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The most realistic online hunting game ever produced. Experience the thrill of the hunt in huge realistic environments using everything from crossbows to state of the art bolt action rifles.
Release Date: Jun 3, 2014
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Status Update 11th September 2014

September 12

Howdy hunters,

Welcome to our weekly status update. Things in the office are going well, Calle has been settling in and has already started to dig into the much missed Personal Bests feature. Hopefully he’ll be able to find a better way to implement this functionality and bring it back to us soon.

Thank you for the feedback

Thank you everyone who have completed our feature survey, there were some interesting insights and we’ll be working on implementing them into our future roadmap. As promised, we randomly picked three respondents from all people who have replied to the survey and added 1000em$ to their accounts. Here is the lucky trio: Cashet, Jeff1963, restor104. Congratulations!

The new reserve has got its name

Thanks for all the name suggestions you’ve shared on 20 forum pages, some of them were really brilliant. We went through all of them and in the end settled on this gem we really liked: Val-des-Bois. It is pronounced /val des bwah/ and, loosely translated from French, means ”a wood valley”. We thought that both the melody and the meaning suit the new reserve and other EHR names very nicely. Our special thanks and appreciation goes to the player named [b[i]]Haldur who has suggested this beautiful idea: congratulations, your name has now been recorded in the chronicles of theHunter ;)

The secrets of Val-des-Bois

As you might remember, we’ve mentioned that the new reserve will come with a couple of surprises. For starters, there of course will be a new animal living there, more on this in our next status update, but feel free to place your bets. Another surprise and a totally different game design feature was dictated by the mountain nature of the new reserve, and namely, to access certain particularly steep areas in Val-des-Bois you’ll have to climb! The ability to climb will come with special gear and some hazards, naturally associated with this kind of activity. More details will come later, for now here is the sneak preview of the climbing with Robin testing the new mode and animations (please note that this is still very much work in progress):

Deployable hunting tower

Today we released a new item – a deployable hunting tower which has been a popular community request. The hunting tower is different from the majority of our items in that you can not buy it in the store. These towers can only be obtained (for free) when buying selected types of memberships and membership bundles. The good news is that all existing members holding 6 or 12-month memberships, purchased via our website and Steam, got their first hunting tower automatically for free. For more details please check yesterday’s game update and the item description.

See you next week,

Happy hunting!

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Status Update 4th September 2014

September 4

Hey hunters,

Summer is officially over, so is the Summer Fiesta event. The participation and feedback were amazing, great! The most challenging bonus mission was completed by as many as 140 hunters, who have become the proud holders of the diamond stag trophy. Well done everyone, more events to come!

It looks like you have been enjoying hunting the reindeer. Our apologies for the small hiccups right after the reindeer release that were causing game crashes for some players. Hopefully it didn't spoil the reindeer experience too much.

The work on the new, yet nameless, reserve continues as we approach the final stage. Speaking of the name, we have received tons of excellent suggestions and the team is having a hard time picking the best and most suitable one, plus all of us each have our own favourites. This means you still have time to submit your name suggestion if you have a one in a million idea.

Huge thanks to everyone who filled in our survey. Your input is invaluable. If you haven't found 5 minutes to do it yet – you have a couple of days left to do it and take part in our em$ draw before the survey closes on September 7th.

Today we released a premium version of the popular .308 revolver with the nostalgic name ”Highwayman”. Check it out, it looks like a piece of art.

From good to great news; today we're happy to introduce our new team member Calle who has just joined our backend team and will be working together with Emil on the code behind theHunter web. Read his intro and give him a proper welcome!

Hi there,

My name is Calle and I've just joined Expansive World, where I will work on our backend systems.

I'm originally from a tiny village on the eastern border of Sweden, between Småland and Östergötland, called Skeppsgården. I moved to Stockholm when I was 16 to study multimedia with the vision of becoming a game developer. As it turned out, the school was more about motion graphics, 3D design and the web. I tried all of them but got stuck with web development as that was the most "programmy" option.

Since then I worked as a web developer for a couple of years, studied at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, worked with 'Smart-TV' systems and only now, after 17 years, I'm finally in the business I aimed for when I was a pimply teenager.

I usually spend my free time with my girlfriend, my friends and my family. I'm into GeoCaching, watching TV-series and brewing beer.

Calle has already had his induction by fire into theHunter team, or to be more precise, induction by yellow paint balls. Yesterday our team went playing paintball to the woods of Stockholm, and here is a little photo report for you of this fun but quite happening.

