Claire is alone, lost, and hunted. The world has quickly becomes shrouded in darkness with unseen threats stalking Claire from the shadows. Aided by her dog and armed only with a flashlight, Claire must conquer her fear and find her comatose mother. However, there are others lost in the darkness seeking salvation.
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Mostly Positive (230 reviews) - 73% of the 230 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Jul 7, 2014

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“The sound is amazingly well polished, and features tons of scary and crispy sound-effects. You will be hard-pressed to say that this is an indie game due to it, as it looks like they have gone the extra mile with the sound effects and the eerie music.”

“Claire absolutely succeeds in providing an atmospheric unsettling experience, a compelling story, and fantastic sound design and soundtrack, that all work in tandem to make this a must-play for survival horror fans.”
Indie Game Enthusiast

“If you’re looking for something scary, Claire is terrifying, atmospheric — thanks, in part, to a stellar soundtrack — and a fantastic love letter to the survival horror genre.”
Bloody Disgusting

About This Game

Claire is alone, lost, and hunted. The world has quickly becomes shrouded in darkness with unseen threats stalking Claire from the shadows. Aided by her dog and armed only with a flashlight, Claire must conquer her fear and find her comatose mother. However, there are others lost in the darkness seeking salvation. Claire must decide who she is going to save. With every choice she'll begin to discover who she really is and whether she deserves to be saved herself.

-Play as Claire and explore multiple levels accompanied by your dog, Anubis.
- Use a lighter or a mouse-controlled flashlight to explore an increasingly dark world.
-Contend with the panic system, a system that increases the scariness of the environment as fear tightens its grip on Claire.
-Fight back Claire’s fear and stay alert with items scavenged from the dark corners of the world.
-Find others lost in the darkness, help them and decide to save them or leave them be.
-Multiple endings determined by plot choices and interactions with the others.
-Multiple difficulty settings, including “Nightmare” where Claire can literally be scared to death.
-New Game + allows you to keep your items and ramp up the difficulty.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista
    • Processor: Dual Core 2.0 Ghz
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB Card
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Dual Core 2.5 Ghz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB Card
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
6.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 9
Probably the closest thing to Silent Hill I've played, going by what everyone else is saying. Claire is an alright game. But although I enjoyed the majority of the game, I do have some problems with it. Hopefully this will be a quick read:

  • I won't go into spoilers but honestly the games storyline is mostly a huge mess toward part 3/3 of the game (/towards the ending). The thing is that the game knows that it's storyline is confusing, and even basically says so at times. The ending clears up certain things, but there's a lot of "wut" in this game. The ending only clears up maybe 1/10th of the things that it should've.
  • Things honestly become a lot less scary overtime. Especially towards the end. While the game does get more odd/creepy down the line the fear-factor will probably eventually wane for most people.
  • Navigating can also be quite a bit of a mess at times. I must've checked my map over 100 times while playing this game for the 6-ish hours I played it for. It's not a huge-huge problem as the map system is pretty simple to use, it's just a tad bit annoying when you keep going in circles.

  • Claire has some beautiful sprites. The whole game is very pleasant to look at. Obviously there's things that aren't nice to look at, but you get what I mean. The game is very pretty. First and foremost.
  • The game isn't dragged out, but it's not too short either. Like Undertale the game is about 6-8 hours long. All areas are enjoyable and fun to explore.
  • Plenty of side-quests and extra things you can do ingame. Side-quests also matter in Claire so they're 100% worth doing. Though most consist of looking for things.
  • While there's no combat system you're not hopeless to enemies as well. There's plenty of ways to go about handling the majority of enemies who appear in the game.
  • Anubis.

While I did enjoy this game more than I didn't, Claire isn't a 10/10. Like I said, the games story can be very confusing and unmotivating at times. Most conversations you have with anybody who isn't a side-quest giving NPC are this way.

I'd personally give Claire a 7.5/10. While it has replayability I doubt I'll be touching Claire again for at least a year, if anything. That's not saying it's a bad game though. It's an excelent 1-off game for when you're alone at night. That being said I personally don't think it's worth the $10 pricetag. If it goes on sale it's a nice pickup though.
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
147 of 176 people (84%) found this review helpful
1.0 hrs on record
Posted: July 7, 2014
Who this game is meant for:
Fans of Lone Survivor, Clock Tower, Haunting Ground and Silent Hill or survival horror in general.

What bothered me: This game is too similar to Silent Hill and Lone Survivor.

