Secret Ponchos is a highly competitive PvP fighting game set in a stylish Spaghetti Western universe. The unique, fast-paced gameplay in 3v3 battles creates an environment where PvP skills will be put to the test every match.
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Release Date: Oct 13, 2015

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December 18, 2015

Patch 1.007

- Premade Friend splitting when searching fixed

(when friends hit search together, often they were breaking up with the message "unable to join game full". We've fixed this, there are still a few other scenarios that happen much less frequently where teams breakup, we're focusing on those next)

- Implimented a system to ban players, along with several bans. You guys are a great community, there have only been a few bad apples this free week

(if you need to report a player for harassment or cheating, please email, please include screenshots, videos etc so we can take a look at the details)

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December 12, 2015



The week of December 14-20 only, anyone can play Secret Ponchos for free on Steam - spread the word to help us prevent a #secretfreeweek!

We’re trying something new! It’s like Kickstarter stretch goals, but instead of paying money, we’ll distribute rewards based on how many players get online at the same time! We’ll be distributing new Music, Skins, and a new playable Outlaw if we hit our goals!

Learn more about the Challenge HERE

A huge sale that we’re running during the Free Week for players who really enjoyed our game.

To always hear the latest, join us on Facebook and Twitter! Oh and tune in to our weekly Twitch streams!

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“eSports veterans will immediately realize how high the skill ceiling of Secret Ponchos is”

“My palms were sweaty after 10 minutes”
PC Gamer

“Secret Ponchos - It'll blow you away”
The Escapist

About This Game

Do You Have the Grit to Survive a New Style of PvP Combat - Where Every Shot is a Skill Shot?

Secret Ponchos is a beautiful but deadly competitive PvP fighting game set in a stylish Spaghetti Western universe. The isometric gameplay is team based and unlike any fighting game or MOBA you've played before. Combat is fast-paced, precise and merciless, resulting in a competitive environment where skills matter. There is no auto-attacking or hand-holding – every shot is a skill-shot!

Surviving in the Wild West will not be easy. You’ll be squaring off against the deadliest outlaws in 3v3 shootouts and 1v1 duels. It’s your ability to out maneuver your opponent (range control, timing, accuracy), your cunning team play, and your strategic use of the environment that will determine whether you collect the bounty on your enemies heads or they collect yours.

The “Most Wanted Edition” brings a heavily expanded version of Secret Ponchos to Steam. Switchblade Monkeys, the indie developers behind Secret Ponchos (that’s us!), are a small group of friends that have been building Secret Ponchos from their homes for the last 6 years. They worked closely over this last year with the Early Access community to refine features, and add more than double the game’s content (including an enhanced character roster, new maps, and all-new game modes) and are now proud to present the official release. "The Most Wanted Edition" of Secret Ponchos was showcased at EVO 2015 this year, and received an incredibly strong reception from the competitive community.

From the fighting game community...
"Played this game at EVO and had to come back for more. Fast-paced, strategic, and fresh game-play, it's a blast to play and even more fun to win."
- Skisonic, EVO Commentator

"Secret Ponchos is that sleeper OP game that I think everyone needs in their Steam library ASAP"
- TKbreezy, Smash Commentator

  • EVERY SHOT IS A SKILL SHOT!! Think you're good at PVP? Skill shots mean you actually have to land the shot using yourself, by using accuracy, good spacing, and timing. There is no auto attack or aim locking to hold your hand. Secret Ponchos is a game where you can only rely on your gameplay skills, reflexes, timing, and precision. Secret Ponchos was not built as a MOBA, but as a fighting game that supports fast paced team combat.

  • Team play is an amazing fit with a fighting game. Form a Spaghetti Western gang of different outlaw classes, and enter the street to gun down your rivals in an intense shootout.

  • Depth of combat: everything has a cost. While new players may simply run and gun at first, the deeper layers of combat create room for a skilled outlaw to control the fight. There are a large variety of attacks, but every choice and every action has a cost. Evading may get you into position quickly but costs stamina which you might have needed to escape. Every bullet matters since you have to manually reload. A heavy attack leaves you open for counter fire if you miss. To survive you need to be able to think under pressure.

