Take on the role of a warrior maiden forced to hunt down her best friend who has stolen a sacred demon blade. End the feud between two warrior maidens and the demon sword between them, told through high speed action!
User reviews: Very Positive (1,522 reviews)
Release Date: Mar 10, 2014

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"I know I know i can't pronounce that title either. Solid hack and slash, though very short its highly replayable. Nice upgrade system for progression."

About This Game

The smash hit action game from Comic Market 84 is finally available on Steam!

Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae focuses on high-speed arena-based action. Use lightning fast sword slashes, hand-to-hand attacks and mysterious ancient techniques to defeat wave after wave of demonic foes.

Use skill points to learn new skills, upgrade your abilities, and take on brutal bosses.

Weaken your enemies with vicious wounds, then sheathe your sword to finish them off with style. Employ hand-to-hand techniques to build your katana gauge, then cut deep with your divine blade.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    • Processor: Intel CORE2 2GHz or better (recommended)
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Directx 9.0c (Shader Model3.0 or better)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
    • Graphics: Geforce 9600GT or better
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Posted: January 6
I love it, because it is a quintessential action game and nothing else whatsoever to annoy a person who wants to play a solid, challenging, learnable game. Just make absolutely sure you're playing on Hard.

There's the core mechanic (a DMC-style system). It's put to use. There's nothing else - no levels, no puzzles, no platforming. Every now and then there's a boss battle. No bells and whistles, perhaps 20 seconds ofcutscenes.The system is tight, controls are very tight, and the whole thing's quite adequately challenging. The whole affair is so tightly put together that, although there's exactly one challenge to the whole game, it never gets repetitive - simply playing and challenging yourself to get good and beat it is both the incentive and reward for playing.

Also, she keeps flashing 'em.

(Some people write that it's a button-masher. That it is the opposite of truth.)
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Posted: March 27
If you have seen or heard about this game, then it was most likely a "panty-shot". Even though the game has by far more to offer ... than panties. It has a really really hard to learn combat system. Perfect timing is essential to survive in this game. It also has an upgrade system and you want to upgrade health first, Trust me! Getting started with the game is hard, because it doesn't explain you that much. You have to try everything on your own and learn how it works. If you are done with learning, you will see how you block attacks from enemies. How you are beating a large amount of enemies with no problems, and then the game starts to show you all of its potential and fun. It is one of those games: "Easy to learn but very hard to master".

Rating: 7/10
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Posted: December 13, 2014
  • Easy to learn.
  • Simple gameplay mechanics
  • Extremely satisfying combat.
  • Decent graphics.
  • Enemies only attack you when in view. Most of the time.
  • Controller support.

  • Generic music. Not bad, but not particularly good.
  • Crappy sound effects.
  • Bosses can be annoying.
  • Not much enemy variety.
  • Unclear controls.

  • No English voice acting, so subtitles are required. Doesn't bother me personally.
  • I don't know anything about the storyline because I was too busy slicing the ♥♥♥♥ out of everything in sight.
  • Controls can feel a bit twitchy and sensetive at times. I've found that this is often because I tend to hold the control stick in the direction of an enemy, which causes different moves to activate. So it's probably my own problem.
  • If you think the game is too simple and/or easy, then complete hard mode and try very hard mode. ♥♥♥♥ gets changed up immediately. And there's another difficulty after that too, which IMO is the most fun. But I'm not going to spoil that.
  • Boobles and pantsu.

Upskirt shots / 10

In all seriousness, I'd say it's well worth £7. It's certainly a surprise, I was expecting nothing but fanservice and kawaii desu horseraddish.
However I did buy it on sale.
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Posted: December 14, 2014
I recommend this game primarily for character action fans who don't mind something cheaper and with more of a novice's touch than they're used to. Certainly do not go into this game expecting Devil May Cry or Bayoneta.

The graphics are not outstanding, but they're servicable and a lot better than I'd expect from most Indie developers working with 3D.

The combat arenas are not very diverse, in that they're all the same, a giant circle with a number of different background locations to add a feeling of progress, but in a way that helps the game. You'll never find yourself fighting with bad level design, and the format of a pure circle is perfect for what the game is all about, pure unadulterated combat.

The AI of the game has a mild Platinum touch, specifically that enemies will not attack you if they are not onscreen, a trademark of Character Action games from the Japanese developers Platinum Games.
Otherwise AI has a problem in that all enemies follow the same movement pattern, that is they walk towards you in as straight a line as possible, then start to circle you once they reach a certain proximity. This leads to a problem where if you run away for enough time, all the enemies bunch up into one big clump, which is a problem as you are either looking at all the enemies, or none of them, making you either in for a real pounding from every enemy or completely safe.

Enemies have plenty of variety, starting off with basic faceless soldiers, then getting two Elite variants, then the introduction of more enemies that also get more complex and tough Elite variants. This leads to there being plenty combinations of enemies to keep combat interesting, you won't find yourself fighting the same encounter over and over.

