Aura Kingdom is a free-to-play Anime MMORPG featuring strong PVE elements, a uniquely detailed world, and an engaging, well-crafted story. Aura Kingdom empowers players as Envoys of Gaia, gifted individuals that take the role of one of eleven classes.
User reviews: Very Positive (1,918 reviews)
Release Date: Jul 2014

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December 17

Aura Kingdom - Christmas is coming!

Happy holidays everyone!

We hope you're all having a wonderful December with the new Scythe patch. Old players may have noticed something too... Aura Kingdom is now one year old!

Head out to our Free Winter Gift DLC Page and grab a key!

To get your present, just go the Redeem Page, log in with your Aeria Account (not Steam Account!) and enter your key to receive your present in-game!

Merry Christmas!
The entire Aura Kingdom Aeria Team

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December 12

Aura Kingdom - Necromancer Patch is out!

After the Ranger and the Ronin, the Necromancer has finally reached Azuria's shores! But he is not alone.

Check out all the new features that are now available in Aura Kingdom thanks to the latest patch!

Grab a few guild friends, take part in the new Guild Instance and fight your way through all the tedious battles that await you and your guild! Too much into a holiday mood to fight? No problem! You can simply take part in one of the Christmas Event quests, or event both!

In any case, whatever it is you're looking for, you're bound to find something to your liking in Aura Kingdom.

See you soon in game!

Patch Notes:

Content additions:

  • New playable class: The Necromancer.
    Highly awaited, this new class will enable you to fight with a new weapon type, the Scythe. Of course, with this new class comes with new Secret Stones and Enchantment cards to boost up your Necromancer's spells as well as his 6 minions.

  • New Guild Instance system:
    A new feature has been added for all the guilds out there to try out. It includes both Solo and Group battles which will enable you to obtain Guild Contribution points. The more battles you participate in and complete, the more points you get. Obtaining a certain amount of these will unlock rewards, such as Cyril's Key Fragments!

    Note: Players will have to have been in a guild for at least 24h beforehand to be able to participate.

  • New Eidolons:
    Athena and Cyril are two new Eidolons that have now been implemented in the game.

  • New Eidolon 3-Star evolutions:
    Aelius and Vayu can now be evolved into their third form.

  • New Gear Type:
    Gaia Emblems. You can now equip this new type of gear onto your character. Gaia emblems can only be obtained if you have a certain score of Eidolon Points and can be purchased in Navea from the Senior Eidolon Researcher at coordinates X:804 Y:605.

  • Christmas Events:
    Two new Christmas daily event quests have been added. Here are the locations of the NPCs for these quests:
    1) Port Skandia: coordinates X:278 Y:608
    2) Candeo Marsh: coordinates X:196 Y:245

  • New items:
    New mounts, new back/weapon/head/body costumes, as well as new costume Fusion Scrolls have been added to the game database.

Content Changes:

  • EXP Curve: adjustments have been implemented for a more optimised leveling experience.

  • New Item Mall Daily Reward: log in everyday and receive 10 Loyalty Points for free for doing so!

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“Fun, polished, and addictive experience”

“If you haven't started playing, it's time to jump in.”

“Offers a unique Anime type MMORPG that many fans of this genre have been waiting for.”

About This Game

Aura Kingdom is a new Anime MMORPG published by Aeria Games. Developed by the studio behind the highly popular Eden Eternal and Grand Fantasia, Aura Kingdom offers a grand and beautiful world for every player to explore with beautiful anime graphics.

Starting with one out of eleven different classes, Aura Kingdom offers the possibility for players to select a sub-class once they reach level 40, allowing for countless of original builds! Players will also walk along the side of their Eidolons in their journey; they are loyal interactive companions who grant the strength to unleash massive combos.

Thousands of players already walk the world of Azuria. It is time for you to join them!