Key Features

  • 10 Unique Outlaws: Each outlaw brings a unique gameplay style, weapons, and advantages for your team. They all carry a lot of depth, and play as different as they look.

  • Line of Sight: Take cover behind the environment to break line-of-sight between you and your enemies. When taking cover you will disappear from an enemies’ view, allowing you to ambush, flank, or take a moment to regroup. Line of site and cover mechanics bring the environment into the shootout.

  • Combat Modes: A fighting game that supports gang vs gang combat, setting it apart from the fighting game genre. It also includes traditional 1v1 standoffs for more intimate battles.

  • AI bots & Arcade Mode: Arcade mode is a simple tournament against a roster of AI opponents (1v1). A great way to get comfortable with your Outlaw of choice. Add bots to your online matches (Unranked mode only) to refine your skills.

  • Gain notoriety and level up your outlaw. Unlock perks, skins, and reputation classes as the bounty on your own head rises. Seasonal Leaderboards to see who is the most wanted.

Gamepad Controller & Keyboard/Mouse Supported

Secret Ponchos is a fighting game at its heart, we support controllers (PS4 DS4, Xbox 360 windows / XBONE windows controller or equivalent) & also Keyboard/Mouse.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8
    • Processor: Intel Dual-Core 2.4 GHz or AMD Dual-Core Athlon 2.5 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 460GTX or AMD Radeon HD 6800 1GB equilavent or higher
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Direct X 10 sound device
    • Additional Notes: Controller / Gamepad Supported : Sony PS4 Dual shock, Microsoft Xbox 360® Controller for Windows®. Keyboard/Mouse is supported.
Helpful customer reviews
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Posted: September 26, 2015
Early Access Review
Multiplayer-only games are finding themselves in a tricky situation these days now that gamers are expecting a bit more from them. Once upon a time, it was enough to offer an experience specially tailored for a group of friends, but now that multiplayer has become commonplace to the point of being tacked on to most games unnecessarily, multiplayer-only titles are needing to step up their game more than ever. Although Secret Ponchos has blazed onto the scene with hardly any introduction, it does present an interesting, if imperfect, alternative to standard online FPS deathmatches.

Where Secret Ponchos shines is in its creativity, which especially shows in the character designs. Each outlaw has their own specialty and weapons, leaving it up to you to learn their mechanics and choose which style works best for you. While Kid Red is an easy opener, with his quick-firing pistols and room-clearing sticks of dynamite, veterans of twin-stick shooters may be more welcoming to a character like the Phantom Poncho, whose sawed-off shotgun and whip create a devastating combination in both close-quarters and distant combat.

More difficult outlaws come in the form of the Matador, whose ranged weapons are slow to fire and reload, but whose melee capabilities can be devastating if she gets close enough to an enemy. Similarly, the Killer uses a revolver with a low firing rate and an extremely lethargic (yet extremely deadly) dagger that requires much more precision than other outlaws. Finally, the Deserter is a tank through and through, bowling over opponents and blowing them away with single shots.

You’re allowed to create many different outlaws, all of which upgrade separately, and the upgrade system that expands their abilities is actually pretty creative. Players are rewarded a bounty after each match, and after a certain price is reached for your head, you’ll earn a few upgrade points to sink into one of a few categories. Of course, if you perform poorly, your bounty will lessen, leaving you at a disadvantage.

The combat is similar to your typical twin-stick shooter, albeit with a few twists. Characters can disappear for a few seconds if they take cover behind some scenery, and each is saddled with a small amount of stamina used to roll away from danger that is slow to refill but absolutely necessary for a clean getaway or a successful surprise attack. Outlaws are also outfitted with two distinct weapons, both of which have multiple uses that really allow for tons of improvisation and addictive battles.

The art style employed by Secret Ponchos is absolutely bursting with personality and color, making each outlaw a unique creation despite the fact that they never speak. The maps that are available, while small, are beautifully detailed, capturing the essence of old westerns perfectly, from decrepit saloons to rundown graveyards. Even if you don’t enjoy anything the gameplay has to offer, you can still appreciate the loving homages to westerns found throughout the game.

