Step into a living comic book in this new take on the Ninja Gaiden series. Brandishing his ninja sword and the mecha weapons in his cyber arm, Yaiba slaughters zombies with brutal, over-the-top abandon. Will you slice enemies to pieces, crush them with Yaiba's cyborg arm or just rip off a zombie’s arms to use as nunchucks?
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Step into a living comic book in this new take on the Ninja Gaiden series. Brandishing his ninja sword and the mecha weapons in his cyber arm, Yaiba slaughters zombies with brutal, over-the-top abandon. Will you slice enemies to pieces, crush them with Yaiba's cyborg arm or just rip off a zombie’s arms to use as nunchucks?


    • OS: Windows® XP (32-bit)
    • Processor: Dual core CPU 2.5 GHz
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® 9800 or better
    • Hard Drive: 7 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Standard audio device
    • OS: Windows® 7
    • Processor: Quad core 2.7 GHz or better
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 460 or better
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: 5.1 audio device
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曾经我一直以为天剑是我玩过最无聊的动作游戏,但是我错了,人家好歹六轴感应做的很有特点。这款游戏,真TM瞎了我的24K氪金狗眼旗舰版了,就是砸招牌,也不是你们这么砸的 (╯°Д°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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i don't get why the bad reviews !
the game is really lots of fun and even funny too.

the game is an action/beat them up (Devil may Cry..etc) but with a sense of humor, the jokes might not be for everyone but they made laugh. the gameplay is really fun though the upgrades could be better, it isn't as deep as Ninja Gaiden or Devil may Cry in terms of combat but it is a lot of fun. the game ran perfectly fine at max settings at 60+ fps from start to finish.

P.S. the main menu's music is a killer, i can't stop listening to it
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This game is great, but it has some flaws. It's still a lot of fun, and the combat is perfect. I also love Yaiba.

Like many Ninja Gaiden games, these kills wont easily be handed to you. You wont beat this game by senslessly mashing your lights and Heavies. You have to have solid execution and knowledge of your combos. When you're surrounded by your enemies, it feels so sweet landing your flail and executing a group of zombies to regenerate your health. You'll be given plenty of unique ways to overcome these obsticals too.

The story is funny and I love the characters. Everyone has a great personality and Yaiba is just a crazy ♥♥♥ ninja ready to destroy everything in his path to get to Ryu Hayabusa. You're just caught in the middle of a great biological mess while berserking toward revenge. I was never bored for a second.

The arcade mode will give you plenty of reason to come back to this game when you're finished with story mode. You'll be given the chance to fight for leaderboards, killing all the monsters you love, using the techniques you've learned from the story. What's not to love?

I'd like to point out that this game suffers from bad camera angles that can hide things from you from time to time, instant death points when you mess up a jump, which can be really frusterating at times, sometimes unforgiving checkpoints that can be annoying, but it's still a great game. These issues are only minor at times and are caused, usually, by poor execution from the player.

I give Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z a 6/10. Great game play, replay value, and a fun story, but has a few issues that can make the game experience frusterating from time to time. I would not pay $60 for this title and I feel it suffered mainly because of it's original price.

P.S. For the love of god, release all of the Ninja Gaiden games on PC!
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Funny story. Not so bad combat system. Fixed camera positions. Horrible, furyosly annoying camera positions that ruin all the game. Dont think it can be fixed or patched. Just dont buy, save your nerves.
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I wanted to like it. The sense of humor was ribald and lewd and crude and appropriate for being a team of villains. But the combat just isn't any fun.
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After I spent a few hours in this game I feel like I must protect this game, so I wrote this review:

Its a FiretrUCKING awesome game!!! I can understand the negative ratings by the "Ninja Gaiden" fans or those guys who wanted something else. Im a huge fan of the series, BUT I never had an xbox. Sooo im the fan of the original NES Ninja Gaidens. I didnt really liked the look of Hayabusas gimpsuit on xbox (on videos), not because its bad, just I like more Yaibas outfit and character (I used too much for the original "blue ninja") but here when i saw the blue ninja outfit :D I even (donno why feeling the same excitement like when i played on my NES... oh the memories :D ) And the jokes... I love this kinda jokes and fighting. I love the story and I love the gore and everything. I even like the camera angles.

