Combining the best of space combat and real time strategy. Victory can be tactical, a dogfight or capital ship slugging match - depending on how you decide to achieve it. Space combat on a RTS scale with space sim savagery.
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Release Date: Jan 20, 2015

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"A brutally challenging yet fun space combat game that needs a lot of attention from the player, but offers a lot of rewards...or so I hope. ;)"
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October 19

Void Destroyer 2 - News Update

Hey guys!

Proud/excited/nervous/anxious to show you the first glimpses at Void Destroyer 2.

Here's the first trailer:

Here's the second trailer:

Check out the Coming Soon Page on Steam -

As you can see there's a new art style - I hope you like it - there's a lot of thought behind the scenes put in for the art style, as far as uniqness and viability for an indie project.

I hope you follow and wish list the project - and let a friend (or two!) know about it.

A little bit about Void Destroyer 2:
It is a space sandbox game - and like Void Destroyer it will also combine space combat and RTS elements - up to the player to decide/chose when to use what. But this time in a non-linear environment.

Many of you asked for a sandbox type game set in the Void Destroyer "world" - so I'm happy to oblige. And as an added bonus the two games don't share the exact same genre so Void Destroyer will remain a awesome space combat and RTS mission based game.

Without your support - Void Destroyer 2 wouldn't be possible - the proceeds from Void Destroyer go towards its funding.

Thanks for supporting the project!



Void Destroyer 2 - Dev Update: Ships - what's different, what's new.

Direct link: YouTube

Void Destroyer 2 - Dev Update: Art Style

Direct link: YouTube

Void Destroyer 2 - Dev Update: Prototype/Gameplay Preview and Future Goals

Direct link: YouTube

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June 17

Steam Summer Sale Feature

Hey guys!

I'm very excited to be featured on the Steam Summer Sale - unlocked via the Monster Mini Game. There's so many amazing games on sale, its an honor being included.

EDIT: the feature discount is over - but the regular Summer Sale Discount is still pretty nice ;)

Thanks for considering purchasing Void Destroyer. I hope that the Summer Sale brings a lot of new fans to the game.

Feel free to ask questions, post feedback, you can friend me on Steam, post messages on the forums, or just email me (paul @ void destroyer . com ).

Here's some info to hopefully maximize your enjoyment of the game.

What is Void Destroyer:
Void Destroyer is a mix of RTS (like Homeworld) and space sim (like X series, Freelancer, Tie Fighter, Wing Commander) games. It features both fleet command and direct flight (including capital ships). It is a story based single player game. There is an instant action mode with pre-built scenarios, and a battle editor for you to setup your own crazy fights. There is also a free "Mini Sandbox DLC."

Void Destroyer has crazy big battles, that you can control from a fleet view, or fight in a fighter. There's boss fights, unique challenges and huge alien death cruisers.

Void Destroyer is an indie game - that cost $40k USD (not including my time spent) most of which was raised via Kickstarter. It took 5 years to make (with me working mostly nights and weekends on it).

There aren't many games that mix these two genres - mixing genres is often too big of a risk for most AAA and even smaller studios. Luckily indie games thrive on risk, that's our currency.

Support issues:

Check out the support forums:

Common issues post:

Intel Chipset issues post:

Also you can friend me and message me - or email me - paul @ void destroyer . com

Difficulty/Getting Started Issues:
Depending on your experience with space sims and RTS games - the game can can be a bit more challenging at the beginning than most other games - it is a mix of two genres and you are tossed into the commander role very fast. Enemy forces come at you with the intention of winning.

The RTS and space sim genres don't have nearly as many games released each year - so players tend to be less experienced with them - thus there might be a steeper learning curve - but once you get past it - you can become a immortal space warlord.

So if you ask me, its worth it.

Very much recommended.

Difficulty options:
The game features difficulty options, these are best used before most of your fleet is destroyed.

Command ship upgrades:
There are some very powerful abilities that can turn the tide of battle. That destroyer giving you problems? Capture it with the command ability, now you've taken out an enemy and gained a ship.

Hints and tips:
The game's built in guide has a hints and tips section.

Also you can friend me and message me - or email me - paul @ void destroyer . com


Once again, thanks for your interest in Void Destroyer, I hope you have a great Summer Sale.


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Free DLC - Mini Sandbox

An additional game mode

Start with a basic fighter - the rest is up to you.

About This Game

Combining the best of space combat and real time strategy. Victory can be tactical, a dogfight or capital ship slugging match - depending on how you decide to achieve it.

A desolate asteroid field on the edge of the solar system erupts in war. Your forces rely on you to take the battle to the enemy. Build up defenses and fleets, repair and upgrade your command ship, lead your forces to reclaim and conquer territory.

