Eden Star is a Sci-Fi survival game that blends unique physics based combat, destructible environments and free-form construction with the exploration of a hostile alien world.
User reviews: Very Positive (248 reviews)
Release Date: Jan 30, 2015

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Eden Star is a core game developed by gamers, for gamers. We care for the game and the people who play it and therefore, early access provides the best platform to fuse great community ideas with our passion to conjointly see Eden Star reach its full potential.

Components of Eden Star are at multiple stages of development; some prototyped, some in early design and some purely conceptual. We want to gauge whether you feel that the core mechanics are working and how you see them evolving. Our mantra is to build and improve from a solid foundation and, although there may be issues at times, we want to work with you to address these issues as soon as possible.


Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“In short, as long as it needs to be. We are committed to delivering a great experience and – depending on development – will be adding new features, fixing any issues and expanding the gameplay in subsequent updates. Exiting early access is dependent on how well the game is received, so the more people that back Eden Star early on, the more the proceeds can be pushed back into refining the game.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“There are many planned features that are currently at various stages of development.

The Early Access is currently single player only!

We primarily plan to extend the experience to multiplayer but need to test the physics mechanics that affect gameplay before we commit entirely.

We are planning on developing a greater amount of customization via additional upgrades, weapons and the inclusion of armour types. We also plan to expand on the construction, adding to the available primitive Schematics, Defenses and Utilities to allow for more creativity and playstyles.

The lore of the game is also extremely important to us, providing an expansive universe that can provide story to drive the game forwards. The ultimate goal would be to explore this in full.

For further details, see the Trello board below.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The Early Access is essentially a starting point from which we can expand upon. The core gameplay mechanics are complete as a single player experience (if a very minimal one) and have been developed with multiplayer in mind.

For a full feature list, please visit our current features and road map thread HERE

We have squished all the bugs we have found but there will likely be more that we haven’t encountered yet, being the small, independent team we are. The tutorial is a work in progress, the controls are convoluted and currently no balancing has taken place. We hope it’s fun, but we want you to tell us if it isn't so that we can make improvements. This is why we wanted to bring Eden Star to Early Access, we need your help to make it the best it can be.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“Our "pricing strategy" is a simple one. The price will reflect the current features in the game. Over time the price of the game will incrementally increase, the game may also occasional drop in price during Steam Sales.

What's the reasoning behind all this price fluctuation?!

Firstly, we want to reward our early adopters and supporters for backing us earlier in the development process. With the v.0.0.1. build we released a free, unique 15 page Art of Eden Star PDF book as a thank you to all of those backers who purchased prior to the v0.0.1. Our goal is to reward early adoption with similar gratitude in the future, including exclusive background Lore documentation and more.

Secondly, we want to build an active and involved community to help us shape the future of Eden Star, so we hope the lower price point acts as a lowered barrier for those who wish to help us mold future releases of Eden Star, but without the free additional reward content.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“The community is an essential part of any Early Access game and Eden Star will be no different.

Please keep abreast of development updates via our Public Trello Board;


We would hugely appreciate you telling us when you encounter any issues so that we can find solutions and deliver updates to you as soon as possible.

  • Is the game not running?
  • Have you found a crash?
  • Is a weapon underpowered?
  • Is an enemy misbehaving?
  • Are you able to find the materials in the world for the upgrade that you want?
  • Are there parts of the game or the controls that you think need to be explained more in the tutorial?
  • Are you having trouble running the game on your system?
  • Are you stuck in a chasm with no way out?
  • etc...

We would also like to know if you think the game is missing something vital. Do you have an idea that you think would fit with the world of Eden Star or improve the way something currently works? If so, we’ would like to hear it. Suggestions are always welcome, we may have already thought of it and have something in the pipeline but you may have a great idea we love and nobody has imagined yet...”
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Recommended By Curators

"Eden Star is a survival-creation like no other with innovative physics. Tower defense, mining, crafting, FPS... Eden Star has a lot of potential!"
Read the full review here.

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September 4

September Development Update

 Greetings Pioneers!

It’s been one of those satisfying and frantic weeks here at Flix, where many weeks of work starts to come together into something that we can actually look at as a whole. We’re starting our internal multiplayer testing very soon so we thought we would share some more shiny insights into where we are at, and what we’re working on. Go for it John!..