There are too much pros in this game for me so I just write a few:

- Ninja Gaiden (NES) feeling
- Humor
- Gore
- Executions
- Comic like
- Ninjas
- Cyborg
- Cyborg Ninja
- and lots of more like well optimized, Ministry for trailer music, voices, atmosphere, etc.

I got only 3 problem with this game:

1, the end fight dont have checkpoints and you cant skip the "cinematic" parts, so if you make a mistake you need to start over the An act of Gonzo. (but with practice its not that hard, just long if you die)
2, same problem with the "2D" Ninja Gaiden Z adventure. If you run out of continues after the first stage kinda frustrating. I think it maybe would be better if you have an option to continue from the start of the stage, but then it could be too easy.
3, no cards and stuff for this game.
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Yaiba is fine too for musou x ninja|slayer game.
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A spin-off game from Ninja Gaiden serie, the game is about Yaiba a cyborg ninja who seeks revenge against Ryu Hayabusa and gets involved with a zombie apocalypse.

I don't really understand why some people gave negative reviews for this cool game here. Might be for the auto camera view or it could be that they want the real Ninja Gaiden games on the Steam, well I dunno... But here is my honest opinion on the game:

It's a really fun hack'n'slash game just like Devil May Cry, but way harder. The game will punish you for not parrying, dashing, or attack at the right timing, so you gotta be a real ninja here.

The story is not a masterpiece at the point to get you really really interested but it's ok, I mean is not bad as well. In fact they add alot of funny stuff on it. The zombies are really stupid doing idiot stuff, and so some Yaiba reactions.

As for the price 29.99€ I think is worth it for a physical copy, as for a digital copy I think it should be 19.99€. So if you want this game I suggest to get it on a sale, that would be 100% worth the price and you will not get dissapointed.

Edit: So after finish the game for 2nd time I've decided to replay for collectibles and get the remaining achievements, and for my surprise there is few glitches I must point out. Along the game there is few of them but they didn't bother me, but there is one in specific that ♥♥♥♥♥♥ me off. There is a mission where there is a elemental shard (collectible) in a place of a story shard (collectible) which makes the progress 90% and unable to get 100% because the item just dissapeard and you get stuck in 90%, the only way I found out is to restart a new game wipping out all your data. But this is just rare case that happened to me and few people I saw on forums. And the same glitch / bugs are on PS3 / Xbox.

I wish Koei bring others Ninja Gaiden games to Steam.
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在刚刚通完忍龙3刀锋边缘后忍龙Z也解锁了,刚试玩发现IGN给的5.6分并不是刻意去黑小弟的作品,这作的制作明显要用心好多,在PC上的表现也非常出彩,问题是我玩了不到5分钟就提出一个问题,这还是忍龙吗?刃居然不能使用和隼龙差不多的忍术,而是XYB 3键全是各种暴力武器,包括快速的双刀以及大范围横扫的铁链,隼龙用里风躲的导弹刃可以直接扔回去,可以说是完完全全暴力解决,然后先不说键位改的不成样子,游戏的视角居然是固定的,这让那些喜欢操作视角挑战超忍的大神们情何以堪,飞檐走壁不再是A贴墙,而是各种QTE正确就能一路自动跳的系统,某种意义上节省了一些玩家苦手的问题,但是大部分人都不会买账吧。。。优点的话,首先日漫粉们有福了,因为Miss Monday的CV一听就知道是伊藤静(騷),各种啊啦啦的御姐音导致本人多次忘记看屏幕。。。然后游戏的画面与细节因为使用美式漫画的设定打起来异常带感,各种逗比僵尸的卖萌出场和人物的幽默对白可以让人从头乐到尾,所以各位动作游戏玩家们不要太苛刻了,中规中矩各有所好嘛。
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5.8 小时(记录在案的)


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a piece of shiit
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3.7 小时(记录在案的)
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This game ♥♥♥♥ing sucks, but you know what sucks more? The fact this will probably sell like ♥♥♥♥ and we'll never get a good Ninja Gaiden game on Steam.

