Breach & Clear brings deep tactical strategy simulation to PC, Mac and Linux! Build your Special Operations team, plan and execute advanced missions, and own every angle. Choose your real-world squad -- US Army Rangers, Germany's KSK, Canada’s JTF2, UK SAS, and more -- and take on a variety of foes with different skill-sets and...
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Very Positive (1,140 reviews) - 84% of the 1,140 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Mar 21, 2014

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“Rainbow Six meets XCOM.”
82 – GamesMaster Magazine

“When a smartly conceived plan comes together Breach & Clear is every bit as satisfying as Frozen Synapse or XCOM: Enemy Unknown.”
7/10 – Pocket Gamer

“Breach and Clear is a masterful game.”
5/5 – GameWoof

About This Game

Breach & Clear brings deep tactical strategy simulation to PC, Mac and Linux! Build your Special Operations team, plan and execute advanced missions, and own every angle.

Choose your real-world squad -- US Army Rangers, Germany's KSK, Canada’s JTF2, UK SAS, and more -- and take on a variety of foes with different skill-sets and abilities. Learn to approach, engage, and dominate your opponents through superior tactics and training. The Steam version of Breach & Clear includes all the premium content from the original mobile game at no additional cost.


Build your arsenal with thousands of gun combinations, and specialize each soldier with a combination of perks, tactics, camo, armor, and inventory all tailored by you. Tune your load-out with consumables like UAV Drones and Breaching Charges that can change the course of battle!


Each soldier matters, every decision counts. Plan your mission step-by-step: split up your team and assault the map from multiple entrance points, set routes and fields of fire, use cover and outflank your foe.


Developed with help from members of the Special Operations Forces community, Breach & Clear features actual close-quarters combat tactics and a variety of door-breaching techniques. Soldiers equip real-world weapons and gear. Firefights take place in real time.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP or higher
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo or equivalent - 1.5 GHz or higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Any DirectX 9.0c Compatible Card from 2007 onwards.
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
    • OS: OSX 10.6 or higher
    • Processor: Intel based processor - 1.5 GHz or higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 3.0+ compatible video card
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo or equivalent - 1.5 GHz or higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 3.0+ compatible video card
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
Customer reviews
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Very Positive (63 reviews)
Very Positive (1,140 reviews)
Recently Posted
fuck her rotting flesh
( 7.7 hrs on record )
Posted: May 4
Holy ♥♥♥♥, this game is amazing.
I was not expecting the amount of customization or content when I started this up.
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Freddy K
( 33.7 hrs on record )
Posted: May 3
What I find most fun about this game;
--Setting up unique teams for particular combat preferences - p90 team is luls.
--Making the most efficient runs - that 4 star score baby!
--Leveling up characters is enjoyable.
--Interesting maps/variable sizes and/or locale'
--Great if you like a bit of strategy - door planning is great.
--I found some particular levels challenging, needing optimal configurations for team members.
--Randomised unit spawn, it's not always the same :').

Kind of want more maps :') [thoug hthere are enough for soe decent entertainment].

Add in community ability to make fresh maps :D
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( 4.2 hrs on record )
Posted: May 1
Like X-Com but special forces vs terrorists.

Turn based combat, multiple entry points, perks, abilities, upgrades to weapons and armour, different classes, unlockable special abilities, new weapons, multiple difficulty settings... lots of features.

Its a little less complex, upgrading the odd weapon with an IR or scope, applying a couple of XP to your operators abilities and grinding the levels to unlock weapons and earn money for new enhancements - to weapons and gear.

No base, no story... but different locations and additional modes such as bomb disarming and escape.

Okay for an indie game, especially if its on sale on Steam.
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( 1.1 hrs on record )
Posted: April 29
You can take down ben ladin.... thats all i needed in my life
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( 13.0 hrs on record )
Posted: April 29
Basically a casual Frozen Synapse, it offers a disappointingly clumsy and imprecise system for squad control and a tedious amount of grind for stats and items (coming from a F2P mobile game), but at the end of the day, it's suprisingly fun casual entertainment. Just don't expect it to be a tactical simulator like it oh-so-optimistically markets itself as.
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( 11.3 hrs on record )
Posted: April 28
So now that I am over 10 hours into the game I guess I might as well do aa review on it.

