Claire is alone, lost, and hunted. The world has quickly becomes shrouded in darkness with unseen threats stalking Claire from the shadows. Aided by her dog and armed only with a flashlight, Claire must conquer her fear and find her comatose mother. However, there are others lost in the darkness seeking salvation.
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Release Date: Jul 7, 2014

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"Claire is clever and scary enough to stand among Home and Lone Survivor as one of the better retro indie horror games out there."
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October 8, 2014

Soundtrack Now Available + Patch v1.1 Suggestions

Due to requests, Claire's soundtrack is now available, and is currently 33% off.

You can find it here:

Secondly, as we prepare Claire for ports, we're also upgrading the PC version. We'll be making some upgrades to the map system, adding dialogue, a new NewGame+ ending and a few other features. If there's something you'd really like to see improved or have any suggestions please mention it here:

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September 16, 2014

Claire is 33% off!

Claire is 33% off for the week, get it while it lasts!

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“The sound is amazingly well polished, and features tons of scary and crispy sound-effects. You will be hard-pressed to say that this is an indie game due to it, as it looks like they have gone the extra mile with the sound effects and the eerie music.”

“Claire absolutely succeeds in providing an atmospheric unsettling experience, a compelling story, and fantastic sound design and soundtrack, that all work in tandem to make this a must-play for survival horror fans.”
Indie Game Enthusiast

“If you’re looking for something scary, Claire is terrifying, atmospheric — thanks, in part, to a stellar soundtrack — and a fantastic love letter to the survival horror genre.”
Bloody Disgusting

About This Game

Claire is alone, lost, and hunted. The world has quickly becomes shrouded in darkness with unseen threats stalking Claire from the shadows. Aided by her dog and armed only with a flashlight, Claire must conquer her fear and find her comatose mother. However, there are others lost in the darkness seeking salvation. Claire must decide who she is going to save. With every choice she'll begin to discover who she really is and whether she deserves to be saved herself.

-Play as Claire and explore multiple levels accompanied by your dog, Anubis.
- Use a lighter or a mouse-controlled flashlight to explore an increasingly dark world.
-Contend with the panic system, a system that increases the scariness of the environment as fear tightens its grip on Claire.
-Fight back Claire’s fear and stay alert with items scavenged from the dark corners of the world.
-Find others lost in the darkness, help them and decide to save them or leave them be.
-Multiple endings determined by plot choices and interactions with the others.
-Multiple difficulty settings, including “Nightmare” where Claire can literally be scared to death.
-New Game + allows you to keep your items and ramp up the difficulty.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista
    • Processor: Dual Core 2.0 Ghz
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB Card
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Dual Core 2.5 Ghz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB Card
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
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Posted: October 28, 2014
(Note: If don’t want to read long points go pass the line)

Intro: In the game you play as protagonist by the name Claire who is trying search for her comatose mother while searching for answers within the darkness about herself, however be aware you’re not alone so now let explain base off my experience why I would recommend Claire.

Atmosphere/Environment: In general atmosphere is important in a horror game if the goal if not scare to at least cause a form of discomfort in terms of survival-horror which for a 2D horror game like Claire for the most part does a great job in this regard when it comes to sounds, visuals and music in general will keep you on edge throughout the game now that is not to say there are no areas of calm moments but they are far in between. For instance areas that are calm have eerie sense of sadness, loneliness, abandonment and little hope while areas that are chaotic have intense emotions of fear, suffering, hopelessness and madness while at certain times the atmosphere takes a combination of these two (To experience fully recommend not going objective too fast and also lights out and headphones on.)

Gameplay Mechanics: Another thing that the game does an excellent job in keeping tension going is by putting players in the role as Claire who is put in this nightmarish world with only defense is a dog (warns of danger), blocking doors (if possible) , running and hiding. Now when it comes to the running and hiding aspect of the game it should be noted here that when running your energy will drain quickly so use sparingly and once enemies see you they become relentless and by breaking down doors or crawling through from certain vents so it’s up to as the player to use both cunning and understanding of the environment around you both in terms of running and hiding, but understand since they are unpredictable if player is careless they will use the environment against you or if the player tries to hide in plain sight they will draw you out. Last thing that keeps the tension going is a balance act you would have to maintain between the protagonist’s health and sanity. Now at first the balancing act starts off easy but as progress it will become bit more difficult terms of enemies that attack you physically and/or mentally to environmental changes that you will not expect to occur.