EDIT: I love you guys, too. Let's just say this, if you're looking for a bad God of War game, you've found it. Right down to the traversal QTEs. This game is shallow as ♥♥♥♥ in terms of combat. You've got nothing close to "depth" beyond using different elements to hard different types of zombies. You've seen everything the game has to offer within two hours max. The bosses are worse than DmC's. The counter is OP and makes the game way easier. The only two things the game has going for it are the art style and humor. The majority of the humor was already shown in the trailers. So yeah, if you wanna waste $60 or get your friend a joke gift, then this is the game you want.
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Obligatory header to the review: I focus on four primary areas whenever I review a game: gameplay, story, graphics, and sound/audio/general things that go into your earholes. Gameplay and Story get a rating scale from 1 to 10, and the AV stuff gets a rating from 1 to 5. My philosophy on this is that there are some instances in which a game may not necessarily have that much in the way of gameplay (take Amnesia for example), but the story/atmosphere/whatever it may be is reason enough to pick it up. Also, take the cumulative score with a grain of salt; it's just a numerical feeling about the game as a whole. That's part of why I do these subscores. Also, keep in mind that I'm not going off of school grade based rankings. A 5/10 denotes what I feel to be an average game. Likewise, 7/10 is a game that I think is pretty cool, and something that gets a 2/10 is near-abomination level. Pinning scores to an even further obfuscated rating scale is kinda senseless, but for the sake of my backloggery, I'll repeat again that 1.0-2.7 is a one-star game, 3.0-4.7 is a two-star game, 5.0-6.7, 7.0-8.7, and 9.0-10 are three, four, and five stars, respectively.

Gameplay: I really don't get the hate surrounding this game. Yeah, sure, it's not the same quality of game as the Itagaki-produced games, but it's still a load of fun. The gameplay is best described (in my opinion) as a cross between Devil May Cry and Rise of the Triad (actually, that's fair to say in more respects than just the gameplay). Rather than going with light attack/heavy attack/grab, the game has three different types of attack: shortsword for fast face fu- I mean wrecking; fists for punching things dead hard; and flails, which are essentially the Blades of Olympus. Along with that are some special weapons that you get from executing stronger enemies. These lead into the Element system of the game, which is really vital to grasp so that you don't launch your controller, chair, monitor, PC, and desk out the window. However, even more essential is learning how to counter.
Admittedly, countering is somewhat finicky, but I found it to be a godsend against the later bosses of the game. My biggest complaints, honestly, are the finicky countering and the camera, which can be a huge pain at times. However, those didn't really ruin my day all that much. After beating the game, you unlock Ninja Gaiden Z mode, which is essentially a "Yaiba-lite" version that plays more like a beat-em-up game like Streets of Rage than an actual classic Ninja Gaiden game. This was disappointing, admittedly, but it's still a good bit of fun. Also, no, I haven't beaten it. I'm not good enough to do about an hours worth of gameplay on one continue. But hey, this review isn't about my gaming abilities; it's about the game, and this game is simply fun. While it's not as engaging as Ninja Gaiden Black, I still think this game is a load of fun and will definitely play through it again on higher difficulties in the future. 8/10.

Story: The Ninja Gaiden series has never been well known for being the most well-written, and I think it's about time that they embrace their incredibly camp nature. Spark Entertainment felt the same way, too. The writing most definitely got plenty of laughs out of the 12 year old inside me. The Engrish in the Arcade mode was pretty great, too, even if it is a bit of an easy joke. Unlike gameplay, there really isn't much here to talk about. If you've got an immature sense of humor, you'll probably enjoy the cutscenes and dialogue. Just don't go into it expecting Shakespeare. 7/10.

Graphics: Definitely the most striking aspect of this game. It's got that ultra-cel shaded style in the ilk of games like Madworld, Killer7, and No More Heroes, and it looks pretty dang good when you crank the settings to max. It ran near-perfectly on my GTX 760 at 1080p, max settings, and 60FPS, so if you've got a similar card, you should have pretty similar results. As for the actual art design of the game itself, some of the areas get a bit boring to look at again and again, but if you're spending that much time looking at the scenery, you're not playing the game right. Now, don't think I made those comparisons earlier in this section without intent. This game, much like the prior three mentioned, is pretty dang violent. Absurdly so. However, this helps feed into the campy nature of this game, so I don't mind it at all. Again, this is more proof that art style trumps ultra-high polygon counts most any day of the week. Your eyes will most definitely not get bored, presuming you're actually playing the game. 5/5.

