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OMG Zombies! est une nouvelle personnification d'un grand classique : le célèbre OMG-Z, classé au Top 10 de tous les temps sur PSP et classé meilleur jeu d'action de tous les temps sur PSP par Metacritic ! L'équipe de Push Square lui a donné un 89 % et l'a qualifié de jeu “à ne pas rater”, Escape Rope dit de lui : c'est “...
Date de parution: 13 fév 2014
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OMG Zombies! est une nouvelle personnification d'un grand classique : le célèbre OMG-Z, classé au Top 10 de tous les temps sur PSP et classé meilleur jeu d'action de tous les temps sur PSP par Metacritic ! L'équipe de Push Square lui a donné un 89 % et l'a qualifié de jeu “à ne pas rater”, Escape Rope dit de lui : c'est “... un des meilleurs jeux de zombies de ces derniers temps” et Defunct Games l'a noté A en disant qu'il est “tellement addictif... je ne me lasse pas de voir les explosions en chaîne provoquées par une balle bien placée.”

OMG Zombies! propose des graphismes HD entièrement nouveaux encore plus gore, plus de niveaux, plus d'améliorations et de nouveaux contenus tels que 12 trophées, plus de 100 classements, un système 'Prestige' à 20 niveaux et 5 fins différentes superbement illustrées.

Armé de sa seule intelligence (et d'un fusil de sniper à gros calibre) votre flic solitaire est le dernier humain au milieu de la catastrophe.

Sa mission ? Réussir là où l'armée et la police ont échoué, en nettoyant les rues de 8 types différents de zombies assoiffés de sang et empêcher la fin du monde !

Servez-vous de vos exceptionnels talents à déclencher des réactions en chaîne pour nettoyer 100 niveaux labyrinthiques de leurs zombies infernaux dans 40 environnements différents.

Gagnez 400 médailles et de l'argent pour acheter les 100 améliorations différentes, toutes conçues pour faire EXPLOSER LES ZOMBIES EN HD !

Configuration requise

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card with 64Mb RAM and support for v3 shaders
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 135 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
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Bon jeu ! A recommander !
Posté le : 13 février 2014
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In OMG Zombies you take the role of a survivor/shooter, perched on top of something higher than the Zombie horde below you on a 2D single screen, encompassing the various obstacles and challenges of each map. Armed with just a sniper rifle and 3 bullets (which you can upgrade to 6 as you earn cash by completing levels), you are tasked with taking out the entire screen's worth of undead. An impossible task if one bullet equaled one zombie death, but this is where OMGZ's strategy comes into play.

Each and every zombie in the game has a chain reaction ability which helps take out other zombies around it. Some explode, some fire off gunshots of their own, others run through the level screaming (taking out others at their destination), some even melt into acid; all of which helps clear the screen and earn you the higher ranking, providing you with more cash and allowing you to beef up your abilities.

Each level has a Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum medal to acquire, each earning you more cash for upgrades. Don't get discouraged if you can only pull off the lower medal awards at first, it'll become easier once you've spent some of that award money on upgrades. Better medals open up more and more of the 100 levels included and you can go back any time to any level and try for a higher score; some levels being clear-able in a single shot if timed right.

Thankfully the mouse is the most precise tool for the shooting, giving you an advantage over it's previous versions (on PSP/Vita). The game runs wonderfully in windowed mode and goes along at such a pace that you can continually go back to it between browsing and chatting if you prefer (which I liked during my play for this review).

What unfolds is a game that feels a little over-powering at first, as you clamor to get even a silver medal, then opens up and gives you the upper hand as you progress, only to keep challenging you with levels that make you wonder how even 6 bullets will help you be victorious. Sometimes timing is key and you can sit there with hand on mouse for what feels like forever, trying to line up the perfect chain reaction.

Then when you've completed all 100 levels on platinum, you have the choice to start all over again in a prestige mode, in which you lose all your upgrades and must start from level 1 again. Reminding yourself just how hard it was starting out. If you're brave enough and have some serious time to dedicate to it, the game has an achievement for prestige-ing 20 times over.

