Narrative-adventure playing an Agent of Death who must take ONE life that could change the fate of a conflict-torn Nation! Think The Walking Dead meets Home and The Last Express, with a dash of To The Moon! Freeform exploration with Rich dialogue What might you learn searching the fundraising Gala and talking to patrons?
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Release Date: Aug 15, 2013
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August 1

Postmortem just $1.69 at IndieGala (Promo)

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“... example of how to write nuanced characters with a reach into complex late-game branching narratives ... which happens little elsewhere in videogameland.”

“...adventure-cum-death-consequence analysis game,”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“I found myself totally immersed in this fictional country’s past, present and future”
Indie Statik

About This Game

Narrative-adventure playing an Agent of Death who must take ONE life that could change the fate of a conflict-torn Nation!
Think The Walking Dead meets Home and The Last Express, with a dash of To The Moon!

Freeform exploration with Rich dialogue
What might you learn searching the fundraising Gala and talking to patrons? Perhaps the less you know the better?

Meaningful choices and Unintended Consequences
Can your choice change the fate of a Nation? What other result could your meddling have?

Cast of ambitious and influential characters
What if they die? More importantly... what if they live?

Complex setting of violent domestic conflict and industrial revolution
A devastated country - but is it your place to fix it? What if your educated guess is wrong?

Dynamic and surprising Ending
The choice is *entirely* up to you - but what other factors may be affecting the outcome?

Online Stats to compare Your Choices with
Anonymous aggregate stats of everyone's playthroughs will let you see how your own choices compare! Are you one of the good guys?

Free Version

The basic game, without the extra character and bonus materials, is also available for free from our Official Website!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1GHz CPU
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 3D graphics card supporting OpenGL
    • Hard Drive: 40 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: if you're having problems make sure you install the Visual Studio 2008 Redistributables
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Posted: October 30
The game held great potential and got me very exited to see how the player, Death, could affect the lives of others by choosing one person to die and create such massive change in history.
Each character had a story to them and influence that really made you question who you should kill. They all had their pros and cons as characters go, but they were overall interesting, making it hard to kill any of them.
However, the biggest drawback, even at such a low price, I don't think it was worth the brief gameplay available. It felt more like a demo than an extended cut as the majority of the game takes place within one house.
As Death, you would think you'd have more abilities than inflicting a fatal heart attack on someone, but Death remain rather plain throughout the whole thing.
Though there are options to enter rooms you're forbidden from entering, they really seem to offer little to nothing in the game besides the risk of getting caught.
Overall, it's a great way to kill some time on your first try, but afterward it just feels like a great effort that was abandoned.
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Posted: October 30
Since I’m really into history and politics, this little game immediately caught my attention. Postmortem’s basic premise surrounding the player’s tampering with a nation’s fate in times of socio-economic struggle by means of a well-educated decision was just too tempting.

In my opinion, the small developer’s team has executed this promising concept well enough to provide half an hour or so of entertainment. Beware though: this is really much more of a visual novel than a “classic” game. There is little in terms of gameplay or replayability.

If you’re absolutely certain you won’t enjoy reading about a multi-layered conflict in a fictional (I guess – I for once found it extremely irritating that the names of real places such as Galicia or Lorraine are used) country, which draws heavily from contemporary and historical issues from the real world, don’t bother with Postmortem.

In the end, the outcome is a little on the shallow side an, but I can neither say that I am disappointed nor hat I have expected more. Interestingly, the result of my first and so far only playthrough differs in key aspects from both outcomes mentioned in DjSF’s well-written review (which I find enlightening despite not agreeing with his verdict).

But is Portmortem worth the price of 5€ (at least in Europe)? In retrospect, I’d probably wait for a sale tbh.

The one thing I don’t get is why this game is rejected by the majority of reviewers for what it is, while titles that are very similar in concept like The Stanley Parable (interesting idea, nice execution, negligible gameplay, very short, limited entertainment) are showered with praise.

