Over 400 unique components allow you to build and command voxel vehicles from the deep ocean to outer space- including battleships, planes, submarines and space ships! Forge strategies, allegiances and fleets strong enough to destroy eight deadly factions of the planet and reign supreme.
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Data lansării: 7 aug., 2014

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Notă: Acest joc aflat în Acces Timpuriu se poate schimba sau nu pe viitor. Dacă nu ești dornic să-l joci aşa cum este el acum, atunci ar trebui să aștepți ca să vezi dacă jocul va ajunge într-un stadiu mai avansat al dezvoltării. Află mai multe

Ce au de spus producătorii:

De ce Acces Timpuriu ?

“From the Depths was released via our website on the 1st of January in a pre-alpha state and the involvement from the community was amazing. We averaged a new release every 4 days for 6 months and the experience of developing with the help of the player has been absolutely priceless. By releasing in early access on Steam we hope to grow the customer base and make sure the game is tailored to new players and veterans alike!”

Aproximativ cât timp se va afla acest joc în Acces Timpuriu?

“From The Depths will be in development for approximately 6 months before the entire wish-list is included, however development will continue for as long as there are players!”

Ce diferenţe vor fi între versiunea completă, finală şi cea aflată în Acces Timpuriu?

“The full game will have more multiplayer support, include more story missions, a more advanced Campaign mode, and more components. Funding from the early access stage will also allow us to add a professional artist to the team to rework the graphical side of the game.”

Care este starea actuală a versiunii aflate în Acces Timpuriu?

“Approximately 50 player tested releases in and very stable. 225 different components, not including 19 missile parts. A totally free-form designer mode, structured story missions and an extremely challenging open world Campaign mode all exist. Multiplayer is being added and is testable in an extremely early state.”

Va avea jocul aflat în Acces Timpuriu un preţ diferit faţă de versiunea finală?

“The price may increase slightly in the full release.”

Cum doreşti să implici comunitatea în procesul tău de dezvoltare?

“The forum at http://www.fromthedepths.com/forum is the main hub of interaction between developers and players. Almost every player comment is read and replied to by a developer. The vast majority of the features in the first 50 versions of the pre-alpha were added due to player request or through open discussion with the players.”
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12 noiembrie, 2016

1.96 released! Steam engines!

Really pleased to be releasing steam engines today along with a multitude of other features changes and fixes. Hope you like the new changes and we will be responding to bug reports posted on the offical bug report forum over the next few days and releasing and required hot fixes.

[New feature] Steam engines added

[New Feature] Active Radar Missiles are decoyed by Radar Buoys

[New Feature] Active Sonar Torpedo Seekers are decoyed by Sonar Buoys

[New Feature] Multithreading of many complex game calculations to improve frame rate

[New Feature] Fuel engine exhaust is bi-directional and can be fed combined from many engines.

[New feature] Steam cloud activated for your entire From the Depths folder. Let me know if it creates any issues.

[Addition] new light and smoke emitter deco blocks

[Addition] Copy/paste, copy to all Added to Missile winches, Belt Feb autoloaders, laser colorer

[Addition] Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard difficulty preset buttons added

[Change] Prefabs and Sub objects are all loaded in a second thread (removes the delay before accessing the inventory screen). Load is done when profile loaded. Permanent inventory prefabs also loaded in second thread.

[Change] Textures are now loaded from resources to speed up game boot time. The textures the vanilla game uses are still available in the modding folders if you want to modify them and override them.

[Change] The naming convention for mod files has changed. They are no longer numbered (which led to a lot of annoying version control issues).

[Change] Tips of the day; spelling/grammar and general wording updated.

[Change] Vehicle select in qualification mode now has test vehicle height heading for altitude buttons

[Change] New campaign options text updated

[Change] Adventure mode spawn height 50 instead of 100 (less chance of falling into the ocean, less awkward green from no heatstone)

[Change] Missile menu -left +right swapped to correct sides

[Change] Simple Tutorial now has a seat bit so players dont fall out

[Change] Tutorial vehicles now have seats for players to start on or spawn location lowered

[Change] Notice that saved games are world specific on load game menu

[Change] Story missions default to 'Player' tab if nothing selected (looks really odd if nothing selected)

[Change] Laser colorer secondary return updated to say if connected

[Change] Laser wavefront secondary return updated

[Change] Missile carry across all settings on assign. Ejection angle etc.