Key Features:
  • Interactive companions – Eidolons are no ordinary pets. Not only do they participate in battle, but they will also remember your actions and tell you what's on their mind. They are part of Azuria!
  • Fast-paced, dynamic fights – Mobility is a key aspect in battle. Think fast, act faster! Dodge your foes' attacks and call upon your Eidolon to unleash spectacular combos!
  • Adaptability – Customize your character so he can overcome every challenge! Improve the skills that fit your play-style and switfly change them during battle to adapt to your opponent's strategy. Creativity can win you the battle!
  • A wonderful world – Travel the immense lands of Azuria, visit towns brimming with life and explore mysterious and hidden dungeons to stop the evil of this world. You can make the difference, hero!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32bit/64bit), Windows 8
    • Processor: Intel Pentium4 2.8 GHz or better; AMD K8 2600 or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce 6600 or better; ATI Redeon X1600 or better
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 6 GB available space
    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32bit/64bit), Windows 8
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.66 GHz or equivalent; AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000 or equivalent
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce 9500 or equivalent; ATI Radeon HD2600 or equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 6 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
393 of 462 people (85%) found this review helpful
0.1 hrs on record
Posted: July 4
I played many hours of this game before it came to Steam. It's not the perfect MMO and it caters to a specific demo, I would recommend it based on the fact that is is free to try and worth a look.

- Beautiful world. The enviroments and the animals look like hand drawn anime.. the good kind. Not the cheesy cliche kind
- Very populated with a (usually) friendly player base.
- I thought I had to pay for the scarf around level 20 to continue the main quest line but apparently I did not need to. I think they make that a bit confusing on purpose. Other than that the F2P model is pretty good.
- Very easy to understand and pick up and play. Nothing is overly complex and the UI and all other things surrounding gameplay make sense.

- The million dollar MMORPG word.. grindy. The game is VERY kill 10 of these and collect 8 of these. They throw some curveballs in there occasionally but this is what ultimately had me stop playing in the 40s. It just stopped being fun.
- Dungeons are repetitive cut and paste. Nothing special there for sure.
- Didn't care for the music so I put my own ambient soundtrack to it.
- Easy. This could go under pro or con. I didn't mind it but some will.

Aside from dueling I never got too much into PvP in this game so I can't really speak on that. Each class seems pretty cool and you get to pick a secondary skill along the way which helps keep combat fresh. The battle companions are cool but can get annoying with the constant dialogue thing.

Overall I'm happy with the time I put into it. I'm sure it gets more fun when you are at or close to cap but I could not continue any longer. You can check out my video review in my First Impression/Final Impression videos below. Enjoy!
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240 of 273 people (88%) found this review helpful
6.9 hrs on record
Posted: July 4
i played this game before it was released on steam and i reached a level 42 character after a week of on and off gaming.
i gotta say i really enjoyed my time with it. im gonna show a list of pro's and con's of this game just to shorten this out and give my own overall opinion of the game.


1. its a free MMO

2. the anime design and texture quality is pretty good compared to other titles. also pretty unique

3. has many graphical opions for a wide array of systems

4. no mana - very well done cooldown combat system with quite smooth movement. ( not perfect movement but good for what it is)

5. very large areas and a arrray of monsters to fight and quests to complete

6. ALSO COULD BE CON! simple 1 click quest navigation allowing you to quickly get to a quest location without having to hunt for its location

7. has a great starting area and not as dull and lengthy as other starter areas.

1. ALSO COULD BE PRO! simple 1 click quest navigation. for those who like to explore and find what you need with a group this could ruin the experience

2. very specific audience if you dont like the asthetic of anime or cartoon look then this wont be for you

3. camera can be a hassle when playing for the first time and no real lock on system. would help those who cant multitask as well as others with controls

4. after a while it can be a grind to complete certian quests if they are repeated quests.

5. can be quite easy and no really challenge if your fighting at low levels. even at higher levels you can do most of the questing alone without a group.

6.PRO/CON: certian dungeons require a group to complete allowing more co-op opportunites or a hassle if you wish to play alone
7. in certian areas and certian times. it can strain your system and according to other users. runs porrly on certian compontents ( be sure what your pc parts are and any issues with them and the game before playing if you wish to avoid problems out the game)

for me i really enjoyed this game. alone and in the company of random people in those specific dungeons. there is no hostility and is just a blast to play for a few minutes to a few hours. i also really like this games art design and the character design ( even though there is clearly fan service) overall i would recommend you give this game a solid try and see if you enjoy it. if you like numbers on a scale i give it a 8/10 not perfect but worth a try if this game has your interest
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545 of 721 people (76%) found this review helpful
0.3 hrs on record
Posted: July 4
super easy MMO that lets you become the loli princess of your dreams
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90 of 94 people (96%) found this review helpful
508.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 15
One of the greatest (if not the greatest) free mmorpg right now for several reasons imho. I will give you my pros and cons and keep in mind that this is an ANIME mmorpg , i know that not every1 likes animes but i love them and based on my experience i ll assume that to be in the pros category ! :)


