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Officially licensed version of the "Mensa Select" award-winning board game! Hive is a board game with a difference. There is no board! The pieces are added to the playing area thus creating the board.
Julkaisupäivä: 15 Marraskuu 2013
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Ladybug Expansion Available!

14 huhtikuu(ta) 2014

The Ladybug DLC is now available for Hive! If you have the Ladybug, you can host a game with the Ladybug in it even if your guest hasn't unlocked the Ladybug yet.

The Ladybug's full price is $2.99 but will be on a launch discount at $1.97 for the first week!

Ladybug expansion on Steam

We want to be very transparent with our pricing plans, so check out this pricing post for exact details on how we expect everything to be priced. In short: if you buy the expansions as they come out, you will get almost the exact same discount as if you bought all three expansions bundled with the game.

If you have the table top version of the game, you also may want to consider buying the Ladybug expansion pieces (UK) for that as well :)

Enjoy the Ladybug! Please let us know if you find any issues with it.

We'll keep working on the Mosquito and hope to have it out at the end of this month or in the first half of May. :)

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AI improvements and Visual Upgrades!

8 huhtikuu(ta) 2014

Today we released a larger update with a ton of improvements inspired by community requests!

Visual Upgrades - photorealism tweaks
  • Tile height was increased to match the dimensions of the tiles from the table-top version of Hive (thanks for the suggestion, Eucalyx!).
  • The gray, stationary background has been replaced with a table-top surface which the pieces actually sit on (thanks to Bob5453 and FeltHλt for the suggestions!).
  • The camera projection was changed from orthographic to perspective which is more similar to how your actual eyes/brain work (things in the foreground are bigger, things in the background are smaller).
  • To prevent you from knowing whether the table is truly flat or round, there is a fog obscuring the end of the world.
  • Now that the pieces are resting on a surface, they have shadows.

AI Updates
  • The AI now understands that it's better to measure a Pillbug's value based on whether it is covered (can use its special move) instead of whether it is pinned.
  • If the AI could block you from moving, it got so excited that it couldn't differentiate between any of the moves that kept you blocked, so it moved almost randomly (that's annoying!) instead of going for the win. Now it can still think even when it's excited.
  • The AI didn't value putting its beetle on top of the Hive, as much as it should have. It values it a little more now (may have to tweak the weight again in the future).
  • Added a Randomness Quotient setting to introduce the possibility of randomness to all AI moves. The lower levels of AI have higher randomness. This change increases replay-value, and decreases predictability.
  • Made the second-move in the opening able to place more pieces (not just the queen) and made it randomly choose between all possible placements instead of just placing off-center.
  • Made the third-move in the opening, use a far-greater randomness than the subsequent moves. This ensures a wider range of openings, causing the games to diverge a bit more.
We are making a couple of blog-posts about adding randomness to AI. We posted the first part last night:

Other Updates
  • Technical bugfix: the 2D pieces weren't initially rotated correctly (until a queen was placed) the images were facing the point of the tile, not a flat side. That wasn't the same as the actual table-top pieces, so we fixed that.
  • The HUD decreased in size to give a bit more breathing-room to the main game.
  • Bugfix: if the same two players played sequential games with the same colors and the same player going first twice in a row, then the HUD wouldn't highly on the first move to show whose turn it was. The gameplay still worked but it was probably confusing for anyone who ran into that.

Although we've had a few new releases since the launch of the game almost 3 weeks ago, it's super-exciting to have a big update out with new features! Please let us know what you think! :D

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“I can't believe how fun this game is...I really really like it...I highly, highly recommend it”
Wil Wheaton (on the physical version of Hive)

“I'm a really big fan of Hive”
Jerry Holkins (TychoBrahe from Penny Arcade on the physical version of Hive)

“So let it be said that Hive, a simple adaption of a cult board game, is the game that ended the Leaderboard’s losing streak.”
Approved – Indie Gamer Chick

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Officially licensed version of the "Mensa Select" award-winning board game!

Hive is a board game with a difference. There is no board! The pieces are added to the playing area thus creating the board. As more and more pieces are added the game becomes a fight to see who can be the first to capture (surround) the opposing Queen Bee.

  • Play locally or online.
  • Play against the Computer - AI with five difficulty levels.
  • Includes "hot-seat"/"pass-n-play" mode for players with who want to share one mouse/keyboard or gamepad.
  • Full 3D with camera-control
  • Switch seamlessly between playing with mouse/keyboard and gamepad.
  • Dozens of Steam Stats & Achievements.
  • Same expansions as table-top version: the Pillbug and Ladybug expansions are already available as DLC, with the Mosquito planned to come soon.
  • The Hive board game is a winner of many awards including "Mensa Select", "Dr. Toy: Product of Excellence", "Spiele Hits", "International Gamers Awards", and "Juego del año".


    • OS: Windows XP or better
    • Processor: 1 gHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 2.1+ w/ GL_ARB_framebuffer_object
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB available space
    • OS: Windows XP or better
    • Processor: 2 gHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 3+
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB available space
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34/51 (67%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
724 tuotetta tällä tilillä.
41 arvostelua
7.9 tuntia pelattu
When one measures the strength of a game that is an adaption of a previous title to a new medium, it becomes vital that one takes into account the strengths and weaknesses of both the original and the quality of the implementation of the new game. The version of Hive I played is a pre-release version and thus subject to changes, but with 6 hours under my belt I feel I am able to give at least a reasonable assessment of what BlueLine Game Studios have done with Gen42 Games' work.