Of course, since Secret Ponchos is still a work in progress, it comes with its fair share of issues, especially regarding the balance of the characters. Simply put, some outlaws are overpowered, especially Kid Red. He can fire the most shots in a row, most of which have the chance to stun the target, leaving enemies a pulpy mess in just seconds. Compared to the slower, more powerful characters, Kid Red completely obliterates the competition.

There’s also a noticeable lack of content, with only a handful of battle modes available as of now. You’ve got your traditional free-for-all, team deathmatch and domination modes, but with only four maps to choose from, things get stale pretty quick. The ability to play locally with split-screen is a great addition, but it does little to add to the replay value.

As enjoyably intense as Secret Poncho can be, with outlaws diving left and right, firing six-shooters and sticks of dynamite at each other in the middle of a dusty graveyard, it’s still a work in progress that suffers from its unfinished nature. Secret Ponchos is an absolute blast that should definitely make its way into your library when its completed. The upgrades that are being promised could elevate it to a whole new level. Until then, however, it’s a fun title that feels incomplete and short on content.
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Posted: November 17, 2015
I had some troubles and the devs got a hold of me instantly. That is a first and totally changes my opinion of this up and coming epic title.
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Posted: September 4, 2015
Early Access Review
You Just Come Try and Shoot Me...Pardner.

And, you'll probably succeed, but, whether you drop me or I drop you, or Ghin drops all of us simultaneously, you will have a lot of fun.

Let's get down to brass tacks for a moment. Win or lose, you will have fun. That is what gaming is about, having fun. This is competitive, tense, immersive, with lovingly handcrafted visual and audio ambiance; sometimes you will be overwhelmingly outmatched and other times you will have just about the optimal balance of play. At times, you will pull off the perfect set of moves, in the perfect rhythm and feel like you just entered the Matrix--so under control and automatic, not thinking, just doing, and it's utterly satisfying--"no mind". Other times you will enter freak-out mode, pumping buttons on your controls with all the deftness and poise of a hyperactive three year old, listening to the repetitive, panicky dry firing of the empty chamber of your gun, about as able to push the "Reload" button for your weapons as you are capable of doing calculus speedily on an abacus, because you have straight lost your cool. Probably multiple times in the same game.

In all cases, it will be fun.

You start off with a quick tutorial which acquaints you with the basic gameplay controls. There is enough variety of control here that you can truly develop skillful, strategic methods of play with the character(s) that you choose to play. Evading is as essential as attacking in order to win, as is taking cover, for protection as well as stealth, and for quicker stamina regeneration and reloading of your weapons (be careful just where you take cover, though). Each character has primary and secondary weapons, which are quickly switchable, to go along with special attacks.

In Practice, you can play with or without AI active, and you may choose to play any character. This is very useful for initially learning the basics and then later the timing and rhythm of the more advanced combinations you dream up and may wish to employ, first in a stress free environment and later under fire and on the move. Also, it's a great place to warm up before you jump into multiplayer matches.

While the basic controls are simple to learn, the more time you put into playing will reward you with greater adeptness in style and skill. You'll come to appreciate how thoughtfully tuned the game mechanics are. The quality responsiveness of the core skills will allow you to play creatively. As you master a character, and find the right combinations to counter your competitor's character and style of play, you'll smile at the versatility.

When you are ready, jump into multiplayer, make a character, and join Rookie mode or Ranked mode. In Rookie mode you can play 2v2 matches against other people of any rank, with and against low level AI, or a mix of both. Games can be played in many different environments and under a variety of game winning conditions. The environments and winning conditions can be chosen or left to randomly occur.

Matches consist of timed games, where death leads to a respawn and the relative death count determines the winning team, one-off death-matches, where the last team to have a member standing wins the round, needing two to three victorious rounds to win the game, and free-for-alls, where healing, stamina regeneration, and speed-boosts are available in limited but respawning supply, leading to the possibility for games of varying length depending upon the skills of those playing.