The game is entirely devoid of a soundtrack, which does ruin the atmosphere a little, but perhaps no OST is better than a really bad one as is common with Indie Games.

The story is barebones and merely there to facilitate the existence of combat.

The game is very short, I have clocked in about 2.3 hours as of writing this, and I believe myself to be struggling with the last boss of the game. Though I am at the end of the story, the existence of an upgrade path, and I believe a New Game Plus type feature, in addition to the game's difficulty and pure focus on combat gives it a decent amount of replayablity.

Regarding difficulty, I have played the game on both Easy and Normal difficulty, I've found the game pretty challenging and enjoyable without being too frustrating, even on Easy difficulty. Bosses are somewhat reminiscent of Dark Souls, they feature large swings, and a somewhat difficult to predict movesets. Will the boss swing once and leave themselves open for a punish? Or will me attempting to punsih their swing cause me to eat a second swing? These are the kind of things you'll have to cope with if choose to play this game.

On the whole I definately recommend this game for action fans, so long as they're fine with playing something with little to no budget and an indie team behind it.
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Posted: January 22
An anime style hack and slash game, that gets old fast.

-------Summary at the bottom-------

Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae is a hack slash action game, where you fight through waves of enemies in 5 different stages. However the stages are small and have no differences other than the background. The enemies are dull and are basically 5 models used over again with different colours. The bosses can be challenging at first but you quickly learn the attack patterns and it becomes easy, the only one I died too in the entire game on my first playthrough on normal was the second phase on the last boss. The combat feels fluent however their is a very limitied amount of combos to use and upgrade, making it feel very repetitive after a while.

The audio in his game is terrible, highly recommend playing music or listening to something else while playing this game... The sound effect of hitting an enemy sounds like hitting an enemy in a 90s Super nintendo game. The voice over is good but nothing special. Their is only one song per stage that just loops over and over again.

You are a blade templar sent to hunt down a fellow blade templar who has gone rogue and has been drawing power from a demonic sword. Thats about it.. Their is no real back story between these characters, their is no story progression or anything of the sort until the end. But even the ending was basic and gave no story.

For the most part I love hack and slash games, however this one felt worse than X-Blades.. WIth very limited combo moves and the small amount of upgrades available, this game got repetitive very quickly. Basically kill, kill, kill, kill, fight a boss, next level, rinse and repeat. This game could have been a lot better if the developers put some effort into it. The state of it right now just seems lazy and a way to make a quick buck off school girls and panty shots. The only good thing is you can fly through it in a couple hours.
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Posted: March 5
devi may cry: pantsu flashing schoolgirl edition
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Posted: April 22
Very fun hack and slash game :) I wish the story mode was longer though :( oh well the game is very good for the price it is at :) give it a try!
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Posted: May 13
Japan - main exporter of weird ♥♥♥♥ for the world.
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Posted: January 11
Nice short story with nice effect

My thumbs grow six packs every wave especially boss fight if you use controller XD
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Posted: March 6
Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae, is a high action, fast paced hack'n'slash game that WILL make your fingers hurt to the core. In this anime style game you will find your self fighting what seems to be endless waves of enemy’s to save your classmate who is processed. Can you handle it?

Gameplay: 7

The game is button smashing after button smashing goodness. You fight what seems to be endless waves of robots from normal human size to more bigger and beefier guys. While playing you have accuses to combo moves that allows you to spice up the combat by performing much crazier attacks. While having a stamina bar to use special ability’s. To gain more ability's you will need to earn SP to use to unlock other ability's. You gain SP by killing off enemy’s. The game come with mutable unlocks from harder difficulty, to unlocking costumes and such. This game will kick your ♥♥♥ and take your name if your not careful. This game will get harder as you go. You are able to use the keyboard to play but however I DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT recommend this. Do your self a favorite and get a game controller. Even with a game controller your hands will hate you after playing this game.

The game play while being very solid can very repetitive in what you do. There isn't many different kinds of enemy's to fight. While playing, the game can suffer from slow downs with all the action going on. Every level is pretty much the same circle arena where you fight with just a different background. So you'll find your self playing in a circle arena from the start to the end of the game. However a lot of these are just minor problems.

Story: 5

You are in control of Misa, a blade Templar who is looking for a weapon that holds the powers of demons. One of your class mates ends up with the sword and becomes processed by it's power. You are hunting her down in hopes of saving them. The story is pretty basic but makes up in it's game play.

Music: 6

The music is in this game is pretty good. It's has a nice rock and techno sound to the music. It does a good job in keeping you in the mood of the game. While the soundtrack may not be for everyone I wouldn't mind owning the soundtrack to this game.

Graphics: 8

The graphics for this game is more of an realistic anime style rather than the cute and bright colors of a lot of anime style games you see out there. Some people will argue that this game is for horny guys or for fan service for having a lot of up skirt panty moments but don't let this get to you(unless you want. I mean Hey who doesn't like up skirt shots of anime girls? Anyone? Anyone?). While stated above that the game can slow down at times due to a lot of things going on at once. Each level has there own look and style to them. While the enemy's have different colors to show there toughness. Over all it's visually pleasing.