I love this game. It is highly addictive and i find myself constantly returning to play it.
I highly recommend this game to anyone who wants a very tactical strategy game.
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( 14.8 hrs on record )
Posted: April 25
Never play this Genre before but I fall in love with it. You control 4 units. Each unit has its ability. Every Turn counts. Every corner matters. More detail in this game than I thought. You can upgrade your squads ( stats , gear , gun , skill ). A lot of mission. Would love if campagne available. I bought this game for 1$. Really worth a buy.

8.5/10 really worth a buy while on sale.
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( 28.6 hrs on record )
Posted: April 24
I was hoping this would be like XCOM:EU, but it is definitely less sophisticated. I have enjoyed the game, but the P90 is absolutely broken and is the only weapon worth using. The mods (gas system, triggers, etc) use the minus symbol for an increased rate of fire, which makes no sense? Basically you reduce the rate of fire to .01 for the P90 and you'll kill everything. None of the other weapons compare and it's disappointing. The camo patterns are also generally awful looking! But if you can pick this up on sale, I would recommend it!
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( 67.6 hrs on record )
Posted: April 23
I love this game! Good and simple controls that make you play in multiple different ways. Could do with more missions, weapons and ways to play once. Definitely needed to keep me interested in playing.
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( 13.5 hrs on record )
Posted: April 23
13 hours of fun for the price of a drink.
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The Wizard
( 19.3 hrs on record )
Posted: April 22
This game tries to come across serious, but when you play it, it tries to be playful and funny. The game's intro tries to tell you that it could be used for special forces to practice their tactics but has an unlock system which allows you to unlock gold plated weapons that do more damage than the non-gold ones.

The interface doesn't feel great and you can't string complex tactics together; for example you can't throw a flashbang and have the team wait for the flashbang to go off before moving.

I also didn't have fun playing this game; I found it more frustrating than anything. I had a lot more fun playing 'Door Kickers'.
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( 4.3 hrs on record )
Posted: April 20
Worst XCOM Clone Ever
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( 13.5 hrs on record )
Posted: April 19
Recommended game that works well even if you don't have a top of the notch graphics card. As for now, one of the best purchases of 2015.
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( 1.5 hrs on record )
Posted: April 18
I love this game, while it a a little slow, i still think it is a must buy
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( 28.8 hrs on record )
Posted: April 14
Compact "swat" game!
Better support / development would be good.
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( 7.9 hrs on record )
Posted: April 13
interesting game,worth buying when it's under 3$.will provide you with joy of 'bout 8hrs.
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( 2.9 hrs on record )
Posted: April 13
A very good game. Lucky i got a discount.Wishing they fix a few things, to make the game better. But still a very good game.
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( 1.3 hrs on record )
Posted: April 12
Very surprised to pick up this game as inexpensively as I did. It is just the type of game I was looking for, military strategy, that doesn't require 12 hours to play. Sometimes you want something that is deep and makes you think, but that you can play quickly. You acn knock out a few rounds in a few minutes, or play for hours.

Deep game play, lots of strategy, and replay value is high. Highly recommended.
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( 4.3 hrs on record )
Posted: April 12
Thoroughly enjoying this game so far. The game mechanics are great and a variety of load outs are available from the marketplace. The game also features various difficulty levels. Multiplayer would be a nice addition to this but not bad for a $20 game, 8/10.

I would recommend this to people who enjoy turn based tactical games. I can see it getting a little repetitive after 50 hours or so of gameplay however.
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7.9 hrs on record
Posted: April 13
interesting game,worth buying when it's under 3$.will provide you with joy of 'bout 8hrs.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
4.3 hrs on record
Posted: April 12
Thoroughly enjoying this game so far. The game mechanics are great and a variety of load outs are available from the marketplace. The game also features various difficulty levels. Multiplayer would be a nice addition to this but not bad for a $20 game, 8/10.

I would recommend this to people who enjoy turn based tactical games. I can see it getting a little repetitive after 50 hours or so of gameplay however.
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28 of 33 people (85%) found this review helpful
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88.9 hrs on record
Posted: March 7
Can you imagine directing Seal Team 6 in their takedown of Osama Bin Laden? Well, now you can perform similar types of missions on a much smaller scale with a lot less meaning. All you need is Breach & Clear, which is a tactical strategy game along the lines of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, but with a focus on realism. You take command of US Navy Seals, US Army Rangers, Canada’s JFT2, and other highly trained military squads in global missions.