See you in the woods, happy hunting!

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“The Hunter offers the most compelling hunting experience ever offered by a PC game.”
MMO Reviews

“This game looks incredible, the graphics are simply astonishing”
90% – Retro Game Shelf

“The complete experience of tracking and hunting an animal is highly-rewarding and simply not found in other games.”
88% – Gaming Nexus

About the Game

The most realistic online hunting game ever produced. Experience the thrill of the hunt in huge realistic environments using everything from crossbows to state of the art bolt action rifles. Realistic animal behavior and persistent online features provides a living world where you can roam casually or compete with other players for glory and fame.

Go hunting with your friends in multiplayer with up to 8 players - or explore the seven diverse and immersive hunting reserves in the ever evolving world of theHunter by yourself.

Key Features

  • Hunt 19 different species including Black Bear, Brown Bear, Moose, Whitetail Deer, Turkey, Pheasant, Coyote, Red Fox, Roosevelt Elk, Wild Boar, Red Deer, Roe Deer, Mule Deer, Blacktail Deer, Feral Hog, Mallard, Canada Goose, Cottontail Rabbit & Rein Deer.
  • Explore 7 different huge environments with state-of-the-art graphics, complete with day cycle and weather effects.
  • Co-op multiplayer with up to 8 friends
  • Extensive online features. Increase your skills, see statistics and trophy shots. Participate in competitions and leaderboards or take on challenging missions and achievements.
  • theHunter is continuously updated with new species, environments, equipment and features.

Progression & Acquiring Items In The Game

Two huntable species (Mule Deer, Cottontail Rabbit), a weapon (.243 Bolt-Action Rifle) and a bunch of additional equipment are available for free when first entering the game. Additional items such as weapons, species licenses and ammo can be acquired with gm$, the in-game currency that can be earned through play, or em$, the in-game currency that can be earned through winning competitions or purchase for real money.

There are several different types of skills in the game that increase when players use items & hunt various species. As these skills increase, more abilities get unlocked, such as the ability to tell weight & gender from animal tracks and steadier aim for weapons.

Achievements can be earned through diverse in-game activities. Each achievement adds to your HunterScore, which can be used as a progression comparison vs. other players. Additionally, increasing the HunterScore unlocks upgrade items such as pouches & holsters.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows ® 8/7/Vista/XP
    • Processor: Dual core from Intel or AMD at 2 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia GeForce 8800, ATI/AMD Radeon HD 2400
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 7 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
Helpful customer reviews
2,101 of 2,439 people (86%) found this review helpful
133.4 hrs on record
Hello everybody,

I play this game since nearly the beginning, have seen the initial developer go bankrupt and the new developer take over. I have seen month with nothing happening in terms of developments and I have seen the last few month after multiplayer was released with new stuff released every few weeks.

If you love hunting simulations, theHunter for sure is the game you want. It's way more realistic then Cabela's games, it has pretty nice graphics and huge different hunting locations with many, many animals to hunt. Every species feels special and there has not been a really good hunting simulation since Deer Hunter 2005.

- Pricing -
The downside: You need to invest a whole lot of money. To really enjoy the game you need a membership for about 5$ a month. No membership and you can only hunt very few species, need to buy ammo for all but the default rifle and can't create multiplayer games. Sure you can stick with some basic guns, but to take part in competitions and finish missions you need a whole lot of different guns. Each between 3 and 5$. Not to forget, there are tree stands, ground blinds and tents you would like to use sooner or later because there are very few fixed hunting towers on the maps and... yes, each of these items is another 4,50$ from your wallet.

Just a few numbers for you:
All weapons with scopes (not caluclation different skins or "premium" skins)
more then 150$

All callers (no decoys, no consumables like scents):
about 20$

Decoys for one full area for each species:
about 30$

Clothing depends on what you want, so I don't add a number to this, but each clothing set is about 5$... and you guess it: Some work better in different areas or against different species.

Stands and tents... lets say two of each for each reserve, you place them permanently, you don't want to pick them up after each hunt, so you can't really use the same two everywhere.
more then 200$

Sure, you are free to choose if you want this items, but to get everything out of the game you want this stuff. And more, every few weeks there is a new weapon, new cool cloth and your membership runs out every now and then.

