Axis Game Factory’s AGFPRO v2.0 – for PC, MAC and LINUX We just released version 2.0 of AGFPRO & Premium - there are a TON of new features, assets and functionality that have been added, giving users the ability to create amazing game levels and maps like NEVER BEFORE!! AGFPRO v2.
User reviews: Mostly Positive (123 reviews)
Release Date: Nov 19, 2013

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November 5

AGFPro - Battlemat DLC Preview

We have been hard at work making our next DLC and this one puts even more game making power in your hands! Lets let the bullet points do the talking for us, followed by a link to more info and some screenshots.

What can the AGF - Battlemat DLC do?

  • Play a Pen and Paper Campaign or Adventures (DM Options)
  • Play Tactical RPG Battles
  • Play Table Top Miniature Battles (Teams Included)
  • Fight for Map control with Objectives you set in our Objectives System.
  • Play with your old Pen & Paper friends Online (Multiplayer)
  • Save your game for later. (Each Miniature has an extensive, saveable Character Sheet)
  • Make an entire Campaign in AGFPro Basic or Premium (Multi-Scene System)


  • Use your Maps built in AGFPro Basic or Premium
  • Build dungeon dynamically using our modular Dungeon Tile System
  • Spice up your play session by dynamically placing anything you need on the fly.
  • Full Initiative System
  • Dice Roller System
  • Save stats in a Character Sheet for any or all Miniatures
  • Keep Notes and other information in each miniatures Note System. This system can also be used to store a quick conversation on an NPC.
  • Character System
  • NPC System
  • Dungeon Tile System
  • Objectives System
  • Placeables System
  • Multiple Movement Systems Enabled
  • Multiple Camera Systems Enabled
  • A Randomizer..use it to choose Loot, Quests, Monsters and much more!

Multiplayer Features

  • Built in text Chat System
  • 8 Players Per Server
  • The Host is the "Dungeon Master" or "Battle Master"
  • Hide Miniatures & Placed objects until needed
  • Password protect your Game


  • With AGFPro Premium and Unity3D you can turn any model into a Placeable, Dungeon Tile or Miniature for Battlemat!
  • Don't like a Fantasy Setting, mod your own world with the AGF Asset Packager (AGFPro Premium)

Battlemat Screenshots and the latest information on the AGF Website

We would love to hear your ideas in our new website Forums.

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October 22


We made a few changes to the AGF scene loader that loads the AGF scene format into Unity Free and Pro
See a sample here.. Halloween Asset Scene

These assets come with the FREE upgrade to the zombie player. All are unlocked and available for use in Unity.. Oh.. I made a bit of an update to that asset pack too. Half the size it was before. Sorry.. I got a little crazy with the texture resolutions.. :)


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About This Software

Axis Game Factory’s AGFPRO v2.0 – for PC, MAC and LINUX

We just released version 2.0 of AGFPRO & Premium - there are a TON of new features, assets and functionality that have been added, giving users the ability to create amazing game levels and maps like NEVER BEFORE!!

AGFPRO v2.0 is a comprehensive toolset designed to provide game developers and enthusiasts with a powerful and rapid level creation, terrain/vegetation editing, lighting and atmosphere system.

AGF is an independent product that empowers users to create game levels and environments for many types of game genres, and the AGFPRO v2.0 PREMIUM version is also designed to work in concert with the Free and Pro versions of the Unity 4.5 game engine to allow further customization and game publishing. AGF runs on the PC, MAC and LINUX systems.

AGF allows developers to rapidly create game maps, sculpt terrain and design levels quickly and easily. With over 1000+ assets pre-stocked in the warehouse, along with 48 pre-set themes and 8 sample maps, developers and enthusiasts can begin creating levels in minutes. AGFPRO v2.0 includes all of the necessary tools to allow users the ability to import AGF scenes into Unity3d Free and Pro 4.5.

Creating game levels and maps in AGFPRO is easy and fun - now ANYONE can create their own quality game maps without having to program, model or animate!