John - Lead Designer

I was at the awesome Insomnia55 event last weekend meeting with some amazing streamers and people to ready up for the launch of multiplayer and slowly start that beast of a PR train/boulder! This week I have been working through production, fighting an evil empire, talking some really good business with peeps and designing all of the multiplayer menus such as the server host screen, the lobby screen and designing the clan/squad system including how clan rules are set for existing assets and new assets are owned and handled by the clan.

Lee - Technical Director

This week I have been putting the AI together for the new Swamp Walker and some new interactive foliage. I’m making some good progress on putting our new AI perception component together which I hope to have in the next release which should help frame rate issues.

Joe - Environment Artist

I’ve been continuing with asset placement work on the new map. We’re trying to get a good balance between visual fidelity and gameplay, whilst making sure each area of the map is fun to explore and run around in!

Yves - Senior Developer

At the start of the week I worked through the new build mechanic tweaks as we had issues with automation where objects were snapping underground in certain situations, once this was fixed I managed to get the new build system save framework in place before nailing down the bugs that Andy posted up. Today we got Multiplayer servers up and working again (like a BOSS) and i’ve been debugging the dedicated servers and clearing out the obvious initial crashes.
After working through the server setup I managed to also get net-relevancy in for Apex destruction, meaning that anything destroyed, replicates for relevant clients and late joiners. BOOSH!

Rickalos - Developers

Finalised the new HUD elements for UMG, and been preparing for multiplayer by adding in a multiplayer UI Lobby System including Hosting and Joining games. Then here have been quite a few crash fixes and a backlog of bugs from the bugs board to sort through which are now looking much nicer.

Matt - Art Director

Modelling and importing has been the order of the week. The new style build sets have 3 variants depending on the rarity of mineral you construct them out of. Some stronger than others, the visuals need to represent their strength and it’s important we get the spaces you can create feeling secure like strongholds.

We’re also in the process of designing the visuals for an additional long range weapon and 'armory' utility which you will eventually need to create before you can acquire and upgrade weapons and armor types.

Tristan - Senior Developer

This week I have been working on bugs and tweaking mostly. It started off with the new build system before moving back to the new foliage system to get that ready for testing in multiplayer.

Marcin - Designer

It’s been a hard week getting all the building blocks ready for the new upcoming construction system. There is nearly 30 of them now, and they all needed to be set up from scratch. That is a lot of components, snapping locations, collision volumes, materials, effects, multipliers, and functions to go through. It’s all good though, because the result is proving to be quite impressive.

In preparations for the Multi-player we have been moving, simplifying and unifying a lot of code, especially to do with AI mechanics, such as taking damage, ragdolling, turning, etc., which means Lee and I had a lot of debugging on that front too. We are definitely at the end of that hurdle now, but it definitely felt somewhat like this:


Chris - Designer

This week I have returned from commanding 300 Spartans in Cyprus against the might of the Persian army even though ancient and modern Sparta was/is located in Greece!

But back to reality, I have been working with Joe on placing a few (thousand) rocks around the world with a focus on ensuring the new map is fun to explore using our free running mechanics.

Tom - Character Artist

We now have a finished Viper ready for the game!

Lauren - Animator

I've been hopping around a few different tasks this week including rigging up the IKA Viper ready for animation, debugging and setting up the attack for the Swamp Walker and working on more 3rd person animations and blending in preparation for multiplayer.

Animations are a work in progress and are subject to change
Gav - Concept Artist

This week we’ve been working on some designs for the base MATA tool which players will in the future be able to start with, gradually upgrading the mechanics and visuals as they progress. I’ve also been working with one of our other concept artists Simone on establishing another utility piece aptly named the ‘armoury’ and a sniper to add to the player’s arsenal; both of which we will hopefully reveal soon :)

Andy - Lead Tester

Working on asset placement in the new map and testing all the new lovelies we have in store for you guys!

 You can keep up with our progress and latest developments via our Trello boards

-Team Flix

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August 28

August Development Update 3

Greetings Pioneers!

Another development report coming right your way! with insights into further progress on the Island, a vicious flying creature and other goings on.

Lee - Technical Director

This week I have continued with the work to move functionality out of blueprint and into code. I’ve also been working on making sure I stamp on any new bugs this has created.

