Combine your vampiric skills with the sharp edge of your blade in this medieval vampire hack‘n‘slay. Battle through hordes of monsters to restore your honor after you, a legendary and feared vampire hunter, have been turned into a vampire yourself!
User reviews: Mixed (241 reviews)
Release Date: Nov 13, 2013

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About This Game

Combine your vampiric skills with the sharp edge of your blade in this medieval vampire hack‘n‘slay. Battle through hordes of monsters to restore your honor after you, a legendary and feared vampire hunter, have been turned into a vampire yourself!

Deck13 (Venetica, Jack Keane) brings you an action-packed RPG, where you can play solo or co-op: Switch between the close-combat warrior and the crossbow wielding vampiress at any time while in singleplayer; or play co-op with a friend, joining your forces to defeat the onslaught of the evil hordes. Strike down your enemies using devastating close-combat and ranged attacks or whirl your enemies around and suck their blood using your vampiric abilities.

Key Features:

  • Action packed combat, close or ranged, paired with RPG elements
  • Switch between two playable characters with vastly different skills on the fly
  • Whirl your enemies around and suck their blood using your vampiric abilities
  • Play single player or co-op with a friend, joining your forces
  • Interact with the environment using your attract and repel skills
  • Multiple choice dialogues will affect how the world perceives the player
  • Vampire story narrated with atmospheric cut-scenes
  • 160 available weapons and 40 different armour elements

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: Intel Pentium IV® @ 2.0 GHz or similar processor with SSE3
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader model 3.0 hardware support, minimum 256 MB VRAM, NVidia GeForce 7900 GT / ATI Radeon HD X1800 or higher
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c® compatible sound card
    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: Intel® Core™2 Duo @ 2.6 GHz or similar processor with SSE3
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader model 3.0 hardware support, minimum 256 MB VRAM, NVidia GeForce 9800 GT / ATI Radeon HD 4850 or higher
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c® compatible sound card
Helpful customer reviews
14 of 18 people (78%) found this review helpful
11.5 hrs on record
Blood Knights is possibly the worst game I’ve played this year. From top to bottom, nearly every aspect of this vampiric hack-and-slash is unapologetically bad, yet I find myself in an odd situation. As terrible as it is, and it really is, I enjoyed playing it.The game’s plot, which is often told through hilariously stagy dialog, revolves around a vampire-hating Templar knight who, for reasons never fully explained, gets eternally bound to a vampiress archer. Then the knight becomes a vampire himself, which really makes it a game about two vampires bound together. The obliviously shallow story continues all the way up to the game’s not-shocking-at-all ending.The combat consists of a regular “light” attack and two “power” attacks that are on cooldown timers. Characters also harness their vampiric magic to push or pull enemies and key environmental elements which sometimes became part of the game’s simplistic platforming segments. Feeding on the blood of enemies serves to replenish health and was probably the most satisfying aspect of the combat, however for reasons that are never explained away, strong enemies and bosses are immune to these powers.Hacking away with a sword and then seamlessly switching to Alysa in order to fire off a stream of arrows works well, but the action fails to evolve in an interesting way throughout the game. Boss fights suffer a yawning lack of imagination, with many encounters amounting to little more than working a strong enemy’s health down only to have them heal and send in a wave of lesser enemies while you rinse, wash, and repeat the process a given number of times.Worse yet, when bosses reach a “defeated state” the game cuts to a cinematic scene.The lack of transition and the speed at which these scenes engage is disorienting. Worse, when it happened in the middle of an attack chain ending the final boss fight it caused me to inadvertently skip the majority of the game’s concluding scene.While it’s okay to like a bad game, it’s not an excuse to call a bad game good.With so many true classics now available on download services, there is really no reason to pick up Blood Knights.Overall 4/10.
Posted: September 25
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3 of 4 people (75%) found this review helpful
3.1 hrs on record
As much as I would like to be able to recommend this game, there just isn't any good reason I can think of. So much potential seems wasted on this title I feel. It was a wonderful idea that somehow got mutilated into a horrible shell of a game. Lag is ridiculous due to optimization issues I assume, (no matter how nice your rig). Control reaction is absolutely horrid, it's as if your character has a 1 second lag on reaction time which makes for near impossible gameplay. The storyline leaves much to wish for and seems very choppy and forced. Voice acting and animation is terrible, no sync at all. I really wanted to like this game...I really did. I can't honestly say I recommend it for any reason though. As I said, it just feels like a hollow shell of what was a wonderful idea for a game. Final verdict, 3/10
Posted: October 5
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
4.9 hrs on record
A halfway decent game, I'd recommend it more strongly except for a single really bad design choice, but I'll get to that in a moment.