Please note that in order to use AGFPRO Premium (DLC), you must first purchase AGFPRO.


AGFPRO v2.0 now Features Nine (9) Key Areas or Apps for Development that Include:
  • AGF Launch Pad
  • AGF World Editor
  • AGF Construct App
  • AGF Browser
  • AGF Packager
  • AGF Scene Loader
  • ARGP Player (Internal & External)
  • Platform Player (Internal & External)
  • FPS Player (External)

New v2.0 AGF Launch Pad:

  • This App replaces the AGF editor from the AGF icon in Steam
  • Launches all AGF Apps including the Editor from one toolbar
  • No need to go through the Editor to launch the Players

New v2.0 AGF World Editor Features:

  • Redesigned GUI in the Editor
  • Dropdown menu system
  • Collapsing, drag-able windows with easy to see icons
  • 3x Speed increase for terrain sculpting
  • New Smoothing feature for the terrain sculpting has been added to give the user the ability to smooth and soften terrain on their maps
  • New X, Y, Z directional compass added to the Editor
  • Camera automatically changes the atmosphere when users are underwater vs. above water
  • Addition of "Build Time Clock" that is saved with each scene file every time users work, creating a standing time on how long each level takes to create

  • User-Friendly Project Creation Wizard
  • o Extensive library of pre-set themes for immediate level design
  • o Themes include lighting, atmosphere, terrain, vegetation, & water pre-defined

  • Intuitive User Interface with "Radial Menu" to expedite workflow
  • Drag and reorganize windows to customize UI
  • On & Off feature quickly hide menus

  • Advanced Terrain Creation System
  • Adjustable: terrain size, splat map & vegetation detail resolution
  • Supports terrains from 200 meters up to 200 meters down max
  • Terrains are now expanded to a maximum terrain of 4,000 meters square
  • 3x Speed increase for terrain sculpting
  • 10 levels of undo for terrain editing
  • Undo Vegetation, Painting and Sculpting independent of each other

  • Paint, Sculpt and Plant vegetation individually or simultaneously
  • Toggle: terrain visibility, painting, sculpting, planting

  • Sophisticated Brush Support
  • Extensive brush library with adjustable brush size, rotation, power, blend
  • Edit the entire Default Brush library for users preference
  • Project specific and default brushes independent of each other
  • Via the new integrated AGF Browser, users can now import their own original: Brushes, Terrain Textures, Terrain Vegetation Textures in PNG. Format
  • Newly added: Custom Images can be both loaded and removed for the Brushes – Terrain and Vegetation

  • Real Time Terrain Deformation and Painting System with Tri-Planar Texturing with Normal Maps
  • Toggle between tri-planar shader & simple
  • Intuitive Terrain "Snap to Grid Height" to set terrain
  • Numeric input and readout of terrain height at specific locations

  • Tri-Planar Shaders and Texturing
  • Shader automatically maps terrain inclines with user defined texture
  • Over 40 textures included with Normal Maps

  • Terrain Texture Color Tinting Feature
  • Change individual textures or batch
  • Change terrain textures quickly and update in real-time

  • Advanced Vegetation System
  • Adjustable vegetation density & distance, unlimited layers
  • Set vegetation min. width, height & color spectrum

  • Advanced Global Vegetation Editor
  • Globally change vegetation color saturation, value, size, minimum width & height, color spectrums

  • Fully featured lighting and atmosphere configuration allows quick real time and run-time customization

  • Customized Lighting System
  • Key, Fill, Back, and Ambient light sources
  • Set light colors, flares & shadow configurations
  • Extensive Lens Flares to “main” light in lighting rig (over 15)
  • Newly added Underwater Lighting system

  • Fog System
  • Global and simple fog with a variety of parameters: density, falloff, color and distance
  • Set fog haze, density, distance, color, height and falloff
  • Newly added Fog System

  • Skyboxes – Select skybox cube maps with the ability to apply rotation & tint

  • Beautiful water system with sliders for wave direction, speed, intensity, refraction/reflection color and foam properties

