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Early Access Multiplayer & Karp of Doom DLC coming out on the 18th of July! (EA Multiplayer only available in the DLC) Hero Siege is one of the most loved indie hack n slash games with roguelike elements! Join the fun now!!
Release Date: Dec 18, 2013
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Multiplayer is online again!

August 22nd, 2014

Sorry guys there was a slight bug on server side which i fixed, now you should be able to login and play! Enjoy!

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Charms now work for GamePads!

August 22nd, 2014

Hotpatched this issue!

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“"Fun and addictive gameplay, great graphics and sound"”
95/100 – Cub Like Foot

100/100 – Game Maker Blog

“"Hack'N'Slash at its best!!"”
87/100 – IGN

About the Game

Early Access Multiplayer & Karp of Doom DLC coming out on the 18th of July! (EA Multiplayer only available in the DLC)

Hero Siege is one of the most loved indie hack n slash games with roguelike elements! Join the fun now!!

The Kingdom of Tarethiel is taken over by creatures of Hell, grab your weapon and start slaughterin through hordes of enemies and purging the lands from evil.

- Randomly generated levels, items, dungeons, bosses, secrets and events. Every game session you play is different!
- Over 130 unique crafted items that are either passive, usable or orbiting.
- Over 70 different enemies with the possibility to spawn as rare or elite with extra hp/damage and abilities, but dropping better loot and giving more exp!
- Over 150 Achievements to unlock!
- Customize your character with over 60 different hats!
- 5 Acts to play through! (Requires DLC for the 5th)
- Random Dungeons and Crypts to explore and clear from loot and enemies!
- 8 playable classes! (Samurai requires DLC)
- 4 different difficulty levels to unlock!
- Tons of random! Start discovering all the wonderful secrets and content!

- Online Multiplayer up to 4 players!

Supports GamePads such as Xbox360 or PS3 controllers.

Take Screenshots by pressing F12

PC System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8
    • Processor: 1.8 GHZ
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 128 mb
    • Hard Drive: 40 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Might or might not work on 32-bit OS

Mac System Requirements

    • OS: OS X -versio Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or newer
    • Processor: Intel Mac 1.8 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
Helpful customer reviews
21 of 24 people (88%) found this review helpful
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2 reviews
34.8 hrs on record
One of the Best Rogue-Like Games I have played hope to see more dlc and content to be added everytime. Its ridiculous how many things are in this game that are easter eggs infact id almost go as far as to say it is just one big endless easter egg. Before i bought the game i was kinda sad thinking it would just be a Binding of Isaac knock off which isnt bad but kind of disappointing in the mind of a game not reaching a fully reachable idea or feel making it cling to another game. But needless to say i was quite wrong it gave me its own feeling of endless waves and fun. Granted it is acceptionally hard but i think there are some minor things wrong with the game so im not going to knock off any recommendation of the game just a small thing like a mini map would be nice to see. Otherwise id give it a solid 9/10
Posted: July 22nd, 2014
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86 of 149 people (58%) found this review helpful
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2 reviews
25.3 hrs on record
Repetitive and frustratingly unrewarding. As a mathematician and game programmer, I tried for hours to understand how this game's maths work. This was all in vain: 100% chance to throw sand, yet does nothing more than half the time; 40 dmg somehow becomes 300 damage (with no crit). The value of attack speed is never explained and makes no sense (it's not attacks per second, nor attacks per 1/10th of second). Considering that levelling and talenting your character tends to make little difference in the game due to artifacts being so powerful in comparison, this makes it very hard to enjoy the game or customize/optimize characters to your liking.
There's also a large amount of easy-to-fix bugs which make the game even more frustrating, such as dungeons or crypts spawning at the same time a boss does, leaving you no way of accessing it (not exactly pleasing when it happens twice and you have gotten no crypts or dungeons for the past 30 mins or so), particles getting stuck on the map, arrow indicator pointing to non-existent mobs, boss spawning with entire waves, and the worst of all, save files getting corrupt.
The game also only gives you 6 character slots, meaning you can't even get all of the achievements without deleting at least 4 characters (5 classes + optional hardcore mode = 10 characters).
Glad I got this off a cheap bundle. Not worth the price on Steam.
Posted: March 4th, 2014
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22 of 32 people (69%) found this review helpful
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25 reviews
57.0 hrs on record
If you love Binding of isaac ,you'll love this game too.Also you can say its binding of isaac newest version (Has lots of thing similar to it).Amazing game,so much fun and of course worth it's price.
A must buy for Isaac's fan ...

