Depth Hunter 2 is an underwater hunting game, allowing the complete experience of the spearfishing extreme sport!
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Release Date: Aug 20, 2014
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"A very relaxing and almost addicting game where you swim around, shoot fish and collect treasure. One of the few games that I played to completion."

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October 3



New DLC for the exciting realistic game about underwater extreme sports is available on Steam now.

Biart Company, an independent games development studio announced today that its first-person underwater game Depth Hunter 2 is now having its first DLC available on Steam. The DLC introduces the most popular diving spot – the SS Thistlegorm, which has been reconstructed in detail with help of unique underwater equipment.

The SS Thistlegorm was a British armed Merchant Navy ship built in 1940 by Joseph Thompson & Son in Sunderland, England. She was sunk on 6 October 1941 near Ras Muhammad in the Red Sea and is now a well-known diving site.

The second DLC location is an ancient sunken city, where players can try new equipment like an underwater radar and test new game mechanics.

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September 15

Trading cards and new missions are available!

Dear players!

We have added new missions for Location 3, so now you can meet more sharks and even the blue whale!

And now the game has trading cards! We are sure you will like our collection of sea life.

Sincerely yours,
Biart Team.

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About This Game

Depth Hunter 2 offers 25 exciting missions in 3 huge locations around the world. Players will hunt different fish species and face the difficulties of breath-holding spearfishing, an ancient fishing method.

Players will also have to find treasures and get the possibility to take underwater photos to capture the beauty of the simulated, detailed and lively underwater worlds they’re exploring also in a exploration mode.

Spearfishing and Underwater Hunting are ancient fishing and hunting methods, used to catch fish by using a mechanical harpoon. Today, spearfishing is a sports activity in many countries around the world, especially in the UK, around the Mediterranean Sea and in South America. Spearfishers hunt while diving apnea, holding their breath, so have to coordinate their energy carefully while monitoring their prey, especially in tactically challenging hunting situations.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 2.7 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia GeForce 8800. ATI equivalent. Intel Integrated Graphics HD3000
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 920 MB available space
    • OS: Windows 7 or 8
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia GeForce 8800 or higher. ATI equivalent. Intel Integrated Graphics HD4000+
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 920 MB available space
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125 of 158 people (79%) found this review helpful
2.8 hrs on record
After reading what this game is about, I was disappointed in what I've played and not because the game is bad in any way or form. It was just plain boring in terms of gameplay mechanic, and the simulation aspect of it all. Yes I actually just beaten this game and I banged my head against my bathtub wishing this was a more complex simulator but instead is an arcadey, tedious, and casual game that needs way more work If you're wondering why I am not playing anymore of this game, This is how long it takes to beat the entire campaign. I think this game can be better than what it is and heres why.

The game starts off with you looking at the map and seeing that there are 3 Large areas you can explore in the game, You'll start in Thailand then go to South Africa reefs, the last and final reef is the Bahamas all of which is decently sized and looks great.

The gameplay is about spearfishing, Aim your speargun at a fish, shoot, and watch it automatically get reeled in with camera gameplay and treasure hunting thrown in.

The missions consist of the player searching for treasures around the area, look around and shoot fish or find treasures for 5-10 mins, find specific fish, or take pictures of fish. These missions will repeat most of the time. You can kill so many fish but when it comes to sharks, turtles, jellyfish, morays, stingrays and so on the game will have a don't shoot box over them. When you do try to shoot them you'll shoot AIR. EMPTY AIR, even if the game says don't shoot I SHOULD HAVE THE FREEDOM TO SPEAR THEM FOR THE HELL OF IT. If I do so I should also be punished for it instead such as being fined, or sharks coming back to bite me off. Something instead of empty air.

The graphics to this game is quite nice and there is a good amount of fish to see and capture, the open area in the water and the underwatercave are pretty nicely done also and each of the maps are a decent size. The sound and music to this game is also nicely done HOWEVER

The mechanic and gameplay to this game is absolutely boring and unimmersive and also very arcadelike. It is very fun during the beginning of the game for about 30 mins then it just became repetitive and boring. Whenever you shoot a fish you'll acquire xp and gold which makes this annoying coin sound as if you're playing a slot game ruining the immersion of the game completely. After earning enough gold which takes about 5 mins or less of you swimming around shooting every fish you see in sight, you can then spend to upgrade 4 different things, your camera, more usb slots to take picture of fish, speargun accuracy and length, and your swim fins, once you fully upgrade all this. You'll swim at a really fast speed and any fishy you see can easily be minced meat basically because you'll become the son of poseidon himself. You're basically done and gold will completely become useless except for spending on more usb slots to take pictures of fish. Hell even the picture taking mechanic is pretty drysince all you need to do is point it as close to the fish as possible to take a picture as long as they are in the frame, the numbers also have to be 100% or you cant get points for taking thier pictures. Theres nothing in this game that can kill you except make you lose oxygen and there is nothing challenging about the breathing in this game at all, just swim to top and your oxygen can be filled fully without a single struggle, the only way you lose is when you forget that you're not diving but snorkeling.

