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Hexcells Plus is a standalone expansion to Hexcells that contains 36 new and more challenging puzzles.
Release Date: Feb 19, 2014
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“The puzzles themselves, and clearly this is the most important point, are sublime. They are so well designed, so utterly brilliant in construction and delivery, that I wonder at Brown’s brain. There’s even a wit to them, moments that make me smile as I play, as I realise how carefully and deliberately a puzzle has been designed...”
Rock Paper Shotgun

About the Game

Hexcells Plus is a standalone expansion to Hexcells that contains 36 new and more challenging puzzles.

PC System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP or later
    • Processor: 2.0Ghz+
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader Model 2.0+

Mac System Requirements

    • OS: OSX 10.5 or later
    • Processor: 2.0Ghz+
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader Model 2.0+

Linux System Requirements

    • OS: Ubuntu 10.04 or later
    • Processor: 2.0Ghz+
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader Model 2.0+
Helpful customer reviews
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Hexcells Plus is a solid zenlike puzzler that has the player use minesweeper-esque logic to determine whether adjacent hex cells are part of a pattern or not. Addictive, challenging, but also relaxing and satisfying.

This definitely ups the difficulty from the first Hexcells.
Posted: August 30
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9 of 9 people (100%) found this review helpful
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Decent puzzle. Like mine sweeper but add a bunch of twists and make it non-random. Each puzzle has a single solution that can be completely deduced without resorting to trial and error. With only 1 solution, I see Hexcells as more of a puzzle (like Sudoku) as opposed to a "game", but it was a fun expenditure of about 5 hours. 7/10
Posted: June 20
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It's Hexcells but it takes the kid gloves off. Within the first few levels I was already sweating these, and the final puzzles were straight up hour-long sessions.

I absolutely love it and if you were into Hexcells, YOU WANT THIS.
Posted: May 10
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Hexcells Plus is an atmospheric puzzle game with really logic levels on which you never have to guess, but cross-analyse clues to make the right decision.

Sometimes you can almost swear you reach the point in a level there are no clues on what to do next, and you'll have to play a dice, but it's just the result of a very well done bunch of intricate puzzles, despite their clean and simple presentation.

You have some different kind of clues and it's variations to deal with, which can be hard and confusing, but the game provides you marker features to help you with it.

It felts a bit short to me, despite more than 20 hours spent to get perfect on all levels, and i still wanting more. So that's no doubt an awesome game to me and those who also enjoy this style.

For those who know the old Minesweeper, the mechanics of Hexcells Plus are similar, without bombs.
Posted: May 28
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Hexcells Plus is like Hexcells a very good Minesweeper Clone in hexagonal.
Plus means in this case plus difficulty. There are new features introduced in the first levels like area numbers which shows you the sum of hidden fields in a doublesize hexagon area. You can leftclick to make the areas visible.
The half of the game was very joyful and challenging. But the higher levels are almost unsolveable. You have to make a lot of decisions with quite random chances. Idk what the devs thought when they did this nervewracking levels? And is there any logic left? For Beginners I strongly recommend Hexcells normal. This game is good for the Pros.
Posted: May 4
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[I know this shows 0 hours played, but my achievements should prove that I'd previously bought and beaten this game. In fact, I played it three or four times over!]

Hexcells Plus is everything I am always looking for in a puzzle game, distilled to a deceptively simple interface. Though comparisons to Minesweeper are not unwarranted, these comparisons miss a crucial difference: in Minesweeper, the final moves often (and annoyingly) come down to chance, debasing all the carefully planned moves you'd made before should you--at the end of a long game--happen to click a mine.

In Hexcells (and Hexcells Plus), however, the game gives you JUST enough information to never, ever have to guess. But you will often spend many, many minutes searching for and debating your next move. While the game provides various clues as to where you can find Hexes and numbers, it does not (at least past the first few levels) make this obvious (as it is in a game like Picross, for example, where every column's number of squares is provided). It only provides clues for a limited number of columns, rows, sections, etc.; based on this, and based on tricks you'll pick up and teach yourself as you go along, you'll have to very carefully make your next move.

And this is the crucial difference: any mistake you make in Hexcells is your own fault--thus Hexcells corrects an unfortunate norm in the puzzle genre. So, between chess-like demands on your every move, between the security of knowing the game will not force you to guess, between the pleasing visuals and soothing ambient soundtrack, Hexcells Plus is one of, if not THE, best puzzle games I have ever played, and I play many.

Posted: February 19
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