- It is FREE , you can become great without even spending a single euro/dollar !
- Anime graphics , well designed world and characters !
- New player friendly , anyone can learn all he needs to know from the in-game tutorials which are all implemented in the story-line and are presented at the proper time.
- Nice storyline that will keep you interested (if you are ever read missions and not skip them)
- Clever way to involve pets (named eidolons in the game) in the storyline and awesome system to get them gathering key fragments. (pets and mounts are different)
- A big variety of classes and the abillity to choose a subclass at later levels allows for many different playstyles and combinations !
- Fishing , digging and other extra stuff to keep you busy even when you think you are done leveling up (you ll never actually be :P ).
- Nice and friendly community, you can surely make a lot of in-game friends and have fun in the game !
- Quests offer an autopath for the monsters you have to slain or the things you have to find so you wont need to blindly search for them.


- For those who skip missions it will be boring as it doesnt offer anything more in leveling up other than grind and more grind.
- There are not TOO many dungeons , you will have to repeat some of them at certain points which you may find tiring.
- Lags and glitches do exist but they are not unbearable , considering that the game is still young they shouldnt be a problem that will last for long.
- IF you decide to buy something with real money you need to know that things in the store are TOO expensive.
- Still in progress so the game still doesn't offer an ending at it's story line , it will be released at a later date.


As you can see : PROS >> CONS and overall this is a GREAT mmorpg that i strongly recommend to every single gamer out there , either you are a fan of mmorpgs or not ! It will keep you playing for hours and you will have a great time ! Awesome game , awesome kingdom ! :)
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129 of 161 people (80%) found this review helpful
471.1 hrs on record
Posted: July 4
This game is a enjoyable MMORPG. If your a anime fan and you like MMOs this might just be the game for you. Now this game is lacking in places and still has alot of glitches but the game is not very old and still has a chance to fix these issues. The world is very creative and nothing hurts the eyes. You get the ability to choose a secondary class at level 40. Not really much pay 2 win but its still there of course. great game, cool story, and nice community.

I recommend this game to anyone who likes anime and MMOs!
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46 of 48 people (96%) found this review helpful
445.3 hrs on record
Posted: October 31
Aura Kingdom is a fantasy anime-style MMORPG that has the player take on the role of an 'Envoy of Gaia' - a human with abilities far exceeding those of all but other Envoys. Every player is given three Eidolons throughout the story, NPC companions each with their own unique set of abilities, stats, and even personality.

The gameplay of Aura Kingdom is fairly repetitive, with hundreds of kill __ of __ and gather __ of __ quests. There is also very little 'multiplayer' as far as MMOs go. One could potentially complete every quest alongside friends rather easily, but there is little merit to doing so other than the obvious social benefits. Armour grants you stats and costumes grant minor benefits and the visual appeal. While this somewhat stifles players' creativity in creating costumes from inexpensive armours, you will also never have to walk around in a barrel. Everything is stylish and fits someone's tastes.

The level cap set at 65 (correct me if I'm wrong) the grind to 40 goes smoothly enough, with quests being the best source of EXP around. Monsters grant players VERY little EXP, usually below .15% per.

Now here's the catch; this game can be quite addicting when played with friends, and there is always a fresh, shiny new set of armours and weapons waiting for you at every level milestone. Despite being an MMO, this game holds plenty of replayability to try out each class, skillsets, and offensive/defensive point spreads.

I would recommend this game to anyone looking for a casual game to goof around in with friends.

Disclaimer This game may contain panty shots. Select costumes with care.
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102 of 141 people (72%) found this review helpful
67.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 5
i can see their panties
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60 of 83 people (72%) found this review helpful
7.9 hrs on record
Posted: July 10
Graphics: 10/10
The graphics are by far the best part of the game in my opinion. The game looks lush and explorable. At times more explorable than it actually is. It looks like you really CAN go more than two minutes into the ocean without bumping into an invisible wall! (of course you can't though, the invisible wall is very much there. ;D) Each place looks unique and beautiful.
I'm in love with the style as well. Anime styles can often go wrong, especially in games, but this one is the good kind of anime, not the cheesy kind. The characters are cute and vibrant, and just look plain good.
There is a lot of eye candy here!

