Combining the best of space combat and real time strategy. Victory can be tactical, a dogfight or capital ship slugging match - depending on how you decide to achieve it. Space combat on a RTS scale with space sim savagery.
Release Date: Jan 20, 2015

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"A brutally challenging yet fun space combat game that needs a lot of attention from the player, but offers a lot of rewards...or so I hope. ;)"
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April 14

Tesers sought for Mini-Sandbox DLC

Hey guys!
I'm looking for some Void Destroyer fans to help out testing the upcoming "Mini Sandbox DLC"

Mini sandbox DLC? What's that? You ask...
Well its a planned free DLC to Void Destroyer.

Its basically what the name says - a fairly small and basic sandbox - set in the Void Destroyer universe (after the events of the main story).

I want to keep this brief because there will be a larger post/announcement as the DLC gets closer to release but here's the basic info:

As I started working on Void Destroyer 2 - I realized I could release a sort of a proof of concept/prototype of it as it is fairly playable - though simplistic game (in the general scope of sandbox games). Simplistic for various reasons - for example there are no civilians (due to not having assets to have a civilian faction) and just getting started on the sandbox route.

Anyway - I thought you guys might enjoy the mini sandbox so I hope that becomes the case and this DLC adds to the value of the game and your enjoyment.

Back on topic

I'm looking for a few dedicated testers to donate about an hour or so of their time testing the initial build and then a few more hours for later builds. If you are interested and if you have racked up a bit of time on Void Destroyer (so that I know that you'll be ok being tossed into the DLC at its earlyish state).

Post a message on this forum:

We'll go from there.

Thanks - and thank you for supporting the project.


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February 16

Void Destroyer - First Month - Update

First I want to say that - Void Destroyer - being an indie project, relies on its player base for far more than just money. I want to thank you for your support, patience and feedback. Together we've made Void Destroyer a better game!

Void Destroyer's launch went so well - that I decided to quit my day job. Thanks to you I am now a full time game developer - this is something I dreamed about during the years of Void Destroyer's development. And now its here! When I look back and reflect - I am left speechless, so lets leave it at that.

Here's a short list of issues/items:
  • 23 suggestions and requests added/changed.
  • 7 difficulty tweaks/changes/additions/improvements.
  • 10 crash bugs fixed.
  • 11 non-crash bugs fixed.

Pretty Mode:
Most of all I want to highlight "pretty mode" - during Void Destroyer's development, many players asked for the option for "tactical mode to look like ship mode." I've kept this in the back of my mind for a few reasons, now that the game has been released it was a good time to look into this and (although there were many challenges) it went better than expected :)

Here is a video update with more details:
Direct Link

Thank you once again! There's more planed - but I ran out of room!


Full patch notes:

Suggestions and Requests:
  • On screen messages (eg: ship build/destroyed) now show faction colors.
  • Tiny tweaks to dialog to better inform player of possibility of resource sharing.
  • Added toggle "all turrets auto control" and "all turrets player control" by player request. Player didn't want to press F5 repeatedly when in F5 mode to shut off player controlled turrets - instead have it as one button. Default / key.
  • Re-enabled - "turret target only" in command mode. Splits up ship targeting and turret targeting. SHIFT + T by default. This is for players that want ship crew to pilot, but want to do targeting and firing by themselves - without it impacting ship orders.
  • Color blind assist HUD - check box added to Options menu for Color Blind Assist. Changes HUD markers (non targeted ships) friendly to blue. Changes friendly ships on radar to blue as well.
  • Ship mode - additional feedback via GUI messages and color coding.
  • Improvements to Command mode - toggling turret groups (better feedback and prevention of same turrets selection). Additional feedback via GUI messages.
  • Sped up tactical/ship mode transition.
  • F5 to select all combat ships, SHIFT + F5 to select all non combat ships.
  • Command ship abilities - using them when outside of the command ship (support/additions - based on player feedback).
  • In during move command - moving mouse to the edges of the screen will move the camera like in "mouse GUI" mode.
  • Can now toggle on/off the "auto mouse move helper" - now default off. Hold down the CTRL key to toggle on.
  • Oversight - pressing M key (to initiate move command) now works just like right clicking on empty space (first marker is at mouse's position).
  • Guard command.
  • Mouse "GUI" toggle - hold down CAPSLOCK key (by default) (CTRL key is a modifier and thus problematic when you take your finger off of it - it doesn't exist any more to be tested against - long story) to be able to click GUI elements while in ship mode, when released mouse flight control (or look if in turret/command modes) will be re-enabled.
  • Toggle all turrets primary/auto added to cockpit/chase modes.
  • Select all ships of a particular class - go to the "fleet" GUI, double click on the ship class buttons to select.
  • "Tactical mode that looks like ship mode" - can be set as default in Options - Game play - then check the "pretty mode" check box.
  • New "tactical mode that looks like ship mode" - added toggle to "highlight" (changes the outline color) to faction colors to help recognize which ship is on which side. Default key - CAPSLOCK - might tweak the effect to be less ugly.
  • Camera improvements- can now zoom in out while the camera is changing focus. It feels a bit jarring... but hey the camera feels less static, and its optional.
  • Camera work - when "attached" camera zoom will be slower/faster depending on distance to attached object (command mode and orbit/attached in tac mode).
  • Sped up "focus tactical on other object" camera movement.
  • Added gamma slider (slight performance loss if used).
  • Mod support - added "always on particle effects" to ships.
  • Not being able to have more than one sun in one map.
  • Sound engine improvements - more sounds, less pops, and possibly improved performance.
  • Cloud saves enabled.
  • Repair ships - better management of repairing orders - via guard and patrol commands.

