The critically acclaimed card game is now available on PC! Dead Man’s Draw is a simple and strategic game of luck and skill that boils down strategy gameplay into a single, tense decision: to play it safe or risk everything in pursuit of killer combos and boundless treasure.
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Date de parution: 6 fév 2014
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"Decent card game with cool buffs and RPG elements via unlocks. A great filler game when you dont know what else to play. 50/50 Luck and strategy. 7/10"
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“The risk/reward gameplay combined with just the right amount of strategy makes Dead Man’s Draw a fun casual game.”

“A card game that's actually done well.”
9 – Cublikefoot

“a fun and innovative card game”
8.5 – Softpedia

À propos de ce jeu

The critically acclaimed card game is now available on PC! Dead Man’s Draw is a simple and strategic game of luck and skill that boils down strategy gameplay into a single, tense decision: to play it safe or risk everything in pursuit of killer combos and boundless treasure.

Key Features

  • Risk vs reward gameplay – Simple and strategic card game puts everything on the line for a single, tense decision
  • Create killer combos – Clever use of each card’s special power is key to victory
  • Dozens of tournaments – Unique rules add hours of new twists to gameplay
  • Eighteen game-changing traits – Customize your gameplay with special powers
  • Beautiful art without hardware requirements – Enjoy top-tier presentation and intricately detailed graphics without needing an expensive machine

How it Works

Players take turns drawing cards in search of the greatest number of points. The simple point values of each card are important, but their special abilities are even more critical. Swords steal cards from your opponent, Mystics reveal the next card, and combining a Chest with a Key leads to a huge bounty of bonus treasure. Clever use of each card’s special power leads to victory, but daring to draw is just as important – though any card could lead to a dramatic bust, it could also propel you to glory.

Traits and tournaments make every game of Dead Man’s Draw unique. Making your Cannon special ability discard an opponent’s entire suit instead of a single card alters the path to victory for both players. Special tournament rules like collecting the cards from your opponent’s busts force you to approach every turn differently. Dozens of tournaments each bring a unique twist, and each of the 18 traits has a profound effect on gameplay.

Upgraded for PC

The original Dead Man’s Draw on iOS was praised by users on iTunes (4.5-star average) and critics alike, getting positive reviews from,,, and more. This PC version is better than ever:

  • No microtransactions or in-app purchases – all content is available, and traits can be used without spending gold
  • New Mermaid suit ability – Mermaids now allow you to replay a card in the river, leading to even bigger combos and epic turns
  • New Sirens trait – Steal any card your opponent replays with a Mermaid
  • Rebuilt for PC – Higher-resolution graphics and a UI specifically built for mouse-driven play

Configuration requise

    • OS: Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista SP2
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 1.5 or Higher Compatible Video Card
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: 1024x768 and 16-bit or higher color depth required
Évaluations intéressantes des utilisateurs
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8.1 heures en tout
Posté le : 28 juillet
Warning! This game is incredibly luck based. If you can not take losing in a graceful way I would recommend skipping it.

That said, Dead Man's Draw is a very polished card game with a decent learning curve and simple gameplay you can easily get the hang of. You can make a lot of combos with a lot of cards and you will probably have a few good hours with it.
While it may seem the AI cheats, to this point I have not found it to do so. In fact, for a large part of the game the deck is stacked in your favour by giving you two traits at once while the AI has only one. The AI though is incredibly agressive, prefering to use cannons to blast your hand over potentially winning moves. This is quite annoying if you're just starting out, but often it leads to the AI impotently blasting away your 7 score card to reveal a 6 underneath, barely doing anything.

The AI does not seem to be able to really understand the game, it's functional, but feels very much like it follows a flowchart rather than that it plays the game. All opponents are the same as well, all following the same AI.
Luckily, where the AI does not change, the traits they use does, and the game has interesting ruleset changes after every 'tournament' (A string of a few matches) you play to keep things interesting.