I think the game could do much better than this in future sequel. I want to be able to control the pulling of the fish in, Taking the spear out the fish or cutting the lines once I hunt them, drag them back to the boat feeling the weight of hunting. Instead of just picking up treasures from the ground with one button players should be forced to brush off the sand and figure out how to extact the treasure out carefully. Also the fact that I should be able to shoot any animal I want and in doing so will have a consequence on my gold or what not instead.
If you're going to give players levels and XP in a game it should have a reason except that it was completely pointless. Right now this game has an awsome concept, but it needs to build on that concept and make itself AMAZING. I am not easily impressed because it was downright too simple, super casual.

If you think I am lieing Go download the game and play it, Congratulations you've basically played 80% of the game for free.

I also want to warn you guys of the dev pulling a fast one on bundle buyers which someone has come to my attention about.

Long story short? Dev promised to try to get keys for people on desura etc, then turned around and rebundled game into a different name and in turn changed thier tune after getting greenlight. He didn't make a different game but took the same game and change its name so he doesn't have to give them keys. I would look up more about this company before you make your purchase in the future. This is something I do not condone from developers of breaking promises. Will not be buying anymore products in the future hell don't even send it to me for free.

+Great Graphics
+Good sized open area
+Shooting fish is satisfying
+Great amount of fish to shoot at
+Sport is Extreme

- Gameplay mechanic too simple, gets SUPER tedious
- Can't shoot jellyfish, turtles, sharks, morays, dolphins, crabs, urchins, reefs, sponges and the list goes on
- No multiplayer of any kind or score comparisons
- Missions are downright tedious and boring, Find treasure, shoot a certain fish, or search out a fish with waypoints showing you directly where the fish is. Sometimes the treasure quest tells you to search in a 40km area then becomes boring as sin searching 30 mins on the ground clicking.

My advice is to shelf out 10 more dollars, head to early access and get world of diving.
Posted: August 21
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60 of 91 people (66%) found this review helpful
0.8 hrs on record
Should be titled "Being a ♥♥♥♥ to fish simulator"

Swim around and spear fish in a little reef. Hunt for treasure. "We've got no idea what artifacts could be down there but here's 10 very specific items you need to find, oh yeah one of them looks exactly like the foliage. No, we don't care if you pick up fifteen other artifacts, we want this one" and generally faff about.

You can't shoot crabs but they insta-aggro the moment you come around. You can take pictures of stuff but the game had no regards for composition of the photos. Just ram the camera into them and snap.

Probably the biggest sin of them all though. MOUSE ACCELERATION.

It's unable to turn off and it's ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Also, sometimes you'll run low on oxygen (The game doesn't tell you that you can surface to get more air but you can) and if the game wants to it'll insta-fail the mission but other times it'll just hover a 1% and allow you to swim underwater forever.

