“A real Gem” – Destructoid at E3 “Offers a different experience for zombie game veterans” – Co-Optimus “Has a lot more going for it than smashing brains and gory, red goo ... With a surprisingly deep crafting system” – GamesRadar You're shipwrecked on an isolated island, a desperate castaway in a total freakshow world.
User reviews: Very Positive (11,778 reviews) - 83% of the 11,778 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Oct 23, 2013

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Includes 7 items: Barricade! DLC, El Diablo Islands - Host, Heat Wave DLC - x 3 pack, Hello my name is... Nina. DLC, How to Survive, Kovac’s Way DLC, One Shot Escape DLC


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January 29

Local Coop is LIVE on How to Survive 2!


Hey Survivors!

I just wanted to let you know that we have released local coop in How to Survive 2! Below is a few tidbits to tempt you:

  • Up to 4 players can play in local Coop ! (in both offline and online camps)
  • HTS2 Aiming system removed - Aiming system works, now, like in HTS1
  • New recipes added: leather straps (player), super poultices and Medikits (Chemical lab)
  • A bottle of water can be found in Kovac's bunker, for the most thirsty of you
  • You can read the full patch notes here

Not only that, How to Survive 2 is on Steam sale for 30% off! (ends Sunday January 31, 2016)

And if that didn't get your attention, you will receive this awesome Winter Hat with your new purchase until the end of February. Not only will you be cute while slaughtering zombies, this hat has a nice blood resistant coating in case you get too close!


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December 29, 2015

Steam Winter Sale/LOCAL CO-OP IS COMING to HtS2

Hello Survivors!


Forgive me…I got a little too excited and ahead of myself…

Hey, it's me, Kovac. Did you like my silly presents I left you in game this week? You better, I worked hard on them! What about that female, rawr! Anyway, I wanted to let you know I have more surprises for you; today the Steam Winter Sale starts and all our games are included. So, buy How to Survive 2 today for your friend, or hell, even your mom! Not only that, in January, we are patching in local co-op so you can play with your friends.

Did I mention that Local Co-op is coming!

Stay safe out there and Happy Holidays!

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“How To Survive is more than just a solid zombie role-playing game, it's also one of the best games of the year. With its mix of Diablo-esque hack and slash and dual-stick shooter action, 505 Games' newest Xbox Live Arcade game is a real surprise. It has a deep crafting system and a world you can't help but want to explore. How To Survive rewrites the book on zombie RPGs!”
90% – Gaming Nexus

“While there have been several games that have recently released that fall into the growing zombie survival genre, How to Survive manages to do enough differently to earn its place among the crowd. The game’s strong emphasis on crafting and juggling basic human needs helps distinguish itself from other titles. Additionally, the story campaign features a tale that manages to contain a few plot twists despite its simplicity. One area where How to Survive shines is the game’s strange brand of humor which is helped along by the title’s decent voice acting. In all, How to Survive is recommended to any fans of either the undead or survival simulators. Those who enjoy intricate crafting or top-down gaming should also give it a look.”
4 Stars – Examiner

“In terms of graphic and sound design, How to Survive looks good and sounds even better. The lighting gives real-time shadows based on not only the source but the time of day as the shadows move with the passing sunlight. The island is beautifully rendered, and animations are fluid and zombie deaths are pleasingly gory, chunks of body parts will liter the ground and roll depending on the shape of the surface”
8/10 – Gamer Horizon

STEAM AUTUMN SALE - How to Survive 2 Early Access 33% OFF!

Survivalist, a special time of year has come and I’ve got a little something for you…
Just a little surprise…
I love surprises…
Reminds me when I was kid in…oh, I’m getting emotional again…
Halloween is coming and we are moving the launch date of our How to Survive 2 Early Access from Oct 22nd to Oct 29th to be closer to one of my faaaaavorite holidays!
If byOct 29th, you join us you'll get the rockin’ Voodoo Rock Guitar weapon and if you already are a previous Survivor you'll also get my hand-crafted gift…Primal Fear Armor!