There are tons of references to Silent Hill. I understand being influenced by a game, but it really goes far.
Even the menu sounds like the menu in Silent Hill 2.

Who this game is not for:

I'm not saying this is a good game or that it's not creepy, what I'm saying is that if you get annoyed by many references to other games, you will not enjoy this game. If you did not like the map layout in Silent Hill, you will not like this game.

People who hate running away from enemies instead of attacking them.
Also, be warned that this game is extremely similar to Lone Survivor.

Although it may sound like I'm bashing the game, I do enjoy the game and I do recommend it.
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81 of 90 people (90%) found this review helpful
8.0 hrs on record
Posted: July 22, 2014
Claire is a 2D psychological survival-horror game that pulls a lot of inspiration from Silent Hill, Clock Tower, and a few other horror games of the early 2000s. I had been following the title since mid-2013, and finally gave it a play after a few patches had been delivered for the game post-release (which to the developers credit, they have been very active in responding to problems the game has via patches and being active on their steam community forums and twitter). I had played about an hour of the game last February off Desura, which was very rough at the time. I wasn't quite sure what the final product was going to end up like.

Claire stars the titular character as she wakes up from a nightmare about her childhood. She is in the hospital taking care of her mother, who is sickly and bedridden. However, as she fetches coffee to keep herself awake, the hospital suddenly changes... Shifts into some form of nightmare realm. Quickly finding aid from a dog known as Anubis, they go to try and find an escape to the twisted terror they've found themselves trapped in.

In Claire, you explore labyrinth-like locations full of enemies, traps, puzzles, scares, and atmosphere as you open locked doors and trigger events that advance the story. Honestly its all rather simple. Occasionally you meet a person in the labyrinth you can help with something via a side-quest, or some choice you can make or optional puzzle you can partake in. Your actions go towards what ending you'll get at game's end, of which there are six of.

The gameplay is simple, but is supported by good design, an actually helpful map (surprising as I find maps are usually useless in 2D horror games like this), fantastic atmosphere, and a number of surreal and interesting moments throughout, backed by a good lighting engine and moody sound design.

Monsters come in a few varieties, but none can be killed, simply ran from and hid from. And they can be determined buggers in hunting you down, bashing down doors you try to escape through, and can follow you into any room outside of save rooms. You either have to outrun them, outsmart them (like blocking a door), out-climb them (they can't climb things it seems), or hide in a closet/similar hiding place. Though some monsters don't chase you at all. One common threat is a type of monster that won't chase you, but getting near it will drain your 'sanity'.

Sanity isn't for insane effects or anything, but survival in Claire. Like Clock Tower's panic feature, basically. The more loss of 'calm' and scared you become, the more you'll start taking damage, until you're panicking and taking damage for simply panicking. A big part of the game, especially later in, is managing your health and sanity and playing wisely. This is helped by the fact that like Resident Evil, the stages are large with multiple paths, allowing you to make strategic paths through the facility once you've come more familiar with its layout.

Normally I build-up to my impressions of a review by talking about the elements, but to explain Claire I need to work backwards... I loved it. It's going up there as what I would list as the best 2D horror games out there, along with the likes of Lone Survivor, Clock Tower, Yume Nikki, Last Door, Ib, Witch's House, etc. Claire succeeds in making an unnerving atmosphere that actually managed to spook me on a few occasions, interesting moments in both gameplay, design, and narrative, and wrapping it all together into an enjoyable horror game package.

And its with this severe love I have for the game I must mention that the game still has some problems. The developers are responding to them and still patching the game, but I need to make note of this as the time I played it (version 1.145) that I ran into a number of issues. I played the game kind of stupidly on Nightmare difficulty (the hardest difficulty) on my first playthrough of the game, and as a mention I would not suggest playing on this difficulty unless you really want a challenge and have some patience. But maybe because of this I experienced more problems, as most of what I had problems with was the sanity system, which was very unforgiving and has weird problems like certain cutscene spots draining my sanity so fast I would die during cutscenes and would actively have to heal myself to keep myself alive to read the dialogue in cutscenes. And then some minor things, like how I found the flashlight not really useful most of the time and just defaulted to the lighter, or a few areas later in the game feeling a bit too much like trial-and-error in parts.

I'm sure most of my problems will be addressed with future patches again, and don't think this game is worth passing up on for this.