Audio: This game has a pretty rad soundtrack, I must say. The "hard encounter" theme is a bit meh, but there is some pretty good battle music throughout this game. They're songs you probably wouldn't mind working out to, if that helps give you an idea of the kinds of songs in the game. As for the voice acting, it doesn't get in the way. Nothing really that remarkable. Sound design, once again, doesn't really get in the way or make itself known all that much. For some pretty good songs, but not too remarkable anything else, the audio portion of this game gets a 3/5.

Overall: An absolutely gaudy adventure both in style and in substance that I overall had a pretty good time with. However, I'd hold off until this game becomes about $30 or so. Any higher is a bit too much in my opinion. 8/7/5/3; 7.7/10.
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6.4 小时(记录在案的)
First off don't go into this expecting a Ninja Gaiden game.
From what I've played it's combat reminds me of the Dynasty Warriors/Musou genre. While graphically it's colorful and nice. The gameplay won't appeal to those looking for depth in their combat systems.
If you just want a simple hack n' slash game where you slaughter hordes of zombies you may like this game.
The platforming segments aren't all that hard but were really unneeded.
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4.3 小时(记录在案的)
This is a really fun hack and slash game. You can play as a rogue cyber-ninja, and slaughter zombies as brutal as possible. The game and the characters have a good sense of humor, unlike any other Ninja Gaiden games in the series. Get Bloodlusty, hack and slash thousands of zombies, brutally execute them, and also, beware of the Clown, Drunk Punk, and Soviet Zombies! Whoever thinks the game is bad, and also, Metascore, for giving this game a 49, SHAME ON YOU ALL! Also, the only Ninja Gaiden game so far on PC. Its great! If you have a lust for blood, likes hack and slash, and likes zombie killing and ninjas, this game is just the right one for you. Also a great timekiller.
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4.9 小时(记录在案的)
This is a game that fits it's purpose and then some. The somewhat quirky plot just adds to the appeal of the insane- over the top hack and slash gameplay. One aspect of this game that might turn off die hard Ninja Gaiden fans is that you dont play as Ryu Hayabusa- you play as Yaiba Kamikaze a rouge ninja from Ryu's clan who refused to return an ancient blade to Ryu. In turn, Yaiba die's and is now a cyborg in the zombie apocolyptic future and begins a new journey to get revenge on Ryu Hayabusa. This game is insane amount's of fun, but there are some part's that will test your patience, like running into an overpowered enemy, or one that has too much health, or you can't find a hidden health upgrade- So I believe that this game still has the good old hair tearing difficulty in some sections. The comic book-like art style work's perfectly and only work's to compliment the gameplay seen here (It almost excuses this games horrible camera). You also can get really interesting power-ups that makes an exciting expirence just THAT much more interesting! The gameplay is the absolute best part too- There is no feeling like the feeling you get from mowing down hordes of enemies in your psychotic rampage. A psychotic rampage unlike any other- that THIS game provides! I thoroughly enjoy this game and strongly reccomend buying it if you have not already. Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z get's a 9/10!
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20.3 小时(记录在案的)
If you can accept the new direction of ninja gaiden, there is a really fun hack n slash with a great b-movie vibe with a colorful new look and feel to a hack n slash.

The story is about a foul mouthed ninja named Yaiba kamikaze who gets killed by series protagonist,Ryu Hayabusa. several weeks later, Yaiba is rebuilt by a corporation so that he can "stop" the zombie outbreak(yes you fight zombies, but I'll get to that later) and Get his Revenge on Ryu Hayabusa. The story is pretty basic and predictable, it ends up being really abrupt near the end.

The writing is something you ethier are gonna love or hate, personally I see the majority of the dialogue to be so bad it's good, and the humor comes from how vulgur the characters are with lines like "He's got some hot woman helping him. I'm sooo jealous. Maybe I'll kill her when I see her. Or maybe we can make out. Maybe we'll have a threesome! I'll do whatever Yaiba tells me to do. I'm so horny...". There are some geniunely funny moments like the introductions of the zombies, which is just slap stick humor at best.