Final Though:

Being a fan of hack'n'slash games for years. When I found this game I didn't think I was going to enjoy it as much as I did. I loved the game so much that I played it on all settings and unlocked everything I could. But man my hands hurt for days even after I stopped playing. I HIGHLY recommend this game to anyone who are fans of hack'n'slash games like dynasty warriors. This game was so much fun and pleasing to me.

Final score: 7

Vist my tumblr for more reviews, and other fun stuff. www.rogue32807.tumblr.com
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Posted: December 26, 2014
This is a super awsome and super fun doujin action game from Comic Market 84. It's about the blade templar named Misa and she's on the search for her former best friend Suzuka. Recently Misa's former best friend Suzuka just killed thier sensei with her stolen sacred demonic katana with devastating powers, and Misa on an quest to stop Suzuka's demonic bloodbath of destruction. Misa's holy katana has lots of powerfull skills and abilities that she can use againts every summoned demonic enemy that shes encounters from Suzuka's sacred demonic katana. I got this game around the Christmas of 2014 and had lots of fun with this super fun and enjoyable game, This game is now one my favorite doujin action games. :)
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Posted: May 4
Too boring.
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Posted: January 25
After I broke my gamepad on the second encounter of the ♥♥♥♥♥ you are fighting against- Suzuka or whatever is the name after countless atempts- I gladly uninstalled the game. The game is with good and amazing combat system, but few of the bossess will give you hard time.
If you like to die a lot- play the game.
If you like japanese girls in games- play the game.
If you like japanese- play the game.

P.S. I am glad I did not played the game with my keyboard. :D
P.S.S. I would install and then uninstall the game just for fun. :)
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Posted: December 19, 2014
First, keep that in mind that i won't talk about the girls, or anything that is related to it.

An arena based hack n slash game, you must kill waves of enemies on each chapter, and a boss fight in the end of it.
The first time i played it was like "mehh boring" because of the moves, you can only do a 3-way slashes and chains of melee hits. But after getting a few upgrades, you'll start getting those cool "iai feelings", something that will remind you of samurai movies and anime. Then you'll get skills like "Flourish","Iai Strike" "Celestial Slash" and "Divine Wind", which will make this game ridiculously addictive.

Camera is stupid
Don't expect a storyline
Can't use Suzuka
In my opinion, it's too short

If you've been playing enough action or hack n slash games and getting hold of this game's mechanics, Boss attack patterns, then Easy-Hard difficulty will be a piece of cake for you. The real challange begins when you start playing on Very Hard, the enemies won't stand still like idiots anymore and will be more aggresive. Then Inferno difficulty, you'll get killed in 1 hit, and at this rate you will realize that Flourish is your best weapon in this game, especially when fighting those stupid golden knights. Compared to 3 golden knights fight, Boss fights are nothing

An addictive hack n slash game for sure, 8/10
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Posted: February 23
It's actually a quite fun hack n slash game. Its very basic. Little story, lots of killing, and lots of panty shots.

It went from easy, to hard, challenging, then frustrating. Its a fun little title though, worth a try.
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Posted: January 8
Beautiful Japanese women, katanas, badassery galore. Fast-paced and so much fun, I definitely recommend this game. I picked it up on sale for $2.49, and it's DEFINITELY worth at least that much.
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Posted: December 15, 2014
I been throught alot of things, but this game made me focus TOO MUCH!! i'm not saying is better than other hack and slash games, but still a good game! i played, i replayed, i got rage sometimes in inferno difficulty, but i made it! i really enjoyed this game even been very short, love it the costumes, i wish if could have a maid costume.
I hope you can feel what i feel when playing this game.
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Posted: May 14
Best hack/slash game i've seen and played so far.Really nicely made for an indie game.
Gameplay real fast and involving:10/10
Music is good and fitting:9/10
Optimization 60fps:10/10
Characters,well there is not many but they are interesting indeed:10/10
Graphics not the best but pretty,max you can get from indie project.But for me 10/10
Story,well it could have been longer and better not much to say:5/10
Upgrades awesome:10/10
For an indie project nice and polished with lilttle downsides,but if you're into hack/slash games this one is good start.
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Posted: January 12
So like, Pantsu aside... The combat and upgrade system is actually pretty decent. The game is short for sure, but the ability to carry over your stats and increase the difficulty definitely adds some replay value. Story? Well really there is none lol, and the characters lack any sort of introduction or proper characterization so don't expect to get familiar with anyone.

Still, the models are pretty, the combat is fun. If you have a game-pad and $5 it's not a bad way to pass time. ;D
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Posted: May 13
MKH is mainly a style-over-substance affair, but there is enough fun to warrant buying on sale. If anime schoolgirls fighting Power Ranger goons and things that look like Metal Gear RAY appeals to you, you may want to check it out.
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