Before you even begin the game, there are a number of decisions for you to make, including which of the real-life elite military groups to purchase and play as (US Navy Seals, US Army Special Forces, US Army Rangers, Canada’s JTF2, etc.), what to name your squad members, what their physical attributes should be, and which class each should represent. The chosen classification will bestow the given individual with a related special ability, with more earned as each person levels up through experience. You can also outfit each soldier with unique weaponry, attachments, uniforms, helmets, and the like. Better equipment can be unlocked and purchased as you progress through the campaign. There are several locations to play, but Afghanistan is the only one unlocked from the start, so you’ll begin there.

You are presented with a top-down/isometric viewpoint of a set of rooms wherein enemies are hiding out, invisible to your omniscient eye. Your goal, as the game’s title suggests, is to breach the location and clear it of all hostiles. Most maps have multiple breach points, so you can select where you want your soldiers to enter and how. Each round involves a planning phase and an action phase, much like Frozen Synapse or any of the Rainbow Six titles. For each soldier, you select where you want him to move to, as indicated by circles that appear upon an invisible gridded floor.

Additionally, you determine each soldier’s vision cone at each waypoint, of which you can have several in a single turn. This ability allows you to own every angle, as the saying goes. Buttons are available to allow each soldier to use his special ability, too, such as laying down suppressive fire, tossing grenades, and more. When you are satisfied with your plan, tap the Breach button to watch the action play out. Soldiers will engage enemies automatically when one is spotted or they are fired upon, allowing you to see the enemy location from that point forward. Any soldier standing next to an object is considered to be in cover, with the protection aiding them in surviving a firefight.

The action phase lasts a few seconds before you are allowed to adjust your strategy in a new planning phase. The level ends when all members of one side have been killed. If you are successful, you can earn stars, experience, and money. Stars are used to unlock access to gear, weapons, consumables, etc. Experience offers you 5 points to add to each soldier’s stats at each new experience level, which can be used to boost health, accuracy, reaction, speed, etc. Money is used to purchase the items that you’ve unlocked.

Each scenario can be played in multiple difficulty levels, with each offering stars to earn. You’ll want to replay each mission several times to nab the stars needed to unlock everything that you can. The gameplay is engaging and it gives you a lot of control over what happens and how you conduct your business. The focus on where to move, when to move, and where to train your focus are the essence of the game, and I applaud the devs for not trying to add too many options that could overwhelm the player.

Graphically, the game looks terrific, with an impressive level of detail if you really drill down. The choice to use real military units and real weapons is commendable, as it offers a great sense of authenticity that’s lacking in similar titles. The sheer number of weapon/attachment/uniform combinations available for each soldier is dizzying. The environments have plenty of places to utilize cover and nooks in which to hide. Character animations and movements are great, and you’ll really need to act responsibly to escape unscathed. Switching between a top-down and isometric viewpoint is only a button away, and dragging to pan, twisting to rotate, and pinching to zoom ensure you’ll always have a great angle on the action.

All of these options and deep levels of gameplay are all well and good, but they happen to be in service of a game that quickly becomes repetitive. With the exception of the level designs, which are really well done, every level is played exactly the same. You choose your tactics, choose your positions, choose your path, hit the Breach button, and then watch the action unfold. There is very little variation to the gameplay, and after a while you might find yourself getting kind of bored. The lack of any kind of story to put anything in context here just adds to the problem. You have no idea as to why you’re doing any of this, who you’re fighting or even who your soldiers are.

The one thing the game does extremely well however is its marketplace. Here you will find a plethora of guns, lights, grips, IR devices, suppressors, and gas systems which you can buy and equip on your weapons. You can also buy various gear that you can outfit on your squad and some of the clothing will even give you a stat boost. If you are the kind of person that loves to collect items like this, then you will find reason to keep going back into missions to earn some more cash.