Customization: 8/10
The customization at the beginning of the game is average. 10 or so hair choices and eye choices with colors to go along with them. You can choose your class (all of them play very similarly by the way) and skin color. The classes aren't gender locked which I liked very much.
I would have liked to have sliders for things such as height, weight, and length of hair. If you'd like a shorter or chubbier character you're out of luck. I also would have liked to be able to choose the bangs and back of hair seperate. There are many hair styles that I only liked the front or back of.
You are going to look cute no matter what you choose but it could use some more options. You will find characters that look just like you.

Gameplay: 5/10
This is where the game goes wrong. I've heard it was too easy, but I didn't think I would mind. I've enjoyed plenty of easy games, such as Kirby and Pokemon but this isn't just the 'leveling up too fast' easy. This is the 'holding your hand throughout the entire game' easy. You can literally press a button for any quest and be guided to wherever you need to go without moving your character at all. The character is drawn by a shining path and you can just sit back, relax, have a soda, and watch your character move for you. Kind of ruins the point of a "game", eh?

Quests: 3/10
I'm not very far in the game yet, but the quests are already pushing me away. They are painfully generic. A couple of "Kill these bad guys for a reward" quests are fine in an MMO, but those kinds of quests are ALL this game has. Every single quest is nearly exactly the same. Expect a whole lot of "Sure...I can help you...but first you need to kill 10 sheep for me." And when you finish the quest they will tell you that another person could help you and they will ask you to do something very similar. The loop goes on.
One thing that annoyed me is that the things they ask you to kill aren't even bad. Most of them are animals that seem docile and don't harm you unless you harm them. Seems a bit unfair...

Story: 4/10
Average MMO story. You most likely won't get attached to any of the characters and won't care about the story much. Overall pretty boring.

Sound: 4/10
Repetitive, and unmemorable.

My opinion may change, but so far I can't really recommend this game. The graphics are gorgeous, but the gameplay is awfully generic and boring. If you are in love with the graphics however, and want to become the amazing OP anime character you dream of, you should give this game a try! I'd say just download the game, play it for a couple of hours, and toss it if you aren't interested. After all, it is free right?
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150 of 233 people (64%) found this review helpful
4.9 hrs on record
Posted: July 4
You can have a magical loli dance for you. 100/10
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38 of 47 people (81%) found this review helpful
1,225.9 hrs on record
Posted: August 1
This game is really fun! The community is awesome, people keep dancing in front of me :3 It's very populated and it's F2P. If you are a fan of anime and MMO then this game is for you.
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61 of 87 people (70%) found this review helpful
3.3 hrs on record
Posted: November 3
Cute anime girls = life.
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37 of 49 people (76%) found this review helpful
59.9 hrs on record
Posted: October 31
Best anime & free MMORPG everything is just perfect about this game but there is a problem currently there are lots of bots called the Red Army going around doing quest why nobody knows

9/10 SAO fans will love it!
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83 of 130 people (64%) found this review helpful
0.4 hrs on record
Posted: July 4
I played the game since over 1 week and have 2 chars over level 50 and i tested all the 10 (11 after a patch) classes in the first 30-40 levels and i know that i play this game very long time in this 1 week.
So i think i can give a early review with a enough experience for it.
It´s your choice to play the game or to let it be but i want to help you with your choice with a pro-neutral-contra-list.

Pro: -10 classes they are feels diffrent and all feels good playable. (i tested all the first 30-40 levels)
-after level 40 (i think it was 40 but it can be a little bit more or less) you can choice a second class for combine it to create your playstyle
-2-3 classes from this are better for each first class because you become 3 extra skills from the combination but you can play every class with every class you want (not the second class as first class... i mean you can´t play with bow and bow or something)
-good balanced skill-cooldowns
-you can dodge heavy attacks with movement! (it´s not to hard)
-the community is good (i didn´t read a lot of flame or other bad stuff in chat like in other MMORPGs)... i don´t speak from the steamcommunity because i only have the experience from before this game was on steam
-I like the petsystem (pets are called eidolons) because they are very usefull for fighting/buffs/healing and you can upgrade they
-You can play the game and watch Videos in high quality or other things at the same time because the game don´t need a lot of ressources from hardware (at maximum settings) and you don´t need a good internet to play it without laggs
-You can become with quests/loot/buy in shops a lot of dekoration items for your character (on the left side at the top from the minimap you can find a boosymbol, click on that and you can search all dekorationitems, eidolons[pets] or other items and you can see how they look)
-groupfinder for dungeons (this made it easy to find a group for a dungeon)
-you can find a list of events at a symbol near the minimap and with that you can see at wich time you can join a event