Tristan - Senior Developer

I have been fixing some bugs with the power and build systems - like telling turrets that have power that they are actually allowed to shoot at enemies and not just to use my power. Pesky turrets.

Joe - Environment Artist

This week I’ve done an initial pass of Onyx placement for the Island edges of the new map. I’ve also worked on Post Process effects and fixed a bunch of issues that were introduced when the Rock shader was refactored.


John - Lead Designer

This week we have been finalising the progression designs and working through the initial balancing pass on the on the upgrade system in order to review implementation feasibility. I’m also currently working with the team to keep production tight and so far we are on track to release the new build system by the end of next week.

If we can also get the new foliage system finalised with all of the ‘take damage’ functionality, we may be also able to release an update to the current map for people to play around in. My next focus for this week coming will be to nail down the final progression designs (all of the buildings and player loadout changes so that you start weaker, but with new features to balance it - leaving you feeling vulnerable but wanting to progress) and then work towards concepts with Gav Master Flash, AKA. Gav for the aesthetic counterparts.

Yves - Senior Developer

This will be short as I have been recovering from some sort of flesh eating bug in my mouth. I’ve been working fixes for the build, next week is where the magic will properly happen.

Tom - Character Artist

Been working on the Ika’s bigger brother; the IKA Viper!


Carlos - Developer

I have been finalising the last few elements of our new HUD, getting them in and working as we want, adding the new ‘fadeability’ functionality to the elements that need it. The new HUD should allow us to turn more post-process effects on and make our wonderful world even shinier and prettier! In addition I’ve been helping Ricky debug the new Build menu to work perfectly.

Matt & Marcin - Art Director, Designer

This week me and Marcin have teamed up to clean up the build so it looks equally as nice as it works. Matt has been working on additional HUD icons for our build system and clean up of visuals for the material surfaces. As well as collision and socket debugging for build, Marcin has also been working away at Juggernaut mechanics. We are one, we are Matcin.

Lauren - Animator


The wind is in my hair, sand at my feet, and Sheep everywhere. I appear to have gotten lost on the way to work yesterday…Otherwise I’ve been working on updates to the game guide that will be released next week whilst refining animations for all of our upcoming creatures such as the Walker and Swamp Snake. Alongside this I have been finishing the 3rd person Pioneer smash animations ready for multiplayer.

Andy - Lead QA

I’ve been working with Joe and Matt to get the Onyx cliff rocks placed around the edge of our new map. (FYI, it’s not as easy, or fun, as it looks) I’ve also been testing the new build mechanic and working with the guys to iron out any bugs.

Ricky - Developer

I have had the luxury of revisiting many long untouched UI and HUD systems and refactoring them to work with the many many changes going in for our new build system and multiplayer.

Gav - Concept Artist

This week I've been working with one of our other designers on additional creature concepts and a stripped down, basic version of the MATA Tool.


You can keep up with our progress and latest developments via our Trello boards

-Team Flix

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““Maybe I’m just starstruck, but this looks entirely brilliant””

“Eden Star is the perfect game for those of who have always wanted to play Mass Effect, but were put off because there wasn't enough Minecraft in it.”

“If it is this enjoyable at Pre-Alpha they’re doing something right”
PCgamer - Issue 87

Steam Greenlight

Notice: 64-bit Windows Required

You must be running 64-bit Windows 7.1 or later to play Eden Star.

About This Game

Eden Star is an immersive Sci-Fi survival game that blends innovative physics based combat, destructible environments and free-form construction with the exploration of a hostile alien world.

Explore and gather resources from the environment of Pharus 7, use these materials to construct defensive outposts, craft powerful weaponry and upgrade your Pioneer.

NOTE: The game is currently SINGLE PLAYER only.