Claire feels a bit similar to some other kinds of horror games, with the easiest comparison to make being Lone Survivor (they share a bit more in common than just being 2D games with some Silent Hill influence, though let it be known if you liked Lone Survivor, you will most likely enjoy this). However, it also manages to create its own feel and tale of horror, and the developments in both gameplay and story for the most part feel satisfying.

It's a bit slow, there are a few places where navigating and where you're supposed to go can be a bit confusing. However, the levels have a fun exploration element and will usually reward you for taking time off the beaten path, with a variety of side-quest, goodies, hidden scenes and scares, and more.

Speaking of which, the game manages to pack some good scares and "WTF" moments through its course. I found myself a bit more comfortable and less on-edge after the first area, but the game managed to put me on edge and make me feel uneasy through the beginning first hour or two, and had its moments throughout its course. Of note, some of my favorite scares are indeed off the beaten path.

I might be a bit gushy, but that's because Claire surpassed my expectations and has stood better than most of the other recent horror game releases on Steam I have played. It's a quality horror title for lovers of old-school styled horror with a bit of something new, or those who have come to enjoy 2D horror games like Lone Survivor or Clock Tower. It's rough around the edges, but has the heart, good execution, and cleverness to pull off what it strives to be, and excel at it, despite the few flaws it has.

A bit slow, sometimes confusing, and I would not recommend going through it blind on Nightmare difficulty like I did, but a fantastic horror game that brings a lot in from the Silent Hill and Clock Tower class of horror, while also being its own thing that will be worth it for any genre enthusiast. But maybe wait to play through it once some of the bugs are ironed out.
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43 of 56 people (77%) found this review helpful
5.4 hrs on record
Posted: July 9, 2014
A better Silent Hill than the last three Silent Hills. Claire takes the Corpse Party route of using old school graphics but newer gameplay design decisions, mechanics, and general feel to create a rather excellent Horror game all its own. Only where Corpse Party was going for a distinctly Eastern style of Horror, Claire instead uses the more generalized Silent Hill approach.

Though it won’t win anyone over who’s a serious graphics ***** the stylized 16-bit graphics are wonderfully detailed and manage to suck you in to the atmosphere in a way you’d never think a 2D game could. Sprites are dark, apocalyptic, gruesome, and backed up by some good lighting that really plays with you trying to set off a sense of claustrophobia. It’s put against an amazing soundscape that ranges between terrifying, foreboding, soothing, and even upbeat depending on what the scene calls for in a way rarely seen outside of games with larger budgets.

Gameplay is centered around exploring an almost mazelike environment (using a suspiciously Silent Hill-esque map), finding key items, and running from roaming monsters. Claire is the first 2D horror game I’ve found where running and hiding from your enemies actually works and serves as an example of how to do this for future games. Though you can’t destroy enemies you can sprint for short distances, and even perform an evasive jump to get past them. This jump isn’t overpowered and you can get yourself killed but it offers a greater deal of tactical options instead of other games that have tried this (such as Knock-Knock) where you would wind up getting stuck and simply couldn't do anything to save yourself. Enemies are surprisingly intimidating and have even spooked me a few times but the game is well designed meaning that if there is an enemy there’s a good chance there’s a hiding spot or long corridor to run from them nearby (enemies can chase you across screens) giving you a chance to survive.

Without spoilers the story is somewhere between Silent Hill and something more concrete. Though it drops you in with few answers there does seem to be a greater sense of “what’s happening” as the game continues though there are some surreal encounters with other denizens. Short version of what you can learn in the first five minutes; you are Claire, your mother is in the hospital, stuff goes REALLY bad really quick. I won’t say more than that but suffice it to say it’s kept me invested and coming back.

There are a handful of bugs mostly associated with how the map displays icons. But these are few, far-between, and don't really effect the game when they do happen. But worth pointing out they’re there for the sake of being fair.

So all in all Claire is a fantastic game, a brilliant triumph for the slowly building trend of using old-school graphics for horror games, and a must own for any horror game fan; especially lovers of Silent Hill.
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33 of 40 people (83%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
6.9 hrs on record
Posted: July 8, 2014
Even though I do like the game, I have encoutered several bugs, that affect the ability to finish it all together. The major issue is that some times after you reload after death, some certain key obstacles (like closed doors) are back, but the key item you need to open them is already gone. This literally made the game unfinishable for me, and damn near it's end too.
Don't get me wrong - for once we got a really good horror game, that reminds me of Clock Tower series, and the performance is mostly memorable and well-executed by devs, so I would definetely recommend buying it. Just keep a separate save file, so you won't be needing to start all over again like I do.
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34 of 42 people (81%) found this review helpful
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32.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 28, 2014
(Note: If don’t want to read long points go pass the line)

Intro: In the game you play as protagonist by the name Claire who is trying search for her comatose mother while searching for answers within the darkness about herself, however be aware you’re not alone so now let explain base off my experience why I would recommend Claire.