Neutral: -the questingsystem is standart like in the most other MMORPGs (only a very few of all have a diffrent questingsystem)
-no mana... i´m not 100% sure this is good or not because this made it easy... but maybe to easy?!?
-the game is buggy because it´s a open beta but it´s very able to play and so much better as other open betas from MMORPGs in the last time (the most of them was terrible and realy not worth to play a long time)
-the tutorial that you must play with every char is very short and that´s good
-the cashshop is it not realy worth to buy things from it because you can become all things from loyalty points or trading with other players and that´s why i think the game is able2play and not pay2play

Negativ: -you can´t play together with guys they are don´t play with steam because the servers are diffrent
-the graphic looks not up2date on highest settings(i´m not very intressted in high quality grafics but for other guys this is maybe negativ thing)
-the choice in charactercreation is very small because you have only 1 race (human), the choice between male/female, few complete faces/haircuts/eyecolors/haircolors and the charname. That´s all.
-you must play the tutorial with every new char
-tradechat=allchat... it exist a item to write in allchat but this consumable and so write all player in tradechat
-it exist few spammbots but they exist
-future forecast: the game is from aeria games and it´s free2play -> the support from all this games is bad and slow -> that´s good for hacker and bad for all other player -> updates will be small and they will don´t fix bugs fast -> that´s very good for hacker and bugabuser -> negative reputation and leaving players (the future looks dark and i think it´s not a game that you can play for ever if you want a real good and fair game... but i think you can have fun with it for months)

I think i forget a lot of things but i will complete my review later and i hope it was helpful for you.
And things they i don´t tested in my playtime are: guildsystem, PvPsystem and a lot of events.

Pro: -look at the eventtimer and you will see when you can join a event like quiz or something.
-you can change your second class now with a item from the shop or buy it from other players. it´s not to expensive.

Neutral: -the lategame is grinding dungeons and daily quests for leveling. it need more time to creat new quests for lategame
-they bring a new class into the game that´s called samurai. it´s a very strange class that mixed meele and range. it is the only class that i never want to play again because the swordstance don´t looks like the real swordstance from a samurai and the playstyle is bad. a lot of other guys write the same ingame and only few like this class. the class is very defective at the moment and the skills need bugfixes because you can interrupt your own skills or the skilldamage and other things they are negativ for you if you play this class. (this is neutral because you don´t need to play it and this class isn´t overpowered)

Negativ: -the gameforum is very confused because the mods are don´t put the right threads into the right forum sections
-the pvp feels strange because it has fixed times for joining. so you can´t play pvp if you want and that means you must want pvp if it´s possible or you can´t play it(that means not the duell function).
-the pvp is unbalanced and need much more patches for being fair and the matchmaking looks very random. in other MMORPGs it´s much better but i know that it´s only in a very few good.
-if you change the map it clears the chat. so you must be sure every time you want to change the map that other don´t write to you in loading screen (because you will never be able to see it) or short time before and you must be sure that you don´t want to read the chat from this map. (groupchat and other chats are cleared too)
-if the server crash you will don´t be able to play the game for longer time... the last time as the server crashed we must wait 2 days to play the game.
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17 of 17 people (100%) found this review helpful
849.0 hrs on record
Posted: November 4
Beautiful game, fast and easy to learn, with that said I'm just gonna throw some pros and cons:

- If you're into anime stuff you will love this game.
- Beautiful scenarios, day/night phase in almost all of them, colorful and cute.
- Easy and fast to learn, with a few hours in game you will catch it pretty fast.
- Most of the community it's pretty friendly, always glad to help low levels (at least an 80% of it).
- Not P2W, the only thing that you can actually do with money here it's get pets, costumes/hats (you can get the same costumes/hats just playing the game and saving "loyaty points") and/or mounts. There's an alternative to real money stuff, the "loyalty points" are currency in-game that you can earn doing daily quest and completing achievements.
- Eidolon system, which in my opinion adds that special thing to the game, there's a long list of 'em, some are easy to get and some take time.
- Weekly maintenance and more content to be added in the future.
- As every other MMORPG, events.