Personally, Postmortem has probably given me more enjoyment and was, on top of that, considerably less expensive than the latter.
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Posted: November 3
A game lacking in aestetic or gameplay values to a very large degree. You play the part of some being sent to a party to pick somone to die that day. There was very minor elements of adventure gameplay like being able to obtain a key for a door but it isn't actually necessary. I spent my time wandering around trying to read a books worth of content from random characters and eventually was so uninvested and bored that i picked some random guy just to end it. I can't recommend this to any but the most devote bibliophiles.
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Posted: November 7
It's a really interesting interactive novelish about history, death, and revolution. Does that sounds good? If so you'll like this. If not you will be bored. I liked it.
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Posted: November 27
If you long for reading RPG tect, this is the game for you!

Seriously though, great story for a passable game. It's good for a single play-through.
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Posted: September 26
First off, I just wanted to point out that - at the current time of writing this review - I am nearing the 100-review mark.

Out of all my reviews, I have NEVER been as disappointed by a game's sheer wasted potential since Game of Thrones (RTS) until I stumbled upon Postmortem: One Must Die.

Furthermore, this game is currently $6.99 on Steam, and I implore you all to NEVER even consider buying this UNLESS it is offered for free or in a bundle - I received this in a Bundlestars bundle and wanted to give it a try despite the endless amount of negative reviews. I try my hardest not to mention a game's price if I feel it is unnecessary, but DO NOT waste your money on this.

I've clocked almost an hour playing this at the time of this review, and I've played through the game a total of 4 times - my first playthrough took about 10-20 minutes because I explored and read everything possible.

The aesthetics are not bad, the character sprites and art models are decent; however, there are only a handful of characters in the game. The game takes place in a mansion fundraising party, and the background is decent. The music and ambient noises give a classy, upperclassmen vibe, and this is probably one of the better parts (the soundtrack is actually very good and probably the best part of the game).

The controls are very simple, and the tutorial is super quick. There is always feedback on what you can do and when you can do it. There is no learning curve at all - you can literally finish the game in less than 5 minutes if you wish because all you have to do is press Tab, walk up to someone, and then press E to kill them. The game ends within a few minutes after selecting your target (you have a brief dialogue and overview of the epilogue).

I am so utterly disappointed by this game. You are an agent of death, tasked with ending the life of one partygoer at tonight's fundraiser. Upon entering the game, you can choose to look into the political conflict and instability plaguing the city/area. When conversing with each guest, you are given a variety of dialogue options, and at the end of each conversation you will be able to "nudge" people into a certain direction with your arguments.

BEGIN SPOILERS This REALLY interested me at first (I momentarily forgot about all of the negative reviews) - I sincerely thought I had convinced both the Oldagers (lower/middle/working-classmen) and Newagers (industrialists, upperclassmen) to settle for a compromise and decided to kill a foreigner who was interested in brutal animal testing in the name of science and potentially moving on to using cadavers (dead human bodies), whether they were obtained legally or not. After choosing her to die, you are taken to another scene (remniscent of a "gray-area" Purgatory), where you have a brief discussion with the victim and reflect on your choices. After this, you are given an overview of your choices, and this part REALLY annoyed me, as you can so very easily determine what the obvious opposite choices/outcomes will be.

My first playthrough outcomes: Political turmoil lasted for 3 more years before settling. During this time, violence escalated because I had lightly sided with a young idealist who believed that sometimes violence was the only way to get your voice an audience. Animal disappearances ceased (since I killed the crazy scientist), and the bill for giving the public a stronger voice (especially the lower/middleclass) was successfully passed. Yay.

That's it. You LITERALLY kill ONE SINGLE person, and the game is over. I was hoping for at least a few more levels, so you could truly steer the course of the nation, however, this was not the case.

I tried a few more playthroughs, and really found that the differences in the outcome were so bland and predictable. Ex: In my next playthrough - Bill for equality was NOT passed, animal disappearances escalated, violence/riots stopped. Wow, that seems like the complete opposite of my first playthrough. There aren't many alternatives.