Atmosphere/Environment: In general atmosphere is important in a horror game if the goal if not scare to at least cause a form of discomfort in terms of survival-horror which for a 2D horror game like Claire for the most part does a great job in this regard when it comes to sounds, visuals and music in general will keep you on edge throughout the game now that is not to say there are no areas of calm moments but they are far in between. For instance areas that are calm have eerie sense of sadness, loneliness, abandonment and little hope while areas that are chaotic have intense emotions of fear, suffering, hopelessness and madness while at certain times the atmosphere takes a combination of these two (To experience fully recommend not going objective too fast and also lights out and headphones on.)

Gameplay Mechanics: Another thing that the game does an excellent job in keeping tension going is by putting players in the role as Claire who is put in this nightmarish world with only defense is a dog (warns of danger), blocking doors (if possible) , running and hiding. Now when it comes to the running and hiding aspect of the game it should be noted here that when running your energy will drain quickly so use sparingly and once enemies see you they become relentless and by breaking down doors or crawling through from certain vents so it’s up to as the player to use both cunning and understanding of the environment around you both in terms of running and hiding, but understand since they are unpredictable if player is careless they will use the environment against you or if the player tries to hide in plain sight they will draw you out. Last thing that keeps the tension going is a balance act you would have to maintain between the protagonist’s health and sanity. Now at first the balancing act starts off easy but as progress it will become bit more difficult terms of enemies that attack you physically and/or mentally to environmental changes that you will not expect to occur.

Inventory Management: Now the game Claire to a certain degree portrays a specific type of inventory management in the form of a backpack which contains a limited amount of square space and each square space can only hold one item in each one combined with idea that items must be used wisely which provides a challenge of its own, while I like this feature there is one flaw to it which the only way Claire describes the item is by the player picking it up which results in loss of space to point where you would have to use items whether you need to or not to make room for items you need in order to complete your objective and/or side quest as you progress (suggestion: create secondary storage for items for later use or create an option where it describes the item and yes or no if the player wants to pick it up.)

Map: The map in general is one those learning curve type maps that you would either love it or hate it which I love it because not only does it help navigate throughout without being completely lost which provides a challenge in itself, but also the design remind me a little bit of horror games like siren.

Puzzles: Now the puzzles in Claire in general come in two different types optional which you can skip if you want to (note: recommend not skipping more variety and little more challenging then main puzzles and some connect with the story in a way) and main game puzzles that you have to complete in order to progress which both of these types of puzzles not only help with the overall pacing but provide challenge within themselves.

Replay ability: Now there is replay ability in terms of not only multiple endings and achievements, but also if you’re the type of player after completing want bonus challenge Claire offers this in the form of two basic difficulty modes hard and nightmare.

Overall Story: The story in Claire is a mix bag here it’s excellent in one aspect and another way it struggles fully stay up float. Now what Claire does excellent is how the game presents itself by having Claire herself narrate in the form of text her thoughts and emotions while combined with the emotions she displayed was believable to the point I find myself caring what’s going happen to her base of the choices I made, certain sequences (memories) in Claire will occur which will allow to have idea not only what her past was like but also the reason behind her situation which is designed and set up in way that never over stays its welcome combined with items you find to put in your journal that which all together seems to use a little bit of Silent Hill formula. Now don’t get wrong I found story interesting and I don’t expect games like Claire to hold my hand, however the story isn’t perfect I just couldn’t shake the feeling off there were certain plots arguably missing, just there to be in the game or/and seemed a bit on the rushed side which the main issue behind this is that the game Claire seems reference the individual enough to point where he is very memorable but not much to go on to actually piece together what happen to him or maybe it was just simply lost in translation with me.

  • Atmosphere/environment: Will either scare or keep you on edge.
  • Gameplay Mechanics: Will keep tension going throughout.
  • Inventory Management: is present in terms of space and item use.
  • Map: Provide well balance learning curve.
  • Replay ability: Is present in terms of multiple endings, achievements and contains two difficulty settings hard and nightmare.
  • Overall Story: Believable story due to Claire displaying her thoughts and emotions text and body movement and/or expressions, sequences that occur (memories) that don’t over stay its welcome because of how it was designed and set up.


