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Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold incluye Supreme Ruler 2020 y la expansión, Global Crisis:SUPREME RULER 2020 De la noche a la mañana, el dólar se bloquea en EE.UU y la noticia causa repercusión en todo el mundo. La crisis económica amplifica la inestabilidad mundial y las disputas regionales quedando el mundo dividido.
Fecha de lanzamiento: 17 de Jun, 2008
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"El mapa del mundo de Supreme Ruler 2020 es, posiblemente, el mapa global más completo jamás visto en un juego. No solo saca partido de las imágenes de satélite de la NASA para crear un mapa geográfico con todo detalle y en alta resolución, sino que los aspectos políticos son también igual de precisos."


"Supreme Ruler 2020 atraerá a todos los aficionados fanáticos de la estrategia."


"A todos los fans de juegos complejos de construcción de imperios como Superpower y Civilization: ¡Alegraos! ¡Este juego es para vosotros! ¡Adelante y rebuscad entre sus miles de opciones!"

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Supreme Ruler 1936 Early Access

BattleGoat Studios is excited to announce that the newest release in the Supreme Ruler series is now available under Steam Early Access Beta... Be sure to check out Supreme Ruler 1936 on Steam:

Acerca del juego

Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold incluye Supreme Ruler 2020 y la expansión, Global Crisis:


De la noche a la mañana, el dólar se bloquea en EE.UU y la noticia causa repercusión en todo el mundo. La crisis económica amplifica la inestabilidad mundial y las disputas regionales quedando el mundo dividido. Se disuelven las naciones, se colapsa la economía y aumenta la presión. Reina la anarquía suprema. El mundo necesita un líder. Por fin, ha llegado tu hora.
Características principales:
  • Sofisticado sistema de comandos militares tácticos y estratégicos
  • Elige entre miles de vehículos militares actuales
  • Diplomacia, economía y modelos políticos detallados
  • Juega como cualquiera de los 250 territorios, a lo largo del mundo
  • Modos Individual y Multijugador
  • Totalmente modificable
  • Imágenes de satélite de la NASA de alta resolución
  • Modo sandbox con personalización ilimitada para jugar una y otra vez


La parte más importante del pack de expansión son las nuevas campañas de estilo sandbox que muestran una nueva y masiva representación del mundo en 2020 basada en muchos de los últimos acontecimientos del mundo real. Las posibilidades de cambiar la historia subyacente para jugar nuevas experiencias son ilimitadas.
Características principales:
  • 20 escenarios nuevos, aún más del doble de los principales
  • Nuevos escenarios multijugador adicionales
  • Nuevo mapa campaña/sandbox a lo largo de una nueva historia que nos conduce a la Tercera Guerra Mundial
  • Nuevas características de escenarios, incluyendo scripts y eventos aleatorios
  • Controles de grupo y unidad mejorados
  • Árbol tecnológico ampliado
  • Nuevas unidades y nuevas mallas
  • Opciones adicionales en la sala de espera de la partida
  • Más tutoriales y consejos en el juego
  • Mejoras gráficas

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows® 2000 / XP / VISTA
    • Procesador: Pentium III a 800 MHz
    • Memoria: 512 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: Tarjeta gráfica 3D con más de 16 MB de VRAM
    • DirectX®: DirectX 8.1 ó posterior
    • Sonido: Tarjeta de sonido compatible con DirectX
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I will not write a complete review, there are enough of those here. I will not rant, either. I have played the game and I like it; the complexity, micro-managing and pace are fine by me (except you either get declared war on by everybody immediately or nothing happens at all).

HOWEVER, I cannot, in good conscience, recommend this game for a very simple reason: It's incomplete, and thus borders on a SCAM; at the very least, it reflects poorly on BattleGoat's business ethics.

This game (main game and addon) was supposed to receive additional attention after release, adding several more features (including a fallout/radioactivity and an environmental impact system). The game did indeed receive several content updates and additional features but, sadly, BattleGoat abandoned the game before the addition and/or revision of several critical features, leaving the game with a stupid AI, pretty damn buggy and, worst of all, content incomplete (which shows - there are buildings, designs, research that are completely pointless because the corresponding parts of the game were never implemented).

