GoD Factory: Wingmen is a multiplayer space combat game played through fast-paced and intensely tactical 4 vs 4 player matches. Customize gunships and start frantic battles with your friends to survive the relentless fire of enemy players.
User reviews: Mostly Positive (184 reviews)
Release Date: Aug 29, 2014

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"GoD Factory: Wingmen is somewhere between a space dog-fighting game and a MOBA. Which sounds crazy - and it is! Which is why I like it."
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October 17

James Recommends

James Portnow from Extra Credits just made a video, recommending GoD Factory: Wingmen :)


Please note that we are currently working on a content patch where we will add 3 new maps with minor gameplay features :)

Stay tuned!

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September 18

Version 1.0.4!

- "Ganked" and "Bringer of the Apocalypse" achievements have been fixed,
- Combos are now triggered properly,
- Lots of balance changes!
- Loss do not reduce credits earned anymore.
- If there is 2 bots or more in a team, the Score is capped to 1750.
- Mark that are unlocked but not already bought will be displayed in the Hangar. The equip button is replaced with a Go To Shop button in that case.

You can see the complete changelog here

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About This Game

Your Ships. Your Team. Your Victories.

GoD Factory: Wingmen is a multiplayer space combat game played through fast-paced and intense 4 vs 4 player matches. This unique blend of competitive multiplayer and tactical space combat will keep you busy and challenged for hundreds of hours.

Bring your friend and defeat the enemy’s Carrier!

Lead 4 original species to victory in a galactic battle under the silent watch of gigantic GoD defying the laws of physics. Develop and customize powerful gunships and embark on this tactical battle with your friends! Share your gunships, cooperate and experience pure multiplayer greatness where every player's contribution matters. Survive the relentless fire of enemy players through a visually dazzling and frantic space shooter, and ultimately defeat the opponent’s Carrier!

Key Features:

• A true team-based competitive multiplayer experience in an interstellar environment
• Two gunships per player, doubling your tactical options and customization
• Share gunships among friends for a deep team play experience
• 4 vs 4 gameplay in which each player is rewarded for his contribution no matter his role
• Oculus Rift compatible!* Experience the visually stunning space shooter in total immersion
• Fast-paced space shooter mixed with team-based competitive multiplayer
• Play with bots who respond to your commands or act on their own
• Dozens of activated special abilities offering tremendous tactical options
• Over a thousand different gunship parts with different stats, divided among four playable species

*Optimal support on the consumer version

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP or Later
    • Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.0 Ghz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512Mb memory
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectSound compatible
    • OS: Windows XP or Later
    • Processor: Intel i5 2.4 Ghz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1024 Mb memory
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectSound compatible
Helpful customer reviews
146 of 176 people (83%) found this review helpful
79.5 hrs on record
After I first played this game during it's second kick starter run, I have been waiting for this release with great anticipation. GoD (Graphite or Diamond) Factory is definitely the space shooter I have been looking for. It has a tremendous amount of different playstyles available, with not only a staggering number of parts for customization (this is the first game I have played in a long time in which I was happy to have a part unlock system) but also 4 different races to choose from. Also, while each races has it's own list of parts for every possible ship part, these pieces can still also be put on the ships of other races, opening up even more possible customization options. Also, as a nice stylistic feature, almost every part of the ships you build have some effect on it's appearance, even internal ones like the power core. Also, there is a very nice focus on team play, plus features which actually facilitate team cooperation and communication. While the game is set to have other modes in the future, I still love the carrier assault mode that has the center of all available versions of the game so far. However one thing that I also really wanted to clear up is a comparison that I have seen several people who have not had a chance to play the game yet making, claiming that this game looks very similiar to Strike Vector and fearing that it will suffer the same fate. I would just like to say that I have played Strike Vector as well, and that GoD factory and Strike Vector, while appearing similiar on the surface, are actually two very different games. First of all, Strike Vector's controls are very stop and go in comparision to GoD factory's. Also, in Strike Vector there is a much greater focus on people being able to kill one another in one on one combat. This isn't the case in GoD factory, in fact almost the reverse is true. GoD fcatory focuses on a rather cautionary playstyle, all player ships have a bit of health and it normally takes some work to kill another player's ship, so you won't have be dying in the blink of an eye. Even if you accidently run into a wall while boosting, it won't be a one hit kill from full health (though it will be likely to take a large chunk out of it). However, in return, each of the 2 ships you bring into a match only have one life, after which they are replaced with a weaker drone with an inceasingly long respawn timer each time it dies. Finally, while I would definitely advise that you do the tutorials before playing any matches, GoD Factory is in my opinion easier to pick up as a new player and be an effective part of your team.
Posted: August 27
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234 of 364 people (64%) found this review helpful
2.3 hrs on record
This game is essentially the space battles in Star Wars Battlefront II without the small on-foot interior sections. Fly at the enemy's ship and blow up their components with bombers, or attack other enemy ships with fighters in 4v4 fights.

Customization is good, the individual parts don't make a huge overall difference, but it's easy to spec out what type of ship you're aiming to make. The overall ship style is pretty neat as well, with additional colors being unlocked by accomplishing steam achivements in game. The graphics are great, the environments and ships are amazingly detailed.