Yeah, Don't get it. I'm glad I got a Greenlight Bundle key.
Posted: August 22
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16 of 19 people (84%) found this review helpful
5.4 hrs on record
First-person underwater fish-stabbing simulator Depth Hunter 2 by indie developer Biart recently jumped off the deep end over Steam. The game offers players a chance to hunt for sunken treasures, swim with fishes, take pictures with fishes and, if they are not careful enough, sleep with fishes after forgetting to check the oxygen supply due to being mezmerized by the scenery.Now, if your idea of a fun underwater hunting simulator includes the incessant micromanagement of equipment and inventory coupled with graphic depiction of harpoons being torn out of the fishes' bodies, then you'll be disappointed by Depth Hunter 2.The game is definitely not a hardcore simulation, which is a good thing if you want to enjoy the underwater view, relax, and go for some carefree treasure hunting or a fish murdering spree without bothering yourself with the fact that you can't see your body or legs. The easiest way for you to see if you'd want to immerse yourself in Depth Hunter 2 is to download the demo. Go on, dive in, get in the swim of things and see for yourself if this game is worth your time and money.
Posted: October 6
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53 of 94 people (56%) found this review helpful
5.3 hrs on record
I've played for two hours straight. It was overall pretty fun, but I felt that there were a few things that were a bit tedious or would be better if they were different.
- The game is more arcade like than a simulation, you can continuously spear fish rapidly without running out of spears or space to keep fish
- At one stage I spent 20-30 minutes unable to find required objects which was tedious, but otherwise I didn't really have a negative experience.
So you start in the first of free diving regions, Thailand. Each region is an large open underwater area. Within each region you will be given one specific objective after another as you complete them e.g. spear specified fish, photograph seabed, find treasure and so on. You are free to undertake these activities even if the aren't specified in your current objectives e.g. you can take photos and find treasure freely even if your supposed to be hunting.
-----You have limited oxygen, running out will cause you to fail your current objective and have to restart it. That can be annoying if it was a long task, oxygen levels are easily resupplied by returning to the surface briefly. While no creatures will hunt you down and attack you, having contact with certain creatures will reduce your supply of oxygen e.g. spiky sea urchins, crabs and jellyfish. You can stay down for quite a long time i.e. 8 minutes underwater without breathing so it feel's more like you have a small oxygen tank that you can magically refill in a matter of seconds at the surface. I'm not sure that real divers would stay down for more than a few seconds or minutes especially if they are making such frequent dives. There really wasn't any challenge to managing your air supply.
-----I found that I didn't really have to carefully stalk and take aim at fish while hunting. So this activity wasn't really satisfying in this way. You can pretty much spear the next fish the moment after you hit the last one and you have unlimited spears. Speared fish will be pulled towards you by the line of your speargun or vice versa depending and how big they and they will disappear when you have contact with them. There is also no limit to the amount of fish you can take and you don't need to return to your boat or anything to offload your catch. Their are certain creatures which you are unable to spear such as manta rays, sharks and those little Nemo clowns. But I basically swam around and slaughtered hundreds of fishes. Which was fun but didn't really offer any challenge.
-----When I found my first gold coin I was very excited. I couldn't find anymore than that for while. So at first I thought it would have been challenging to find gold coins. However I soon found that there a actually many areas which have a fairly lot of gold coins scattered on the seabed. So I think it was actually too easy to find them and it was no longer satisfying. Also there aren't piles of coins. You have pick up each one individually and they didn't reward me with much cash or experience. Spearing fish provide with dramatically more experience and cash and it was very easy. So there wasn't actually a lot of point in finding the coins other than the possibility of completing an achievement.
-----Aside from coins there are also artifacts and other valuables to find. I think the first thing I found was the 'Goblet of Doom'. I thought the idea of finding uniquely named objects was kind of cool. Unfortunately most most of the objects I came across afterwards only had generic titles. At one stage I had an objective to find 10 items of treasure around a certain location. The last items took me a long time to find and I was swimming around the same spots again and again. This became tedious, I think that task needed a time limit as some of the other missions do.
-----You switch between your spear-gun and the camera using the mouse scroll wheel. I had to work this out myself. I don't remember an receiving an instruction from the game. A successful photograph requires 100% quality, which is achieved by swimming close to sea creatures at the right angle.
-----Spearing, finding treasure and photographing rewards experience points and cash. Reaching higher experience levels rewards coins and at higher experience levels you seem to be rewarded increasingly more cash and experience for spearing or photographing fish and finding treasure. If you return to your boat you can purchase upgrades for your flippers/movement speed, spear gun, camera and oxygen supply. There isn't a huge selection and I basically acquired the best gear after playing for around an hour and a half.
-----In main menu you can access a page that details all the fish that you have speared with kill count. Average weight and length of each fish is also listed even though they all look the same.

Overall the graphics look good. I think effects used to make it feel undersea were adequate. There was a reasonable variety of sea creatures. The seascape look's nice and there you will occasionally come across sunken ship wrecks, planes etc. These don't really tend to have a lot detail when it comes to interiors. I was hoping that there would be an underwater cavern system and towards the end of my two hours game-play I found one. It appeared to be fairly extensive and maze-like which was cool.

So a lot of the activities would probably be more satisfying if they were more challenging or just a bit more interesting. It's too easy to kill fish, resupply your oxygen and find coins. The greatest danger in this game for me so far was getting distracted and forgetting to take ten seconds to go up for air. If you didn't have an excessive oxygen supply every task in the game could be much more challenging. Simply giving all artifacts you find unique names and maybe some as well as making gold coins less common and more valuable would be an improvement. Overall this game was reasonable but I think it could be changed to be better.

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Posted: August 20
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5 of 6 people (83%) found this review helpful
4.5 hrs on record
Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive is a very fun game in my opinion. This is a lower budget indie game, but the simplicity of the gameplay coupled with the good graphics engine, makes this a decent experience.

Essentially you hunt fish and collect gold/treasures from the ocean floor. You can also explore wrecks throughout the 3 fair sized levels. You can spend gold to upgrade your character’s equipment. Faster fins, a better camera, more accurate spear gun etc. Nothing too “deep” here, but it still adds to the gameplay. There are several fish types and other hazards to avoid. It’s just a shame that only a handful are capable of being hunted. I was really hoping to hunt a giant sea turtle or Mako Shark :(

Lastly, I really enjoyed the ambient music. It gave me a relaxing escape from the usual shooter games I play. You could call this game a snorkeling simulator because that’s essentially what it is (and I’m perfectly fine with that).
Posted: October 15
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