Game play:

The seat of a fighter, the bridge of a cruiser and a tactical battle map are your tools of war. Void Destroyer puts you in command and gives you ultimate freedom over the your forces and the art of war.

If you ever wanted to directly control your forces in a real time strategy game or be able to build ships and command to your wing-men and fleets in a space combat simulator like you can in a RTS - this is the game for you. Void Destroyer combines elements from space combat simulators and real time strategy games. No longer are you limited on how to control and command. Battles are waged on your terms, you are given the tools. How you use them is up to you.

Jump into a fighter to engage in dogfights, then switch into a frigate to take out an enemy corvette. Build defensive platforms to augment the security of your base. Issue commands to your attack ships to distract enemy defenders to allow your marine frigates to board an enemy's base. Defend and oversee asteroid mining craft to have the resources necessary to support your fleets.

By combining elements of two genres, enemies can be more brutal, fights can be larger and you can overcome greater challenges.

Think there's not enough time? Use time dilation (slow down time) to make time for tactics.


  • A mixture of space combat and real time strategy games - two games in one, how you play is up to you
  • A story line, opportunities, plot twists, boss fights, and many surprises
  • Pilot ships - from small drones to heavy cruisers
  • Instant ship switching - all ships are pilot-able
  • Multitude of weapon systems in the hands of both friends and foes
  • Tactical Mode - easily issue orders and manage your forces
  • Build platforms
  • Build ships
  • Research new technology
  • Upgrade your command ship
  • Combine the use of command ship abilities for devastating tactics, use a tractor beam to pull an enemy closer then annihilate it an upgraded main gun
  • Asteroid mining
  • Flight engine combines six degree of freedom with Newtonian physics balanced to allow for dogfights
  • Pilot via joystick or mouse (mouse flight - includes two different modes)
  • Multiple controllers (HOTAS and other) are supported
  • Command view - camera and mouse controls optimized for controlling turrets and piloting larger ships
  • If the role of a pilot isn't your thing - you can let the ship's crew do their job
  • Capture enemy bases and ships
  • Mod support - "mod nearly everything" philosophy
  • Instant Action scenarios - unlocked via playing the main game/story mode
  • Arena (dogfight) and Skirmish (RTS maps) modes
  • Battle Editor - create your own maps, unlimited game play on your own terms
  • Unlock system - as you research new ships and defeat enemy ships, they become available for use in the battle editor
  • Formations - pre-defined and custom
  • Community input valued by a responsive developer
  • In game guide/manual and tutorial system
  • Difficulty options - make the game more forgiving to get through a tough spot if you so chose

Void Destroyer is a "labor of love" a project that I can't envision not working on. I will continue adding new features and content to the game even post the "official release." And hope to create a lasting impression on gaming history.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Intel Core i3 or equivalent
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 9800 or later
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Works with most Intel graphics cards, but not recommended. DRM free.
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 550 or better
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: DRM free.
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Posted: June 7
If you want to take control of your ship directly when you play Homeworld
If you want to command a whole fleet when you play EVE
If you want to pilot a capital ship when you play X Reborn

If you want a game realistic enough to consider the retro-thrusters and the sound reduction in space ships
If you want a challanging old style game which needs you to think your walkthrough over and over

Then don't be fooled by the graphic, this game is your last hope.

A really brilliant work, 10/10.
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20 of 21 people (95%) found this review helpful
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42.4 hrs on record
Posted: June 9
Void Destroyer is an indie FPS/RTS Hybrid that builds off of inspirations such as the Homeworld Series and Battlezone of yore. Overall, this is a very strong game made by a very passionate one man development team that used kickstarter to generate some surprisingly good visuals and art, and I would strongly recommend it.

The story premise is as follows: You are a retired veteran commander of a military space force who is thrust back into a command role in response to a surprise attack in an un-named star system far from Earth. A series of gates link these systems. Miners and military folks don't get along. Pretty standard sci-fi space game stuff. Void Destroyer is, however, a unique and interesting execution of this concept, most notably because you can, in fact, win the game in a variety of ways, focusing on your own piloting skills, fleet/strategic management, or more likely, some mixture thereof.

Void Destroyer thus allows you to choose between jumping into a big honkin cruiser and duking it out, trying to dodge and prioritize your turrets, or you can hit space and zoom out, ordering your ships to focus fire on an enemy or attacking from a different direction to exploit a weakness. The developer has stated that this is by design, and appears to have accomplished this.

The game has campaign, skirmish, and sandbox modes. There is no multiplayer mode. Items used in sandbox or skirmish modes are based off of campaign unlocks, although the developer has posted instructions on how to get around this.