Inventory Management: Now the game Claire to a certain degree portrays a specific type of inventory management in the form of a backpack which contains a limited amount of square space and each square space can only hold one item in each one combined with idea that items must be used wisely which provides a challenge of its own, while I like this feature there is one flaw to it which the only way Claire describes the item is by the player picking it up which results in loss of space to point where you would have to use items whether you need to or not to make room for items you need in order to complete your objective and/or side quest as you progress (suggestion: create secondary storage for items for later use or create an option where it describes the item and yes or no if the player wants to pick it up.)

Map: The map in general is one those learning curve type maps that you would either love it or hate it which I love it because not only does it help navigate throughout without being completely lost which provides a challenge in itself, but also the design remind me a little bit of horror games like siren.

Puzzles: Now the puzzles in Claire in general come in two different types optional which you can skip if you want to (note: recommend not skipping more variety and little more challenging then main puzzles and some connect with the story in a way) and main game puzzles that you have to complete in order to progress which both of these types of puzzles not only help with the overall pacing but provide challenge within themselves.

Replay ability: Now there is replay ability in terms of not only multiple endings and achievements, but also if you’re the type of player after completing want bonus challenge Claire offers this in the form of two basic difficulty modes hard and nightmare.

Overall Story: The story in Claire is a mix bag here it’s excellent in one aspect and another way it struggles fully stay up float. Now what Claire does excellent is how the game presents itself by having Claire herself narrate in the form of text her thoughts and emotions while combined with the emotions she displayed was believable to the point I find myself caring what’s going happen to her base of the choices I made, certain sequences (memories) in Claire will occur which will allow to have idea not only what her past was like but also the reason behind her situation which is designed and set up in way that never over stays its welcome combined with items you find to put in your journal that which all together seems to use a little bit of Silent Hill formula. Now don’t get wrong I found story interesting and I don’t expect games like Claire to hold my hand, however the story isn’t perfect I just couldn’t shake the feeling off there were certain plots arguably missing, just there to be in the game or/and seemed a bit on the rushed side which the main issue behind this is that the game Claire seems reference the individual enough to point where he is very memorable but not much to go on to actually piece together what happen to him or maybe it was just simply lost in translation with me.

  • Atmosphere/environment: Will either scare or keep you on edge.
  • Gameplay Mechanics: Will keep tension going throughout.
  • Inventory Management: is present in terms of space and item use.
  • Map: Provide well balance learning curve.
  • Replay ability: Is present in terms of multiple endings, achievements and contains two difficulty settings hard and nightmare.
  • Overall Story: Believable story due to Claire displaying her thoughts and emotions text and body movement and/or expressions, sequences that occur (memories) that don’t over stay its welcome because of how it was designed and set up.


  • Puzzles: come in two different types optional (which are slightly more challenging and connect with the story in a way) while main puzzles provide certain challenge and do also have a connection to story but variety is not there in my opinion.


  • Inventory Management doesn’t give option to store or pick item up or not.
  • Overall Story: The story is interesting the problem is certain plots are either missing, just in there to be in the game or/and a little bit on the rushed side.

    Overall I enjoyed my time playing Claire will go back to explore for the alternate endings, atmosphere/environment and gameplay.

    I recommend this game to anyone who is a fan or new to both the gameplay and genre.
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Posted: October 15, 2014
This game is definitely in my new top ten for best horror games.
While the graphics may not be the most high-end, most horror survival fans will agree graphics aren't what make the games so intense.
What makes Claire and other great horror games like it; Outlast, Silent Hill 2, etc., great is the fact that it is immersive, the gameplay is easy to pick up, the soundtrack and audio can be described as both creepy and visceral, the story is rich and it all harkens back to the early age of horror games when they weren't abandoned or all being turned into Call of Duty/Gears of War.