[Change] Ammo processor sub meshes now carry with main block

[Change] APS trail set to diameter with a minimum of 150mm (the old default)

[Change] APS ammo component spelling fixed

[Change] Missile trail slider in options now

[Change] Visible tracer color customise actually show colour in description

[Change] Inventory layout for structural blocks moved around a bit slightly so blocks no longer over checklist

[Change] Blueprint Spawner block max range now 100 from 30

[Improvement] All in all the game should now be back to booting up in about 30 seconds or less and will not pause when you access the prefab or sub object inventory tabs or when you click the multiplayer button.

[Improvement] APS trail shorter, wider and now scale with gauge from a minimum of 150mm (Easier to see, especially the light blue tracers)

[Improvement] All trails optimised for better performance

[Improvement] Particle effects redone for most emitter (missiles, jets,smoke etc) to not be so wasteful (and hopefully look better)

[Improvement] Pulse lasers now have the full effect set and a nice fade

[Improvement] Toon ramp and Outline standardised between all game materials (0.009 for components and 0.02 for structural blocks)

[Improvement] Block information popup standardised between all blocks.

[Bug fix] Space designer platform now has required down thrusters

[Bug fix] Tutorials updated for changes in game

[Bug fix] Heli tutorial never actually ended – fixed now

[Bug fix] 1m omni mantlet texture fix

Content Update

Dangerous Waters:
-All ships have been updated to give a more enjoyable, faster, and controlled battle experience.
-All ships converted to Metal with Alloy only used for balance and flotation boost
-All Cannons standardized and made more powerful. Now, ships can actually hurt each other.
-Strength of the cannons are properly reflected by their gauges. No more will a 100mm cannon beat a 200mm cannon.
-Ammo stashes that were spread around the ships sabotaging the ships have been removed. Now the ships dont kill themselves, your cannons do.
-Ships will no long run from each other. All ships have the same engagement range and will turn to broadside instead of one always running away to maintain a further distance.
-Weapon controllers set so big guns shoot further
-Torpedoes made awesome. Now having a torpedo ship is worthwhile
-AA made better. Planes are no longer safe. Its not great, but better.
-Ally descriptions "one liners" changed to reflect the exact weapons the ships have so the player can make a more educated choice about what they build
-Planes updated a bit, Axis planes now blow up when they fly into space.

Ashes of the Empire
-Tanks updated some to improve sensor detection. Some designs have been update to survive better or be offensively stronger.
-New DWG Tank "Taipan" Designed to be a Tank destroyer.
-The DWG copperhead has been reworked so it never gets stuck under ground. It now has missiles instead of APSs. It is no longer a sub-spawn on all DWG designs (on a few) and it can now freely spawn independently.
- New SE Tank added "Scarab"
-DWG design "Sand Viper" has been replaced
-New WF Tank "Slayer"
-All Faction designs have been limited to only spawn 2-3 copies per fleet. This should encourage more diversity and higher chances of Elite tanks spawning in large fleets.
-DWG will now ALWAYS declare war on the player at the 1 hour mark. Other Factions still have a random chance to also declare war.
-Elite tanks spawn chance has been increased
-All tanks have had their FPs reduced, including Elites. Expect to see more tanks per fight now.
-Player starting base has been updated to have its old tents, campfires and random junk laying around.
-Fixed various other annoying issues and stuff ive forgotten about.
-Typical design updates and OW beaming.
-Easy OW designs have been Nerfed
-GT Tribe of the Iron Storm overhauled thanks to the GT crew
-DWG Generic Fleets severely changed and im not sure how they will behave. Now fleets will be grouped by "Pirate Lords" following that lords style
-4 new DWG Airships added to the game for the new pirate lord "Sven Kno"
- DWG "Pendragon" deleted from game
-4 hour Grace period is dead
I have removed the entire concept. There are no more super noob designs. They have been rolled into Easy difficulty or removed.
There is no more pre-made attack fleets.
Now, DWG will declare war on you after 2 hours. If you dont want to wait, declare war on them right away.
Intent of this change is too allow those who want to play their difficulty to do so right away and those who want to build in peace to be able to do so.