Posted: March 18th, 2014
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41 of 68 people (60%) found this review helpful
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2 reviews
7.2 hrs on record
This is the sort of game that you either stomp into oblivion, or struggle vainly against. Having played for a few hours, the skill factor of this game seems nonexistent; there are simply so many enemies on screen that it's impossible to dodge everything, and often enemies spawn from underground beneath you. Now while that may seem like an allure, every death I've experienced has been an instant kill on one hit, making the Stamina stat completely worthless unless you devote an excess of points to leveling it, or get the right items. Doing that won't be an option, however, as you deal out so little damage to enemies that without dumping points into pure attack or swiftness for ranged characters that even though you survive longer, you'll find it impossible to defeat most basic enemies at higher waves.

Here's the paradox, though. Depending on the items you pick up, you'll either become so massively overpowered that the game is trivialized as soon as the first wave of the game, or you'll die before you get your first item. The first item I received was a blood wave which deals so much damage that I haven't seen a single boss on screen for more than about five seconds, which is because of the death animation. I'm on my 90th wave total, and thanks to items, it's now completely implausible that my character will ever be killed by anything other than an intentional effort on my part, and with that, any sense of tension or challenge is gone, and Hero Siege becomes a slog to the end driven by curiosity about what broken item I'll get next.

For the record, if you do buy the game, just play as the archer. From what I've seen, he has the best skills.
Posted: February 25th, 2014
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15 of 21 people (71%) found this review helpful
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1.2 hrs on record
Game Maker is a tool, and like any tool, you can use it well to create fantastic things, and you can use it poorly and make utter trainwrecks. The fact that I'm explaining this means you probably know what side of the line Hero Siege falls on.

Hero Siege wants to be Diablo, on a basic level. It wants this BADLY. It breaks itself into 'acts' (with a new, fifth one in DLC form!), it has a bunch of classes with skill trees of their own, it involves semi-random world generation, and loot plays in heavily, with a smattering of crafting. Heck, it comes as close to ripping off the Diablo font as one can without a C&D being involved (if it's not actually just stolen outright - I haven't compared directly). The big problem is that the game's everything is a muddled, broken husk.

The gameplay isn't mouse-based, and in fact, the mouse barely functions in the game. It's more like a twin-stick shooter, except you only have the four cardinal directions to work with (you can combine them to move diagonally, but if you can fire diagonally in any way, I didn't get it to work). Random 'traps' appear on the ground and around the world, and this is problem number one: the art doesn't convey things well. Things which appeared to be scenery would suddenly spit out a bullet and BAM, half my life gone. Even worse: bullets don't appear as the top layer of graphics, meaning they might hide behind other objects and suddenly go right through you. Instead of exploration being key, you're mostly in arenas which spawn enemies in waves. Sometimes you spend gold on items between, or level up with an incredibly pedestrian character skills tree here and there. (Fun fact about the level up screen: tooltips do not always work, so have fun figuring out if something is a trap or not!)

To top it all off, this week there was DLC released for the game, which adds multiplayer. "Early Access" multiplayer, according to the in-game menus, but really the entire DLC is half-baked: for most of us, it doesn't work. At all. You can purchase it but if it doesn't allow you to unlock anything? Well, according to the devs, that's Steam's fault. It totally happened to a dev's copy of Indie Game the Movie, so that means they didn't code things poorly, you guys. (This is an actual excuse.) You don't want it, just like you don't want this game, but I really figured the technical problems were best summarized by that. Or the fact that options don't save/kick in unless you visit their screen, in which case it remembers "Oh yeah, you turned the volume down" or "Oh yeah, I'm set to Windowed mode!" and suddenly picks up on the thing that it saved to a file it refuses to load on boot? Also be careful dying if you're playing with keyboard! The mouse cursor can vanish (read: stop working entirely) on the death screen, making you force-quit the game to reload.

I know I'm a harsh grader sometimes, but this is an honest plea from me to you: Hero Siege is a bad game made by people who are, at best, first-time developers way in over their heads. Please do not buy or support this title. It has been in enough bundles I've given out around 3-5 keys on my own now, if you MUST play it, wait for another deal of that sort. It's very bad, and not in a funny "it's better with friends" way. (Remember: online multiplayer is a DLC-only feature, so you're getting overcharged to screw around with pals who aren't at your place.) Everything it attempts is done better by another game, and most of those are just as cheap or entirely free.
Posted: July 22nd, 2014
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6 reviews
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I've played this game in ANDROID, and now in the PC just got better!
This game is very addictive and hard.
You choose a character and must defeat waves of monsters, after a few waves of creatures you face bosses!
Each character has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as their own weapons / spells.
It has a good amount of different monsters to confront, and collect money to buy potions and stuff. And of course also has the relics that can give you an optimal help in your battle.
This game is very simple, but very fun.
Posted: February 1st, 2014
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