Survivor Loyalty Item: “Primal Fear” Armor Set.

If you are already a survivor who’s got How to Survive or How to Survive: Third Person Standalone on Steam, we welcome you back with a very special treat: the “Primal Fear” armor set!
A set of protective gear finely crafted out of the best bones and scrap metal that can be found in the dumpster. Made by master Survivalist Kovac himself, it promises to keep bites and scratches to a minimum while displaying a distinctive Swamp-chic style!
Join Early Access now, slip it on and knock’em dead!

Survivor Loyalty Item: “Voodoo Hard Rock” Guitar.

If you join our Early Access during its 1st month you’ll get an exclusive Voodoo Hard Rock branded guitar to let your rock mojo loose and bang some heads!
A finely crafted instrument with a hardcore survival customization!
Rock hard! Rock on!

About This Game

  • A real Gem” – Destructoid at E3

  • Offers a different experience for zombie game veterans” – Co-Optimus

  • Has a lot more going for it than smashing brains and gory, red goo ... With a surprisingly deep crafting system” – GamesRadar

You're shipwrecked on an isolated island, a desperate castaway in a total freakshow world. How will you survive? [/b]

Collect the pages of a Survival Guide and figure it out, of course! Find food, water, and shelter before you perish. Uh oh, is it getting dark? Figure out how to get through the night! While you’re at it, gather up some of this awesome stuff and piece together over 100 handmade weapons and tools—from shotguns to Molotov cocktails. Now you can defend yourself and your friends like a boss!

• Choose one of the three playable characters, each with different characteristics and skill trees.

• Explore four islands filled with unique flora and fauna and a variety of abhorrent monstrosities.

Collect “Survival guide” video chapters to learn tips that will save your life!

Play with a friend offline through the story mode or go online and play with a friend through 8 demanding challenges..

• Try the “Iron Man” difficulty for a demanding hardcore game experience.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Ati 5700 series/NVIDIA GeForce GT240 or equivalent
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 7 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
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7.7 hrs on record
Posted: August 21, 2015
This review is coming from a stand-point of about 7 hours of solo play.

Do I like this game? It's okay, I mean, it's nothing special, it's a twin-stick zombie survival game with a somewhat interesting crafting system.

The game-play, it's basic and easy to understand as all twin-stick games are. Nothing new. Which is totally fine, I mean it's a tried and tested system.

The story, I haven't finished the story, simply because I hit too many BDN (Board, done now) moments. I just couldn't do another fetch quest. That's all this game is, fetch quest after fetch quest after fetch quest. When did I hit my limit? When the drunk pilot wanted his cargo, where was it? All over the islands... All twenty pieces of the damn stuff. I quit, I was done with the game from then on. The characters were, eh. The only person that interested my in any way was Kovac, mainly because SPOILER ALERT he's apparently the one crashing the boats into the islands SPOILER ALERT OVER. I say apparently because I have no idea if he is or not, though if that was him on the radio at the start of the game it makes sense as he seems to have a radio station at the top of his island. I digress. The characters are cliche to say the least, oh no a mother and daughter that are split up on a terrible island, the friend who was bitten but has the thing you need to get off the island, the crazy old lady, the apparent friend who is actually the villain, the disabled knowledgeable one who spends all their time tinkering with your escape rout and the drunk.

May as well look at this games big point, the crafting. It's okay. I mean you can make things, cool yeah, okay. I never bothered with the potions. The guns? Didn't bother with them either. Melee weapons? Rusty machete all the way. After I built the boomerang I just didn't need anything else. Nothing. And when I upped it with the red stone, nothing else would do. Now when I say I didn't bother with it, I mean I built every combination I could within 7 hours of play. Tested it, and still found the boomerang to be the best thing to use. Chainsaw? Nope. Flamethrower? Nope. Shotgun? Nope. Boomerang. Always.