This game is worth the asking price and if you really want a great horror game, buy this one.
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2.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 3, 2014
Lets get this out of the way now: Claire feels like a Lone Survivor clone. Of course it has its own flavor, unfortunately things that make it different also make it less enjoyable.
Claire's strongest point is probably its graphical design, making you wonder what will you see next, what other gruesome things will developers come up with. And that is pretty much the only good thing I can say about this game, everything else is rather... meh.
To start of, the story is so vague it is really hard to care for the main character (or the world that surrounds her). Sure, she no doubt has a tragic backstory, but every hint we get of it just feels like the same old thing we already seen before.
Claire also shares a problem that Lone Survivor had (but on a much bigger and thus more confusing scale), which is how they present the world - both games show 2D side scrolling view of the world with an ability to enter rooms and corridors that lay perpendicular to your current location. This gets really confusing really fast as Claire features maps that are built to look and feel like actual mazes. It almost becomes a necessity to open the map after every step you take.
Speaking of Lone Survivor, one of the biggest differences and also by far the weakest element of Claire is how they deal with enemies. In case of Claire, the only real option is to simply run, and not the "get the hell out of here if you want to live" kind of run, but simply moving, often even passing by them - the simple fact of running is just about enough to dodge most of them. Perhaps switching to a higher difficulty could make this a bigger challenge, but lets be honest, fundamentally it just isn’t a very fun mechanic, especially compared to Lone Survivor where you could not only run from your enemies, but also kill them, lure them away, or simply sneak pass by them.

In the end I played Claire for around 3 hours before finally deciding to drop it - all because a simple thought entered my mind: "Am I actually having fun?"

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Posted: November 7, 2014
Claire is a 2D psychological survival-horror game that pulls a lot of inspiration from Silent Hill, Clock Tower, and a few other horror games of the early 2000s. I had been following the title since mid-2013, and finally gave it a play after a few patches had been delivered for the game post-release (which to the developers credit, they have been very active in responding to problems the game has via patches and being active on their steam community forums and twitter). I had played about an hour of the game last February off Desura, which was very rough at the time. I wasn't quite sure what the final product was going to end up like.

Claire stars the titular character as she wakes up from a nightmare about her childhood. She is in the hospital taking care of her mother, who is sickly and bedridden. However, as she fetches coffee to keep herself awake, the hospital suddenly changes... Shifts into some form of nightmare realm. Quickly finding aid from a dog known as Anubis, they go to try and find an escape to the twisted terror they've found themselves trapped in.

In Claire, you explore labyrinth-like locations full of enemies, traps, puzzles, scares, and atmosphere as you open locked doors and trigger events that advance the story. Honestly its all rather simple. Occasionally you meet a person in the labyrinth you can help with something via a side-quest, or some choice you can make or optional puzzle you can partake in. Your actions go towards what ending you'll get at game's end, of which there are six of.

The gameplay is simple, but is supported by good design, an actually helpful map (surprising as I find maps are usually useless in 2D horror games like this), fantastic atmosphere, and a number of surreal and interesting moments throughout, backed by a good lighting engine and moody sound design.

Monsters come in a few varieties, but none can be killed, simply ran from and hid from. And they can be determined buggers in hunting you down, bashing down doors you try to escape through, and can follow you into any room outside of save rooms. You either have to outrun them, outsmart them (like blocking a door), out-climb them (they can't climb things it seems), or hide in a closet/similar hiding place. Though some monsters don't chase you at all. One common threat is a type of monster that won't chase you, but getting near it will drain your 'sanity'.

Sanity isn't for insane effects or anything, but survival in Claire. Like Clock Tower's panic feature, basically. The more loss of 'calm' and scared you become, the more you'll start taking damage, until you're panicking and taking damage for simply panicking. A big part of the game, especially later in, is managing your health and sanity and playing wisely. This is helped by the fact that like Resident Evil, the stages are large with multiple paths, allowing you to make strategic paths through the facility once you've come more familiar with its layout.

Normally I build-up to my impressions of a review by talking about the elements, but to explain Claire I need to work backwards... I loved it. It's going up there as what I would list as the best 2D horror games out there, along with the likes of Lone Survivor, Clock Tower, Yume Nikki, Last Door, Ib, Witch's House, etc. Claire succeeds in making an unnerving atmosphere that actually managed to spook me on a few occasions, interesting moments in both gameplay, design, and narrative, and wrapping it all together into an enjoyable horror game package.