Story was standard but enjoyable. Voice acting was fairly poor, but worked alright with the writing style I think so I didn't actually mind it that much. Environments were beautiful and varied considering the size of the development team. Gameplay was pretty good and the combat was responsive and seemed to be balanced really well. I played on normal and still died a fair few times, but always because I was stupid in combat rather than because of anything out of my control. Navigation was a bit of a pain at first, but I got used to it slowly. I did enjoy the different characters you could play and swapping between them during combat turned out to be useful. I thought it was just going to be a gimmick at first. It had some RPG elements, but nothing too great. Just inventoray management, limited skill and attribute leveling and a couple of story decisions that really didn't make a difference in the long run.

What I didn't get used to was the directed camera. I HATE directed cameras and it served no purpose in this game except to make some areas more hidden than they would otherwise be and to make combat more difficult. When an enemy is in front of me, I want to be able to see them, not have them hidden off my screen by a camera that randomly decided to zoom in on my character cause I entered a particular section of the map. I think directed camera's are one of the worst design decisions a developer can make, and it annoyed me throughout the game.

If you want a quick, fun dungeon crawler and don't mind a directed camera, then I would recommend this game. Otherwise, you may find it too frustrating with not enough good elements to make up for it.
Posted: October 15
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
6.4 hrs on record
the Good: - graphics, sound, story, combat
- controller was perfect
- encountered no lag or glitches
- combat is fairly strategic requiring a combination of ranged, melee, and special attacks to deal with various enemy types
- the overall story was good, even though it feels rushed
- local coop play

the Bad: - voice acting, writing, platforming
- the dialogue needs more editing, the voice deliveries lack emotion
- there are a few annoying platform jumps, mostly due to the inability to move the camera
- no online coop play

This game is neither good nor bad. You'll probably either love it or hate it. The first chapter makes the game look very bad. It gets better once you move beyond the introduction so if you're going to give it a chance, then be sure to put a little extra time into it. (It's a pretty short game anyway.) For me, it's one of those games that grows on you the more you play it. It's unpolished, yet charming.

Blood Knights is just a fun little action game that's a little rough around the edges. It has potential and a little more time and money in development may have produced a suprise hit. If you're feeling adventurous you may very well find a short but entertaining story with this game. Just be prepared to look beyond some of the design flaws.
Posted: October 6
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
2.6 hrs on record
Very unique gameplay with having to switch between the two main characters, Interesting story and good gameplay.
Posted: September 28
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9.8 hrs on record
I bought this game on the cheap during the last Steam Summer Sale. Boy am I glad I didn't pay full price for this.

While the fast-paced combat is fun, everything else isn't: the visuals and animation are both dated, the music is decent at best, the story is laughable and barely makes any sense and the voice acting is just terrible. On top of that, the game is very short and there are no twists or alternate endings - moral choices you are given don’t affect the outcome of the story and just change a few lines of dialogue.

Blood Knights is like a bad B-movie; it’s so bad and so ridiculous that you can’t help but love it in a way.
Posted: September 25
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5.0 hrs on record
nice game play, god story. gamepad work smood.
Posted: September 23
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1.0 hrs on record
a really nice game (y)
Posted: September 28
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3.3 hrs on record
I'm not really crazy about this kind of game, but surprisingly I really got into it. It was really a lot of fun. Frustrating at times trying to control things, then having to redo when I messed up... but I didn't really get overly ticked off. I've tried playing Alundra on the system & as much as I liked the story, I just couldn't deal with the redos.

This one I find a little touch of obsession about saving can really save my butt and using a bit of strategy can get you farther than just rushing around killing and hoping you don't get killed. I really like the swap feature, but I'd like to try a co-op game to see how that works. I think I'd like it even better.

This is outside my usual style, but I found it really engaging, the combat was doable and the game makes you think as you progress. The story is also cool and the interaction between the two is great too. For someone that likes this sort of game it would be a great addition. For some that isn't used to this kind of game, I'd suggest giving it a try anyway.
Posted: September 29
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2.4 hrs on record
I feel like I haven't played enough of Blood Knights to actually give in depth critique, but that's just because I really couldn't. I just... couldn't. So let's just starting batting off against some of the major issues I found, shall we?

The voice acting ... I guess "acting" is a word that can be layered ... like a cake ... or an onion, or whatever. It's dreadful. It's beyond help, as one could say. It's the kind of voice acting where you feel like you're playing a cheap comedy bit of a real game where someone has put bad voice acting on top of the game just to get a giggle out of you. And it just gets to the point where you wish for everyone to shut up because it's destroying gameplay.