-Now when you defeat a faction there will be a chance of all other factions having a change of relationship status with you. For example, killing WF has a 70% of making LH immediately hate you and SS 30% chance of gain +10 in relations. This is untested and i have only a vague idea of what will happen. Also, when a Faction is defeated a pop up message will appear about their deaths (7 out of 8 factions so far)

-DWG garrisons around the player have been increased in strength slightly

-HQs moved off land so they will produce water units in addition to their air units
-Hauler Design replaced
-Broken SD event fixed and changed

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7 august, 2016

v1.9587 released (detection: radar, sonar, IR, visible etc)

Really pleased to be pushing this huge series of development branch patch to the stable branch tonight. There are three main areas of focus here:
1) Detection mechanics (radar, sonar, IR, visual, retroreflection, wireless signal detection). Vehicles must now detect and track each other and can be designed with stealth in mind. All the new components are AI components although missiles have got some new components too (radar active seekers, radar and sonar buoys).

2) Usability improvements: prefabs in the inventory to speed up building for new and old players alike. A checklist in the inventory to help new players get to grips with the game and help old players remember the basics. A new weapon aiming system that turns the avatar in to a serious threat and adds a lot of gameplay options for those wanting to control their own weapons.

3) A single raw resource (called Material) replaces the natural, metal, oil, scrap and crystal raw resources. This doesn't involve much, if any, redesigning of your vehicles but it makes the game far more streamlined, balanced and understandable. Scrap smelters and crystal farms are now for decoration only but fuel refineries and ammo production still works as usual. Spare parts are no longer in the game at all.

Here is the full change log although I think we've forgotten a few things..

[Change] Detection equipment now available and necessary

[New Feature] Sonar Active / Passive added for detecting submarines and other ships

[New Feature] Radar Active / Passive added for detecting above water targets

[New Feature] Visible cameras and coincidence range finders added for detecting above water targets

[New Feature] IR Cameras added for detecting above water targets

[New Feature] Retroreflection sensors added for detecting targets with visible band optical systems

[New Feature] Wireless snooper added for detecting systems with wireless transmission and reception

[New Feature] Range finders added for tracking detected targets and delivering range estimates

[Change] Natural, Metal, Oil, Scrap and Crystal have been replaced with a single Material

[Change] A 'none' weapon slot has been added

[Change] a simple two slot weapon system is now the default for new players- you can select which you prefer in the options menu

[Bug fix] AI weapon control is no longer overrriden when you are using a UI

[Change] you can begin building on a force when it is out of play by using a new button on the UI or by looking at it and pressing B

[Change] You can begin building on a force or vehicle by looking at it from a distance of up to 1km, rather than 30 metres

[Change] the fleet info tooltip has been revamped

[Change] your player's position is clearly marked in the fleet control UI and the map UI

[Addition] new exhaust pipe added

[Addition] 2m and 3m beams/slopes added

[New Feature] Player aiming of weapons is now far more accurate and allows pin point accuracy of all weapons under your control

[New Feature] A checklist has been added to the inventory to help new players figure out what is needed

[New Feature] Prefabs are now in the main inventory tabs to help players quickly assemble fuel engines (more to come)

[New feature] Radar guided missiles added

[Change] Passive sonar can detect sonar torpedoes and LAMS can engage them

[Change] Passive radar can detect radar guided missiles and LAMS can engage them

[New feature] Missile radar buoy, Missile sonar buoy added

[New feature] Reverse fire missile launch pad added

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“My jaw almost hit the floor when I installed a few community made vehicle blueprints. The creativity and ingenuity on display was simply incredible [...] there is no doubt that this game is going to be truly epic”
Game Ramble

“The game’s physic system is especially impressive. Giant galleons feel like absolute tanks trudging through the ocean, while speedboats slice through the waves at a precarious pace [...] Combat is chaotic and intimately customizable. There is perhaps no greater pleasure than executing a successful broadside”

