The most realistic online hunting game ever produced. Experience the thrill of the hunt in huge realistic environments using everything from crossbows to state of the art bolt action rifles.
User reviews: Mostly Negative (17,370 reviews) - 38% of the 17,370 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Jun 3, 2014

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February 4

Status Update 5th February 2016

Howdy hunters,

Another week has (almost) passed by and here’s what we’ve been busy with.

Server-based population
Calle and Josef have been working on a new feature under the working name server based population. Right now adjusting animal population or making any other change to that requires a separate patch, which is cumbersome and resource hungry, since each patch needs to be built and extensively tested before being released. By moving population control over to the server we’re making it super easy for us to make those changes when needed, which gives us much more freedom. Why do we need it? Glad you asked! For one, this new feature has something to do with the new species that is soon to appear on Whiterime Ridge (which will be revealed very soon, a tiny bit more patience!) and another idea we’ve been toying around with is special events during which, let’s say we increase the amount of rares, or non-typicals, or rare non-typicals, or high scoring bucks, or let’s say release hordes of kangaroos to Hemmeldal (kidding on that one). Does it sound like something you would enjoy?

Heart$ and all that

Early next week we are kicking off our traditional Valentine’s event that will last for one week and will be filled with hearts of all sorts, sales, and of course hunting challenges. You know the drill. Check back for more on Monday.

Design a mission or competition for theHunter!
Many of you have been asking where missions and competitions for the newest species are. The truth is that our game design department has been short-handed for quite some time, with only Daniel-san working on everything and anything, so he understandably hasn’t had a spare minute to spend on them. So, our community member Pappy1 had a million dollar idea – why not let the community help out? We thought it would be fun, since a lot of you know our missions and competitions intimately, have great storytelling skills and excellent hunting expertise – so here’s your chance to try on a game designer’s hat and write your name into the history of theHunter.

Here you can find detailed description and rules and ask any questions you might have. We are looking forward to your designs!

And other tidbits

The team has made a heroic effort to reply to all 113 questions we received in the Ask Us Anything (excluding duplicates and suggestions). We are still waiting for some late comers, but we are hoping to be ready to present them to you next week.

Some people have been experiencing the issue with patching (“Failed to extract NSIS sfx archive” error) since the last update. Our QA manager Dennis is on it and we’ll hopefully be able to solve it soon, until then feel free to turn your steps to Steam for getting your update.

And lastly, in case you missed it, yesterday we released .30-06 Bolt Action Rifle, another gem in our gallery of the classic old weapons, a true 20th (ehm) century icon. The store picture does not give it credit, so make sure to check it in the game (video courtesy of ronMctube) – it’s a rare beauty and a great weapon in all possible aspects.

See you in the forums and happy hunting!

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January 28

Status Update 28th January 2016

Hello hunters, here’s what we’ve been up to:

Improving guests’ experience

Yesterday we rolled out what may be one of our biggest updates ever, aimed at significantly improving our guest hunting experience. Guests can now hunt five species (Whitetail Deer, Pheasant, Snowshoe Hare, Cottontail Rabbit and European Rabbit) with their 12GA Single Shot Shotgun which they can grab in the store for free (in addition to .243). All three types of 12GA ammo now automatically replenish for all players, which will come in handy for other 12GA shotguns too. If you still have some friends waiting around to join in on the hunting bonanza, now’s the time to bring them along to the EHR! To ease the transition between Mule and Whitetail, Mule Deer will remain free to hunt until February 3rd. The overall community reaction to this update has been overwhelmingly positive, which has made us super happy. As always, we value a community thumbs up for important changes.

Planning ahead

Yesterday’s update aside, the EW team has spent this week preparing for the big server move, working on the new animal functionality (it will be slightly different from what you are used to), as well as planning the development for 2016. We thought to give you a small sneak peek into how we work with planning. So, yesterday the team got together and spent two hours brainstorming and then voting for ideas. All ideas were organized into six main buckets: Reserves, Animals, Features, Improvements (of the existing content and functionality), Events and Items – and weighed against three main criteria: 1) Must be fun for players / requested by the community; 2) Be in line with the existing tech (our engine limitations put constraints to a lot of cool ideas); 3) Be fun for the team to work on.

Ideas with the most votes landed on producer’s and game designer’s desks who will make the final call after having done another reality and community check. You’ll see the first results of this planning exercise in the second quarter of 2016, since everything up until March has already been decided upon.

Ask Us Anything update

We’ve received oodles of questions from you in the Ask Us Anything thread, and I am still busy organizing them into a comprehensible format before sending them over for the team members to answer. I don’t have an ETA when replies will be published, but we’ll do our best to do it soon.