As much as it looks like it may be enjoyable with a friend, it does not have multiplayer at this point. To continue on with its flaws, the game needs you to play a lot to unlock things. To the point where it begins to feel like grinding, and that the randomness begins to get annoying after yet another loss to an AI using a trait that you haven't even unlocked yet.

Is it polished, entertaining, and an interesting game?

Worth 10 euro?
I'd be sceptical. If you can find it on sale you're sure to get a few hours of amusement out of it, but otherwise it might be hard to get your money's worth.
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4 personne(s) sur 5 (80%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
32.1 heures en tout
Posté le : 28 juin
Do you like card games? If so, then this relatively unknown gem is one that you need to add to your collection. The game was so well-received that Mayday games (in conjunction with Stardock) made a physical version of the game that can be purchased at Amazon and other retailers.

Dead Man's Draw is a pirate-themed card game with an interesting rule-set that changes each game. Each of the 10 suits has it's own unique 'ability'. Additionally, players can choose up to two 'triats' each hand that invariably change the gameplay and adds to replay value.

There are some things that the game could have done better. The lack of multi-player is the biggest thing missing from the game. Another thing that would have made the game even better would be a 'free-play' mode; the game is very structured -- which is great for learning the game -- but that 'structure' means that the game will decide who you play, in what order you play them, and any special rules for that particular game/hand.

Dead Man's Draw is an entertaining card game that can be played for 5 minutes at a time or 5 hours at a time. If you like cards and you see this on sale ... get it.
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11.9 heures en tout
Posté le : 8 février 2014
Très bon jeu de cartes, facile d'accès et sans prise de tête. Les parties peuvent-être pleines de rebondissements, ne donc pas crier victoire trop vite et ne pas être trop gourmand sous peine de perdre ses points accumulés lors de la main en cours. Il intègre quelques éléments de RPG (skills, niveaux), possède un nombre assez important de tournois et le plus appréciable est le fait que l'IA du jeu soit très bonne. A noter que c'est un bon portage de la version IOS, avec la possibilité de modifer quelques options (résolution, plein écran/fenêtré ...), ce qui n'est pas le cas pour tous les jeux.
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18.3 heures en tout
Posté le : 7 février 2014
Jeu sympa on en devient vite accroc mais je ne peux plus y jouer a cause d un probleme au lancement
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2.9 heures en tout
Posté le : 21 janvier
Très bon jeu de carte, facile à comprendre mais pas sans profondeur.

Un très bon mélange entre chance et stratégie; qui nous garde sous pression a chaque tirage de carte. Le rythme des parties est élevé, et avec les nombreux pouvoir de chaque "familles" tout peut changer a tout moment ! Chaque joueur pioche dans un tas au milieu quand c'est a lui, et sur un principe de "gagne ou perd" choisit de continuer a piocher ou non. Tout en réagissant aux pouvoirs de chaques cartes piochées.

Il y'a donc 10 "familles" de carte possédant des valeurs allant de 1 a 7. (crochet, kraken, canon, trésor, sirene,etc)

En fonction du tournois fréquenter les régles de la partie varient ( cartes busté allant chez l'adversaire, valeur la plus élevé de chaque famille comptant, toutes les cartes comptent, etc)

Et pour chaque partie, on peut choisir d'activer un pouvoir spécial , qui boostera un certain type de carte pour la partie (l'adversaire faisant de même)

Pour amener tout ça et nous occuper, il y'a des dizaines de tournois regroupant plusieurs combats chacuns. Cela permet de garantir une bonne durée de vie et des changements de gameplay. Chaque match permettant de gagner de l'expérience pour progresser et débloquer toutes les capacités.

Pour résumer,

- Facile a prendre en main
- Très bon gameplay
- AI est super
- Graphisme de bonne qualité

MAIS, malheureusement il n'y a pas de mode multi :'(
Contre des amis, on aurait juste eu une bombe fun et pleine d'action. La on a un très bon jeu qui nous laisser espérer une suite ou add on incluant ça :)

Pour le prix, je ne regrette pas, mais sinon attendez une petite réduc...

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