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Gun Metal is a futuristic action-packed experience where you take control of the fully transformable prototype combat vehicle known as the Havoc Suit. The Havoc Suit, a prototype combat vehicle, remains the only hope to save civilization from a tireless enemy.
Release Date: Sep 23, 2003
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About the Game

Gun Metal is a futuristic action-packed experience where you take control of the fully transformable prototype combat vehicle known as the Havoc Suit.

The Havoc Suit, a prototype combat vehicle, remains the only hope to save civilization from a tireless enemy. Standing 10 meters tall, with an arsenal of devastating weaponry and the ability to transform instantly into an agile jet, only this formidable battle machine has the potential to halt the invaders!

Use the Havoc Suit to battle-ground-based enemies, or transform in the blink of an eye into an agile jet and take on aircraft in high-speed dogfights. Either way, get ready for mind-blowing action and out-of-this world graphics.

Key Features:
  • Fight hordes of enemies through 14 incredible missions
  • Scorch the earth, crush rocks under foot, fell trees
  • Tear chunks out of towering buildings and raze entire settlements to the ground!
  • Tool-up with an extensive armoury of devastating weaponry.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 98 / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
    • Processor: 900 MHz Intel
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 64 MB
    • DirectX: Version 8.0
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
Helpful customer reviews
33 of 40 people (83%) found this review helpful
6.8 hrs on record
This is one of the cases when i wish Steam had an option for a neutral review beside positive and negative.

This game was awesomely fun 10 years ago when i picked it up on Xbox. Now, for 2014, when we have such a developed game industry, with so many choices - not quite...The missions are simply boring. So is the story. There is no difficulty options, and the missions are so easy...I've spent less than 7 hours to finish this game, and 4 of this hours i've spent just on 2 maps (from a total of 13 if i remember it right), the only ones challenging enough. The rest of them (11), i've finished from the very first attempt. They almost all revolve around protecting a city or a group of vehicles. Gun Metal also has no replayability value due to it being so easy to finish, and the lack of achievements or in-game challenges. Considering the release year - it has decent graphics and the maximum resolution is 1600x900.

With that being said - Gun Metal is still worth to try, especially if you own an old PC and dont have a big choice for the games to run on it, but only on a big sale. Overwise i would recommend to skip it. There are better options for $10 instead of a 7 hour lazy port game with no replayability value.
Posted: March 23
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4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
0.3 hrs on record
An early example of mechas in video games that only asks that you destoy other robots while keeping yours alive. It's very arcade-y where you can destroy anything in your path and it is relatively quick. The mouse + keyboard aim scheme isn't hard to learn but can be a challenge to use at times especially when you're flying around extremely fast. It's a decent game if you're into the style. (Check some gameplay videos online).

Obligatory score: It's a decade old so... 7/10?
Posted: May 26
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4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
4.4 hrs on record
I've played Gun Metal as a 12 year old kid and absolutely loved it - I mean, the game lets you control a transformable mech with badass firepower and nice looks, how cool is that?! Also, back in a day it featured some really decent graphics, so I loved it even more, as I was able to play it on my new PC without any problems. Well, the times have changed and so did my way of perceiving games. Gun Metal is just as adorably oldschool and dynamic as it is monotonous and frustrating. The difficulty is high, the missions are terribly repetetive, the story basically doesn't exist (ok we are under attack by somebody, here take this cool transforming mech while we remain absolutely ♥♥♥♥ing useless, lol I know, we were able to build this damn thing but we cant fight for ♥♥♥♥, so yeah, you are our only hope, please shoot all the bad guys), and the game (or at least the Steam version, I don't recall such difficulties... well, ♥♥♥♥, 12 years ago) is pretty damn bugged. During the loading screen for the 6th mission the game crashed to desktop and after restarting it showed my savegame as "damaged", thus unable to load. That sucked. Other than that, the game is still fun, mostly thanks to its dynamicity and the sense of power it gives (lots of weapons, explosions and the coolness of a transforming bot). I bought it on Indie Gala for $1,40 because my nostalgia told me to do so. If you are reading this and want to put your hands on a cheap digital copy of this notsobad game, I advice checking http://store.indiegala.com/.
Posted: March 27
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4 of 5 people (80%) found this review helpful
6.3 hrs on record

The third person shooter genre is one of the most overused game genres these days,
it seems like every other movie adaption that isn't a first person shooter is a third person. Not many of these games have been enjoyable due to tight time restraints or lazy developers, but Gun Metal is one of the rare examples where it's done right. It's kind of like a spirtual successor to Slave Zero. You're in a mech, you blow things up, you look cool, and things start looking like a micheal bay movie set.

The story is one of the simpliest I've seen. The government has created a mech called "Gun Metal", you pilot it, aliens are invading earth, you blow those aliens up. There's nothing complex to it, and it doesn't try to tell a gripping narative about a hardened military soldier who lost everything and now just seeks revenge over some guy with a different skin colour because america.