  • Geometry Brush System
  • Create unlimited sets of geometry brushes
  • Brushes function as an independent layer to edit
  • Set min/max scale range
  • Randomly rotate X, Y, Z coordinates
  • Align to Normal
  • Spray geometry from camera view direction

  • User-friendly file saving thumbnail generation for scenes when saved

  • Extensive Presets to quickly start scenes (48 included)
  • Create custom presets and share with friends

  • Independent Pre-Fab Mode to create complex collections of assets outside of your scene

  • Fully featured transformation tools include:
  • Select, Multiple-Select, Copy/Paste, Duplicate, Translate, Rotate & Scale

  • Intuitive Grid-Snapping and Collision Detection easily place objects in scene with new enhanced features that include:
  • On screen display of Grid Size
  • On screen display of Grid-Snap Setting
  • There are now reference numbers for both the X or Z Axis, the numbers change dynamically with the scale of the grid
  • Grid Reference Number Scaling and Display Settings can be defined by the user

New Construct App Feature:

  • Gone is the old prefab workspace and it has been moved into its very own App
  • Construct is where you go to create your own prefab assets from the always-expanding library of textures and assets (over 1,000+) that are available in the AGFPRO Warehouse
  • Users can launch Construct from the Launchpad or from the Editor
  • Use the “refresh assets” button to load prefabs into the Warehouse library
  • Construct allows users to import their own .OBJ files (objects or assets) as well as .PNG texture files
  • Load your own models, .OBJ files, directly into ConstructUSERS NO LONGER HAVE TO IMPORT THEIR OWN ASSETS THROUGH UNITY PRO!!!!! This feature is included in AGFPRO and Premium.
  • Combine several .OBJ files and save them as a Prefab to be used in the World Editor

New AGF Browser (file browser)

  • This is a standalone browser that connects the AGF Apps together!
  • The new AGF Browser is designed to be the glue that is used to bring in users custom content. Now users are able to bring in their own Textures and Objects files into AGF creations without the necessity of using Unity Free or Unity Pro… This feature is HUGE as it empowers users the flexibility to create their own custom levels with any supported asset types they choose to bring in with the ability to take their scene files back into Unity to publish their own work

New AGF Packager

  • By popular demand – we have added this great feature… AGF DLC users are able to package their games easily and share with anyone! Just do the following:
  • 1) Select the Game Type
  • 2) Select the Project Folder
  • 3) Select the Destination of the New Game onto User’s Machine
  • 4) Give a Name to the Game
  • … And the AGF Packager does the rest… it’s really that easy! Best of all, friends do not need to own AGF to run the packaged game, nor do they need to have a Steam account. The Packaged Game is completely stand-alone, DRM FREE, and redistribution of users game(s) is encouraged. AGF Packager will make a game for the OS that it was packaged on. The AGF packaged games are NOT intended for resale. It’s about creating and sharing with all.
  • As an option, the Packager will automatically zip the game(s) package for easy distribution and no installation is required for the end user to play – no installers are necessary for friends to play – just unzip and have fun!

New AGF Scene Loader Features:

  • The AGF Scene Loader loads the AGF Scene Format into Unity Free and Unity Pro
  • Custom Images that are used on terrains now load into Unity with scene(s) created in AGF
  • Any locked assets in an AGF scene are no longer an issue… The AGF/Unity Scene Loader skips any assets that are not supposed to load automatically
  • Any OBJ files that are loaded into AGF will also be loaded into Unity Free and Pro

Action Role-Playing Game Player:

  • The ARGP Player provides users with player and camera controls that are genre specific for ARPG game creation
  • Using the Internal Player, creations can be played in real-time to play test map creations
  • The External Player allows users the ability to package and send their levels to others to play

Platform Player:

  • The Platform Player provides users with player and camera controls that are genre specific for Platform game level creation
  • The Internal Player allows users to immediately play and test their game maps in real-time
  • The External Player allows users the ability to package and send their levels to others to play

