In this comedy of terrors, the fate of the spirit world is in your hands as you embark on a search for your long-lost sibling!
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Дата выхода: 11 дек. 2012

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“Great sense of humor. Challenging point-and-click adventure puzzles. Awesome visuals and atmosphere”
4.5/5 – Gamezebo

“...there is a lot of creativity in the design of the puzzles and environment and for fans of comedy adventure games, Haunted is certainly worth a look.”
B – GameBoomers

Об этой игре

Embark on a spectral treasure hunt to find your long-lost sibling and save the spirit world!

Since losing her little sister Emily in a fateful train crash, Mary's nights are haunted by visions of her long-lost sister. Is it possible that Emily is still alive? The thought won't let Mary rest so she sets out in search of the truth following the signs she has seen in her nightmarish visions...

In the darkness, you are never really alone...As Mary's search plunges her ever deeper into an eerie world of the supernatural – she encounters fiendish opponents that would do her harm. Along the way, meet up with an obscure professor, an ax-wielding henchman, and a variety of ghostly friends and foes as you journey through 19th century London, Scotland, Transylvania and other locations!

Reveal dark secrets from Mary's past, as you embark on a furious chase to solve all the spooky puzzles and creepy challenges before it's too late!

In this comedy of terrors, the fate of the spirit world is in your hands!

  • Experience a spine-chilling comic story, like something right out of a Dickensian novel
  • Visit gloomily beautiful settings in London, Scotland, Transylvania … and a goldfish bowl
  • Encounter more than 30 scurrilous characters, with sparkling animation including sophisticated facial expressions
  • Rediscover the adventure genre anew, with cooperative ghost team-play and the optional solution assistance

Системные требования

    • ОС: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
    • Процессор: 1.0 GHz processor or faster
    • Оперативная память: 512 MB ОЗУ
    • Видеокарта: DirectX 9.0 compatible 256 MB Graphics Card with Shader 2.0
    • DirectX: Версии 9.0
    • Место на диске: 4 GB
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( 0.5 ч. в игре )
Опубликовано: 24 апреля
Играла совсем недолго, да собственно, только начала, понадобилось выйти. Сохранилась, вышла и все - больше зайти не могу. Раз за разом вылезает сообщение об ошибке. Если в самом начале такой гeмoр, что будет дальше? Игру удалила нафиг. Не рекомендую.
( 6.8 ч. в игре )
Опубликовано: 27 марта
Nice game overall. not very challenging, interesting story.
( 12.0 ч. в игре )
Опубликовано: 16 февраля
Utterly Delightful! Good story, excellent lumnious graphics, very good voice acting, not too difficelt, but challenging puzzles!.....a fun romp in the style of Monkey Island! Highly reccomended!
[CK] Sitheps
( 6.6 ч. в игре )
Опубликовано: 16 февраля
Similar to games such as Monkey Island and A Vampyr's story. Simplistic humour and the pussles are not quite as introverted as the before mentioned titles. But one thing really brings down this otherwise mediocre Point and Click adventure game.

And that is the HORRENDOUS MONOLOUGES! By the gods! The voice acting is bad, but the sentences that leave the characters are sometimes incoherrent gibberish! It is as if each character had their own private monolouge written beforehand and then the devs just tried to "slap" it all togheder into a story.

Oftentimes the dialouge between characters will confuse you and you will stare in disbelief as you cannot understand what they are trying to say or just dumfounded.

*Rant over*

But most likely the broken dialouge is most likely due to the fact that several important parts of the script was cut due to poor budget and the dialouge were not changed, even with the previous parts removed. Resulting in strange sentences that make little sense.

All in all, 6/10 it is worth it if you get it cheap or just have money and time to kill as you wait for A Vampyre story 2 to be released (If ever...).
( 29.2 ч. в игре )
Опубликовано: 13 февраля
Great game. Funny, fun and challenging. Can't wait for the sequel!
( 11.1 ч. в игре )
Опубликовано: 7 февраля
I would not recommend this game. I enjoyed some parts of it, some puzzels and I had two or three laughs, but thats all. I was bitterly disappointed in the end of the game - twice (there is one "end" if you finish the main story and a second/"real" end if you finish both bonus quests). I don't want to spoil anything, but the end (or both ends) is/were really emotionless and coldhearted. It felt like the developers of the game had no motivation to think about a proper or exciting end at all and they just stopped there. It's a pitty, because it really had potential and I was really looking forward to playing that game.
( 7.0 ч. в игре )
Опубликовано: 28 января
You play a young orphan girl that is called out by the spirit of her dead sister in her dreams.
You run out to where your her sister says and end up in the arms of a crazy female scientist.
You need to escape her grasp and get the help of ghosts on your way, which you can see for some unknown reason.
You now run around the city with the help of this ghost to escape the crazy women and her henchman and try to find your sister.
You encounter other ghosts and continue your quest.
You discover new places and interesting characters along the way, that help you out in a way or an other.