Breach and Clear provides a strategic RPG-style look into the world of Special Operations that provides an unusual spin on both the Strategic RPG genre and the military gaming world. Breach and Clear is a solid title worth playing.
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8 of 10 people (80%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
22.2 hrs on record
Posted: February 24
its a good game but sadly it gets repetitive and boring really quick, you creat and play with your fav swat team from different special forces like navy or spetsnaz, there is 3 mods in the game ( terrorist hunting, defusing bombs and escorting you team out of the battlefield) in the same 7 locations yep thats right the same 7 locations, you will play and visit them soo much that you will get bored after 2 or 3h and of course no story mode just the 3 type of missions.
leveling the team takes ages and 70% of the achievements are absurd and hard to get, for exemple "KILL 53,594 enemies" that's one insane achievement and as prove 0.3% of people have it, you can kill like max 20 enemies per mission so i will let you do the math.
the graphics are mediocre nothing outstanding , simple gameplay with basic tactics to use.
in the end i recommend this game for those who like strategy games but in my opinion 14.99$ is too much , normally it shouldn't be over 9.99$ so grabe it on sales
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14.7 hrs on record
Posted: February 16
Fun tactical shooter with lots of customization options.
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7.0 hrs on record
Posted: March 2
Remember shooting dudes?

Remember making other dudes shoot dudes?

This is making other dudes shoot dudes.

The interface is pretty minimalistic, but gets the job done, there are a few weird, finnicky design choices like how you can either use a power thing or move or shoot, or you can move slower for some reason, I guess ot keep your aim going well, and you don't really have a good idea of how likely it is for your series of actions to proceed are, especially when you know your opponent is in a place, but those are just small games, overall this is solid for tactical, urban combat turn based strategy. And, it seems like a complete game, which is getting rare nowadays, so that's cool, go it.

Really though, good game, pick it up and play it.
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
5.8 hrs on record
Posted: March 12
Rank: 7/10
Recommendation(s): Be interested in tactics, understand you will be playing a turn based game.
Major Theme: Fairly standard, easy, turn based, top down military shooter.
Bought at Price: $4.25 (Steam Sale)

I'm not really sure what to say with this review. It's going to be a lot shorter than my other ones.
Being able to fully describe the game in 4 words says a lot about the game. There's nothing special here, nothing to demand your attention, nothing to make this title a "must play".

If you are interested in tactics, and have at least some understanding and knowledge of Canada's JTF2, UK's SAS, or even the US Army Rangers, you will enjoy this game. The gameplay is quite short, 5 hours seems ok. I personally couldn't see myself getting past 10 or more hours.
Once you have decided that this game is for you, you will find it rather simple and lacking at the same time. Within my 5 hours, I've unlocked every mission from hostage to escape plan. Certainly the variations on gamemodes are nice to see, but the maps feel plain, small, and uninteresting. The maps could have done with more dynamic elements besides having doors that open and close.
Speaking of which, the equipment is also quite lacking. Even though you can play as Russia's Spetnaz, you for some reason can't buy AK-47 rifles? I found that the rifles JTF2 have are quite good, and anything besides them don't really change anything. Sure there are sniper rifles and what not, but besides 2 missions I found myself not using them. Skills and classes seem to become more irrelevant further into the game you get.

The UI is slightly different then what you see in the store screenshots, but all in all, the game is average.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
2.2 hrs on record
Posted: March 28
I find this game extremely addictive, as well as effective in the genre it tries to replicate. In the settings it allows you to set a "Permadeath" option where if your squad members die, they are gone forever. This allows players to get connected to their squad as they progress through their career. And the act of losing one in battle can not only effect players emotionally but also can effect the squad's dynamics as you lose the benifets that that experienced soldier had.

I highly recommend this game to all who love hair-raising Turn-Based Stratagy games.
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38.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 27
Recommended, but only if you really like the genre - turn based tactical. I do like the game, and I will probably get 10-20 hours of gameplay out of it, but I can already spot some problems.

- Poor weapon variety. There's lots of AR-15 and M4 varieties, with similar stats, but no AK-47 (despite that you can play as spetznaz) or weapons of other origin than US/west Europe.
- Poor gear variety. With a few exceptions, you can add something that adds a single value. For almost the same price, you can get a bonus of 5, 10 or 15. Why would anyone ever buy the +5 gear?
- Poor mission variety. 35 SMALL maps. 3 different missions on each (hunt, defuse, extraction).
- Bland AI. Nothing surprising about it's moves.
- No sidearms, no magazine count, no reloads.
- Poor use of grenades. If you want to use a flashbang, then use it on turn 1 and move into the room on turn 2. There's no way to tell your squad to wait until after the detonation before they move in. Which leads to the next point...
- Poor ways to coordinate your movements. You can't tell op 1 to wait until op 2 arrives and then move together, unless you wait a full round. Which might hurt your score.
- Poor damage model. Everyone always fight to the death. Injuries have no negative effect, armor only adds HP.