But, here's why I can't honestly reccomend the game.

First and foremost, if you crash one of your ships, it's gone for the rest of the round, replaced with a very mediocre drone. I had to check the tutorials again to reconfirm this, but this is a huge pain considering rounds typically last 10-20 minutes. Now, I know it's rather easy to evade other players with a combination of boosting, manuvers, and special abilities, but being unable to use the ship you've designed for the rest of the round is a mental nightmare, and extremely discouraging. Essentially, you've been crippled for the rest of the game, and it's difficult to stage a comeback because of it.

Next up is the controls. This is strictly a controller/joystick game. Mouse and keyboard controls are inherently flawed from the getgo because of both the default bindings, and the difficulting in turning. I believe initial bindings have the ship roating with mouse side movements, and turning binded to the A and D keys. I ended up flipping these bindings and found it far more usable. However, in dogfights that require you to constantly be turning, you are phsyically incapable of turning fast enough due to you having you keep dragging the mouse in one direction, and you will run out of desk space. Plug a controller in, save yourself the hassle.

Once you understand the previous two complaints and try to work around them, you have the rest of the game open to you. The issue is, the rest of the game appears to be exactly like your first game, with different players, and different parts, and holy hell does it get old fast. I understand the idea that it's esentially trying to be a MOBA, where everyone plays one gametype and attempts to win via various strategies, but the difference between ships in this game is limited to stats, weapons, and abilities. Some abilities are a get out of jail free card (short range teleport through walls, decoy ship), while some are minor boosts, and some just feel like they're negated entirely if the other player boosts away. Mechanically, besides for the fact that some ships make better bombers, and some ships make better fighters, you're going to be playing the same thing over and over. The game's part experience and currency system will pretty much enforce this.

Overall it feels this game could be better as a F2P based on it's grindy systems, selling cosmetics for income. A $20 pricepoint for one game mode and map is a very steep barrier of entry that in my opinion does not pay off for the content provided.
Posted: August 29
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50 of 65 people (77%) found this review helpful
33.3 hrs on record
GoD Factory is a space shooter akin to the ones I grew up with, it has the balls to punish you for doing stupid stuff and for having a lone wolf mentality (your gunship is replaced with a drone after it has been destroyed and it remains destroyed for the rest of the match) and there's a high skillcap which turns a lot of off on the idea of playing it because they don't like the idea of having their ego smashed.

Take a good long look at what some of the negative reviews are saying, it's basically all related to the person who wrote the review being unable to "get gud" or get over their own false sense of supremacy; this is a team game. It is designed as a team game and if you beleive for an instant that you're not part of a team but rather some special little snowflake meant to take on the entire enemy team by yourself... you will get smashed into the ground- errr... nearest asteroid.

Buy it. It's a great callback to the kind of high-skillcap, highly punishing games, of the glorious old days of PC gaming.

PS. There's not much grinding in the game, if you win a game you get quite a bit of credits to spend on parts.
Posted: August 31
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51 of 68 people (75%) found this review helpful
5.1 hrs on record
Been following this game since the Kickstarter and have been looking forward to it the entire time. I really enjoyed my time in the beta and am looking forward to the full release. Even more so that I have an Oculus Rift to play it on now!

Onto the game itself. It doesn't have a vast amount of content, but what content it has is very good. The space battles are engaging and take quite a bit of skill(and teamwork!) to do well in. My only concern at the moment is this game not getting enough support to keep online thriving. Ship customization is decent, but feels a bit restrictive at times. As with most competitive games I really feel like there is one best loadout to have. I didn't figure it out, but I am sure others were able to piece together 2 ships that were better than the rest. If you liked Battlefront II space battles and you want to play a more fleshed out version, get this game. It is well worth your time.
Posted: August 1
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39 of 54 people (72%) found this review helpful
11.1 hrs on record
Enjoyed my time with this in the alpha/beta despite the (very) limited player count. It's a little bit MOBA meets space sim, pitting two teams of 4 against each other with the goal of destroying their opponent's capital ship. Each ship has 7 hitpoints and a number of subsystems: destroying a subsystem removes 1 hitpoint and every so often your ship will fire a broadside at the oppenents ship, also dealing 1 hitpoint of damage. Hitting various subsystems on your opponents ship also gives advantages to your team (for example, hitting the ammo depot means enemies will not be able to resupply to their ammo limit when docking).

This leads to some good emergent strategy, co-ordinating with your team on what parts to attack and what to defend to ensure victory. There are some more low risk strategys (like just strafing the hull) or high risk strategies (like destroying the shield generator and giving access to the core, a component which regenerates health and requires a whole team effort to bring down, but results in an instant victory IIRC).

Ships and weapons are divided into 4 races with their own tiered tech trees (which I can't really recall the names of as of writing, minus humans of course) but Nine Dots has done a tremendous job of making each one have a truly unique playstyle - the swapping of some weapons and components across races also allows for a good amount of customisation too and tailoring your ship to more 'hybrid' playstyles.

Visually the game leaves a little bit to be desired (some great art direction notwithstanding) but from the store page this looks to have improved a lot since beta. Overall, I would definitely recommend looking into this game for the current asking price (especially if you can buy it with a friend and take advantage for the two-for-one deal).
Posted: August 27
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