The game looks dreadful. It looks like it was was a graphically horrid game on the consoles and then someone falsely remembered that you're suppose to downscale the graphics when porting it to a PC, instead of upscaling it. The camera also throws you around like a ragdoll at a birthday party for five year olds with severe attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). And don't get me started on the storyline.

This PC port also states that you can play with keyboard and mouse, but you get the strange sensation that whoever was in charge of porting the controls over to PC has never seen a keyboard and mouse before. Okay, so I switch over to the controller... and notice that there are actually functions that they have skipped when porting the controls... you know; there are two analogs sticks on a controller but none on a keyboard-mouse-setup. But then you try to hit anything with the half-naked-girl-vampire (come on, guys, grow up) who's double wielding crossbows (that apparently can reload automatically and notice that you'll be hit those poor walls more often than the enemy.

Eh... I don't know if this game was playable on console, but on PC it's really a "no go", and even on console... I mean; you can't really disregard the voice acting and story even if you get over the graphics and camera.
Posted: September 29
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20 of 26 people (77%) found this review helpful
1.5 hrs on record
Before we start let me use my healing powers..

This game is overall something I have been wanting for a while but stopped for a few reasons

pros: easy to learn
A decent story
A dynamic dialouge between your main character and your companion
Some really fun moments


That of course happened right before a save spot, the issue with this game is that you're not allowed to save unless you find one of those save slots.. :( that's just a big no no from me... If just they had a fixed save like F3 for quicksave...

due to that reason I am no longer playing it :( I will reccomend it, but not if you're bothered about the savings. so it's a neutral thumb for me.
Posted: June 17
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14 of 17 people (82%) found this review helpful
4.0 hrs on record
For starters, I did not know what does it mean that when Kalypso is one of game makers it surely will be a mediocre title. Soon enough I was given an opportunity to experience that. Blood Knights is one of those vamphyric games that I like. Running along and killing bad guys, monsters, warewolves sure is fun. And it is in this game. What is more, graphics are really juicy, and beautiful. But when it comes to the story itself it is as shallow as a hole dug by a child in a sand with a little spatula. Come on guys, you could have done better! It takes about 4 hours to finish this game on medium level of difficulty. At this rate heroes have best equipement and burst through waves of enemies without sweat. Dear player, a fan of vampyric games, if you are reading this, please mind that it would be better if you spend your money firstly on LEGACY OF KAIN series and then come back for BLOOD KNIGHTS. Cheers!
Posted: May 11
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9 of 10 people (90%) found this review helpful
8.0 hrs on record
Wow. I'm really baffled reading all of the negative reviews this game got. Maybe I'm just easier to please than most people but I absolutely loved this game! It was a real gem. I was fortunate enough to get this on the steam summer sale for three dollars, but after playing it, I think it's worth the full price tag. From what I can gather reading the negative reviews, the majority of complaints seem to be that it's linear, a poor pc port of a console game, doesn't have AAA graphics, and poor voice acting. Other complaints are repetitive combat, boring musical score and poor story. These last three I strongly disagree with, and I thought the graphics were pretty good for a $15.00 title. First of all, I loved the story which revolved around a world where humans and vampires are at war for dominance of the planet. Some spell forges the souls of two enemies: your character, (a male human) and a female vampire, (admittedly this is never explained but it's supposed to help the humans turn the tide of the war somehow). They are stuck with each other and have to keep each other alive because if one dies, the other does too. Well, your character gets turned in the first chapter of the game, so now you are a vampire also, as well as your companion. I very much liked the dialogue and chemistry between the two main characters, which I thought was pretty entertaining. The combat was very fun. If you are anything like me, you will probably use the male, (former human) 70's percent of the time because he uses melee attacks which I find to be a lot more fun. However, you will find yourself relying on the female (vampire's) ranged attacks more as the game progresses and the enemies get stronger. I found the combat to be very fun and fluid, and didn't get boring to me at all. I liked the two main characters and the story, which unfolded more and more as the game progressed, with an interesting turn at the end. The final villain, (who is not introduced until fairly late in the game) was very VERY cool, not just as a final boss, but as a character as well, and is accompanied by an awesome musical score during the final battle. It is my favorite musical score in the game! Sadly, my copy of the game did not come with the soundtrack. I would have liked to have put it on my i-Pod. The aesthetics of the game were very visual rich, (if you read any of my other reviews, you will see that aesthetics are VERY important to me). I especially liked Noah's pass and the second to last level, which has the ruins of Noah's ark mounted in the sky on top of a mountain peak. The controls were very easy to pick up on. I normally hate playing rpgs with controllers, perfecting a mouse and keyboard, but this game was incredibly easy to play with a controller. This is probably because it's not really an rpg. It is primarily an action, hack-n-slash, with only the bare minimum elements of an rpg included, (basically leveling up and earning gold for better equipment). There is also skills to be learned as your character gets stronger, but they are very basic skills. This game is fantastic for what it is: a very linear action hack-n-slash with a cool story and mediocre voice acting. The length of the game is roughly 7 to 8 hours on normal difficulty. This was just perfect. It told a neat sci-fi/fantasy story without being dragged out. If this has been longer, it might have started to drag out a bit. Here is some advice for anyone playing for the first time. Don't buy anything from the trader. All equipment you need can be found during the quest. Save all gold you collect until about 3/4 the way through and then buy the bada$$ sword called "SATAN'S JUSTICE!!" name for a sword ever! LOL! I really get a kick out of that. I guess I never really thought of Satan as caring too much about justice.
The only two flaws I can really think to say about this game is that you can't control the camera angle. But don't worry, it's not bad and the camera keeps focused on the action.......most of the time. (There was I think two times where the camera angle obstructed my character's path that I can remember). But don't worry, it's not as bad as other games like Garshasp, where the lack of control of the camera angle took some serious getting used to. Also, the platforming can be a bit annoying, but fortunately there isn't that much of it. Overall, I really liked this game a lot. It does not deserve the negativity that some people give it. I think people buy a game like this expecting the quality of a sixty dollar, AAA title and get disappointed, (I'm only speculating. I honestly don't know why it's gotten so much negativity.) I hope a sequel is made.
Posted: June 20
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2.4 hrs on record
I'm actually enjoying this game more than what the reviews on Steam give it credit for. However, I can understand why people would suggest that it is a poor game. However, having only bought this from the Indie Gala Blood Knights Bundle because it was a part of the Steam Trading Cards program I have to suggest that it's been worth my while. I'm not certain that I'll finish this but for now I'm satisfied.