  • Puzzles: come in two different types optional (which are slightly more challenging and connect with the story in a way) while main puzzles provide certain challenge and do also have a connection to story but variety is not there in my opinion.


  • Inventory Management doesn’t give option to store or pick item up or not.
  • Overall Story: The story is interesting the problem is certain plots are either missing, just in there to be in the game or/and a little bit on the rushed side.

    Overall I enjoyed my time playing Claire will go back to explore for the alternate endings, atmosphere/environment and gameplay.

    I recommend this game to anyone who is a fan or new to both the gameplay and genre.
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24 of 27 people (89%) found this review helpful
4 people found this review funny
10.4 hrs on record
Posted: November 19, 2015
I like the game very much, and enjoyed every minute playing it.

if you like pschycologycal horror, then this game is a game you must play

5 hours playing and i got the awake ending and its a good ending the ending is really move my heart, all the lost soul that we help in the game, come together and save me in the ending ^^
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16 of 17 people (94%) found this review helpful
6.1 hrs on record
Posted: January 7, 2015
A good 2D survival horror game, obviously inspired by the aesthetics of silent hill, and perhaps some plot elements from those games as well.

There are a few cool puzzles, and side quests one can do that add to the replay value of the game, as well as three different difficulties, and a plethora of different endings.

The game is fairly easy, so one can probably get through it without too much difficulty on "hard" ("nightmare" may prove more of a challenge though).

The severeal endings are contingent on how many side quest one chooses to do, which is nice because it gives one incentive to explore the world a bit more.

The game can be completed in two hours if one were to rush though it. However for the kind of person who enjoys to explore and discover everything a game has to offer, I can see maybe 10 hours of playtime for this title.

One feature I would've liked to have seen in the game is an option to play it without taking any damage, so I could go through it and enjoy the pixel enviorments at my own leisure, but that is of course a minor thing that doesn't detract from the experience at all.

If the game does have a major flaw it would be that the dialouge, and story could have used some work, while I understand everything that was going on, the story could have fleshed out the characters a bit more.

There is no combat in the game, and while this is an interesting mechanic, I felt it could have been handled better than it was, for example there were not enough spots to hide.

The flashlight did not do much and wasn't required to beat the game, this felt like a missed opportunity gameplay wise, as I feel flashlight use could have been made more useful. To be specific maybe the flashlight could make you immune to being scared while it's in use, or perhaps it could temporarily scare off monsters?

The biggest issue I have with the game is there are parts of it that seem impossible to complete unless you have a whole bunch of health items stacked up, and this is becuase of your "sanity meter". If one has low "sanity" they start taking damage, the worst part is aside from items, there isn't really a way for one to restore thier "sanity", or at least none I could figure out.

Laslty it would be nice to have an option view all of the endings/notes one has unlocked.

This game currently would garner a 3.5/5 from me, if the game fixed all of the above I would have rated it higher.
Still it's a neat little indie title, worth one's money, and especially worth one's cash if bought on sale!
- Celx Requin
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17 of 20 people (85%) found this review helpful
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6.4 hrs on record
Posted: April 3, 2015
Rating 7.5/10

Claire is a 2d psychological horror game very reminiscent of Silent HIll. You play as Claire as she navigates multiple locals to complete missions and progress the overall story. You have no weapons, only a lighter/flightlight, your wits and your pet dog (Who will only warn you of nearby enemies, but I suppose that is more than my cat would do) to navigate through the nightmarish halls to out run and out smart the lurking monsters.

Speaking of enemies, some will attack you physially while some will attack you psychologically, causing you to become scared. If Claire stays scared for to long she will begain to take physical damage, so in essence you have two health pools to manage.

Like any survival game, you can explore and scavenge for health items, notes and batteries for your flashlight, not to mention some pretty interesting puzzles to find and solve. If you explore the right locations you will occassionally come across other survivors who can offer you side missions to do while exploring. These are not mandontory and can be skipped all together.

There is replayability value in the game as there are multiple endings you can unlock based on what you do in game. Completing the story with a decent amount of exploration you can expect to finish up in 4 to 5 hours.

