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Catch the bus and let it take you to a detailed, virtual world. Are you ready to explore a picturesque German city behind the wheel of a realistically modeled, freely accessible bus? Then take a look at “Bus Simulator 2012” by the well-known developer studio TML! Every technical detail of the original bus has been reproduced true-to-live.
發售日: 2012年2月23日
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Catch the bus and let it take you to a detailed, virtual world.

Are you ready to explore a picturesque German city behind the wheel of a realistically modeled, freely accessible bus? Then take a look at “Bus Simulator 2012” by the well-known developer studio TML!

Every technical detail of the original bus has been reproduced true-to-live. Switch on the air-conditioning when your front-shields are steaming up and keep an eye on the speedograph, to stay in schedule – even though you have a lot of missions, you will still need to rest in order to stay fit! Thanks to the digital readouts in the bus, you can monitor your engine’s temperature and the charging level of the cooling liquid as well as the oil and gasoline level.

Organize your route and service more than 450 bus stops. Enjoy the realistic AI of both, pedestrians and traffic, which will also influence your own behavior while driving. Interaction with your passengers is also an important facet of your job: It is up to you to decide which ticket to sell and how to greet your customers – they will react accordingly!

Thanks to TML’s fantastic ability to recreate buses and other vehicles in great detail, you will find this game to be a truly challenging bus-simulation. Discover the open 3D-world with a variety of interesting landmarks and enjoy exploring it in between your shifts. But take care while on the job: Stick to your schedule and the traffic rules!

Creative? Feel free to individualize your vehicles and to share them with the simulation game community.

Key Features:

  • Detailed bus-models with realistically represented technology and physics
  • Freely organisable routes
  • Additional side missions
  • Reward system
  • Huge, freely accessible 3D-world
  • Pedestrians and vehicles that follow a realistic AI


    • OS: Windows XP (SP3)
    • Processor: Dual-Core Prozessor mit 2,6GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia GeForce 9800 GT
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7 (64Bit)
    • Processor: Quad-Core Prozessor mit 3GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
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Couldn't even beat the tutorial...20/10
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Greeting mortals!
I have just tried this game and played it for 20min-ish and i just love it! The feels you get when you get on the bus, this game is just hilarious. 10/10 fruitloops all the way!
- Happy supporter
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This Simulator application appears to be broken with the keyboard controls not defined properly and the graphic FPS is slow at near above average quality on my new PC. I don't think it contains some of the other factual buses for the UK or US cities, mainly like Red London Buses or even the classic Volvo Alisa B55 that were popular.

So in my honest opinion, no. Because it needs a lot of work and effort to make this sim-program well built - like including a wide selection of buses, enhanced tutorials, fixed controls and smooth GFX. And the city environment is in Germany but the bulletin boards and bus door and dashboard button texts are in German but not in English.
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Is this a joke what a pice of crap tryed to play in expert mode can't make it to the end of the line the lag (FPS) get so bad I have to escape and leave the game tryed 3 times in a row....DO NOT BUY THIS SCRAP.
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Giving this game a 1/10. When I first started the game I walked to the garage as normal. I opened the door and went in. I saw a place where I could change the bus type (warning: there is only one bus type in the game.) I switched to articulated only to have the game crash, so I just stayed with regular. Once I got in the bus I was given instructions to get the bus started. I followed those instructions and got going. Now, once I was on the road I made a right turn, but since I was in beginner mode, I turned too far and crashed into a tree. Getting back on the road wasn't a problem, except for warnings coming up every 1 second saying to lower the engine rpm rate. Back on the road I continued driving. Later, I crashed into a car, so I went around it. But later after that I crash again, this time so hard I get myself wedged. So I had to reset the bus back at the garage (apparently there is actually an option to do that.) On attempt 2 at getting to the route start I notice that the realistic AI was just a lie, because I had several vehicles crash into me and a bunch of pedestrians didn't even know that my bus was coming, so they walked right into my vehicles path. Later then I turn too much again and crash so, again, I get wedged. At this point I switched to expert mode, since I wanted esier steering. Other than having to wait about another 5 minutes for air pressure to build up and 500 warnings saying it was too warm in the passenger conpartment, it was better overall, at least bus wise. Back on the road I had a much better time steering until I got wedged again. About 8 tries later I finally get to the first bus stop. Passengers get on the bus like normal (except for the fact that they also got in the rear door) and I drove on. At the next stop I had to give change. I had no idea what button to push for that passenger so I guessed. Since there is was no tutorial on giving change (even in beginner) I had to find a youtube tutorial. Once I figured out how to give chang I did it with ease, until the passenger didn't take the change. About a minute later I finally got the passenger to move, but then it said I didn't do it correctly, though I did. I go on to more stops, but at one of them, a passenger was just standing in the middle of the enterance. I had no choice but to start AGAIN. More tries later I actually finish my first route, but again, one of the passengers refused to get off. At this point I just didn't care anymore and accepted that, and just drove away.
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Will be making this review a bit fatter soon! Just wanted to get my opinion out there and I'll write it out tomorrow :P

- One of the more "real" simulators that I've played
- Starting up is great! Everyone I could imagine an actual bus drive would need! Just remember all the numbers or remember to write them down beforehand :P

- The controls are complex - Don't know how to reverse - there is no shortcut when looking at the screen thing - makes me want a touch screen monitor :L
- The default steering requires a lot of effort to make sure you don't crash