None of this is game-breaking, but my impression is that they should have added more features and more complexity to the game, and definitely bigger/more maps. At the 15 euro pricetag, I recon you get your moneys' worth but only if you are really itching for this type of game.
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39.7 hrs on record
Posted: January 21
Quite some value for the Money! Great!
Sale-price is a Steal..

>> scroll down for level-up guide and PRO/CON <<

Some PRO´s:
-first hours are already really fun
-7 Campaigns (->35missions and 3 gamemodes)
-6 different Classes (Breacher, Scout, FireteamLeader,... up to Medic)
-2.5D isometric mix between Counterstrike and Rainbow Six
-Casual SWAT teamplay, and therefore fun, because it´s not overcomplicated and you don´t loose if a teammember gets shot down ;)
-There is even a Permadeath Mode
-After first 3 Campaigns it gets harder
-High Replay-Value
-"Elite" difficulty adds pepper, since enemies now camp you from behind door-corners^^
-For the Boss Achievement you have to clear the map within 1 round ..good luck °_°
-another Achievement needs you to take ZERO dmg during a level..haha.. takes a bit

a few CONs:
-Trade/Upgrade-menu could be more comfortable^^
-some minor UI shortcomings
-some more sounds/ambience would be nice
-some Weapons aren´t worth it.. others are OP when tuned
- ..that´s it already ;)

For Beginners, I put together some helpful advice
Basically you can eighter play a highly armored force and play tactical..
or forget about armor and superb hitpoint-buffer.. and just RUSH aka Breach&Clear ;D
>> scroll down for heavy-armored "Crush&Kill" Team -> very good for "Bomb Defusal"-maps <<

How to level up a "Rush Team":
Rush Team means.. be fast.. kill fast.. don´t get hit much
If you follow these instructions you can beat many maps in 3turns or less

-make use of all(!) Entry Points (A/B/ ..sometimes even C/D)
-don´t waste a turn to use "slow" Special moves unless really necessary (some of the first levels)
-try to use cover whenever possible
-click on your orange way and define additional waypoints and where to look at(!)

Classes (I found those the most useful):
-Breacher (only class that can throw genade and run/shot in the same(!) turn)
-Intelligence (reveals enemies nearby^^)
-Fireteam Leader (gives buff)
-Weapons Sergeant (Suppression fire)
--> best bet is to get one of each!!

-first levels go for max Evasion (100/100)
-next stat is Accuracy it´s up to your choice

-get the MBSS vest to walk faster(!)
-use a Skullcap/Balaclava to get even more speed

-always have 2 Defibrillators ready on stock in case you have to revive a teammate(!)

-..forget Shotguns and Sniperrifles, go for many bullets (and many headshots^^)
-first levels: go for Block II (and spec it with all adds, incl. ShortSuppressors)
-around lvl 10: go for MK18 Mod1 (without Suppressors)
-around Lvl 15/16 it´s time for additional weapons like CTAR 21 (all adds, incl Long Supressors)
-just buy the best equipment of its class (no need to waste money- you need it)
-switch weapons depending on mission or just go with MK18 Mod1 all the way

you should have 150+ Stars by now.. and a quick (low noise) Rush Team(!).. enjoy the game ;D

EDIT: For those of you loving Direct Action aka DukeNukem: the "Crush&Kill" Team
***Warning: This team is really superb (to not use the word OP), but the playstyle might rob you of much fun with other more "tactical" Squads !!!***

How to level up a "Crush&Kill"-Team (aka "Team PWNAGE") :
-start off with russian "Spetsnaz" (bonus on Reaction/Hitpoints)
-I suggest creating this as second team (change active SQUAD by clicking that team and click "make activate squad" button
-that way you should have enough starting money and weaponry from the old Squad
-use Block II if you start off, otherwise M18Mod1 or CTAR (+60accuracy bonus)
-Reaction/HP 65 is enough
-now raise accuracy to 100
-next stat is evasion to max..

Gear + Weapon:
-get your hands on Spear RBA Vest (+175HP) and counter the speedloss a good bit with a Balaclava
-PDW Sub Machine Gun (+adds: Optic/lights/GasSystem) --> now you have the most imbalanced weapon of the game, sending litterally 100bullets each round!!! (ROF 0.01 - just lol)

Congratz, If you´re not doing totally stupid things you´re halfway to godhood.. each of your guys can take out 3-4 enemies alone(!) each round and compared to modded M18Mod1 (ROF 0.23) slightly faster resulting in getting hit less!