First-Person Shooter Player:

  • This Player provides the user with an FPS camera and controller, specific for FPS game level creation and play testing
  • The FPS Player can be used with the AGF Packager to package their game levels to share with others
  • This Player also supports Scene-Linking and allows users to share their AGF FPS game level creations with friends and link their maps together for endless gameplay!
  • FPS Weapon asset packs are also included


  • AGFPRO + PREMIUM ASSET Packager – users are able to package their assets in Unity Pro and use in the AGF tool-set
  • Batch Asset Processing
  • Automatic Icon Creation
  • Over 500 Source Art Assets and Samples are included for Premium users

More Information on what AGFPRO is and what you can do with AGFPRO

  • Users are able to create game levels and maps using the software and also place characters (provided with the software) to play and explore their levels with multiple player style options (Action Role Playing, Platformer, FPS)

  • Just to be CLEAR – AGFPRO is NOT a game engine. It is literally made using the Unity game engine. AGFPRO is a real-time, RAPID Game Environment Development Toolkit and is made to be used in concert with Unity Free and Pro for level/map creation. – However, AGFPRO does NOT need Unity to run or create levels/maps.

  • The scene files that users create in AGFPRO “Basic” and “Premium” can be imported into Unity4 Free and Pro using our AGF/Unity tools.

  • By using the DLC we have already released for AGFPRO (Fantasy Side-Scroller & Zombie FPS), users are able to create playable levels with AGFPRO (only – not viable with Unity) with a variety of characters, assets, gameplay mechanics and special feature, “Scene-Linking” to connect game levels

  • There are limitations to some asset packs “locked (L)” that limit the users from loading these assets into Unity. All unlocked asset packs are free of copyright and can be used via Unity for redistribution per the terms of the EULA ttp://

  • The redistribution or “sharing” of the games users are able to make using AGF and DLC “Players” is a feature we are working on at this time and will be made available to users at no additional fee

  • Users are also able to create and place specific game play mechanics that are provided in the software

  • Full customization of your levels and maps is possible with AGFPRO Premium and Unity Pro, whereby users are able to bring in their own assets and models to make their games unique and further commercialize, making a complete Stand-Alone game

Additional Questions RE: AGFPRO?

  • If you are interested in making a complete Stand-Alone game with unique characters, models, assets and game play mechanics not provided in AGFPRO and commercialize it for sale, you will need AGFPRO Premium and either Unity Free or Pro software

  • If you are a development team using AGFPRO + Premium, you will need one seat per team member using the software, but we do offer studio discounts, so be sure to contact us for special pricing

  • We have many schools all over the globe using AGFPRO to teach game development and design in the classroom, from middle schools to elite Colleges and Universities. We have a basic curriculum available that instructors are able to include in their course curriculum and we provide additional support that includes software updates, access to DLC, non-Steam versions of the software if necessary, user support and special feature integration upon request and based on the terms of the agreement. We offer special pricing for schools and we find that schools love using the software as it allows students the ability to create complete games within the limitation of a semester and is a great introduction to begin to interface with Unity3d, without users having to program, model, animate or script. Please contact Tammy McDonald at if you have specific questions or interest regarding AGFPRO's Educational License.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP SP2 or better
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Due / AMD Athlon x2 or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Gefore 6600 / ATI Radeon X800 (shader model 2.0+) or better
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 700 MB available space
    • Sound Card: N/A
    • Additional Notes: On 64 bit machines the following must be installed Microsoft Visual C++ Redist (64)
    • OS: Windows 7 or better
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad / AMD Phenom 2 x4 or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 470GTX Titan / ATI Radeon 5850 or better
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 700 MB available space
    • Sound Card: N/A
    • Additional Notes: On 64 bit machines the following must be installed Microsoft Visual C++ Redist (64)
    • OS: Snow Leopard 10.6 or better
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz PowerPC 970MP or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia / ATI (shader model 2.0+, year 2004) or better
    • Hard Drive: 700 MB available space
    • Sound Card: N/A
    • Additional Notes: More is better...
    • OS: Mountain Lion 10.8 or better
    • Processor: Intel i5 or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia / ATI (shader model 4.0+, year 2009) or better
    • Hard Drive: 700 MB available space
    • Sound Card: N/A
    • Additional Notes: More is better...
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 or better
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon x2 or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 6600 / ATI Radeon X800 (shader model 2.0+) or better
    • Hard Drive: 700 MB available space
    • Sound Card: N/A
    • Additional Notes: More is better...
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 or better
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad / AMD Phenom 2 x4
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 470GTX / ATI Radeon 5850 or better
    • Hard Drive: 700 MB available space
    • Sound Card: N/A
    • Additional Notes: More is better...
Helpful customer reviews
9 of 10 people (90%) found this review helpful
13.8 hrs on record
Posted: November 3
Very Impressed,
As a student just getting involved in game development, this tool is a must. I have been learning c# for a year or so, and have created 3d assets for about 10 years. This allows me to create levels, quickly while I still learn how to integrate my c# knowledge with unity. I Highly recommend this tool. Thanks for all the hard work! - gnostic
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
3.6 hrs on record
Posted: November 9