The gameplay of yaiba isn't ninja gaiden, it's more like Devil may cry,rygar, or Lords of shadows. The actual combat consists of 3 weapons which are a flail(basically a chain),Cyborg arm, and your ninja sword. It takes some time for the combat to become really entertaining, when you know how the system works. You can also do executions which will you give you more health(especially usefull when upgrading to do up to 10 executions) and a counter system which when you pull it off is incredibly satisfying though it isn't that well implented as lords of shadows. You can also pick up weapons from enemies by executing them(or a mashing qte) ranging from numbchucks to electro whips to a rocket launcher, which make the combat more interesting because each enemy has their own weakness to certain elements . there is also platforming, which is on rails and quite fun for the most part.

Now the one thing that most reviewers criticize the game is the difficulty, which the game really isn't that hard if you get all the collectibles. Which there are 2 types, the first one being health shards(which combing 4 of them will increase your health),story parts and elemental resistent shards(which makes the game a hell of a lot easier to get through). I HIGHLY Reccomend you get all of them since they will make the game a lot more easier than the reviews are saying are saying it is.
Here is a video of where you can find them.

Now there are 2 flaws with this game, the first is that the game is rather short it took me around 6 hours to finish the main campaign and honestly it could have included a few more levels to make it around 8-10 hours long which would have been the perfect length for this game. The next one is the camera, which is fixed and you can't control it, however it is a improvement over the console version, which apparently is worse.

Overall the gameplay is fast paced,franic, and just good mindless fun.

The visuals are pretty solid, they are done in a cel shaded look which gives the game a comic book look to it, and I ike the designs of the zombies(and yaiba As well), since all of them are Unique, and all look drastically different. Animations are very fluent and fun to look at. The PC version also runs at 60 fps, which helps with your reaction time in the game.

Sound is pretty good, the soundtrack fits the mood of the game and has some killer tracks in there . sound effects are great especially the attack sounds when you hear the crunching sounds of zombies being ripped to shreads. Voice acting is alright, nothing really stand out and half the time I barely noticed it, but what is there is just fine.

In short, Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z is an enjoyable hack n slash, with a nice look and feel that you don't get from the typical hack n slash. I would reccomend the game when it's on sale, since asking for full price is too much for what is there.

8/10 Good brainless B-movie fun.
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8.9 小时(记录在案的)
Good game with a good sense of humor about it self. Camera angle can be a little annoying since you have no control over it at all and that can be problematic if you say... have to block anything. Other than that I really enjoyed it. Great art style and unadulterated gore held together by some adult themed humor. I'd give it a 5 out of 5 if it weren't for the fact that the final boss refuses to show up. I've watched videos on youtube of the final boss battle and well... on my copy he's no where to be found. I just stand around and watch some dino-bot looking pterodactyls fly around what looks like a nebula. So 4 out of 5. Perfect score if someone could help me figure that ♥♥♥♥ out. i do recomend playing it, just hopefully you'll have better luck than i did. O.O;
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12.7 小时(记录在案的)
Since it's been awhile that I've done a written review, I plan to pull out my biggest gavel on this one. First off, after trying it out for about two hours and clearing two stages (for a future LP), it puts me in the mind of the Koei Warriors series since it literally plays in that style. Another thing that I have to say is, why so much hate toward this game to begin with? You don't like it because it doesn't meet YOUR expectations? Let others enjoy it for what its worth but don't let a "professional" review tell you otherwise. Seeing that Inafune's company played a part in this made me just play this game even more. (Course that's a personal reason for me but moving on...) The fact that it feels like an uber-gory graphic novel piqued my interest when I started up the game and I couldn't put it down since. My advice is that you'd have to think out the box on this game, this game is crazy good and if you enjoy a mind-numbing hack and slash with very little story and lots of action, then go for it and buy it for yourself and I highly recommend getting it for a friend if you so choose. I feel a game like this gets a lot of unneeded flak just because it doesn't meet a certain level of expectation so on that note, it counts as an underrated game. Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z is approved in my book and should be worth trying in yours.
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