If you enjoy survival horror I highly recommend this game. I also recommend the coffee, again.
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14 of 15 people (93%) found this review helpful
9.4 hrs on record
Posted: November 10, 2014
This game is nice! The storyline is very interesting. Don't compare this game with "Lone Survivor" because the game mechanic is totally different :) This has some similar game mechanic from Amnesia. You have a mental status and health status, you have to keep both stable. In this game you can't attack enemies...but you can hide and run away from them. What I missed in "Lone Survivor" was the sprint button and this game has it :3 The replay value is high and there are several endings you can unlock.

The only downside is the level feels like a maze sometimes with so many doors out there...I hope you don't get lost :) Use your map often and good Luck! Thx for reading :3
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Recently Posted
Bors de Ganis
3.1 hrs
Posted: October 19
-Aesthetically it's really interesting and works well
-Sound design is good
-Story/Mystery is intriguing (full disclosure, I haven't finished it yet)
-Reminds me of Silent Hill (in a good way)

-Art design might not work for some buyers
-Navigation can be a little frustrating
-Setting might be a little cliche

Ok, now that that's all done I can share some direct thoughts in long form. I spotted this game on sale while it was in my queue and was intrigued. Personally, I love horror games and any that draw inspiration (whether or not they admit to it) from titles like Silent Hill are at least worth some consideration. This game bears some similarities to that series which is usually a good thing. All in all I enjoyed my time playing Claire. I really need to sit down and finish it one of these days. Perhaps once I'm finally done with 14 hour school days. If you're reading this and considering going to college don't take more than 18 credits. You're gonna have a bad time.
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Chaotic Zombie
0.3 hrs
Posted: October 7
Navigating is terribly confusing. Expect to be looking at your map a LOT.
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4.4 hrs
Posted: September 24
I really enjoyed this game. It has issues, I kind of wish you had weapons. The games confrontations end up being a case of "sprint past enemies in such a way that they can't clip you" and some sanity drain segments were a bit frustrating to get through.

But the atmosphere and scares are neat, it's one of the best Silent Hill-inspired games I've seen in awhile. Looking forward to whatever else Hailstorm come out with.
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4.5 hrs
Posted: September 12
Developers abandonded this game after 2 years.

Horror is somewhat a mix of Silent Hill and, well really just Silent Hill. While playing this my thoughts went back to SH2 and how much I wanted to play that game instead. The inventory controls are a nightmare on keyboard and there are gamebreaking bugs.

The lighting is nice though, and the pixelated style makes Claire look great, but that's honestly all it has going for it.
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2.2 hrs
Posted: August 15
this game is grfaaaaaaaaaantastic
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4.5 hrs
Posted: August 1
Product received for free
This 2-D pixaleated horror game is about a girl named Claire who after visiting her mother one day in the hospital suddenly finds the hospital abandoned and for the most part in rubbles. She must explore the hospital in order to find out what happend.

While there aren't what I would call jump scares, the hospital environment is ominous. Claire will encounter dark 'ghosts' (not sure if that's what they are) which she can only outrun. Later when she gains her companion dog he can alert her to oncoming ghosts. There are a few puzzles to complete, and a storyline begins to emerge the further you get in this "maze". Overall, its a really nice game, good amount of creepy, and has a good storyline. There are multiple endings depending on how you play, so play keeping that in mind!

There are a couple cons that were a bit infuriating; the amount of doors you have to walk through and their confusing positions. Some of them are so close its hard to figure out where at times I am going on the map. The map is mostly useful, with a couple of time it can also be confusing like the crawlspaces and mysterious floors you land on with no maps. Also, Claire has the stamina of a moridbly obese geriatric. She'll literally run for a second and be out of breathe. Believe me, even if I was in horrendous shape, if I saw a creepy spirit following me I would find stamina from somewhere. I'm not a huge fan of stamina in games (because I like my character to run on default), but if it has to be put in to boost up the difficulty I wish it was at least more realistic.

Tl; dr Awesome simple horror game, few cons but nothing that would ruin it for me personally. Worth it!
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Out Foxed
19.4 hrs
Posted: July 10
It's a ripoff of Silent Hill 3 as a 2D indie plataformer, but it is an intense gameplay with some scary jumps and pretty freak stuff. Not easy to play even in the "normal" mode. Maps are quite messy, sometimes you have no idea where you are going. I should advise that this game is really for fans of survival horror genre, do not expect anything you haven't seen in horror in general, but even not beeing a game for everyone I think it is a good one and pretty well made.
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9.2 hrs
Posted: July 10
Great little game and great story behind it. 10/10
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1.0 hrs
Posted: July 3
It's like Lone Survivor, except this game has a dog so it's objectively superior.
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