- Grindy, once you finish the main quest, you will probably get stuck in the 57-60 level area, where the only thing that you can do it's: well, dungeons, dungeons, daily quests, dungeons, and desperate a bit for that level 60.
- Bots, yes, each of the three servers have a load of bots, also known as "the redhead army". They're just gold farming bots, who usually send you trash mail telling you to buy gold for 4 bucks.
- Can turn boring time to time, and probably in the "57-60 area" previously descrived.
- Lag/delay in some dungeons
- The devs are hmmm how to descrive it, hmmm they're not bad, but they're kinda lazy, and when a problem arise most of the time they will opt for an easy solution. Note* this doesnt happen most of the time.
- Huge risk of a rollback when an imminent issue shows. Ex. a few months ago the item mall started to work wrong, the prices were wrong, and of course people took that chance to get cheap stuff, with that done the devs just did a rollback (if you're not used to that word, a rollback it's just what it sounds) they returned the status of the server to the day before that issue happen, with that done every single player lost the items/gold/exp/levels/progress achieved that day, after that they apologized with the community and gave to every player affected by the rollback a special package and a week of 50% more drop and exp.
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21 of 24 people (88%) found this review helpful
116.2 hrs on record
Posted: September 29
This MMORPG is polished, and fun
Even though I'm in China, the server has fast response and little lag
The game is generally fun
However there're two main problems:
-First, it is not fully voiced, your character is completely slient so there's basically nothing to hear other than repeating BGMs and stupid SEs.
-The other problem is the one that almost haunting every MMORPG on the internet: BOTs
It's not only making the game unfair due to the great inflation caused by currency pouring inside the market gained via using Bot, but also make our life miserable-game provider thinks it's a great idea to make lvl30 tradable so they can block Bots from trading. THEY ARE SO WRONG. BOTs don't really care, but WE DO.
We are suffering from this stupid policy and have to level up like no tomorrow
According to my experince, I spent 11 hours to reach lvl 31. So basically the first 10 hours of gaming you are prevented from any kinds of trade, period.

But the characters do look cute, and that's all i really care about.
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27.0 hrs on record
Posted: August 5
I ran straight up a waterfall 10/10
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37.7 hrs on record
Posted: July 11
I've played dozens of Anime stlye MMO's over the years, and some are similar, some are different. What usually defines how that game is not like all the others tends to usually fall into one major gimmick per game.

In Aura Kingdom that would be known as the 'Eidolon' system.

Basically it's your own pet that fights with you. They're core in the game and are not too hard to obtain.

(This review is based on a few things. I have two characters. One lvl 50 and one level 30. I have yet to do the more 'lategame' stuff like high level dungeons. As of this review I've clocked around 40 hours.)

The main points of the game, you decide if it's good or bad.

- Quests are heavy and pretty much constant till you hit lvl 48. There is no monster grinding whatsoever and leveling is fast.
- Even though there are parties, questing is pretty much a solo thing and instances need to be done solo.
- The classes and skills are quite different and unique.
- Appearance is based on global costumes rather than class related armor.
- There seems to be class imbalances at the current time of the game. So far my Ravager (which is considered more AoE) has bested duelists of my level.
- There is no MP (as far as I can tell) in the game, letting mages spam.
- There is a need to kite enemy spells as they can be dodged by movement and skills, meaning there is a bit more skill in some mob fighting.
- All classes, even the support types like Bard are capable of solo questing and don't need to depend on parties.
- Gaining decent items at earlier levels is not too hard provided you know your way around the market and auction area.
- Mobs spawn back really fast so dont worry about AoE mob stealers or KSers.
- Gaining 'Bonus EXP' is fairly simple with parties. EXP is not split between members however - making Power Leveling unapparent.
- There is quite a number of bots who auto follow quests since going from place to place is REALLY easy.
- High number of 'grindy' collection quests which require this or that killed/collected. This is countered by the decent drop rate. Seems to be around 60%.To collect 5 eggs from birds you usually have to kill around 10 or less.
- Eidolons are quite handy in a solo game like this. They're easy to level up.
- You can glide.
- Characters have very little stats to customise due to lack of MP related stats.
- Subclasses can be obtained to make your character even more unique.
- There are tons of daily and hidden quests for you to find if you really want to.
- There is an achievement system for those who like to collect.