Overall, this is a very shallow, extremely short, and absolute waste of potential, and I am so disappointed to have experienced this. My only positive thought is the hope that this review will help save at least ONE person from wasting even 5 minutes on this game.


DJSF @DJSF's Rogue Reviews
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Posted: August 5
This is hardly what I would call a game, it is more of a glorfided demo. You basically just read and make ONE decision. No interactivity. The concept has a lot of promise, but charging people for this "game" is almost criminal.
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Posted: October 16
Interesting for what it is, but more of a proof of concept than an actual game. I grabbed it through Humble Bundle and probaby would have been disappointed if I had purchased for full price. Expect about 20 minutes the first time around with maybe one or two more to see what other dialogue and death options would have done.
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Posted: August 6
I liked the idea of the game, gave it one run through, then uninstalled it. It is not particularly memorable. Reading through the conversations is tedious and I didn't feel attached to the characters or story at all. Will not play again.
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Posted: October 13
I enoyed this game quite a bit. I spent the first play through trying to get as much info as I could about the fictional world. You can't open all dialogue options on a single play through though, which is good, so I ended backing myself in to a couple corners. In the end, when I didn't follow my own advice - I killed the killer instead of trying to influence him - I realized that the game was a little more clever than I gave it credit for. My choice didn't end violence, it actually added to it. A lesson about how we should deal with people, huh? Good game. I do wish there were more missions though.
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Posted: July 4
This game is incredibly short, but despite that manages to touch on many subjects. You play as death and need to choose one person to die this night. It is possibel to choose at random, but if you explore the house and talk to people, you will discover that each death will have dramatic consequences. I've only played once, but definitely will play again to see what happens. It is obvious that in real world there is never a 'best' path to follow, but this game lets you feel that even more deeply.
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Posted: June 18
I do not recommend this game. It's too ... simple.
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Posted: October 24
how is this not a free flash game?
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Posted: June 28
Interesting idea & concept but doesn't really make a good game it would have worked better as a visual novel. Presentation is a bit cheap and gameplay is very short (less than 2hours). Full price isn't that great value for money if it is discounted might be worth a buy otherwise leave it
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0.6 hrs on record
Posted: June 24
Much, much too short to be at all satisfying.
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1.5 hrs on record
Posted: July 13
Its a very interesting game in which your actions and dialogue will affect how the story ends. Short, but very replayable.
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2.2 hrs on record
Posted: September 22
I admit that I will have to agree with some other reviewers here. It had an interesting idea and concept, the character art is very nice, and it did spark my interest, because hey, this is the kind of game I'd love to play!

But sadly enough it fell rather flat. After killing one person, you're done, and that's nothing that takes a long time. Trying to play it again gets repetitive, there's absolutely nothing new to do and whoever you kill you still get the exact same ending.
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Posted: August 20
Not recommended. Cute concept, but not immersive enough and very short in length. Barely even a demo.
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0.9 hrs on record
Posted: December 4, 2013
If this is the extended cut, I have a hard time visualizing what the length of the initial release was. For all of the promise the premise of investigating several characters and picking one to die carried, the execution including perhaps 6 rooms and less than 10 characters left me feeling as if there was much more possibility to be played with and explored than is offered here.

It held my attention while I played it, and I was very interested to see how my decisions might influence the outcome of the game, but ultimately I don't feel as if I got enough play time out of the title for it to have been worth the dollar value I paid for it.
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Posted: December 3, 2013
This is a nifty adventure game for those that like to read. Unfortunately it can be very short or as long as you want it to be, this is because there is essentially one "map" and literally you only get to kill one person.

The concept behind it all is that you talk to everyone and pick the choices you want. Those choices will then affect the ending you gain. Essentially you then play through again and again, each time picking different choices and the person you "claim"

Overall, there should be more to this game as I was hoping there would be something after the first level but literally the game can last 2 minutes (if you randomly pick someone and don't care about the choices or how they affect the story) or hours long if you decide to explore and go deeper trying to find every combination and choice
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