An artfully designed first-person boxing game with freestyle arcade action in which you punch a turkey in the face. Beast Boxing Turbo is a challenging first-person boxing game with fast-paced freestyle boxing action. You play a secret human boxer in a beastly world. She's outmuscled, undersized, and in way over her head.
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Data de lançamento: 19/nov/2013
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“Beast Boxing Turbo is a stellar title which nails the polished and accessible combat needed for a boxing game.”
True PC Gaming

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An artfully designed first-person boxing game with freestyle arcade action in which you punch a turkey in the face.

Beast Boxing Turbo is a challenging first-person boxing game with fast-paced freestyle boxing action. You play a secret human boxer in a beastly world. She's outmuscled, undersized, and in way over her head. Can she master the skills needed to get to the top of the legendary boxing leagues of Beasthalla?
Develop a fighting rhythm between attack and defense, and don't give up hope if you can't beat these monsters on your first try. There's a host of skills to train, and new gear to acquire that can give you an edge in the ring. Build up your boxing skills to match your personal style, and beat the grand champion of the Ultra League to unlock NewGame Plus mode and reach a new level of challenge.


  • "True PC Gaming, Best of 2012" - Adam Ames, True PC Gaming
  • "the game plays like a modern-day Super Punch Out" - Aaron Righter, Indie-Love
  • "Beast Boxing Turbo believes in the old-school joys of quick reflexes and combo mastery." - Becky Chambers, The Mary Sue
  • "a lovely hand-drawn art style" - Jim Rossignol, Rock Paper Shotgun


  • Fast-paced arcade gameplay and controls: Controls optimized for gamepad and keyboard that will let you deliver combos with quick straight punches, high-powered hooks and uppercuts.
  • Powerful Opponents: From Steve the Fitness Skeleton to Kamander the Snake Cyclops Sensei, these monsters are going to eat you for breakfast... until you can interrupt their devastating attacks to take their league titles!
  • In-Depth Training: There's a lot to learn in Beast Boxing - a lead-hand jab is way more likely to hit than an right uppercut... unless your opponent's guard meter is low in the middle of a sweet combo. Never fear, though, there are plenty of training sessions that Coach Piglas will put you through!
  • Customizable Gear System: What would a fantasy game be without armor? As you build up your fight winnings, spend it on useful character gear. Equip the right stuff for an opponent, and you can come out ahead in a tough matchup.
  • Awesome Monsters: With 12 fantasy opponents designed by Khang Le of Adhesive Games, art director of Hawken, you'll be up against some of the weirdest creatures to ever grace your computer screen... and then they'll give you the first-person boxing fight of your life!

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS: XP or greater
    • OS: MacOS X 10.5
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É um jogo realmente curto que pode ser completado em alguns minutos mas que pode depois ser continuado em outras dificuldades continuando a aceder a todos os melhoramentos que fomos desbloqueando. Sempre que o jogador derrota um adversário ganha pontos que pode trocar por equipamento e melhoramentos da personagem. A jogabilidade é bastante simples, o jogador tem que tentar acertar com os seus socos no adversário, bloquear os ataques dele ou desviar-se. Existem combos e formas de tentar quebrar as defesas adversárias.

Infelizmente não há grande vantagem em jogar com cuidado e utilizando todas as técnicas uma vez que podemos simplesmente martelar botões. À medida que vamos ganhando combates podemos simplesmente melhorar o ataque e acabar o combate com dois combos. Bloquear ataques também não tem realmente utilidade uma vez que podemos simplesmente desviar-nos apenas andando para o lado até a personagem descansar e depois voltar a martelar botões. A unica estratégia importante é realmente não deixar a personagem cansar-se, uma vez que os combos contam até isso acontecer.

Ao fim de alguns ataques bem sucedidos somos recompensados com um pequeno boost de dano e durante esse tempo a personagem também não se cansa. Infelizmente a profundidade da jogabilidade resume-se a isto. Existem alguns ataques especiais mas nenhum deles é necessário nem interessante de usar.

Os vários adversários são muito semelhantes, apenas com um ou dois ataques diferentes, mas compensam isto com design variado. Todos eles são únicos e ricamente detalhados, assim como os ambientes, num estilo cel-shade colorido. a história não é realmente interessante mas tem alguns diálogos engraçados. Apesar da história ser muito curta, realmente vale a pena, principalmente se você é um fã de pancadaria.
Publicada: 23 de junho
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Legalzinho , da pra passa o tempo só falto o Multiplayer
Publicada: 7 de maio
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Super fun. Nice characters.

This game has simply control likes "Divekick" and amazingly enjoyable gameplay. If you have this game from bundle, you should play it or if you hesitate about buying this game, I would prefer you to buy this game immediately. It really worths my money.
Publicada: 1 de julho
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Super Punch Out!! always seems to be forgotten by people when listing off the SNES's best titles. To be fair it's up against some stiff competition, but to this day SPO is still an incredibly fun and polished gem that has sadly faded from most people's memories. The developers of Beat Boxing Turbo clearly remember it though, with their game being clearly and highly inspired by Nintendo's boxing puzzle game, with a bit of Fight Night mixed in for a colorful arcade feel that reminded me why I miss SPO so much. It's in no way a perfect replacement, but it's an admirable effort and a surprisingly fun time!

So you want to box? Well tough luck, human, there's no place for your kind in the ring! Under a disguise though no one would stop you, and thus you enter the world of beat boxing in an attempt to make a name for yourself and prove humans have a place in the sport.

As the name suggests, this isn't straight boxing, but somewhere between the over the top feel of the before mentioned Punch Out and a simple arcade recreation of the sport. Your collection of moves is small and the way to utilize them equally limited, but you're given just enough variation to be able to plan out various moves, and counter the attacks of your beastly enemies (which true to form all have their own special attacks and fighting styles). It's easy to learn and honestly pretty easy to master as well, which actually becomes an issue after a point as fights become cake walks and the CPU's way to counteract this is to rely on cheap hits and forcing you into corners that never feel particularly fair. It's disappointing the difficulty fluctuates from such extremes, but when it's not beating you in the face without remorse the ease of conquering your opponents never became hugely unsatisfying.

As a budget priced game there have been some obvious cuts and as a whole the amount of content here is slim. Perhaps most disappointing is the absence of any multiplayer mode, which seems an obvious addition that could have extended the hour or so story mode a lot further. Other issues arise in the clunky combat, that isn't a problem generally but on higher difficulty levels leads to a lot of cheap KO's. Some recycled character models/frames are a bit tacky as well, but the cartoon artstyle mostly makes up for the corners that have been cut off the presentation.

Irregardless, Beast Boxing Turbo is worth recommending if only for how unique it is to the platform, and for how fun it is while it lasts. It's far from the classic that is Super Punch Out!!, but as that is a sequel itself perhaps it's only a matter of waiting for Beast Boxing 2 for it to reach that point.

In the meantime I'll be over here punching pigs in the face.
Publicada: 16 de agosto
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This is a very easy, simple boxing game (you don't have long move list like King of Fighters). It has a strong sense of reality when you punch your opponents.

Although this game support controller, the vibration feedback won't work. No Multi-player and the story is short.
Publicada: 9 de maio
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