It's awesome level & world design tool with a huge variety of already created environment objects.

  • Easy to use
  • Realtime testing
  • Compatible with Unity Free
  • Updates & support

This is the best tool ever made for game developers.
Was this review helpful? Yes No
2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
0.5 hrs on record
Posted: November 13
DO NOT Get this package if you own a mac!
You wont be able to import meshes, textures or anything you need to create your project.
Just ten minutes in and I couldn't get anything started.
The file system was completely untested!

The first thing I tried when I loaded the AGF constructor was "File>Import Object"
Not even a (this feature will be implemented later.)
Was this review helpful? Yes No
3 of 6 people (50%) found this review helpful
2.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 26
AMAZING! It is an unparralleled creation system! I use it all the time! I love it! And for all you haters out there-try it again or go off somewhere else and complain! We dont want to hear it!!!
Was this review helpful? Yes No
1 of 4 people (25%) found this review helpful
1.2 hrs on record
Posted: November 6
Horrible controls, next to no help or tutorials/guides out there. If you're a beginner, don't waste your money, even if it's on sale.
Was this review helpful? Yes No
5 of 13 people (38%) found this review helpful
0.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 26
This is not "game factory" this is "map factory". You may not create any game, not recommended.
Was this review helpful? Yes No
A developer has responded on Oct 26 @ 5:04pm
(view response)
258 of 343 people (75%) found this review helpful
238.5 hrs on record
Posted: May 29
Game factory does not make games. It is a level / world design tool. A really good level / world design tool for Unity based games. You see everything in real time. You can play test your levels, run around and stuff, but its not a stand alone game game engine, just a level / world design tool. However, calling yourself Game Factory was slightly misleading, but whatever. On the forum, the developers hint at wanting to one day make it a stand alone game engine, but I'm not sure if its a hint or misleading. Since they call it Game Factory, I have to lean toward the potential of misleading here.

It is now a few months later and people are still asking if AGF is a game engine to make standalone games:

You can make some really great looking, lush environments. The tools are easy, robust and look fantastic. The video tutorials are great and explain a lot, even if they could be sped up a little for more advanced users.

The problem is there is nothing out of the ordinary from the default Unity 3D level editor. So if you're already developing for Unity, why not just use Unity? This is still a better editor to make levels and it will take you less time to make better levels.

The DLC packs offer a lot of variety. The FPS add on offers lots of great features, but there are already a lot of great FPS level editors out there. Game Factory FPS DLC expedites level creation with prefab rooms ala the Elder Scrolls editor, instead of having to make every wall. With all of that being said, its still not free. Just another add on to buy when Unreal 4 and Cryengine have plenty of free examples for every type of game, they're cheaper and they are stand alone engines.