The game isn't a super action romp and you shouldn't get it thinking it is. It's a strategic game that employs a very well ramped difficulty curve which makes for an engaging and addicting experience. I've enjoyed my time with it and feel it's well worth the asking price.
Posté le : 13 février 2014
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Hello everyone,

OMG Zombies!!! LOL!! What a fun game to play. What you have to do is to shoot Zombies to create a chain reaction and kill all the OMG Zombies per level.
You start with 3 bullets (but do not worry, you will soon get up to 5 bullets), watch their movement and shoot and create that chain reaction.
The first couple of levels are quite simple but soon you are very thankfull to be able to upgrade your weapon (increase bullet, more damage per bullet and more range)and OMG Zombies Too.
Your objective is to get a platinum medal in each levels (bloody hard when you keep moving forward) and you will need upgrade to reach it!
For the price, it is a great and entertaining game... OMG Zombies coming to get me! Where did I put this 5 bullets gun?
Posté le : 21 février 2014
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OMG Zombies lets you play a cop that has to get rid of all the zombies in a level. And it wants you to do this as efficiently as possible. Your bullets ricochet off of zombies and the zombies that get hit will explode or emit lightning, or shoot bullets, for example, killing other zombies in the process. So it involves some strategy, but also luck, because the zombies walk around freely. This makes it hard to hit enough other zombies sometimes.

There are 100 levels in total and each one rewards you with a medal and money. Money that can be spent on upgrading your gun or zombies (that's right, you can upgrade the zombies; awesome !). You can choose to upgrade your zombies so that bullets from cop zombies will hit more zombies, or that explosions will be bigger and timers will be extended. Your choice. In the end you need to update them all if you want to platinum every level.

And even though there 100 levels, most of them can be finished within minutes. So completing the game will take just a few hours.

The graphics aren't the best in the world. In fact, I wasn't impressed by them at all. The 2D artwork isn't all that attractive, and the levels are too crudely drawn, as are the zombies. The animations for the zombies are also fairly basic.

But graphics is not what this game is all about. It's all about the kills. And it feels very satisfying to kill all of the zombies with just one bullet, or see that last bullet kill the last couple of enemies.
OMG Zombies is a game I'd definitely recommend, even if you had enough of all these zombie games lately. This one is worth it, absolutely.

[Rating: 80/100]
Posté le : 20 février 2014
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What it started to be a basic and simple point and shoot-to-kill started to become more and more addictive as you played and unlocked new levels.

The game offer you 100 levels and you unlocked them as you go through them. When you clear a level a percentage will show on how many of them you killed/were left to kill. It is wise to always aim for the 100% as you will want it to unlock further levels. At the start this is going to be very hard, the reason is, you only have 2-3 bullets to shoot and not only they do low damage but the Zombies are on level 1. You can level up you enemies, yes. The more you level them up the more splash damage they make or the bigger the impact is, etc. Different zombies have different effects. The can blow up and and provide a chain of explosions, shock others, melt as they walk by, shoot others (some of the zombies have a pistol or a assault rifle) and so on.

You will repeat earlier levels but this time you will be more prepared once you start to level zombies up (or your gun, or making barrels more powerful). Because the gameplay mechanics are rather simple and easy getting into this game it shouldn't be a problem but it can become more and more addictive because I found an odd satisfaction with the fact that, with just a single bullet I can kill them all from all those reaction shots and other effects from the zombies.

The time to completion I posted above was gameplay only. No idling. Took me that time to finish all the 100 Levels at 100% in every single one of them, and it was worth it. The only achievement I have left requires a major grind and time spent in the game.

Regarding the ending you can have more than a different ending and you can have a" good" or a "bad" one. The Story itself is presented in a Comic Book style which is a nice thing. As for the price it's a no-brainer (eh!)
Posté le : 17 février 2014
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