It's your typical A-RPG style game. The camera is a negative - I wish it were controllable but it apparently isn't. If there are "secret" areas that can be found the camera is a hindrance in that department. The first boss battle was more pot luck mashing buttons than knowing what to do. The game tells you to destroy the alter but doesn't give you anything else to explain how to do so.

If you don't expect an epic game, it isn't, you wont be disappointed. I can think of many other games that are worth less time than this one.
Posted: May 30
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5 of 7 people (71%) found this review helpful
4.8 hrs on record
It's not bad at all, a cool little RPG game for all vampire lovers.
Posted: May 27
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
0.2 hrs on record
You came here because youve heard about this game and how horrible it is and thought "Nah it can't be that bad".
Yes it is.
Its a piece of crap.
Posted: September 20
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9.3 hrs on record
A little over priced for how short it is, but other wise a wonderful goth-vampire game, with immensely action oriented combat. How you can use the swapping of the 2 characters is really cool, and the storyline is pretty adventerous.
Posted: June 2
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2.3 hrs on record
This game is actually worth for $15 USD
From the first time i played, the story was started by one couple of human and vampire who bond to be together forever, but its getting worst in the first boss fight because the boy is becoming a vampire too, alright i think thats an enough spoiler for this game.
-Unpredictable story line
-Beautiful graphic, voice act, and sounds fx
-Fair RPG for looting gold and looting ( ya you know some of RPG game is have an unfair price for some item with just a few looting in mobs )
Negative :
-Got a bad camera control for jumping and facing an enemy
-Bad save game place, we cant save the game in town, unless you accepting some quest from NPC
after all 8.5/10
Posted: June 18
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3.3 hrs on record
Blood Knights is a good mini RPG game..

It has all of the things you like in RPG like this..
Controllable Crew
Customisable armor
Skills points
Talent Tree
Health bar

Unfortunatly, I call Blood Knights, a mini-game, because i completed the game in less then 3 hours on Hard on my first try.
The story is so short, that you might want to restart all over on an higher difficulty wich might double your playing time. Still great issues with the game durability..

7/10 for RPG 4/10 for game life (BUY it if its cheap like during steam sale)

Soz for my english
Posted: June 21
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8.6 hrs on record
I like this game. Which is not to say that it is a good game. The voice acting is terrible, the maps feel cramped, and the one time I made the mistake of playing it in front of another person I felt like they were watching me doing something embarrassingly private. But when I'm by myself and I've got my controller handy, I am 100% down for a fast-paced, strategy-fueled session of pure, unadulterated violence.
Posted: June 22
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