Game Factory is worth it if you're a level designer for Unity, but to the average kid expecting to make a big game, nope. Look at actual game makers, Unity, Cryengine and Unreal Engine. As for Unity, its simple enough to pick up and design for, so this is a great benefit.

I have respect for the developers and respect for the tool, but I'm just warning people. It's not what you think it is.
Was this review helpful? Yes No
22 of 27 people (81%) found this review helpful
28.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 2
I would like to write a review about AGF, because apparantely, it needs it. I have seen all the negative reviews about this program, and most of them talk about how awfull this is, and some even say this isnt a game maker. I am here to prove them all wrong.....

AGF is one of the easiest game making programs I have ever used that anyone could figure it out, and yet, you end up getting a better game then the Cry Engine and Source SDK. The developer was very smart, and turned game making, into a game. When I doodle around AGF and make a whole bunch of stuff with it, I find it very enjoyable, because when I MAKE a game, it seems I am PLAYING a game. And once I finish a project and test it, I find it even more fun. If you are the type of guy that doesnt like making games, and hates putting all the work into it, and likes playing games more, well just try out the Demo they give and give it a try. You will find out you have been fooled about all the negative reviews about this program, and end up have loads of fun just MAKING a game. Plus, the developer works day and night making AGF a better program, by adding new stuff such as workshop. (COMING SOON WORKSHOP) And not to mention, you can easily make stuff in AGF, and simply export it into Unity.

The main thing I am trying to point out is, AGF has a lot of potential, and should be used by people such as yourself. I only ask one favor, and that favor is not to take all the negative reviews to seriousley. They are people that have no idea what awesomeness AGF has to give you.

Try it,
Test it,
Read about it,
Watch about it,
Doodle around with it,
Play and have fun with it,
but most of all, just enjoy it.

EDIT: More and more updates are coming out for AGF, and in each one, it gets better and better. The developer is open minded, and listens to other people requests on what to add next.
Was this review helpful? Yes No
20 of 24 people (83%) found this review helpful
15.1 hrs on record
Posted: August 31
Ok 1st of all this is NOT A GAME ENGINE. But it's awesome level/world design tool. It's really simple to use and at the same time makes really pro-looking resaults + is not that expensive if you compare that you'd give hundreds oh dollars for assets like that in unity assets store. I really like assets, weapons, materials and so on, they are all really useful if you have some imagination and creativity in your blood. Over all this is a great programm and a deal for its price I deffinatly recommend it!
Was this review helpful? Yes No
51 of 79 people (65%) found this review helpful
4.6 hrs on record
Posted: June 26
I'm not entirely sure who this program is designed for. It's basically a very simplified version of Unity, which lets you edit maps by deforming the terrain, and adding a limited number of assets.

You can then "test" your map by playtesting the map using a variety of pre-build "games". For example... if you choose FPS player, you will spawn with a gun, life meter, and if you set zombie spawn points, there will be zombies that spawn that you can shoot. That's about it.... there's no custimization options regarding any of the game elements in this "game factory".

After building a few maps in this program, I felt extremely limited as to what I was able to create, and there's not much creativity when the assets provided are a few basic houses, some rocks, and some walls...

Judging by the trailers, I'm assuming this was meant as a beginner tool for children to design their first "games", I personally thought it would be a fun way to design creative, and in-depth maps with a large number of provided assets, and then be able to design basic games to play with friends. (like RPG Maker) But sadly I was mistaken, and this program is mainly a "tool" to help Unity game developers design maps more efficiently.
Was this review helpful? Yes No
14 of 16 people (88%) found this review helpful
4.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 8
While not the most intuitive program, Axis Game Factory gets the job done with an easy to use level editor and ways to import your own resources for more variety. This is not a game engine, only a level editor.
Was this review helpful? Yes No
13 of 15 people (87%) found this review helpful
7.1 hrs on record
Posted: September 14
I've been dabbling with Unity for close to year and have tossed a lot of $$$ on the asset store - a significant percentage on terrain assets and tools. Had I known about the capability of AGF, I could have saved a lot of money. Simply put, this tool takes one of the biggest headaches out of Unity: that of sculpting realistic-looking terrains. I have spent countless hours on creating, deleting and re-creating outdoor environments in Unity. AGF makes it easier than pie. The asset base is not very big yet, but for me, that is not a problem. I need AGF to build my base terrain on, sort out my vegetation, my lighting, better-looking fog effects, etc. Once happy, I can import my scene into Unity and add the rest of my prefabs to it.