This Team is VERY strong in "Bomb Defusal" (since enemies try to overrun your position when defusing) and ofc any other close(!)/middle range fighting. Enjoy. Enemies drop like flies now..

->I´m very happy with the buy ;D

EDIT: bought Frozen Synapse DLC - which is also great(!) - big levels and many(!) enemies
only Drawback: it´s only 1 campaign (5missions)
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26.5 hrs on record
Posted: December 7, 2015
A simulator for strategicians. Maybe not the most strategy-heavy strategic game on the market, but with quick turn-based bouts of gunfire, micromanagement, and squad customization, Breach & Clear brings Special Operations squad control to an interesting and dynamic level.
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12.2 hrs on record
Posted: January 28
This a turn based tactical combat simulator.
It gets repetitive and boring rather quickly. Get your 4 soldiers to clear out an area as quick as possible for the highest score.

Your team is limited you can't switch around different classes in your team, you have to make a new team if you want to have play other classes. When you start the game you have to make a team right away, you can't change game options or anything else first.

It's an ok game, lacking depth. Good value though for 75% off, wouldn't pay full price for this game. It's very simplistic and easy to play a rather casual game. Worth getting on special as it's fun for a bit.
6/10 ok.
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Not Recommended
1.9 hrs on record
Posted: January 31
I walked into Breach & Clear hoping for some serious copy of former SWAT series. What I got was a sort of XCOM copy. Although the games tactics may appeal to you, some of the lack of attention to minor details may upset you. I got this game on extreme sale and would recommend you do too.

Plain and simple, this game is no where near the level of what SWAT 3 or 4 was. Still to this day, there hasn't been a SWAT game that has managed to immerse the player as much as those two have. Breach & Clear is a top-down turn based swat action game where your main objective every time is still simply wipe every enemy out on the map. It's fun at first, but the lack of diverse objectives make the game redundant. At the very least, opponents do move about the map when you initiate contact. Meaning, if they are not taken out and you do not having any squad member watching your back, they may sneak up on you. Upon starting a level, the player can scope out what entrances are available and can tell each officer where to start. The game play itself is not bad. You are in control of four units in which you can tell them where to move and how to move. Choosing movement paths was decently done. Say for instance you would like to go down an open hallway as it can be a little tricky sending one unit at a time to deal with the danger. The system in place lets you choose multiple points on where the unit should go (so broken paths) and additionally, let's you choose which way to face. This latter fact is important in providing the appropriate cover for your units. If your unit is caught off guard due to not looking the right direction, there is a good chance he'll be shot and may go down. The movement itself can be modified as a unit can be told to walk slower to increase his accuracy and allow other units to catch up or overtake. Grenades and flash bangs are available to use upon purchase. Yes you heard me right, this police force has to replenish it's supplies after every run. Every time you use it, you're going to have to replace it if you want to use it again. There are some units that are able to throw and continue their movement while some units spend their turn throwing the ordinance. This dependence is directly related to the classes you choose. For instance, a fire team leader has the ability to draw fire, a weapons sergeant can use his suppress fire ability to possibly save a comrade in trouble, a breacher can throw a grenade and continue to move along his path instead of ending his turn, a medic (I'll leave this one up to your imagination) and a direct action soldier can go in quietly. Depending on how you want to go in, it's really up to you to choose what's the best combination. I use a fire team leader, a medic and two breachers just because I like making noise. Each individual can upgrade (level wise) as you progress. You can upgrade stats such as accuracy or speed to improve your character. As well, their weapons can be modified with special sights or with fore grips. What drives me extremely mental in the game is the fact there is a pause after every turn to tell you it's the next phase. I believe that could have been done by being a lot more subtle.

The graphics themselves are okay. Their nothing extremely over the top or triple A, but simply okay. The player can maneuver the camera but it can never go exactly where you want it (or if your an explorer don't count on looking around too in-depth). What is nice is that sometimes the camera will go over the shoulder when shooting down suspects or going through a door. The sounds are okay as well. Gun shots sound more or less similar while there is no real dialogue going on.

Honestly, it's an alright game if it's on sale. I'm not recommending it because truth be told, I'd rather play XCOM or UFO when I start playing this. I also don't like the fact it's turn based and how the equipment scheme was set up.