Stock up on unique items

Good news for those of you who like hunting from towers – tomorrow, on January 29th, we’ll be kicking off a weekend membership campaign: when buying a three month membership or a Wayfarer bundle you’ll get a new Deployable Hunting Tower – Bare Wood (won’t be released in the store), when buying a 6 months membership or a Pathfinder bundle – 2 Bare Wood towers and a classic tH t-shirt (won’t be available in the store any more), when buying a 12 months membership or a Trailrunner bundle – 3 Bare Wood towers, the classic theHunter T-Shirt and a skunk hat (not buyable). The promotion will run until Monday, February 1st, so hurry up, this is a good chance for you to stock up on some unique items for free while prolonging your memberships. Make sure to follow our updates to know when this campaign kicks in.

News from the EW squad

Today we are welcoming yet another new team member. His name is Greg and he is our new sound designer, read his intro below and say welcome in the forums, he has already started to lurk around and is very impressed with the quality and passion of discussions. We are also on the lookout for more awesome people to join our team – check the openings on the Avalanche homepage (look for Expansive Worlds) and if you or someone you know fit one of the openings, we’d love to hear from you!

One of the EW team New Year resolutions has been to hunt more on the live server, so we did an impromptu hunt last Friday. Some people were able to join and we had a blast. We’re planning to run those from time to time, mostly on Friday afternoons, and everyone is welcome to join. Keep an eye on the Multiplayer section of the forum to know the date and time 😉

Meet Greg

Hi everyone!

My name is Greg and I am happy to start off this year 2016 as part of theHunter Team, where I will take on the position of Sound Designer. I was born in Northern France and I moved to Stockholm in 2011 after having lived a couple of years in Barcelona.

Usually I spend my spare time playing music or trying to decide if my favorite beer is the Grimbergen or Brooklyn IPA (probably the Grim, let’s be honest). And I really like to hike as well, thanks Sweden for your amazing lakes and forests!

I am looking forward to making your game experience even more awesome!


That’s it from us for today!

Happy hunting!

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“The Hunter offers the most compelling hunting experience ever offered by a PC game.”
MMO Reviews

“This game looks incredible, the graphics are simply astonishing”
90% – Retro Game Shelf

“The complete experience of tracking and hunting an animal is highly-rewarding and simply not found in other games.”
88% – Gaming Nexus

About This Game

The most realistic online hunting game ever produced. Experience the thrill of the hunt in huge realistic environments using everything from crossbows to state of the art bolt action rifles. Realistic animal behavior and persistent online features provides a living world where you can roam casually or compete with other players for glory and fame.

Go hunting with your friends in multiplayer with up to 8 players - or explore the nine diverse and immersive hunting reserves in the ever evolving world of theHunter by yourself.

Key Features

  • Hunt 29 different species including Black Bear, Brown Bear, Moose, Whitetail Deer, Turkey, Pheasant, Coyote, Red Fox, Roosevelt Elk, Wild Boar, Red Deer, Roe Deer, Mule Deer, Blacktail Deer, Feral Hog, Mallard, Canada Goose, Cottontail Rabbit, Reindeer, Alpine Ibex, European Rabbit, Red Kangaroo, Bison, Snowshoe Hare, Arctic Fox, Sitka Deer, Gadwall, American Black Duck & Northern Pintail.
  • Explore 10 different huge environments with state-of-the-art graphics, complete with day cycle and weather effects - from the Alps to the Australian Outback. from the sub-arctic Alaska to the swamps of Louisiana.
  • Co-op multiplayer with up to 8 friends
  • Extensive online features. Increase your skills, see statistics and trophy shots. Participate in competitions and leaderboards or take on challenging missions and achievements.
  • theHunter is continuously updated with new species, environments, equipment and features.

Progression & Acquiring Items In The Game

Five huntable species (Whitetail Deer, Cottontail Rabbit, European Rabbit, Snowshoe Hare and Pheasant), two weapons (.243 Bolt-Action Rifle & 12 GA Single Shot shotgun) and a bunch of additional equipment are available for free when first entering the game. Additional items such as weapons, species licenses and ammo can be acquired with gm$, the in-game currency that can be earned through play, or em$, the in-game currency that can be earned through winning competitions or purchase for real money.

There are several different types of skills in the game that increase when players use items & hunt various species. As these skills increase, more abilities get unlocked, such as the ability to tell weight & gender from animal tracks and steadier aim for weapons.

Achievements can be earned through diverse in-game activities. Each achievement adds to your HunterScore, which can be used as a progression comparison vs. other players. Additionally, increasing the HunterScore unlocks upgrade items such as pouches & holsters.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows ® 10/8/7
    • Processor: Intel 2 GHz or AMD Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia GeForce 8800, ATI/AMD Radeon HD 2400 (NVidia GeForce 8800, ATI/AMD Radeon HD 2400)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
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You need a license to hunt that!
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