issue where the button on screen don't correspond to the buttons you actually need to press. But the controllers input are pretty solid other than the ledge grab being a bit too sticky at times.

Is pretty simplistic as far as platformer games go. There's no upgrade, no new weapon unlocks and all those other stuff. Instead immediately following the tutorial you get all the tools you need to pretty much finish the whole game with.

You have the dash, the jump, the double the jump, the sword, the shuriken and pretty much that is it. Kuro only has 1 life and if you get hit or anything you will have to restart back at the checkpoint with a point penalties.

Levels have you using all of these arsenals of yours to get from point A to point B without dying [too much] and along the way clicking buttons, stepping on pressure plates, dodging spikes in this improbable landscape architecture. Strewed throughout the levels in hard to reach places are kanji letters [that is Japanese letters for you folks] and orbs that gives a boost to your score. These serves no purpose besides grading you so if you prefer to just immediately run to the exit like what I did you are free to do that. Although the D can be a bit insulting. Replaying the level in higher difficulty not only changes enemy amount and placement but also adds more traps to the levels!

Enemies come in a few easily discernable form with some of them being immune to only a specific types of attack while others are pretty free kill. The homing enemy however can get a bit annoying since the homing capability they have on them last a while and they lock on hard to you. But once you do get to know all these fine gents you can easily counter them even when they come in packs of 2 and 3.

Levels come in 7 worlds with each world having between 5-7 levels each.

Overall that's how the game plays, get to the end of the level, kill enemies, collect points, and not die.

Conclusion? I like this game a bit. The story wraps up nicely while using pretty cool looking comic artstyles for the presentation and at least it's coherent and has an ending that ties everything up. The controls are tight and there's hardly any bugs for the times I played it and for $15 for a 2-3 hours worth of entertainment of slicing and dashing you decide whether its worth for you. Hey if you're a cheapo you can always get it on sale.

Scoring Methology:
- S-Rank: excellent
- A-Rank: very good
- B-Rank: solid
- C-Rank: satisfactory
- D-Rank: inferior

Verdict: B-Rank [A pretty nice short game.]

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Posted: March 12
step 1:
Keyboard is highly recommended

make your own hotkey , make sure they are convienence to you (especially dash & attack)

Double jump to the air and hold ↓ key

Tab dash and attack regularly

Cryout and enjoy

粗略看了一下开发商在steam上的几款作品,基本什么评价都有。然而此款游戏的实际开发组似乎并不是dead mage.


影刃的BGM方面比较富有诚意,甚至收集星星的时候都有乐器拨弦的声音;加上前文所说基本没有养成要素,给人一种非常爽快的感觉,加上比较传统(或者说老套)的剧情走向;通篇也是“短平快”的节奏。且关卡之间衔接的漫画也很有意思。足以看出音乐美术方面都很用心.不过跳跃攻击手里剑和dash似乎只有“跳跃+DASH”,“DASH+攻击”两种可供组合。其他时候就是按断手指也是各自为政。算是一点小小的缺憾。不过个人感觉像出击飞龙那种挥着刀跑路的疯子真是没什么美感 _(:зゝ∠)_ 无限空中dash技巧:在空中拉住↓ 然后有节奏地交替按下dash和攻击键即可实现无限空中dash.推荐键盘使用此技巧。不过这样基本就变成了飞行游戏了。XD


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6.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 26
Very reminiscent of Mark of the Ninja but with more focus on action than stealth, so for all of those who wished that you could just slaughter your way through Mark of the Ninja, this game is definitely for you.

Good, responsive and precise controls — even if they do take a few minutes to really get the hang of, well designed levels with reasonably challenging platforming sections (but nothing too hard), and decent boss fights. It's a really good action platformer. Probably not one that'll revolutionize the genre but a solid and very enjoyable one none the less. Highly recommended for platforming enthusiasts.
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7.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 17
This is more of a platformer than an action game and even though I was expecting more action, I wound up loving the platforming. The controls feel perfect for what you can do and it's thrilling when you're making "impossible" jumps, taking out ranged enemies with shuriken, avoiding traps, and landing on unsuspecting enemies.

I recommend this for gamers that enjoy tight controls and platforming.
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Posted: January 10
Great game! Controls feel really good. Lots of fun to play. Might be a little too easy for those who are really into challenging platformers.
However, I got all of the achievements but the achievement for getting all achievements didn't pop. That was a bummer but it's still a great game.
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