Current Features

  • Physics based combat (Smash)
  • Alien Splintermite (Ground Enemy)
  • Alien Ika (Flying Enemy)
  • 2 neutral creatures
  • 1km Map
  • Foliage Destruction
  • Mineral Destruction
  • 8 Material Types
  • Wall running and Mantling

Craftable Weapons and Ammo;
  • Pistol (pre-compiled – Not Yet custom)
  • Rifle (pre-compiled – Not Yet custom)

Multiple “MATA-Tool” Abilities/Upgrade Modules;
  • Kinetic Blast
  • Kinetic Laser
  • Mining
  • Structure Regeneration
  • Reclaim Structures (Undo)
  • MATA-Combat (Smash)
  • Gauss Cannon
  • Basic Melee

Primitive Build-set;
  • Foundations
  • Walls
  • Cubes
  • Ramps

Functional Structures;
  • Eden Kit
  • Auto Turret
  • Energy Turret
  • Missile Turret
  • Energy Walls

For an up to date list of what we are currently working on we have a public Trello board available HERE (you must have a Trello account to comment or vote on features)

In Development

  • Multiplayer (Co-Op initially)
  • 8km Island
  • Energy Generators
  • Juggernaut (large ground enemy)
  • Swamp Walker Neutral Creature
  • Alien Swamp Biome
  • Swamp Snake Enemy Creature
  • Expanded build set (doors, windows, details etc)

In Planning

We will not promise that the following features will make it into the game until they are actually in the game!

  • Refined Melee
  • Expanded World
  • Additional Pioneer Characters
  • Steam Achievements
  • Health Packs
  • Craftable/ Upgradable Armour
  • Utility buildings (generators etc)
  • Caves
  • More enemies
  • More neutral creatures
  • Robotic allies
  • Vehicles
  • Procedural content
  • THE GAWR...

Current Feature Overview

Use your MATA-Tool (Remote Manipulation Device) to harvest trees, foliage and mineral rich rocks within a real-time physics driven environment. Obtain Material Shards for use in outpost building, weapon construction and powerful upgrades. Destroy and recreate your surroundings at will; the world is yours to manipulate, just watch out for the indigenous lifeforms…

Use gathered Materials to craft defenses, walls, ramps and turrets to protect your outpost or construct powerful weapons and upgrades for your Pioneer. Place gathered Materials within your Eden Kit to store, or use them to upgrade the Eden Kit's protective shield and power additional defenses. Expand your territory by building additional Eden kits. How you balance your resources is up to you.

Using unique physics-driven combat you can remotely grab enemies and smash or blast them into the destructible environment. Upgrade your weaponry to tackle the alien hives and claim the territory for your own. Combine different attacks and abilities in order to survive against enemies and environmental hazards. A simple, but fluid movement system gives you freedom to move athletically across surfaces.

Death in Eden Star is permanent. You can be reconstructed back by the Eden Kit provided it contains Teslinium and remains intact, but naturally it must be protected...

The Tech Demo is free and is automatically downloaded with Eden Star. To access it you must do the following;

  • Find Eden Star :: Destroy - Build - Protect ® in your Steam Game Library
  • Right Mouse Click over Eden Star :: Destroy - Build - Protect ® and select Properties from the bottom of the list
  • Left Mouse Click on the 3rd tab labelled Local Files
  • Left Mouse Click on the Browse Local Files button

This Will Open Up A Browser Window

  • Click on the UE3 Combat Tech Demo folder
  • Follow the instructions listed within the associated Readme file within the folder, all instructions are also within the Readme document

To launch the Eden Star Tech Demo you must find the folder where you have installed the Tech Demo and find the following folder;

EdenDemo_5.7 > Binaries > Win64 then click on the application (.exe) "EdenGame" to launch the demo