This tool is a timesaver and for someone who constantly nit-picks over silly stuff like 'that mountain just does not look right!', AGF helps a lot. The developers are active in responding and assisting with issues and I really appreciate that. I certainly look forward to seeing how this product further develops and recommend the investment for anyone looking for an edge in their terrain creation.

(And yes, AGF can now do a lot of other scene activities, but I can only talk about what I’ve been using this tool for :) )
Was this review helpful? Yes No
26 of 39 people (67%) found this review helpful
3.0 hrs on record
Posted: May 29
An excellent tool for beginners and intermediate game-makers alike. Especially with the recent DLC's, this utility is a great piece of software that introduces the user to an easy-to-use 3D environment designer. The process isn't what I would call speedy, as adding detail takes quite a bit of time, but making a basic hall, platformer level, or exploration environment is doable in a few hours.

Tools are extensive and complete, and there is a huge variety of environment objects already designed and created. Accessing the latter is as simple as clicking "Load All" on the right side of your screen, and selecting a category to view and draw from.

My only gripe is that movement for the pre-programmed players is clunky -- movements last a little longer than the duration of the key-press or command, jumps are ridiculously huge, and the physics of the jumping is off (the ability to change the direction of your movement vector in midair to be specific).

I fully support this software, and I look forward to seeing it develop and get better and better over time. The developers are all invested in the project, and are engaged with the community answering questions, helping, encouraging, and really being fantastic.

Even if you posses no programming skills, this program is easy to use, and easy to master. Everyone should try it.
Was this review helpful? Yes No
18 of 25 people (72%) found this review helpful
15.9 hrs on record
Posted: July 10
Axis Game factory (AGF) is an unique piece of software. Let me start by telling you right off, that this IS NOT A GAME MAKING SOLUTION. With that said the software can be used in one of two ways.
1. Using the included assets or those from the DLC (Zombie and Side Scroller) one can make mini games (more along the lines of levels) and share them with people that have AGF as well. This is a neat feature and is fun to mess around but you are limiting yourself with this option. Of course this would be great for those interested in making games and do not want to go through the hassle of coding. For example I have a buddy who loves the Walking dead show. He has no wish to be a game programmer but using the zombie DLC him and his son can create fun little stages.
2. AGF can be used as a landscaping tool (terrain modeler) where you can create your landscapes and export them to Unity as a starting framework for your game. Using this method you can even build the file as an executable in unity and send it to anyone, even to those who do not own AGF or Unity. Importing can be done between AGF and either Unity pro or the Unity free edition. NOTE AGF uses some higher level textures that are only available in Unity Pro; your levels will still load in Unity Free but some features may be downgraded. For example Unity Pro has better water shades and textures than Unity free. So if you build a map in AGF that uses the water (pro) it will be downgraded to the standard water textures if imported into Unity Free.
Should you buy premium or stick with pro
The big issue between AGF pro and premium is exporting out of unity into AGF. With AGF premium you get an asset kit that allows you to export asset packs out of unity into AGF. Unity free does not support the creation of Asset packages. So if you are using Unity free you will not need this but if you have pro you may find this useful. SIDE NOTE the development team is tring to find a way to get this to work in Unity Free
Should I buy the DLCs
As I already said the DLC add some fun little playthings. I could see someone who wants to mess with game development but either do not want to learn or have not had the time to learn coding. One thing that you may want to know is that some (few) of the assets are locked so they cannot be imported into unity. The only real one that comes to mind is the zombies; AGF does not own the redistributing rights to those so they cannot allow people to use them in their own game. This is not a really big deal, since they can be used for play testing and level design in AGF. Anyone who is thinking about selling their own zombie game would probably want to have original creations anyway
Final thoughts
AGF is a nice little tool, something people at all levels can mess around with. With more DLC on the way I doubt it will get old anytime soon. The big issue is how much you should buy just starting out? This is really one of where the buyer is at:
Just wanting to mess around: I say buy the pro (standard) version of AGF, and maybe a DLC or two and see what you think
Someone looking for a terrain editor: In this case it depends on the version of Unity you are using. As mentioned already if you are using Unity Free you really do not need the Unity to AGF exporter found in the premium edition.
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Posted: May 31
This is a very fun and nice idea. BUT it has no grounds to it. I can't make skills and things. Really, all you can do is make a cool map. It should be called Axis Map factory. I want a REFUND.
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Posted: September 10
i don't know where to begin with, ><
at 1st i'm bought AGF for completing my final project
and AGF is actually a great program, easy to use (if you watch the tutorial) and have a lot of asset
you may found some trouble when importing it to Unity
but hey, they have superb support for us
if you need them you can contact them through skype
when i had a problem with AGF they help me a lot
they even give me some asset that they not release yet, best support i ever had