  • Wardrum gets a 21% heal when reaching the Palm, first wave is delayed by additional 60 seconds.
  • AI bases don't max out their attack numbers when an enemy ship is nearby (this seems to have caused a lot more than intended frigates in the Hub mission).
  • Difficulty tweak - AI bases have 50% chance of adding additional unit to the next attack wave (before was 100% chance).
  • 2 new platforms added to early game.
  • New Tutorial - "Self Paced Training Mission" - a fairly complete mission covering, command ship upgrades, building, combat, research, and some tactics. Combining these elements to put them into context.
  • Difficulty help - the "you died" screen now has a button for the tips/hints section.
  • Additional damage setting added (25% less damage to player ships).

Bug fixes:
  • Tiny fix to control mapping GUI (section not automatically appearing).
  • Queued music wouldn't clear on load - causing big saved file issues and probably other random anomalies.
  • When having targets queued, issuing a "regular" attack command (non queued) wouldn't clear targets.
  • Tiny scripting error fix.
  • Late game mission scripting oversight.
  • Autosaves - incorrect timing potentially caused issues.
  • Sound engine - UI sounds would sometimes be cut off in big battles.
  • Carriers without turrets/weapons didn't function properly.
  • SPROG fire mode not working properly in military parade formation (WIP).
  • "New leader" button in formation GUI - old leader would leave formation instead of joining as follower - messing with formations is scary because its formations which are a bit source of crash bugs (but this seems pretty safe).
  • Part of mission sending some ships away didn't take them out of unit cap.
  • Gravity drive position offsets (resulted in ships oddly jumping to far off spots).
  • Bug fix with target queues.

Crash Bugs:
  • Formations- auto leaders and military parade formations.
  • Formations - selecting leader.
  • Automatic naming of ships -conflict resolution code wasn't enough (trading ships entering/leaving bases on cargo delivery triggered this).
  • Issuing a go to command then issuing another command in the meantime.
  • Mouse over while shipyard being built.
  • Transfer station destroyed while a cargo pod was being delivered.
  • Loading a game where a ship entered a gate causes an anomaly in loading.
  • Entering gate while ship was being produced - on map transition base was deleted and when shipyard wanted to return resources.
  • Ships exiting gate trying to form up with lead ship that exited gate - in case the leader died.
  • Loading game twice or more then interacting with command ship abilities GUI (old GUI events not cleared properly).

New Objects:
  • Platform - Radiation Field generator - a area of effect bomb in space.
  • Platform - Gun

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About This Game

Combining the best of space combat and real time strategy. Victory can be tactical, a dogfight or capital ship slugging match - depending on how you decide to achieve it.

A desolate asteroid field on the edge of the solar system erupts in war. Your forces rely on you to take the battle to the enemy. Build up defenses and fleets, repair and upgrade your command ship, lead your forces to reclaim and conquer territory.

Game play:

The seat of a fighter, the bridge of a cruiser and a tactical battle map are your tools of war. Void Destroyer puts you in command and gives you ultimate freedom over the your forces and the art of war.

If you ever wanted to directly control your forces in a real time strategy game or be able to build ships and command to your wing-men and fleets in a space combat simulator like you can in a RTS - this is the game for you. Void Destroyer combines elements from space combat simulators and real time strategy games. No longer are you limited on how to control and command. Battles are waged on your terms, you are given the tools. How you use them is up to you.

Jump into a fighter to engage in dogfights, then switch into a frigate to take out an enemy corvette. Build defensive platforms to augment the security of your base. Issue commands to your attack ships to distract enemy defenders to allow your marine frigates to board an enemy's base. Defend and oversee asteroid mining craft to have the resources necessary to support your fleets.

By combining elements of two genres, enemies can be more brutal, fights can be larger and you can overcome greater challenges.

Think there's not enough time? Use time dilation (slow down time) to make time for tactics.


  • A mixture of space combat and real time strategy games - two games in one, how you play is up to you
  • A story line, opportunities, plot twists, boss fights, and many surprises
  • Pilot ships - from small drones to heavy cruisers
  • Instant ship switching - all ships are pilot-able
  • Multitude of weapon systems in the hands of both friends and foes
  • Tactical Mode - easily issue orders and manage your forces
  • Build platforms
  • Build ships
  • Research new technology
  • Upgrade your command ship
  • Combine the use of command ship abilities for devastating tactics, use a tractor beam to pull an enemy closer then annihilate it an upgraded main gun
  • Asteroid mining
  • Flight engine combines six degree of freedom with Newtonian physics balanced to allow for dogfights
  • Pilot via joystick or mouse (mouse flight - includes two different modes)
  • Multiple controllers (HOTAS and other) are supported
  • Command view - camera and mouse controls optimized for controlling turrets and piloting larger ships
  • If the role of a pilot isn't your thing - you can let the ship's crew do their job
  • Capture enemy bases and ships
  • Mod support - "mod nearly everything" philosophy
  • Instant Action scenarios - unlocked via playing the main game/story mode
  • Arena (dogfight) and Skirmish (RTS maps) modes
  • Battle Editor - create your own maps, unlimited game play on your own terms
  • Unlock system - as you research new ships and defeat enemy ships, they become available for use in the battle editor
  • Formations - pre-defined and custom
  • Community input valued by a responsive developer
  • In game guide/manual and tutorial system
  • Difficulty options - make the game more forgiving to get through a tough spot if you so chose

Void Destroyer is a "labor of love" a project that I can't envision not working on. I will continue adding new features and content to the game even post the "official release." And hope to create a lasting impression on gaming history.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Intel Core i3 or equivalent
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 9800 or later
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Works with most Intel graphics cards, but not recommended. DRM free.
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 550 or better
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: DRM free.
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