Pool Nation, Steam's Only Pool Game, with WORKSHOP integration COMING SOON in our Crazy Mode the Box Of Tricks (BETA Access Available)! But fear not, Pool Nation is not just about trick-shots, Pool Nation is a serious pool sim, the heart of the game is our world renowned Physics engine, the balls will behave as they would in the real...
User reviews: Very Positive (1,428 reviews)
Release Date: Oct 18, 2013

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""BOOM! I've Pooled! Every one went in!""
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October 22

Pool Nation Gets a Bumper Update!

You have probably heard rumours that we are planning an update (yey!!!!) I just wanted to post an official announcement that we are, it's true, and this update will include, but not limited to, the following:

  • The Box of Tricks - unlocked - our sandbox mode developed for the creation of trickshots, this is a workshop enabled feature and provides another element to the game of billiards. Add objects to the table, move your balls around and shoot them in the air! Do what you wish with our balls, in this mode, the more creative the better!

  • Reds and Yellows with UK rules - enough said! :)

  • Free Cam - so you can walk around the table

  • New mode icons to show which camera mode you are in to help with new free cam

  • You can now enter overhead when in free cam

  • New replay display that shows you your playback speed in a nicer way.

  • You can now hide the replay panel in replay mode.

  • Fix for incorrect reflection maps being used on cues/tables in certain locations.

  • Saved archive matches now omit the prepended 'archive_' from the file name when displayed.

  • Further fix to prevent non-gaming devices interfering with controls.

*this is just a breif list, a full changelog will be included with the update.

The update is going through the final stages of testing now, and all going well will be released next week!!!

Enjoy :)


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May 21

Pool Nation Trading Cards Available Now!

Hoorray Pool Ninjas our Trading cards have arrived!

Within our pool-tastic bounty you will find:

  • 10 Trading Cards
  • 5 Emoticons
  • 5 Backgrounds
  • 6 Pool-licious badges
You'll find a sneak preview here
Trading cards have arrived

...and the best bit, you can start collecting now! :-)

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“Yes, it’s a pool game, and you could argue that there’s not much more to say beyond that. But pool is a rare sight on the PC, unless it’s of the top-down Flash variety, and this is a bloody good example of the form. ‘Hole in one’, as they say at the Crucible.”

““In fact it could be the shiniest game to ever grace a console. Now as Pool Nation nears its North American debut, Cherry Pop Games shows that this is anything but a port to another console but rather an upgraded version that took everything that made the 360 version great and added even more.”
97/100 – Game Focus

““It’s easy to suggest that Pool Nation is the finest example of virtual pool... but to do CherryPop Games’ work justice it must be said that they have delivered what is in fact one of the best pool videogames ever to grace a console.””
95/100 – Bio Gamer Girl

The Box Of Tricks is Coming....

The Box of Tricks, Pool Nation's Trickshot Editor, is coming to Steam and what's more it will be a FREE update for all!! This crazy mode, gives you the ability to create the most outlandish trickshots, limited only by your imagination, the Box of Tricks will provide hours of workshop fun!

*BETA access is NOW AVAILABLE please contact Cherry Pop Games via the steam forums for more information ...

Steam Greenlight

About This Game

Pool Nation, Steam's Only Pool Game, with WORKSHOP integration COMING SOON in our Crazy Mode the Box Of Tricks (BETA Access Available)! But fear not, Pool Nation is not just about trick-shots, Pool Nation is a serious pool sim, the heart of the game is our world renowned Physics engine, the balls will behave as they would in the real world - Fancy a game with Aiming Assist turned off - you go ahead - Play Pool Nation Your way!

With eleven addictive game modes, including the adrenaline pumping Endurance, extensive career modes and seven exciting online modes including the new Speed Pool! Not forgetting the Box of Tricks coming soon to Steam, giving you the ability to imagine, build and share your most outlandish trickshots with the world. Utilizing a variety of objects, including Ramps, Pikes, Loop the Loops and Speed up strips, the Box of Tricks is limited only by your imagination.

With Pool Nation, gameplay is king! Online or offline, the ease of control gives you the ability to pull off shots you wouldn't dream of in the real world. The balls behave exactly as they should use the table surround to create the most unbelievable trickshots and view them back in super slow mo.