and now AGF have packager for making your own game
awesome isn't?

AGF 8/10
Support 10/10
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Posted: August 31
I have no idea what i'm doing.
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Posted: September 20
Really great piece of software. Support is great and they won't give up until they find the problem!

Looking through a bunch of the negative reviews it's quite obvious a huge share of people just bought this product without reading the description or doing any research.
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Posted: September 22
I am a Game Development student and I have to say THIS is literally the best tool ever made by developers for developers. The main reason for it to be so perfect is not that it offers so much functionality that often seems to be too overwhelming for some people making them desperate and do nothing else but to blame others for their failures... Don't fall that low.. :) It's the huge amount of effort that has been put into the making of this master tool. The program is ideal for people who are new to game development and want to focus more on the technical part of the games, it is also a great tool for people who do game level design you can very easily make changes to your scenes. Often when I make my levels I feel like I am making a painting it's that easy!!! For me to unlock the full potential of this you really need to spend some time on learning how to use the program, do you think its not fair? Think about it... what if it was Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator or Flash? If you don't put enough time and effort to learn to use them you could never make that one masterpiece that will blow away everyone's mind.

Still not sure whether to buy it or not? Well for the money you spend you get more support than what you would get from your teachers and lecturers.

Best regards,
Borislav Napoleonov
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Posted: July 31
OK so first off, know that it is NOT a game engine. you can NOT make a stand-alone game.
I honestly can say that Axis Game Factory is kind of a mis-leading name, because this is a Map/Level/Enviroment Maker. It'd be better if it was called Axis Enviroment Factory or something along those lines. Other than the name though, I don't understand people who paid for this, not realizing it's only a map maker, then downvoting it.

If I am going to pay $20-$110 for software, I am going to do research about it. I knew going into this that is was just a map maker, and I didn't read the reviews, I visited Axis' website and read about all it's features. So if you feel cheated or scammed, maybe do more research. I honestly think a dev should not have to put NOT A GAME ENGINE in big bold print. It seems like they have on the steam page though.

Anyway to the software. As I said it's a Map, Enviroment, Level, Terrain, whatever terminology you'd prefer, maker. It's good for beginners in 3D map making like me. I dabbled in top down RPGs and hand made my graphics with ms paint. It took forever. I downloaded Unity and found it difficult to make Terrains or textures. With Axis, I can make Terrains with ease, then transport them to Untiy4. You need UnityPro in order to move things from Unity to Axis though which sucks but it really doesn't affect me.

I just wanted Axis for the terrain, and I am not dissapointed.
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