The fact that the heroine and bad guy are female characters is cool, but they could of put more female ghosts to, not just the last one who looks more like Jessica Rabbit than a fish. (You'll understand when you see her)
The storyline is nice and refreshing, it is fairly easy to determine where and what you need to do next, if you get stuck, you can always ask your ghost friends for a reminder of what you need to do.

Love the game and I recommend it.
( 6.7 ч. в игре )
Опубликовано: 10 декабря 2015
Very good point&click adventure game.
Graphics are good, in the line of the Monkey Island 3D.
Story is interesting. Dialogs are good and the companions of the main character are funny and add some special habilities to complete puzzles. Puzzles haven't always an evident solution and, you can be stuck for a while but, it doesn't ruins the gameplay experience.
It remembers me the great old Lucasart adventure games.
( 9.7 ч. в игре )
Опубликовано: 8 декабря 2015
Exactly what I needed. I was looking for something to play that had an entertaining story but wasn't extremely involved. The characters are great, the storyline is entertaining, the humar is good for a chuckel here and there. It is enjoyable and still relaxing. There isn't a lot of back and forth playing fetch and the ability to utilize different spirits makes for an interesting twist on the game play.

I will say, I got this game durring a sale. It might be a bit short for the full price but there's deffinitely a few hours of game play to be had. I easily spread it out over a few days without getting stuck on any parts.
( 5.4 ч. в игре )
Опубликовано: 4 ноября 2015
Been streaming this game for my fans. Believe it or not everyone has been having a blast with it. While the puzzles and where to go can get annoying once you figure things out its a generally fun little game.
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7 из 8 пользователей (88%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
10.2 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 2 мая 2015

Честно признаюсь, от игры многого не ждал, но она приятно удивила. Haunted хорошая приключенческая игра...и вот почему: Простые головоломки, забавные персонажи, приятная графика (Кстати, кто играл в Venetica, найдут очень много схожих деталей по оформлению и дизайну) Ну и главное, вы можете общаться и видеть призраков, они помогают вам в решении различных задач, очень интересно сделано.

В начале, события игры происходят в Лондоне, а главная героиня, девушка Мэри. В целом мне игра понравилась, простенькая адвентура, с которой можно скоротать денек-другой. Оценка 4/5
Видео по игре:
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0.5 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 24 апреля
Играла совсем недолго, да собственно, только начала, понадобилось выйти. Сохранилась, вышла и все - больше зайти не могу. Раз за разом вылезает сообщение об ошибке. Если в самом начале такой гeмoр, что будет дальше? Игру удалила нафиг. Не рекомендую.
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34 из 37 пользователей (92%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
1 пользователь посчитал этот обзор забавным
24.6 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 21 октября 2014
I am really enjoying this game! I would suggest it to any point and click adventure game fan. I've played a ton of this genre and this one has great humor, great voice acting, it's beautiful, interesting, it's challenging, but not too challenging. Really cool what they did with the ghosts in the inventory. Before buying I saw reviews about it not working, so I was hesitant, but I havent had any problems with the game functioning. I'm loving it!
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17 из 19 пользователей (89%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
1 пользователь посчитал этот обзор забавным
30.4 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 30 ноября 2014
This point and click adventure is cute. It is a little flawed but enjoyable. I would give it a 6.5/10 and say it is worth its price for about 6 hours of light hearted gameplay.

You should play this game if you are a point and click fan who is looking for a light hearted story with lots of object based puzzles and amusing dialogue. The production is excellent. The visuals and voice acting are really high quality. The puzzle design is good at first: it is logically sound and the basic interface means you won't get stuck for long.

However the puzzle quality diminishes through the game. You still are not likely to get very stuck but by the last two chapters you'll find yourself resorting to trial and error.

You should avoid if you are expecting a difficult puzzle game or any kind of involved plot. It is a children's cartoon made into an adventure game and does well as that. It will keep grown ups amused with the amusing dialogue and mostly well designed puzzles but its really best for kids.
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16 из 20 пользователей (80%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
1 пользователь посчитал этот обзор забавным
5.9 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 15 декабря 2014
A good point & click game.

This game not provide you any mini-games to you but offer you a lot of puzzles that can solve with unique abilities of ghosts haunted you. I think it's great idea to focus on puzzle only instead of mix with hidden object or mini-game.

Help system in game is very useful, you will not have problems if you use it to solve mystery, and don't worry that making game easy because although you use help you still got clue not a sudden solving. It is forcing you to use your brain anyway.
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11 из 13 пользователей (85%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
1 пользователь посчитал этот обзор забавным
8.0 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 13 декабря 2014
Short version: 79%
Haunted is the type of game that enchants you the moment you start it. In conjunction with the fairly long story, an interesting stable of characters, and classy British voice acting, you get a solid point ‘n’ click title that is equally entertaining for kids and adults alike.