And its with this severe love I have for the game I must mention that the game still has some problems. The developers are responding to them and still patching the game, but I need to make note of this as the time I played it (version 1.145) that I ran into a number of issues. I played the game kind of stupidly on Nightmare difficulty (the hardest difficulty) on my first playthrough of the game, and as a mention I would not suggest playing on this difficulty unless you really want a challenge and have some patience. But maybe because of this I experienced more problems, as most of what I had problems with was the sanity system, which was very unforgiving and has weird problems like certain cutscene spots draining my sanity so fast I would die during cutscenes and would actively have to heal myself to keep myself alive to read the dialogue in cutscenes. And then some minor things, like how I found the flashlight not really useful most of the time and just defaulted to the lighter, or a few areas later in the game feeling a bit too much like trial-and-error in parts.

I'm sure most of my problems will be addressed with future patches again, and don't think this game is worth passing up on for this.

Claire feels a bit similar to some other kinds of horror games, with the easiest comparison to make being Lone Survivor (they share a bit more in common than just being 2D games with some Silent Hill influence, though let it be known if you liked Lone Survivor, you will most likely enjoy this). However, it also manages to create its own feel and tale of horror, and the developments in both gameplay and story for the most part feel satisfying.

It's a bit slow, there are a few places where navigating and where you're supposed to go can be a bit confusing. However, the levels have a fun exploration element and will usually reward you for taking time off the beaten path, with a variety of side-quest, goodies, hidden scenes and scares, and more.

Speaking of which, the game manages to pack some good scares and "WTF" moments through its course. I found myself a bit more comfortable and less on-edge after the first area, but the game managed to put me on edge and make me feel uneasy through the beginning first hour or two, and had its moments throughout its course. Of note, some of my favorite scares are indeed off the beaten path.

I might be a bit gushy, but that's because Claire surpassed my expectations and has stood better than most of the other recent horror game releases on Steam I have played. It's a quality horror title for lovers of old-school styled horror with a bit of something new, or those who have come to enjoy 2D horror games like Lone Survivor or Clock Tower. It's rough around the edges, but has the heart, good execution, and cleverness to pull off what it strives to be, and excel at it, despite the few flaws it has.

A bit slow, sometimes confusing, and I would not recommend going through it blind on Nightmare difficulty like I did, but a fantastic horror game that brings a lot in from the Silent Hill and Clock Tower class of horror, while also being its own thing that will be worth it for any genre enthusiast. But maybe wait to play through it once some of the bugs are ironed out.
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Posted: November 3, 2014
I have yet to beat this game but thus far, there's a lot of down to it then there is up. It's extremely difficult to navigate (a mini map would be absolutely heavenly), the puzzles are obtuse and hard to understand with little to no context at all, though there are plenty of healing items at the BEGINNING of the game there are none near the END where it seems to get the most difficult (and where I'm stuck at and may just end up starting a new game entirely). Otherwise, the graphics are fine for a 2D side scrolling game, it certainly has a Silent Hill feel to it which may or may not appeal to many fans of the series, and thus far the storyline and horror is well done. It's showing you things that you really need to be afraid of (mental illnesses and not random monsters in the dark). But because of all the issues, I'm going to not recommend it; if you have the patience for it and it's your cup of tea, have at it.
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Posted: February 21
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Posted: November 10, 2014
This game is nice! The storyline is very interesting. Don't compare this game with "Lone Survivor" because the game mechanic is totally different :) This has some similar game mechanic from Amnesia. You have a mental status and health status, you have to keep both stable. In this game you can't attack enemies...but you can hide and run away from them. What I missed in "Lone Survivor" was the sprint button and this game has it :3 The replay value is high and there are several endings you can unlock.

The only downside is the level feels like a maze sometimes with so many doors out there...I hope you don't get lost :) Use your map often and good Luck! Thx for reading :3
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Posted: October 13, 2014
Kinda reminds me of Jasper Byrne's Lone Survivor without the combat and more characters. Neat little game though, would recommend
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Posted: October 9, 2014
Claire is a very interesting take being a 2D horror game, it captures a sense of being lost and alone, mixed with a nice bit of humor. With out really know too much of what is going on you embark on an adventure into the life of a young woman named... well Claire. The game does have an issue in it's mapping system that CAN be confusing only AT TIMES, but otherwise is a very great game any fan of horror should seriously concider, if you are still curious feel free to check out my own playthrough of the game in the link below.
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Posted: November 2, 2014
You decide to play a door opening simulator.