A review of the basics:
-Very story driven.
-Leveling is easy.
-Classes are unique.
-Easy to understand GUI.
-Easy quest system.
-More of a solo-ish game.

My personal experience:
Got to level 40 on my first day because I have no life. Made a guild with my real life friends. There wasn't much interaction till 1 daily quest and there still isnt. It's been 5 days and I only just got to level 50. Im slowly starting to get bored of the monotony now, at this level there are around 10 quests of collection and killing ♥♥♥♥ and you don't even ge to the next level. I'm gerenally a fickle person with my MMOs, I play things until there's too much repetition because I don't have the patience for that and the novelty of the game wears off when that happens.

My Ravager makes quick work of nearly all mobs and I dont require the use of a potion due to my innate tankiness and the fact I have a DMG/CRIT type. The only problem I face is soloing boss monsters which tend to mow me down quite fast and actual skill is required to kill them though kiting (which is a good thing). My sorcerer pretty much is a spam machine that doesn't even compare to my Ravager.

Based on:
40 hours, 2 characters (50, 30), Ronin patch.

Worth a shot for anyone into MMORPGs, especially for those trying to learn it. the quest tracker makes lives simple for those learning about these type of games and all NPC chat doesn't need to be read to know what's going on.

For more reviews check out my website:
Explicitly Honest.
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Posted: September 21
Very fun game. It has alot of quests and a nice levelling system, you can train your stats whenever you want by killing monsters or completing quests.

Good points:

- Beautifull graphics for a free game.
- It's anime c:
- I love the PvE

Bad points:

- Dont have any~
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Posted: November 2
If you liked Forsaken World or Perfect World International (PWI) (in some ways even Battle of the Immortals/War of the Immortals) then you will like this game, it plays a lot like them with various improvements and it may even be the same game engine. Single click auto-pathing for quests, lots of unique little things to participate in, ability to skip quest dialog, full featured minimap will click to move, no need to loot after monster kills, etc. The user interface is refined and has a lot of nice little features not seen in the larger MMOs. The improvements make the game easy to understand and play.

The game is definately targeted for the casual player. It has nice graphics and sound, but a lot of the improvements are focused around making the game fast and easy to play. Unlike so many other MMOs, you get a mount very early on. You should be level 10 and have one toolbar of skills, a mount, and your companion, within an hour or two of starting the game.

You get to choose your companion when you create your character, and there are seven different choices. Each one has different skills and focuses - one may be a healer and another a warrior type. The companion is similar in functionality to SWTOR companions, but you can even have little conversations with them.

You gain new skills (based on the class you choose) as you level automatically, and you have character improvement tileset. You gain one improvement point every three levels. I call it a tileset because its not a tree, your starting point is in the middle of all of the tiles and you can pick improvement tiles moving outward in any direction.

The in game store items seem a little expensive compared to other games. They have plenty of various cheap or expensive items, but just for comparison: 75 cents for a 20% xp boost for 60 minutes, $5 for a 20% xp boost for 24 hours play time (24 hours of played time, not calendar time so it will last multiple days), $50 for a unique mount that is 60% movement speed, if you buy 4 of them you can combine them into a 90% mount. For $15 you can get an item that gives you a 24 hours of 50%/25% monster/quest xp boost. I like the play time versus day time system, because it discourages afks and it is aimed at the casual player who might play one or two days a week. So if you play around 5 or 6 hours a week, the $15 boost will last you about a month.

You can purchase XP books from the store that instantly give amounts of XP, 29 cents for a book that gives the equivalent of 20 monster kills of your level. You can buy the in-game cash shop currency in $5, $10, $25 etc increments. They also have spending "tier" rewards per month, as you reach higher tiers you get greater free rewards. The first two spending tiers are at $5 and $15. Purchases go through the Steam Store so you don't have to visit another website.

Overall it is a very refined game with a lot of features and a better UI that is not found in today's larger MMOs. The cash shop is optional but the enticement to buy XP outright, or buy timed XP boosts will always be tempting - but "free" games are not free to build and run by the companies that make them and they need to make a profit.
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Posted: July 6
I play it for the pantsu
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