RATING : 6.95/10


Be ready to see this after every move

What a few downed enemies look like

Multiple room breach with two separate teams at two different locations

Camera shifting angles

Can you see where my units are exposed

Multiple arrows showing my breach tactic

Camera will often go to this angle when initial breach occurs
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Posted: January 27
Gameplay for Breach & Clear is short and sweet. You have a bite-sized mission structure that allows you play as much or as little as you want with no real commitment to a lengthy campaign. I think that's probably one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much. I don't have to commit to if I don't feel like sitting down for a lengthy play session.
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Posted: February 4
My elite SAS team made of veterans with specialized counter-terrorism and military training can't throw the flashbang at the wall so it bounces right at the enemy.

11/10 buy it, but only on sale.
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Posted: November 9, 2015
A really fun simulator with a real world experience that shows those looking to go into the Special Weapons And Tactics division what exactly you do and how to do it. 10/10 really fun with tons of customability; would recommend strongly to others that like stratagy games or shooters
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Posted: January 16
My go to casual game as of late. Not too deep but that's what i really like about it. Fun overall experience, decent level of customization and maps variety make this a winner for me.
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Posted: January 24
It is a good proof of concept game. Realism is good. I felt like I am in combat and finished all missions of first game mode in one day.

Native soldier models for each tactical force is missing as far as I see. It would be better if "after mission report" was one unanimated screen which can be skipped in one click. Additional game modes seemed as if they are waste of time to me (replaying same map).

It would be good if this game is supported by new maps and scenarios for the first game mode.

NOTE : Buy when it is discounted.
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Posted: January 27
Squad-based breaching simulator where you use advanced tactics to eliminate multiple enemies in turns using the most elite warriors on earth. You create the 4-man squad using 6 different specialists (fireteam leader, breacher, medic, etc) and then take on 7 campaigns, (8 with dlc) each packed with 5 missions, in 3 different game modes. Terrorist hunt is pretty straightforward, bomb defusal comes with time limit, so it can be a pain in the ♥♥♥ and in the escape plan you exfiltrate your squad. Each succesful mission grants you experience for your soldiers, money and silver stars to unlock new weapons and to create new squads. I enjoyed the game cause it has replayability value and comes with some challenge, but the weapons could be more optimized and there were some lame bugs to interfere with the gameplay.
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Posted: December 20, 2015
Watch the full playthrough here:

This game gets and deserves much of the praise that it gets. It's a strategic doorkicking strategy game with enough content featuring 3 modes currently (Terrorist Hunt, Bomb Defusal, and Hostage Rescue/Escape). You control 4 operatives from the Rangers, SEALs, SpecOps, Speznaz or other such organizations through each area in a series of phases where you issue commands. The "special" element to this game is it's perspective concept and "owning every corner" by controlling the direction that your guys are looking as they enter and clear each room. The shooting on it's own is fully automated if the soldiers are looking in the right direction but it does allow you to aim thrown grenades and medkits only work on nearby allies. The enemies will react to noise and often charge out of rooms so covering doorways is still a concern (or you can use an intelligence soldier to wedge the door)

Certain weapons get unlocked in the store as you achieve a certain number of stars but any completionist out there might want to revist the stages to aim for the 2100 stars achievement. I found a certain amount of "violence of action" was required to 4 star the missions later on.

The problems with this game lies in it's somewhat hollow customization options when it comes to the marketplace options as outfitting each unit feels more like equipping Stat-sticks rather than anything new an improved (especially when it comes to gear). The consumables make the game much easier if you're willing to grind out a few of the previous levels to pick up a few defibilators (completely negating permanent death) and UAVs but for hardcore fans/gamers they might choose to avoid those completely to artificially amp the challenge. The level up perks and stat increase from grinding experience makes the game a snap for anyone playing on harder difficulties but struggling with a particular stage.

The other issue is that the gameplay itself feels tedious as you continue on through it's somewhat repetitive missions of pointing your guys at enemies and watching them do their thing. The context for the missions is very thinly described on a mission brief but not integrated into the game very well (as you have to escape to the main menu between each mission in order to even read this excerpt). I found very little keeping me attached to the story or my unit itself without some personal imagination on the "terrorists" we're hunting.

I'll still recommend the title for being a foray into something different but it's not without it's own set of issues.
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