You walk through hallway after hallway, each looking the same as the last. You check your map after each door because the 2d Lone Survivor-esque navigation is highly unintuitive (you remember how much you liked that game despite that challenge and wish this game was more like it). Sometimes you come up against an enemy. You run through it and just keep going. You check your map again and are almost at the blue circle. You don't really know why you're going to the blue circle, but maybe this blue circle will hold some answers; or some entertainment.

There is a door that offers some sidetracking - perhaps some fun in exploration. 3 doors and 3 identical hallways later you find 'maxcel battery'. You now have 10 for the flashlight that is completely unnecessary and serves no function. You find an npc. They ask for an item. Finding this item 'saves' them. You wonder how finding a piece of candy saves a child from a lame horrorscape, but not for too long because you realize you don't care about anything happening in this vapid game.
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Posted: January 28

Claire is a 2d horror exploration game where you play as a girl
learning about the mysteries of her life and her memories. The atmosphere
of the game is very well done. The story is not handed to you; you have
to explore and understand what is going on. The spooky theme of 'danger
around every corner' is unsettling, but not necessarily in your face with
violence and monsters.

The level design, as with many 2D games is mazelike; the reusage of
similar hallways and doorways causes you to have to backtrack a lot. It can
add to a feeling of being lost and contribute to the atmosphere, but for me it
was too much of getting lost and try over and over again to get to the next

There is a lot of fetch quests in this game. Personally I feel like the
game didn't respect my time, as most of it was spent retracing steps and going
on continual missions that just prolonged the gameplay.

The atmosphere is terrific, the story is not what is expected, but
enjoyable, and it has a mazelike feel that I found not to be to my taste, but
if that is something you enjoy, this could be a game for you.

This is a summary of my review video, which I encourage you to watch
if you are looking for a more in-depth review.

Thanks for your viewership and support; for more videos click here:
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Posted: December 22, 2014

Ratio Score Converted Score
Gameplay Score 45% 28/100 12.6%
Graphics and Sound Score 35% 84/100 29.4%
Story Score 20% 53/100 10.6%
Overall Score 100% 53/100 53%

Sumary Review:


Great atmosphere
Great soundtrack that steers the emotion of the character
Interesting story pertaining the purgatory
Lots of unique sprites that room to room exploration isn't boring


Not enough flashbacks or background story to invoke attachment on the character
Great atmosphere and room design ruined by chasing enemies
Unintuitive Map and inconsistent direction added the fact that you can teleport around the map through vents or shortcuts
Unzoomable map
Weak and unoriginal gameplay (amnesia copy) that trying to finish 1 playthrough is like torture
Vague puzzles with no hints in notes, can get stucked on a level

Claire is an interesting game that touches the idea of a purgatory, I just wished that they didn't include chasing enemies because that ruined the great room design and atmosphere on the game. I could spend 10 minutes just to marvel each room's design, but those shadow figures prevent that.
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Posted: January 7
A good 2D survival horror game, obviously inspired by the aesthetics of silent hill, and perhaps some plot elements from those games as well.

There are a few cool puzzles, and side quests one can do that add to the replay value of the game, as well as three different difficulties, and a plethora of different endings.

The game is fairly easy, so one can probably get through it without too much difficulty on "hard" ("nightmare" may prove more of a challenge though).

The severeal endings are contingent on how many side quest one chooses to do, which is nice because it gives one incentive to explore the world a bit more.

The game can be completed in two hours if one were to rush though it. However for the kind of person who enjoys to explore and discover everything a game has to offer, I can see maybe 10 hours of playtime for this title.

One feature I would've liked to have seen in the game is an option to play it without taking any damage, so I could go through it and enjoy the pixel enviorments at my own leisure, but that is of course a minor thing that doesn't detract from the experience at all.

If the game does have a major flaw it would be that the dialouge, and story could have used some work, while I understand everything that was going on, the story could have fleshed out the characters a bit more.

There is no combat in the game, and while this is an interesting mechanic, I felt it could have been handled better than it was, for example there were not enough spots to hide.

The flashlight did not do much and wasn't required to beat the game, this felt like a missed opportunity gameplay wise, as I feel flashlight use could have been made more useful. To be specific maybe the flashlight could make you immune to being scared while it's in use, or perhaps it could temporarily scare off monsters?

The biggest issue I have with the game is there are parts of it that seem impossible to complete unless you have a whole bunch of health items stacked up, and this is becuase of your "sanity meter". If one has low "sanity" they start taking damage, the worst part is aside from items, there isn't really a way for one to restore thier "sanity", or at least none I could figure out.