Gameplay revolves around using a wide assortment of weapons to blow aliens and their buildings up, to defend a base and get rewarded more weapons, to blow more aliens up with. The gimmick of this game is that you can transform from a land mech to an airplane, so maybe you can pretend this is a good transformers game.

Land mode, while slower, and can take more damage thanks to a regenerating shield. Airplane mode doesn't have a regenerating shield, but it has blazingly fast speed and you can't make it stay still so it's possible to run into a lot of enemies. Each mode has multiple weapons that can be changed before each mission, though you can only carry 4 of these at once.

You have one unlimited weapon, two explosives, and a slot for a special weapon. Weapons range from generic machine pistols, to guass cannons, to triple rocket launchers that destroys all. I cannot think of a single thing in third person shooters that is as cool as blowing entire armies up with triple rocket launchers and guass cannons. The enemies you get to fight are varied, too. Ground soldiers that can be easily killed, tanks, aircraft, and even motherships.

Levels in the game are either really good or somewhat annoying. Most of the time, I was having a blast, watching everything explode like some sort of deadly fireworks show, and then on a rare occasion, I was about ready to smack someone. There's a mission where you have to defend your base from two motherships, and then a gigantic ship with a one hit death ray. It took me quite a few tries to know what to do there. The missions should last you about four hours total, which isn't terrible considering the game doesn't go for much money, but another hour wouldn't have hurt.

Sound-wise, the weapons sound powerful and awesome. Even shooting something as simple as a machine pistol is made awesome. Music is pretty generic "get you pumped for the action) stuff though, but it's not bad. Graphics, however, are surprisingly good. A few things are outdated, but other than that, it's pretty appealing.

Though, one weird issue, and this probably comes from the game being an Xbox title ported over to PC, it's capped at a weird psuedo-30-FPS. I was running the game at about 500 FPS when not recording, and even trying to cap the game at 60, it still looked like 30 FPS. There's not really an excuse for that other than laziness.

Overall, Gun Metal stands out as one of the best third person shooters. It doesn't try to have any super amazing gimmicks that get shoved in your face. Everything here works great and it's just a blast to play. If you want to pick it up, it's 10 dollars on Steam and works with no issues on Windows 7.
Posted: July 4
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2.7 hrs on record
Gun metal is a fun, but flawed, third person shooter. In it you pilot a "Havoc suit" that is a humanoid mecha that can transform into a fighter yet and blow stuff up.

There is a skeleton of a story somewhere, something about the enemy attacking your people and somesuch, so you hop in your prototype super suit and go kick some butt.

The missions are reltively straightforward and short: destroy X location, defend a convoy, defend Y location, destroy X,Y and Z locations and then a huge battle ship, etc. They last no more than 15 minutes each (some going for 4 ~ 5 minutes) and I have to say they're fun and challenging. The difficulty level is significant, but it never gets unfair. Each level is some sort of puzzle that you need to figure out in order to succeed and as you progress you will unlock more guns, armor types and fun bits to add to your arsenal to blow stuff up.

The game hoever is a bit dated on the graphics, but its good fun. The only problem I had is mapping the controls to my XBox controller, and even then when pressing certain combinations others would simply not work. My current set up where I'm most confortable makes me unable to roll away to avoid combat as even though I have the button mapped it works when it wants to.

Recommended purchase in a sale if you want some old school shooting action and want to turn off our brain for a bit.

Posted: April 14
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155 of 168 people (92%) found this review helpful
0.6 hrs on record
A decade after it's initial release, and Gun Metal is still awesome. For me, this game is a masterclass in focussed design. It doesn't try to be clever, with lots of gimmicks that are only there for their own sake. It just gives you good, solid, arcade-style action, and it does it extremely well. Your mech isn't loaded with three dozen special features that you completely forget about in the heat of the action. It does a limited number of things, but those are the only things you need it to do, and they all feel relevant. Running, strafing, transforming, boosting, barrel-rolling to dodge fire, and all the while firing, firing, firing on the enemy.

Yes, it does betray it's Xbox origins in the slightly awkward mouse control and limited graphics options, but honestly, once you dive in and get blasting, it all feels very natural. The barrel-rolling to dodge in jet mode feels particularly intuitive, as it's on the keys you use for strafing in mech mode (A and D by defaut as you'd expect). And you can always plug a control pad in if you find the mouse control a bit too hazy.

As far as I'm aware there's only one voice in the game, the guy who gives you orders, and he puts in a good performance. Maybe not award-winning, but solid, with simple dialogue, no ridiculous cringe-inducing histrionics, and status updates and encouragements as you progress through each mission. It's nice to actually be told you're doing well instead of being berated for something or other all the time! =P

In closing, if you want some simple, straightforward action with just enough depth to be engaging without being overwhelming, Gun Metal is for you.
Posted: January 17
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