Published in 2001, the original Hive is a strategy board game without a board, like with Settlers of Catan the game uses a hex based tile system to create the environment of play, but Hive differs greatly from the beloved German classic. Hive has no fixed play area, it's tiles are it's units and can be played and moved based on a very Chess-like set of structured rules. The game is an enjoyable and varied one which lets players go through a game quickly against their opponent with no need to set up the board or learn too many rules. An additional bonus to the game is that it is largely language-agnostic, once the rules are known nothing in the game requires any kind of reading to cause issues between players.

This PC version of the game sticks well to the original game and implements the ruleset in a very by-the-book manner that gives no room for house rules, like modifying the unit list of the two players, which is a double edged sword - on one hand you aren't overloaded with a multitude of options in your face from the onset, but you are also limited in what you can do with the game, there are no handicaps. The game comes with the original Hive's expansion, the Pillbug, a single unit that most players would make a cardboard stand-in for when playing the physical game, in the game as purchasable DLC, which most PC gamers will agree has a sting to it, after seeing the PC version of Settlers of Catan, called simply Catan, one would hope all developers put as much love into their titles, including all expansions and many differing options for how to play.

Artificial Intelligence in this game on the lower levels is not overly resource hungry, but suffers from being a little daffy at times, on the highest level the opposite is true however. When playing on the 5th difficulty level you can occasionally wait a couple of minutes as it plays out possible moves it can take before settling on one and it makes for a much better fight, if a sometimes boring wait.

The musical selection is somewhat boring and repetitive, the game has a single and rather short track that repeats before you eventually disable audio playback after hour one of the song playing with your mind. One assumes it is a placeholder awaiting a little more variety in the playlist.

Interface for the game is a rather bare-bones at this stage, clean and responsive, but not overly attractive. The camera auto-zooms and includes the entire play area in your view, this is again both a good and bad thing, as I could find no means to change my camera angle, which is helpful in a game when you are in a difficult situation and want to get a fresh perspective on the game. Tool tips are in your face, unavoidable, and unclosable, you have to wait on them to fade away on their own, which is quite bothersome when you only want to see if a unit can move or not. There is presently no customization to the game, one cannot change the game's colours, nor use alternative tilesets to make the game more aesthetically appealing.

As there are no options to change resolution, modify volume, go to fullscreen instead of windowed mode, or change the graphics of the tiles, the game feels a little more limited than what many PC gamers might expect or even demand from a game. But the game is enjoyable in spite of it's presently simple presentation, one hopes that BlueLine will take what they have and move forward with the ability to control the camera, to change tilesets, unit lists and add a little more polish to the visual and auditory aspects of the title. I can easily say the game is a good one, I am just unsure if Steam users will be able to get past it's aesthetic limitations to the boardgame underneath. For strategy board game fans, this is likely a no-brainer to pick it up, but others will probably be less enthusiastic about the title as when it comes to boardgame adaptions, PC gamers tend to be more into Axis and Allies level complexity, and less into Chess.
Julkaistu 5 joulukuu(ta) 2013.
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3/3 (100%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
57 tuotetta tällä tilillä.
1 arvostelu
0.4 tuntia pelattu
This game is like the original board game in play. You can enjoy the same tightly woven gameplay as the original anywhere you can connect to the internet, and to boot it's cheaper than the boardgame also.

Pretty easy to learn, but to become a real master might take more time for those who are challenged by strategy games like chess. Find a friend who likes this style of game and get all those achievements!
Julkaistu 10 huhtikuu(ta) 2014.
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2/4 (50%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
503 tuotetta tällä tilillä.
25 arvostelua
0.3 tuntia pelattu

Hive is a fun conversion of the award winning tabletop game, its great fun to play with a friend or now on your own against the computer.

+ Simple to learn, difficult to master
+ Varying CPU levels
+ In game instructions
+ Online and Local Multiplayer
+ Easy to pick up and put down

- Simple to learn, difficult to master
- DLC for small additions to the game
- Not for Arachnaphobics :p
Julkaistu 7 huhtikuu(ta) 2014.
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6/13 (46%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
27 tuotetta tällä tilillä.
1 arvostelu
4.3 tuntia pelattu
Great boardgame for the PC, though at the moment not really worth 10 bucks. It would be much better with the inclusion of the ladybug and mosquito.
Julkaistu 22 maaliskuu(ta) 2014.
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8/18 (44%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
166 tuotetta tällä tilillä.
3 arvostelua
2.2 tuntia pelattu
The digital adaptation of hive is great and it plays well on steam. I would ask anyone to hold off on purchasing it though, as the online multiplayer mode isn't availble just yet. I will edit my recomendation when the online multiplayer mode becomes available. in the mean time, feel free to play the multiplayer mode over at for free!
Julkaistu 17 joulukuu(ta) 2013.
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Hive has received the notoriously hard to get Indie Gamer Chick Approved seal. This seal was awarded to the Xbox Live Indie Games version of Hive. The Steam release improved upon that with an updated look, more game modes and improved online play!

The original physical version of Hive was the recipient of several awards, including the "Dr. Toy: Product of Excellence", "Spiele Hits", "International Gamers Awards", "Juego del año", and most notably the "Mensa Select" award.