The graphics are as shiny and pixel-perfect as the physics, with beautiful locations, stunning exterior landscapes, eye-catching interiors, the ability to change the time of day, and customize your games with a huge array of balls, cues and table decals creating your ideal pool playing environment. Every detail has been considered and polished, from the super-detailed table baize and deforming cushions, to the explosions of chalk dust from the cue tip.

Pool Nation - the Community's Pool Game!

NB. Trading cards are not listed but are coming soon we are just in the process of implementing them.

System Requirements

    • Processor: Dual Core, AMD/INTEL 2.6 GHZ
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
Helpful customer reviews
150 of 157 people (96%) found this review helpful
5.2 hrs on record
Sometimes, you need a game that's frenetic, fast paced and full of chaos. You need some escapism so you get away from the humdrum of your day job by pretending to be some beefcake named Slab Rockhard blast some bugs to bits with your AK - 22.

Other times though, you need to come home, kick back, crack a brewski and chill out. Take it easy, shoot some pool like a pro and relax. That's what you have Pool Nation for. It's zero pressure, it's zero chaos. It's 100% cool, daddy-o. It's got some great physics too, so you can shoot pool and feel like a king.

Because some times, you need to come home and pretend that you're a slick mo-fo pool shark. Because if you tried to play pool in the real world, people would realize you're a 40 year old dork in dad jeans try his damnedest to look cool.

I uh...that may have gotten too personal.
Posted: June 24
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44 of 50 people (88%) found this review helpful
10.3 hrs on record
Pool Nation isn't a perfect pool game, but it's a huge step up from what's come before. If you're not already a billiards fan, Pool Nation won't make you one. Conversely, for those dying to scratch the billiards itch, Pool Nation is sure to satisfy. An entertaining, highly varied and technically excellent pool game, even if lacking in innovation or new elements for its genre.With Pool Nation you'll get a pooling experience that you've never had before. The simulator delivers several game modes and a lot of options to choose from. Every kind of shot that you can imagine is possible to make in the game and because of that you can truly speak of a great simulator. Another big plus are the graphics, which are truly stunning for a low budget title. Overall, Cherry Pop Games's first endeavour has left us with a fantastic billiards game featuring stunning visuals, great audio and even better physics. The lengthy, albeit difficult career mode, will give you plenty of play time but perhaps for the wrong reasons. If you're looking for a realistic, stylish, and fun billiards game, Pool Nation is the cream of the crop.
Posted: July 5
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32 of 40 people (80%) found this review helpful
11.5 hrs on record
I remember a few months ago when it was on sale and i thought it would be one of those games that i buy and dont even play, And even when it was only a few euros, i didnt buy it!
I was wrong....
My boyfriend remembered that moment too and he recently gifted me the game.
We've been playing it A LOT ever since.

The game looks absolutely stunning! There is so much detail in this game.
The controlles are easy to use, Its easy for beginners but you can make it more challenging for yourself if you want too, when your getting better.
There are so many options in this game which makes it an awesome pool game for everybody.
Yes, Also when you dont know anything about pooling lol.

In single mode you can unlock different Rooms, Balls, Tables and so much more.
Which is cool because you can make it totally as you want it to look, also online against your friends.
That brings me too the biggest plus of this game... The multi player option!
Playing against others works great, but the sad part is that not many people play this game which makes it not so easy to find people to play a match with.
So if you want to play it online i recommend that you find a friend on your friendlist to play it with.

This game which i thought would get boring quickly turned out to be really addictive and extremely fun.
Its even THAT good that i write a review for it and thats something that i rarely do.
Its a must have, And since its on sale again at this moment i would say its worth to give it a try.
You'll be amazed, I promise ;]
Posted: June 21
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16 of 17 people (94%) found this review helpful
5.1 hrs on record
Excellent and believable pool sim. The accuracy of the ball mechanics is a real make or break for this game, and it excels in all departments. Controls are fluid and easy to learn. A few different game modes to keep everyone happy. It has 8 ball and 9 ball, as well as 'golf' etc. The balls are shiny, the tables look good and there is also a variety of locations to play in. Definiely worth every single penny i paid for. Highly recommend it!
Posted: August 7
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20 of 27 people (74%) found this review helpful
4.6 hrs on record
Brilliant pool game, beautiful graphics, plenty of different games to play. If you like pool you it's a must buy!
Posted: August 15
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