“From the Depths is a very fine-tuned and detailed strategy title, one that offers amazing cusrtomization options and the opportunity to test out your own creation live on the battlefield. If you're a strategy enthusiast and love vehicle design, this one deserves your attention.”
The Indie Game Magazine (Issue 43 Nov 2014)

Despre acest joc


In From the Depths you can build and take first-person command of battleships, planes, submarines, space ships, hot air balloons and more! The game is currently in alpha and contains a wide range of single player content including:
  • A creative mode allowing you to push your designs to the limit and ensure the total annihilation of your opponents.
  • A campaign waged over hundreds of islands against eight unique factions.
  • A Story Mode where you can (eventually!) play 15 missions as each of the eight factions - a fantastic mixture of strategy, design and wild battles! Defend your fleet against waves of enemy forces in a series of extremely tough challenges that unlock new components.
An expansive multiplayer and co-op element is planned for the coming months!

Key Features

  • Design and build your fleet, fortresses and structures however you want. The alpha currently has over 400 unique components blocks, not including 29 different components for making missiles, torpedoes, depth charges and bombs.
  • The sky's the limit, you can equip your vehicle with - cannons, lasers, mines, bombs, missiles, torpedoes, propellers, rudders, jet engines, wings, hydrofoils, hot air balloons, anchors, fire control computers, blueprint spawners, repair bots, air pumps, automated control blocks and many, many more!
  • Realistic physics - every block destroyed or added affects the vehicle's functionality, physics and control. Drag, inertia tensors, buoyancy and sealed compartments are all updated based on the design of your vehicle and the damage sustained.
  • Be part of a fantastic community (http://www.fromthedepthsgame.com/forum), with new releases made on average once a week. Community organised challenges and blueprint sharing make it an extremely friendly place to hang out!

Customisable Components

The customisable components in From the Depths allow a unique level of engineering customisation:
  • Design custom missiles, bombs, depth charges and torpedoes by combining various warheads types, fuse types, IR seekers, laser beam riders, laser designators, thrusters, navigation algorithms, fuel pods, sonar seekers, buoyancy compartments and propellers, to deliver a truly bespoke weapon.
  • Design custom cannons by combining four different barrel types and lengths with autoloaders, warhead types, ammo boxes and auxiliary components to create everything from AA cannons to howitzers.
  • Design custom AI by combing an AI mainframe with 'AI cards' slotted into motherboard blocks. Add radar detection, laser detection and tracking and local weapon controllers to give partial or full control to AI. Create anything from a fully AI controlled aircraft carrier to a battery powered drone.
  • Design custom engines using crank shafts, cylinders, carburetors, super chargers, exhausts and fuel injectors. Electric engines, generators and chargers are also available for backup power supplies and drones.
  • Similar systems exist for the creation of anti-vehicle and anti-missile lasers, as well as drills that can cut even the largest of battleships in half.


Cerinţe de sistem

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • Procesor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.0 GHz (or AMD equivalent)
    • Memorie: 4 GB RAM
    • Grafică: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT / ATI Radeon HD 3870 / Intel HD Graphics 4000
    • Stocare: 1 GB spațiu disponibil
    • Placă audio: DirectX® compatible on-board
    • Note adiționale: Steam connection required to play the game
    • Procesor: Intel Quad Core i5 @ 2.5 GHz (or AMD equivalent)
    • Memorie: 4 GB RAM
    • Grafică: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 / AMD Radeon HD 7800 series
    • Stocare: 1 GB spațiu disponibil
    • Memorie: 4 GB RAM
    • Stocare: 1 GB spațiu disponibil
    • Note adiționale: Steam connection required to play the game
    • Memorie: 4 GB RAM
    • Stocare: 1 GB spațiu disponibil
    • Memorie: 4 GB RAM
    • Stocare: 1 GB spațiu disponibil
    • Note adiționale: Steam connection required to play the game
    • Memorie: 4 GB RAM
    • Stocare: 1 GB spațiu disponibil
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