When you finish, you are awarded or deducted value to your character in the form of a bounty in dollars. Every match, you have something on the line, which increases the enjoyable tension. As you gain a higher bounty, you will reach higher ranks in your character, and be awarded skill points to distribute amongst a number of attributes affecting how your character plays. These skill points can be redistributed before every match, allowing you to greatly alter how your character performs. If you find yourself struggling against a particular type of opponent, tweaking your skills can absolutely turn the tide.

You can gain a bounty toward progressing in the lower ranks in Rookie matches, but after you reach "Outlaw", you will need to compete in ranked matches to further bounty progress.

Don't worry if you find yourself in matches against others of higher rank. The more of an underdog you are, the more bounty you can gain just for successfully doing damage, winning a round, or winning the match, whereas you will make much lower bounties against opponents lower than yourself. You may still gain some bounty in a loss to a higher ranked character, or you may gain a huge bounty should you win.

A lower ranked character can compete with much higher ranked characters if you have learned how to play in general and explore the different methods in which you can play a particular character. The more you play, the better you will get, and the more complex your style of play will become.

I cannot stress this enough. The control methods and mechanics are well thought out and masterfully executed. Both tactics and strategy are well rewarded because of this. Skillpoints matter, but skill at play matters more.

And everything counts.

Waste your stamina? You'll regret it and learn not to.

Don't reload that millisecond you have to gain a couple of bullets back in your chamber? You'll learn when you are one bullet short in an epic, game-ending, side-winding showdown, as both of you decide you've been forced to take cover just one too many times and it's time to put a round to bed.

Think you've figured out how to beat a certain type of character every time? You'll learn better. Don't be surprised to find different individuals playing a character very skillfully in completely different styles. And the synergies between player tandems that can be exploited add even more creativity to each character skillset and game.

Finally, Secret Ponchos is both KB/M and Gamepad controllable, with advantages to each. As you might expect with a twin stick shooter, KB/M enjoys a natural advantage in aiming precision, whereas character movement and control is innately more fluid with the controller. I am ready for my Steam controller to arrive. This should be the perfect game to demonstrate its capabilities.

Be you good, bad, or ugly, grab a fistful of dollars, and buy Secret Ponchos. For a few dollars more, order a Steam controller. It should lead to a uniquely enjoyable gaming experience.
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Posted: October 13, 2015
Secret Ponchos is an extremely fun and engageing game with its own unique style of gameplay and charm.
While it may seem like a MOBA, secret ponchos is more akin to a fighting game, requiring the player to rely more on their skill, reaction time and ability to aim than something like a gear setup and just pure numbers.

The game has improved by a lot since its initial early access release with much better matchmaking, the ability for priavte matches, more characters, more maps, more music and single player options for those who cant always find someone to play with or just want to have a simple easy matchup.

The devs are very responsive to community feedback and provide frequent updates to make sure the game is both as balanced and bug-free as possible.

This game is one of a kind and is definetly worth playing.
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Posted: August 17, 2015
Early Access Review
Spaghetti Western themed dramatic action-based multiplayer isometric quick-twitch shooter at it's finest.

If you had an inner-self that wanted to enter a saloon all Clint Eastwood style and just show everyone who is the man then this game might interest you.

This game is still in Early Access but the community behind it is a bunch of helpful trigger-happy players that just need more people to play with. The game honestly needs more exposure to flourish!

When I think of this game I think of a famous MOBA like Riot's League of Legends, it started out with a group of developers that were just hungry to work on their game, and now it is the most-played PC game worldwide! Why can't Secret Ponchos be one of those titles?
In the words of Switchblade Monkeys (the developers): "Fighting mechanics that use quick twitch reflexes, careful timing, and precision. Picture a split second dive roll behind cover, then rushing a pair of enemies guns blazing as you stun one and gun down the other. Secret Ponchos was not built as a MOBA, but as a fighting game that supports fast paced group combat. "

I rate this original upcoming masterpiece a 10/10 and it doesn't burn a whole on your wallet either!
Questions Answers
Will there be more characters (Outlaws) anytime soon? Yes.
Are there achievements to collect? Yes, and more on it's way.
Can I whip another player? Why, yes of course!
Frequently updated? Yes
Do the developers care about the community? Hell yeah they do.
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