e.g. :: C:\Eden\EdenDemo_5.7\Binaries\Win64\EdenGame.exe

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1.
    • Processor: Intel i5 CPU @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs) / AMD X8 FX @ 3.5GHz (8 CPUs)
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 650 / or AMD equivalent
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
    • Sound Card: 100% DirectX 10 compatible
    • Additional Notes: Over time content, programming changes and feature updates may change the system requirements for this game. Some system components such as mobile chipsets, integrated, and AGP graphics cards may be incompatible. An internet connection may be required to access in future.
Helpful customer reviews
15 of 17 people (88%) found this review helpful
17.0 hrs on record
Posted: August 16
Early Access Review
Eden star is an amazing game. It combines so many strange crazy ideas such as Minecraft, mirrors edge, mass effect and survival and somehow pulls it off but not just that it does it so well. The point of the game is that you are whoever you think your character is future Steve, Commander Shepard, a dog in a space suit, and you must survive as long as you can. Think Minecraft but with a survival mode during the night. During the night monsters will emerge and attempt to attack your base's heart the Eden Kit. The Eden Kit is important because it is responsible for three things. It allows you to respawn, it creates a shield that blocks out the radiation of the night which will eat away at your shield and it helps you regen health which as far as I can tell cannot be regenerated any other way. Also you die easy. The world is huge and it contains a gorgeous landscape that you could spend hours exploring and admiring. Even now though I have seen a lot of the environment it still makes me go wow as the colours and designs and contrasts are perfect. The render distance also helps as you can see so far and see so much. There are many puzzles comprised of jumps and plat forming however there is a free running mechanic. The free running mechanic is almost as good as mirrors edge the only problem is that the game doesn't run at 60 fps for me so it is a bit clunky but otherwise reminiscent of mirrors edge (which had one of the best free running system I have ever used that put assassins creed to shame). The crafting though simplistic is still detailed and very creative you have four different types of building shapes. Primitive which are simply cubes that can be crafted out of several materials, panels which is self-explanatory which can be made of many materials as well. Foundations which you use to create a flat area to build your base on and finally ramps which are ramps shocking I know. The game also comes which a weapon system and upgrade system. So far there are few upgrades and only 2 weapons. A pistol and rifle. Yet the aiming feels precise and the weapons powerful while the upgrades feel effective. The respawn system is my favorite out of every game ever as it is good but so devilish. You use this material called tesliuim which is used also to increase the shield radius of your Eden Kit and it is used to respawn however it requires one but since there are no chest or other storage containers if you die you lose all your materials, blocks and ammo. So might as well be carrying 1 tesliuim but happily you keep all your weapons and upgrades. There is some much more to Eden Kit and there is some much is being added for example the developers have considered adding a multiplayer which sounds amazing.This game has so much potential it’s crazy especially because the concept is so strange. It is one of those ideas that if pulled off right will be just the best. Please check this game out at least go on YouTube and watch some gameplay because even if it never gets updated again it is worth the money. Have a great day and never stop gaming ever. Well unless you need a break.
NOTE TO DEVELOPERS: Excuse me developers if/when you add multiplayer please make it private so friends can invite each other their games cause otherwise we will get what happens in mc grievers, trolls and other abominations of the gaming community, yet if it can be played amongst friends it will be just the greatest game ever made.
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
21.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 16
Early Access Review
This game is incredible for an Early Access game. The crafting is solid. You can build your shelter in many shape or form which looks really good. You can craft things from one of many material which gives different stats (pro and cons for dmg resistance). Combat in this game is also very good. Although there are only two kinds of enemies(Flying and ground ones) and two kinds of weapon(Pistol And Combat rifle) in this game, but the combat is a blast and pretty solid. You can throw your enemy against trees to make it collapse and collect the tree resources later. Customization is also good. You can craft many upgrades for your armor, such as faster resource collecting and an ability to repair your building. This game also has a clear tutorial and guide for how to play it, so it should be easy for anyone. In conclusion, Eden Star is a very interesting project and fun to be played. There are very fews content for now, but also very fews bugs to be found. Just get the damn game since it worth every baht and penny.
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4 of 5 people (80%) found this review helpful
7.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 7
Early Access Review
2 hours in, and i think this is good game. One day this will be great thank you devs.
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
4.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 14
Early Access Review
IM SURPRISED!!!! its really good in style, flow (theres parkour and its really good!) and overall fun!
i wish there was more guns and less lag becuase theres a bit of that LAG SPIKE thing going on they NEEEEEEEEEED TO FIX!
but overall well worth the money just make sure u can run it and a bit more! 7.5/10
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
19.6 hrs on record
Posted: August 27
Early Access Review
First of all this Game is Amazing for an Alpha State Game. Nearly no glichtes, its super playable.

What I like most of the game ist alle the Stuff you can do its feels like an nice mixture of an Survival-RPG-Egoshooter-Portal Game with a hell lot of particel effects. The look and feel is amazing and i can highly recommend the game.
The only bad part about it is that when you played it for about 12 hours there is absolutly nothing new to discover.

The following recommandations for the great team behind this game.
PLS let us upgrade the eden kit even further. I need so much more slots for Turrets.

how about some hard wired points for upgrading the denen kit like if you hit lvl 5 shield upgrade you can develop the base into a new state wich also looks different?

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