Laslty it would be nice to have an option view all of the endings/notes one has unlocked.

This game currently would garner a 3.5/5 from me, if the game fixed all of the above I would have rated it higher.
Still it's a neat little indie title, worth one's money, and especially worth one's cash if bought on sale!
- Celx Requin
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Posted: October 3, 2014
Well, aside from the fact this game is named after me,,, I find it rather... intense.

I have only managed about 45 minutes thus far but what I have played is very promising. The story is a bit confusing but I like the direction it's going. Despite being a pixel game it is ligetimately scary. I was running aimlessly from a monster because of how freaked out it is.

And yet I can't wait to paly more when I feel brave enough. XD
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Posted: November 20, 2014
I would like to start off by saying, this game is great if you have some patience.

There were times have I found myself stuck, of not knowing where to go. I eventually figure it out, and it's great when I do. These times are not many, but it will most likely happen time-to-time.

The enimies are not very hard and you can just run by them and avoid them, I don't like this being that easy actually, it takes away from the horror aspect of the game. Don't get me wrong, this game is scarier than a lot I've played, but the eentnvirom had more horror than the enemies. The enemy design was great, but the presentations was kind of lacking.

HOWEVER, this game is still great! I would reccomend this game a hundred times over!

The sound design is awesome, catching the mood of panic when being chased, intense emotions when the story needed it, great suspence of what was to come. Simply put, spot on!

The story is great and engaging, making you feel for the sruggles of Claire and what sheis going through. Even though the situation is fictional, you feel you can relate to how she feels and handles things, especially durring the flashbacks.

The feel of this game is perfect and I love the design of it. The enviroments you explore are beautiful and well put together, making you want to go in every room and see as much of it as you can.

The art style is great and has a nice touch of retro-like graphics while still staying modern. The game is fun to play even with the few complaints I had, and it is still a great experiance.
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Posted: January 27
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Posted: February 13
Decent enough indie horror walking sim game. If you own it from a bundle or something, I would say install it, it's only 500MB and it's worth trying out. For US$9, I wouldn't buy it.

The check point save system really hurts the game though. Replaying the same spoooooky room a second time is just predictable and boring, which is the antithesis of horror or scary. The map also doesn't have any indicators or anything so if you get lost it can get frustrating. I probably won't finish it, but I didn't mind checking it out while some cards fell into my lap.
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Posted: November 14, 2014
This games soundtracks are really good and feels like you are playing a 2D "silent hill" game. I havent played that much of the game but its shows that the developer has really taken there time to make this game. the atmosphere takes you in really fast but sometimes its really hard to even know whats happening in the game. The puzzels in the game can be abit tricky but mostly you just need your brain to funktion wich mine dident do most of the times. But hey thats just me!.

But i can recommend this game for its good atmosphere, the horror it gives and the great sound that takes you in to the game and really feels that there is something behind you almost evey time.
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Posted: September 16, 2014
I bought this game about a day after the steam release. While looking similar to Lone Survivor, I didn't dismiss it as some knock off since I try to give most horror games a chance. Pretty interesting game. Good amount of story to get into while not feeling conveluted or trying too hard to be 'deep'. The main character can be somewhat relateable and immersion isn't difficult.
Sound is great. Talked to their sound designer on Reddit and seemed like a cool guy (even took the time to give some tips in networking so + to the devs) it was memorable and the sounds had a fit to the atmosphere. Seeing a television on felt like a safe area and/or dream like atmosphere.

I have some things I did not like. and it may contain some small spoilers.

Not enough dog involvement. Kind of like a radio from Silent HIll in alerting the player of enemy presense.
Would like to see more.
Not a fan of the map.
Not too much going on in the enemy area. Most enemies are different sizes of scribbly eyes. There are the faceless creatures but ...that's about it. Still some tough spots and they get the job done.
I really think there's a lot more that can be done in this game. But it does the job for a short side scrolling survival horror game. Happy with the purchase and I'd say buy it now it's on sale!
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Posted: December 22, 2014
Excellent. I was shouting at the screen while trying to navigate the hospital. Some ghoulish things popped out at me and I had to quit. I really feel like I'm my 8 year old self playing Clock Tower, feeling those epic freakout feels all over again. Claire is really superb. 10/10.
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