- Earn ingame money -
There are ways to earn ingame money: Win competitions, but without spending money you can only take part in very few competitions and so the chance is low (and the prize money gets you nowhere). They developers also have partnered with third-party pages who offer you some money for playing other online games, taking part in surveys or downloading and using different applications. The results are spam on your email address, malware and a lot of these offers simply don't reward you.

There is a different ingame currency you earn completing missions, but you can only use this "money" on consumables and you need a good bunch of weapons to finish most missions, so again: No way without spending money. There is no way to grind the gear inside the game.

Without spending money you stick with the .243 for the free Mule Deer and you can unlock the Single Shot Shotgun to hunt Cottontail Rabbits, but you need to buy the ammo for it. That works with earned money for some time, but sooner or later you will run out of missions to do without buying weapons or a membership for real money.

- Bugs -
The game is full of bugs. I personally can't say there are gamebreakers, but animals getting stuck in trees, climbing trees, nearly all weapons stuck into your arm and broken reloading animations and other smaller and bigger bugs are around since a long time and often they return after a few patches. Gamebreaking bugs get fixed pretty fast but smaller bugs are often not relevant enough (and the fixes can't be sold like ne weapons or cloth) so we will for sure see this bugs for some more time.

- Community -
Just have to add it now, after multiple insults from fanboys. This game has a small die hard community that are happy to have this game, due it's the only one of it's kind. This makes them accept and defend every action the developers take. Since this review I often got friend requests from some of these guys that have nothing better to do then to tell me I'm a hypocrit to play this game a lot and not remommending it in my review. That's what you get from the community if you are not a 100% fan and don't think it's okay to pay a small fortune for this game.

- Conclusion -
As said, I'm into this game since years, I love it and I will keep playing it, but since about a year this game is all about money and everything ingame is pretty expensive.
Like with this the pre-release review postet on Steam, my personal experience showed me, that the developers break promises and contracts, lie in some cases, solve things always to their best and only communicate public what makes them look good.

- Tipp for beginners -
If you enjoyed the small free part, go to bit.ly/1oEMUr0 or google for "theHunter 2014 box" and purchase a key from the boxed edition of the game. For about 17 € you get 6 month membership (hunt all species, get free ammo for all guns) some starter weapons that allow you to hunt all species ethically and some additional gear. It's the best deal you can currently get as a beginner. This box is also available at Amazon and some other retailers if you want the box itself.
Posted: June 2
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1,339 of 1,606 people (83%) found this review helpful
0.8 hrs on record
How dare anyone call this product Free To Play [F2P]? The free content in the game is limited to one kind of animal, one map and default equipment. It is worse than a demo, or even a trial. Everything in this game is available after paying, constantly paying. Forget about "I paid once, I will have it all forever". Pay and play, pay and play.
Posted: June 3
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781 of 1,002 people (78%) found this review helpful
0.5 hrs on record
There's Free to play and then there's "Free to Play". If you want to play this with a friend (multiplayer) you'll need to buy a 3, 6 or 12 month membership. Price? 15 bucks for 3 month. 15 bucks that do not include any other items, just to be able to play online, with a friend. For 3 month. Obviously not recommended.
Posted: June 3
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618 of 810 people (76%) found this review helpful
2.9 hrs on record
I really had some good few hours. This was the first time I played a hunting game and I really expected nothing from it.
But I was surprised how how good the game was from its technical view. It's not the best looking game but the flora and fauna really got some love and detail, the sound is awesome and the lighting and sun effects are also really nice.
Really felt like being in the woods.
Now here's the negative trait. This game's free2play model is nowhere near anything you might consider as free to play and fair. Everything costs a lot of money and either you join the membership or you have a walking simulator (you're only allowed to hunt rabbits and mule deers).
It's more like a demo when you don't plan to invest money. The game even calls you a guest. And oh boy, the pricing is insane.
Probably a good hunting game, but I can't recommend it. It's a shame cause it was really an atmospheric experience for me.
That said I think if you are a really passionate hunter in real life you would probably gladly spend money on this one and you would probably go nuts about all people who complain abouth the subscription model.
Posted: June 2
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555 of 763 people (73%) found this review helpful
8.8 hrs on record
Dont mind to spent a few bucks now and then on a F2P game for convenience. But this on is just a demo of the full game if you dont spent money. Not at all a free game but fun to try it as a demo version. still a thumbs down for calling this a F2P and implementing a freakishly expensive System, with monthly fee AND having to pay for weapons that are needed to play. Really cant recommon this game with other alternatives out there to try.
Posted: June 2
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