The campaign is difficult, and will require some study *You can't simply brute force your way in a "BUILD X OF THIS SUPER UNIT, KILL THOSE GUYS", but there is carry over (Your fleet persists over the campaign). The story depth is about average for its genre, not overly sophisticated, although there is a minor amount of world-building that takes place, but the dialogue (Which is text based, likely due to cost constraints) is surprisingly witty and even funny at times.

Base management and resource management is minimal, but well situated (There are only three resources, which run off a percent of crew devoted to producing them). THere is a fleet size cap that varies over the campaign, and some unique units that can filter in, as well as hero and unique units. The centerpiece "Hero" unit is your command ship, a cruiser class ship that can be upgraded in a variety of interesting ways (Such as a tractor beam to to pull objects, both friend and foe) or special engine upgrades.

Overall, there is a learning curve, however, there is a surprisingly helpful and frankly worded in-game guide of "If this is too hard for you, don't forget to try X and Y." Developer response and support, from my personal experience, has been strong, with pointed and considered responses over steam and in forums. If you have a serious problem with the game, there is a decent to above average likelihood the developer will respond.

A note on downsides: There are situations in the game where the game will put you in unwinnable scenarios, IF YOU SO CHOOSE (Between 2 and 3 times( , without always making it completely clear through dialogue. Some players appreciate this appeal to player decision making, others will be driven up a wall by it.

Overall, if you liked Homeworld or similar titles, enjoy fleet or strategic command games, or are simply a die-hard space nut, I strongly recommend Void Destroyer as a worthwhile purchase.
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A developer has responded on Jun 16 @ 10:24am
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27.3 hrs on record
Posted: June 19
It's like Iteration 11 combined parts of Homeworld, Sins of a Solar Empire, X series, Freelancer, shook it in a cocktail mixer, and took off those nasty seeds to offer a brilliant experience.

It's a difficult game in the sense that you have to manage 3 game types in a time to progress (Base Management - Units Tactics - Combat). No need to be an Octopus though since controls are well thought (1 button to switch between tactical & combat, 2 command to select a ship & enter it...) but you need to make your brain work to record all those controls - still, it's less than X3 & arma 3 to quote the worst, and you know how much we love those games.

The combat feeling is amazing. I'm used to the X3 series flying model which looks rather flat compared to Void Destroyer. Indeed, It's closer to Freelancer (Newton based physics) so fighters feels like jets but damn when you boost it really boost! If you've never experienced a 30vs30 fights where you're just another ship -in the middle of ships you've made- (like an X-wing you know..) Void Destroyer could be the game to lose your virginity!

The base management part is reduced to simple tasks that you can perform under an unlimited bullet time effect (so that you don't miss the fight). Basically, you'll adjust sliders to optimize income according to your currents actions: station building, ships productions & research. I really like how the interface is handling the job here, once you get it it's easy to start a research, build a couple of ships and set their rally point. The point in the strategic part is to analyze your ennemy, build the adequate type of ships & overcome the ennemy.

Then, that's where the game surprised me a lot, CONTENT! Let's just throw it: Solo Campaign (Hard & Persistent), Showcases/Single Mission (Worth doing since it unlocks ships for Random Battle), Editor, Free Open World DLC... It only lacks multiplayer. And ships, so many ships.. Bad ♥♥♥ cell-shaded ships!

If you're into cell-shading it won't graphically be a problem for you, then it's all about taste. I really enjoy the design here and it renders good in space, first time i see this so far. Technically speaking, the only thing about Void Destroyer i don't like is the sound! It's too quiet in my opinion and i'd love the music to be more present in the game. On the contrary, sound effects serve the game well and give essential information in the middle of the fight i.e ship construction finished, capital ship upgrade. The game is stable and i saw a developper saying he'll offer a key if you can find a game breaking bug. Just get quickly around the steam community hub to see how the support is real, this game is alive & Void Destroyer 2 is on its way.

Worth at any price for every Space Sim fan. If you've have never experience this kind of game before, consider that the time to learn this kind of game is long (between 5 to 10h) but extremely rewarding. There are tutorials in this game that can give you enough confidence to have fun in a "short" time. How will you be rewarded? Epic battle, a nice feeling of freedom and the sensation to master a hardcore piece of video game. Good luck!

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Posted: July 20
Pretty solid game, quite old school controls in a good way. Definately worth a purchase if you enjoy combat sims
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Posted: October 15
The best Homeworld-like game I've played. The trailers look like pure dogfighting, but I play almost entirely from tactical view. Capruting enemy ships and bases, managing resources, ship upgrades - Void Destoyer really flipped all my switches.
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