Survival. Pha. My biggest problem surviving was diverting my attention from my current fetch quest to trek to water holes, or where I knew deer were or to safe houses when I got a little tired. Fuel for bombs was the biggest problem for my "survival". I had so much food on my person I could have fed all the survivors I had found with ease. Three jerry cans of water kept me going for days. Ammo was of no concern, I had stacks of the stuff on every island just sitting there.

The zombies, or should I say, "Monsters". Well there are ones you can kill in one hit, ones that have helmets, ones that have body armor, ones with both, tall ones, ones that come out at night, ones that explode, ones in fireman suits, zombie deers, zombie emus, and a big old boss thing. At first the ones that came out at night were a challenge but then, boomerang one hit kill. The ones with both pieces of armor are just annoying, takes two head shots to kill them, one to knock off the helmet and one to kill 'em. And when they're coming at you in a pack, it's just easier to run off and come back later. The firemen, hint hint, head shots, lots and lots of head shots unless you got yourself a means of using electricity. The deers just run at you, shoot twice, dodge, rinse and repeat. The boss thing is just like a very very weekend version of the Tank from L4D. They just seemed like distractions from the endless fetch quests.

Oh yeah side quests are, you guessed it, fetch quests. -_-

The camera angle is lovely, seeing the exploders just as they enter their area of effect is just dandy.

The lock on and head-shot system is good too, when your backing away from a group with your trusty boomerang out and it's just about to go red and another zombie bumps your target out of your aim and you gotta start over again. This is especially annoying against the fully armored zombies. Great.

The leveling system seems just, pointless, the most useful stuff is getting the upgrades that slow down your hunger, thirst and drowsiness. Everything else seems just like fluff to me.

The most fun I had in the game was going off doing the missions for the scientists on the islands where I was super-under prepared, there was a challenge, and it was ridiculous. Experiments that could change the magnetic fields surrounding the islands? Sounds good enough to me!

Is this game worth the price tag, maybe in co-op. Maybe. However would I play though those opening missions again? Hell no.
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26.7 hrs on record
Posted: November 7, 2015
Personal Rating: I'm having fun killing zombies and running for my life
Classic Rating: ★★★★★


✓ Story and characters (main game has 3 but you can add Nina with a DLC): You have to escape alive from some zombies' infested Islands. Every character has their onw skills, perks and final attack blows.
✓ Gameplay: very well implemented twin stick shooter from a top-down perspective.
✓ Crafting system: one of the best aspect of this game, you get many different ways to craft items, stuff and food.
✓ Weapons: lots of weapons. My favourites are bow and boomerang - you can fire feathered and fire arrows with the bow, while the boomerang is very useful with a few enemies (it hits when coming back too and you don't waste "bullets").
✓ Graphics: I find this game to be very detailed and aestetically pleasant.
✓ Sound effects are a bit reapeating over the time but they help a lot to understand incoming enemies.


✘ Lots of quests require you to go searching for some missing "part" and go back once you get it - I'm not really complaining though.
✘ It's a bit hard to find items scattered on the ground if you don't walk over them (that's how a popup appears and tells you what you found).
✘ Saves are a bit tricky because you only get one slot, so you have to be very careful - if you save in a bad moment you may compromise all the campaign. Also, you can only save manually inside bunkers, but this point adds up to the survival theme.

Highly Recommended; sold quite often in massive discounts, just wait for the right moment.
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21.8 hrs on record
Posted: September 27, 2015
I tried to like it.. but I just can't. It doesn't looks/feels bad, but why do I feel taste of s..t in mouth after playing this? Here is why:

- UI is terrible, full controller support game, means: no hotkey for windows, some ugly "scroll skill/use skill" buttons. 90% of my deaths in game is because of panic and inability to switch weapon.
- inventory is crap, if you have some number of stackable items and pickup any amoung over stack maximum - you will loose extra, no joke here, last update of this game was in 2014, so there is no hope for fixing. There are stupid limitations, like 6 molotov max (MAX! i can carry loads of items, but allowed only 6 molotovs!), bullets stacks in 500, arrows in 100, wooden stick in 10, etc.
- camera... oh my.. What is the use of long range weapon with camera which looks from above on me and hiding anything of turn?? Approaching anything from north means it will charge before you see it.
- targeting.. I want to see how the guy who innovate this targeting system plays the game, because I think he never bothers to do so. I crafted 100 explosive arrows to waste 90 of them trying to shoot barrikade.. it targets anything else, but not goddamit barikade which I have to go through to progress.
- respawn.. while trying to create a "base" (to keep all unknown loot and valuables) I had so much pain.. moving half screen away and then back to find dozens of zombies coming from nowhere.. really?
- farming.. oh yeah, crocodile quests. I killed like 100, but never seen claws or head and they are needed for quests. Same goes for deers. What are the chances to have their head dropped? 0.0001%?
- map.. best names of locations ever: "Isle of <insert some strange word here>", I can't remember names nor pathes, map doesn't let me to see all islands, how I suppose to navigate all that crap?
- night.. the fact is: it's not dangerous enough, but annoying as hell. It's bad to explore (you see bad), it's bad to travel (you may run into a pack of zombies, or worse), it's impossible to skip. The only way to "sleep" is to get tired, I can drink while at full thirst, but I am not able to sleep..
- craft, best example of how to make crappy and annoying craft. constant inventory micromanagement. some items have "undo" option, some not, go loose your precious component while experimenting or click 100 times while crafting few items..
- bugs: items dissappears when dropped (loose my chain component, never been able to make it again), overstacking inventory issue (described earlier), constant crashes (luckily on map loading)..

I could easily finish it.. wait, I couldn't it. Can you? Don't think so.
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Posted: September 11, 2015
How to Survive plays like an isometric action game but with more emphasis on managing resources. The campaign strands you on an archipelago of zombie-infested islands, and you have to do quests for the other survivors to try to escape. Along the way you'll find tons of crafting materials to make weapons, armor, meals, tonics, and other goodies to help you survive. There's also a skill tree you progress through by leveling up and a full index of recipes to learn and rare flora & fauna to discover. The combat is solid if a bit floaty (kind of feels like Path of Exile if you could play it with a controller), and I especially like the ranged combat system. You aim with the right stick, and the longer you hold your aim steady, the more accurate it becomes until it becomes a headshot. Really makes fights against hordes tense as you struggle to make every shot count.

The crafting system is very cool, with tons of options and things to discover, and also somewhat forgiving as it often lets you uncombine items if you don't like the results. However as some have said, the limited inventory REALLY works against the design. You won't really know what something is good for until you're able to combine it with something else, so naturally you want to hold on to one of everything. It's just like the crafting system in Teleglitch, actually... except here there's like 10x as many items to hoard, and just as little space. I imagine once you have some experience with the game it's easier to know what to keep and what to toss, but up to that point it can get frustrating.

The story and writing are barely serviceable, but that seems a small consideration in a game like this. There's co-op and challenge modes if you tire of story mode, and each of the three playable characters (there's a 4th DLC character) is persistent across all modes. If inventory wasn't so limited I would be extremely pleased with this game, but as it stands it's worth the asking price.
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31.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 5
Game runs smoothly, I didn't encounter any bugs and after you're done with story mode (I obviously am not), you can try to play in local co-op, co-op and multiplayer. There are several modes included and hardcore difficulty will make you cry (even normal one has its tough moments). Incredibly deep crafting system makes you craft something completely useless and this is the first time I saw something like this in any kind of crafting games.

How To Survive is an indie gem that looks cheap, feels cheap and plays lovely. Basically, this is one of those games you've dared to love before huge web portals and trend-fueled magazines told you it's not OK to love these kind of games because of I don't know what reason.

I recomend to all my friends...so get it now and embrace the zombie survival :D hooooooooooo yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa
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