I therefore recommend that you avoid this game (and other games from BattleGoat) at all cost. This game is basically a polished Alpha and if the devs couldn't be bothered to finish this game, even after people already bought it, they are not worth your attention. Business practices like that should not be condoned or supported, so think twice before you buy from them - There may very well be a better, finished game out there.

EDIT: Since one of the devs commented on this 'review' (and my full response doesn't fit in a single comment), I will add his statement and my response to it to the 'review' itself.

chrisahl [developer] wrote:
"Many statements in this review are completely false. The game received multiple updates for approximately 18 months after release of the core game including the life cycle of the expansion pack. The game is no buggy, it is one of the most stable titles on the market. I'll hold it up to anything else out there. Features such as radioactive fallout where never promised and many never promised features were added. The content was also completed with multiple campaigns and scenarios. The tech tree is complete containing hundreds of technologies to research. Unit designs are all buildable and as usable as their specs warrant."

I don't know what game you're talking about, Chris, but it's not this game.

I played it a lot more than my record says, and there are few games that have crashed so often on me as this one (which is why I eventually stopped playing when you guys announced that you were moving on - it got to the point where it was simply not enjoyable because the game became more unstable [and lost a lot of performance] as the world progressed and units were built). And that happened pretty much in every session because, of course, you need an army to get stuff done. For what it sets out to do, the game is not nearly optimized enough - and that's not great but we can chalk that up to a lack of experience if we want to be nice about it.
That, however, does not apply to the crashes. Those are bugs (unless you want to call it a feature?) and gamebreaking bugs that are left in the game at the end of its lifecycle (which is technically not over since Steam allows you to still make some sales) are not exactly a sign of good business ethics.

As for fallout and environment: You can say they weren't "promised", great. And I realize that I implied that you didn't add anything to the game (which I have rectified), which is unfair. But it still doesn't reflect positively on the development team when they obviously intended to implement it, put in some elements (and adjusted tooltips to hint at this feature and tell the player what he'd need this building or that research for), then decided "Oooh, lets do this, this and this first" instead of delivering on what was already halfway done and, finally, announced that they were done with the game when there were still a lot of loose ends. The least you can do is go through it and remove the redundant content.
Yes, that would have been extra work for you guys when you were eager to create your Cold War version of this, but it would have been at least an attempt at making it look like you were sorry about it.

(As for the other things you mentioned [campaigns, tech tree, units]... Well, I don't really know why you did. I didn't put their existence into doubt and their being there doesn't change that some other features simply did not receive enough attention.)
Publicado: 11 de Mayo
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I have over 1100 hours in this game. Says it all really. Still the best one of the series.
Publicado: 22 de Junio
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Pretty Good War Game
Publicado: 7 de Julio
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Haven't played it much; but it has something I've always wanted from a Grand Strategy game! The ability to play as Alaska! I know it sounds odd, yet its always been a fantasty of mine that I have only lived out in Victoria II.

Supreme Ruler 2020 is at first a little hard to pick up, but this title is probally my favorite from the series solely due to the Shattered World campain, where all small states become independant counties. In short; its awesome! You can build up your empire from scratch!

Once I play it a little more, i'll write a review. But the first impression is good!

(Oh yeah, you can also play as yourself by adding your picture into the game :3 its cool, I got dressed up in my old BDU's and wore a beret to look intimidating)
Publicado: 16 de Julio
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Game is really fun, if you know how to play it. VERY hard to understand if your new, but once you understand its fun. I would get it if you like realistic strategy games. I really like this game though had alot of fun times.
Publicado: 2 de Septiembre
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Gran Juego el Online y la Campaña son muy buenos lo recomiendo a los que nos gustan los juegos de estrategia militar y politica
Publicado: 29 de Diciembre, 2013
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