Long version:
Haunted is a charming little tale set in 19th century London about a girl searching for the ghost of her sister, only to stumble upon a devilish plot that she needs to foil with the help of a few eccentric otherworldly spirits. Naturally the voice cast is all-British, and they do an excellent job– although they tend to use the same monotone even in emotionally intense scenes.

The OGRE engine is responsible for the Tim Burton-esque visuals, all presented in lush, but not too intrusive colours and great details. Due to the engine’s limitations clipping and floating bugs are somewhat common, and facial animations are also very limited.

The puzzles are not particularly difficult. They use a simple system where you need to combine items and/or ghosts with certain hotspots to progress. Even if you get stuck, the brute force method will eventually let you pass.

So, in essence, Haunted may not be the most memorable point ‘n’ click title out there, but it is certainly unique and entertaining enough to earn its place on the virtual shelf of all adventure game enthusiast.
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12 из 15 пользователей (80%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
Не рекомендую
6.5 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 31 мая 2015
Disappointing. It had such potential.

The puzzles are unintuitive, the voice acting is strained and/or amateurish, and the writing needs work. The only pleasing character is the shopkeeper in the Chinese shop, but he's only got a few lines, unfortunately.

The plot is okay, but the way the characters bicker stopped being entertaining after about the first hour of play. For some reason there is mutual animosity between nearly every character you come across, as if the game's author can't write any emotion other than irritation. The worst offenders are a part of your party and cannot be avoided.

I kept playing it because I wanted to get my money's worth, but at this point I'm actively not enjoying myself, so I'm quitting. I already figured out what the villains are most likely up to, anyway, and that was the only interesting thing in the whole mess.
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4 из 4 пользователей (100%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
6.3 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 1 августа 2015
Summary: 5/10
If you are a fan of adventure games, you should pick Haunted up when it's on sale. It's a straightforward linear adventure game with an interesting (if somewhat predictable) story, though it suffers from the "combine random objects to solve random puzzles" style of puzzle solving that is common to older adventure games.

Detailed review:
Haunted is a light-hearted and fun adventure game, good for a casual day of playing. It was originally released in 2012, so the graphics and gameplay are somewhat dated but I think the art style has aged well. However, while the idea of using ghosts with particular talents to help solve puzzles is an interesting one, the puzzles themselves are generally best solved not through critical thinking, but rather gathering up everything in the area, seeing what can be combined, then trying everything until it works. The "puzzle hints" were supposed to help with this, but the few times I tried them they were so basic ("you need to use what's around you"; "you need to use the window as a ladder" type of things) that I ended up turing them off because I kept accidentally clicking them when trying to move around.

Speaking of accidental clicking, the camera angles are fixed and so movement is incredibly frustrating in some areas. I was surpised that movement was forced through the mouse instead of being able to be manually controlled through the keyboard, as static 3D camera games don't really lend themselves to click-based movement. If the devs are going to add any future patches (I believe someone else wanted controller support, which I think would work well with the game), I really do think they should add keyboard movement.

I was also disappointed that a game that featured a female protagonist trying to save her sister and a female villain lacked any other female characters in significant supporting roles. ALL of the ghosts, except for one you meet at the very end, were men and only two out of the about seven supporting human cast were women. I was also disappointed, though not surprised, that while the male ghosts got a bunch of different body shapes the one female ghost was a Jessica Rabbit-style exaggerated sexy cartoon character. It felt to me like a huge missed opportunity, to be honest.

In any case, overall I think that Haunted is a game worth playing for people who enjoy adventure games. My general rule for games is that $1 (or, in my case, 100 yen) should be around 1 hour of gameplay, so I found the non-sale pricetag to be a bit steep for a game that--from start to finish, including the bonus chapter at the end--is not going to yield more than 7 hours of gameplay. However, I would definitely recommend picking this up when it's on sale.
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7 из 10 пользователей (70%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
1 пользователь посчитал этот обзор забавным
7.4 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 17 ноября 2014
Funny and enjoyable, and left me wanting more. Seriously wanting more. The ending left so much open it seems like a calculated move to drum up enough requests for a sequel. Can't say it's not working.
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3 из 5 пользователей (60%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
9.3 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 29 ноября 2014
Loved it although the puzzels are quite irritating it its wonderful interactions good story and dialog

I laugh so many times playing this truely one the most enjoyable games I've played in a while

I Highly reccomend it and if anyone gets stuck just ask me anything except where to find the last vial I' m still working on that.

Ending is Pretty Funny and Remeber that theirs always a way tosolve every puzzle
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