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Como eres rey, es tu deber dirigir a tu gente en la lucha para elevar tu reino, desde sus humildes orígenes a una posición de poder y prestigio. La guerra, la diplomacia y una creciente economía, son las armas de las que dispones para aumentar tu poder y extender tu dominio.
Fecha de lanzamiento: 10 de May, 2005
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Acerca del juego

Como eres rey, es tu deber dirigir a tu gente en la lucha para elevar tu reino, desde sus humildes orígenes a una posición de poder y prestigio. La guerra, la diplomacia y una creciente economía, son las armas de las que dispones para aumentar tu poder y extender tu dominio. Un sistema único de gestión de los caballeros te permetirá mejorar tu estrategia personal.
  • Caballeros leales con habilidades especiales estarán a tu lado. Podrás usarlos sabiamente en el ejército, en la administración de tus tierras y en la diplomacia. También podrás usar su experiencia para que se mejoren aún más.
  • El desarrollo de tus fincas y de tus castillos va a satisfacer tu gente y tendrá muchas ventajas. Una infraestructura apropiada contribuye a una economía floreciente. Elementos exóticos y antiguos están distribuidos en el mundo del juego. Además, darán a tu reino un aire especial.
  • Dirige a tus tropas en las batallas y conquista los reinos enemigos. Irrumpe en imponentes fortalezas, asédialas, haz que tus enemigos se mueran de hambre y hasta envenena el agua. Defiende tu reino contra los invasores y usa tus habilidades estratégicamente.
  • Usa tu intuición y la diplomacia cuando negocias o en alianzas militares. Elige estratégicamente maridos para tus hijas para fortalecer tu poder a través del matrimonio. Ojo a los asesinos y a las espías. Pero cuidado también que no te pillen a ti.

Requisitos del sistema

    • Sistema Operativo: Windows® XP, Windows® 2000
    • Procesador: 1 GHz Intel® Pentium® III o procesador AMD® Athlon™
    • Memoria: 256 MB RAM
    • Tarjetas Gráficas: Tarjeta video de 16 MB con resolución de 1024x768
    • Disco Duro: 1.2 GB de espacio libre en el disco duro más espacio para los partidos guardados
    • Audio: tarjeta Sonido compatible con DirectX 9.x
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I absolutely love this game. Although it has definitely aged and the graphics aren't that great, it's perfect for those who love real time strategies focused on warfare. The rush of taking over multiple provinces and expanding across Europe is amazing and highly addictive. The soundtrack will keep you humming the tunes for days, it's truly perfect music for this medieval style. The game takes forever to win, so if you have time to kill then this will totally satisfy those hours. Graphics 3/10, Gameplay 8/10, Replay Value 9/10.
Publicado: 26 de Junio
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The best strategy i've ever played.
Publicado: 23 de Junio
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This game... IS my most fav strategist game ever made. I have played this game at least +100hours more then my steam record sense I used to play this before I had it on steam and this is a type of game you will get back to time to time. If you don't mind that it's old and care about the gameplay, you wont regret it! I have played most strategist games there is and the best gameplay of all those is Knights of Honor.

Music/sound: 9/10 <- beautiful music that I never get sick at.
Gameplay: 9/10
Replaying: 10/10
Overall: 9/10
Publicado: 18 de Julio
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One of best strategy game there, it is a mix between paradox titles like EU and Total war, everything else is just amazing, I do not what to say, but it is really balanced and there are so much to do, feels like a grand strategy but still have this RTS feel, Unlike total war games the campaing map played in real time (which is much better than Turn based style), the battles played like total war but everything in 2D, siege battles are amazing too, the art style of game is superb and the sound cant get any better than this, the only con I have despite being a 2005 game the graphics are so dated, feels like 2001 graphics more, but you will not care much once you get immersed in the game, the historic accuracy is high here, not to the paradox titles par but at least much better than total war game. If you are a strategy lover, this game is a must... Big 9 can be 10 if the graphic was a bit better.
Publicado: 19 de Agosto
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Amazing game, extremely addictive, graphics aren't the best but it is still really good, for newcomers start off with Morocco as its strategically placed in a really good place.
Publicado: 18 de Abril
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This game is a gem. Its like very lite version of Crusader Kings & Europa in real time. It has a lite amount of diplomacy,has trading,you can have vassels,be a vassel,make non agression pacts,peace treaties,alliances,declare war, pilage/plunder,start crusades with your pope,join in crusades,and a few more religious items. The default A.I. is pretty decent but I have found often their castle might not be as heavily fortified as one would make.This could be due to battle and such though. If you want a much tougher one,there are mods but I find the default AI fun enough to play with.Auto defend/attack is present be you defending a town,your castle, or when battlefields. This game has probably one of the best auto attack/defend mechanics I have seen I usually just let it auto do it.Just remember there are factors at play via your units that will determine the end result of the battle.

Multiple ways to try to be the most powerful and win the game via getting voted by 2/3 of the top 5 kindgoms. Fail to win the votes and the top 5 kingdoms will declare war on you. Interface is clean,hotkeys for quick menu access,and map icons access menus.Game has autosave which you can enable.The game has online multiplayer restricted to battlefield battles.

The game has a lot going for it with a little of column A ,B and C in it. I hghly recommend playing it with the Dusk of Glory mod which works with the default patch steam installs with. Its not a casual game but at the same time can be enjoyed as if it is one.You can play for 10-30min and get a good deal of enjoyment out of the game.Its a game that id like to see a sequel for.

Check Community Hub for each of these mods I recommend :
Dusk of Glory - Game v1.03 (default steam intalled version) I love this mod and currently use it
Elderly mod - Game v1.05 only. Information about mod
World Domination Scenario mod & Upcoming Amerika Mod -Game V1.05)

As far as the GameV1.05 info goes from what I read, V1.03 patches the game well enough for most and is bug free.However V1.05 does add additional changes making the A.I. tougher and more capable during battles,but it also introduces a few minor bugs. V1.05 also introduces a map editor.You can dl it here or anywhere just google search.

Or visit the studios Mod section . Many of the mods the links do not work,but the 4 I mentioned above are more than enough.They are not compatible with one another sadly.

Quick Technical Stuffs

It works in Vista and Windows 7 (32/64bit) even though not stated on store page and unworking demo.

It only supports 1024x768 (but you can play in windowed mode).For some the image won't look stretched at all in full screen. If your widescreen stretches 4:3 resolutions badly, you may want to go into your nVidia or ATI control panel and have your video card pre-scale it before it gets to your monitor so it will display correctly

Far More Technical Info written by CMay,click this sentence.
Publicado: 18 de Septiembre, 2013
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