Depth Hunter 2 is an underwater hunting game, allowing the complete experience of the spearfishing extreme sport!
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Release Date: Aug 20, 2014

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"A great underwater game, it is really relaxing to play. The gameplay is great for all ages."
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December 22, 2014

"Scuba Kids" DLC is available!

New DLC for DH2 is available. You can unlock hidden object games for kids and one mini-game!

Dive to the bottom of the sea and find various hidden items. 20+ sea creatures, 10 hidden-object ocations, 3 game modes and special items.

Easy and fun hidden-object mode for kids!

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About This Game

Depth Hunter 2 offers 25 exciting missions in 3 huge locations around the world. Players will hunt different fish species and face the difficulties of breath-holding spearfishing, an ancient fishing method.

Players will also have to find treasures and get the possibility to take underwater photos to capture the beauty of the simulated, detailed and lively underwater worlds they’re exploring also in a exploration mode.

Spearfishing and Underwater Hunting are ancient fishing and hunting methods, used to catch fish by using a mechanical harpoon. Today, spearfishing is a sports activity in many countries around the world, especially in the UK, around the Mediterranean Sea and in South America. Spearfishers hunt while diving apnea, holding their breath, so have to coordinate their energy carefully while monitoring their prey, especially in tactically challenging hunting situations.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 2.7 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia GeForce 8800. ATI equivalent. Intel Integrated Graphics HD3000
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 920 MB available space
    • OS: Windows 7 or 8
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia GeForce 8800 or higher. ATI equivalent. Intel Integrated Graphics HD4000+
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 920 MB available space
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Posted: May 15
A very relaxing game where you are given various "missions" in each of the deep water areas of the world.

Upgrades are available and, if you perform well on the missions (or catch enough fish or find treasure) then you can afford new things like longer spools for your spear, more accuracy, longer diving times, etc.

The diversity of the things you can do (from photographing reefs and specific fish to a "catch as many as you can" timed mission) the game keeps you stocked with things to do as you listen to relaxing music and explore the ocean's depths.

Definitely recommend, especially if you're looking for a relaxing game.
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Posted: January 23
Pretty diving game without long-term motivation

First I tried to play this game in German, but there are sooooo many translation mistakes - partly hilarious, but I switched to English. As I said the graphics are pretty. The controls are "okay". You can try to play this game with your controller, but this is hard. The assignment of keys is unintuitive. You pick up things with the same key, which you use to take photos or shoot your harpoon. The length of the story is 3-4 hours. I got nearly all achievements within 3 hours, but all Trading cards dropped after 4,3 hours.

Overall this game is way too easy. There is no challenge. I want a game which is more like the diving sessions in Assassins Creed IV (+ hunting fish). This would be a great diving Simulator. I will NOT spend my time to collect 500 coins or 100 treasures, hidden somewhere on each map in this game. Same with my 2 remaining achievements: "Spend 24 hours under water" WHAT THE F*CK! "Swim underwater for 100km" NOPE!

This is an entertaining Diving Simulator (for 3 hours!) Don't try to get all achievements. This is frustrating.
Buy it in a bundle, or while it's cheap.

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Posted: February 26
Depth Hunter 2 is a relaxing game where you explore the fishy depths. Its like a walking simulator only for diving. Instead of just swimming around, there is treasure to find, or take pictures, and catching fish is fun too. The world feels very alive, the way the fish move seems very well done. Taking pictures is very rewarding there is an excellent feature of being able to make them your desktop as well. There are multiple places to visit for diving that have many attractions under water from ships, to planes, all kinds of things that make exploring fun.

I rate this 9/10. But to be realistic, the game's price is about 8,99$/eur
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Posted: December 31, 2014
Catch fish ...thats it really :) Fun game works as good screensaver too :) 10/10
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Posted: March 10
I am not sure whether this game is underrated or misunderstood and misrepresented. If you think of it as a game it is probably 7/10 due mainly to its great graphics. If you think of it as a casual diving simulator it is, in my opinion at least a 9/10. The gameplay sends you on quests that you must finish to unlock other diving areas. The quests include spearfishing, photography, and treasure hunting in open ocean and caves. You also gather coins from the ocean floor as well as from the quest rewards in order to upgrade your speargun, camera, fins etc. In my opinion the neatest part of the game is the photography. It is fun swimming around trying to get a great pic of a beautiful fish with a background of a wreck or coral reef. Then later you can go through your album and make them your pc background.

One of the main cons I see to this game is working towards a perfect game. Three of the achieves are going to be a grind now that I have run out of quests and new dive spots to unlock. Though living as far from the ocean as I am I will probably never go scuba diving. So for 15 bucks this was a very fun experience for me.

The graphics are lovely. The music is a bit repetitive but peaceful and pleasant. It is a great option for those who do not want their children playing shoot em ups and don't mind if they spear fish. It is not gruesome. The sharks don't bite. So if you are looking for a fun dive experience I would give it a try.
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3.8 hrs on record
Posted: March 6
A good Game to Relax. But very repetetive. So if you like the ocean and diving then you should buy it otherwise it can get boring after a while.
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11.9 hrs on record
Posted: March 26
Depth Hunter 2 was a surprising game that I was not expecting to enjoy. I'll admit it looked really boring and in a sense it was as there is not much variety in the actual gameplay - you catch fish, hunt treasures, take photographs, solve a couple of very basic puzzles and explore the ocean floor and that's it.

However, saying that, it was SO relaxing! The scenery was beautiful, the background music was lovely and it was just a nice way to chill out for an hour or so after lots of shooting people in the head in other games!

I got it in a bundle so only paid pennies for it and I wouldn't pay full price for it, but I'd recommend it to anyone who can pick it up cheaply and wants a nice relaxing break from all the hectic games out there.
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4.2 hrs on record
Posted: December 5, 2014
Hey everybody! I work for Grab The Games website and I have done a first look of what this game is all about. So come check it out and let me know what you guys think about the game and my review.
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Posted: January 17
Nice ocean themed game,u basically hunt fishes
and take photos of the ocean.
The base game is pretty short but enjoyable
Mby its price is too high comparing to its length
but still its a nice game.
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Posted: April 6
The playable area is very small, not much things you can do except taking photos and catch fish by one-click mouse.

Graphics are outdated, very few types of fish too.

Some tasks are extremely frustrating, for example. finding scattered treasures all over the sea. It has radar DLC to help, yes a 4.99 DLC, not even included in the base game.
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Posted: February 10
"Shot a turtle in the face with a spear." 10/10

Being a huge fan of water in video games, this game immediately appealed to me. Water can be quite impressive when rendered correctly and seeing how new games handle it always seems to interest me; something that began ever since I first laid eyes on the 'Nintendo 64' version of 'Wave Race'. Then I came to realize that the 'Depth Hunter' series were originally mobile games with micro-transactions up the wazoo and I was immediately turned off. Surprisingly enough however, this game is actually quite enjoyable if you're in the mood for a serene experience with a minimal challenge, and don't worry, none of those pesky micro-transactions made their way into the PC version, either.

The atmospheres in 'Depth Hunter 2' are gorgeous, the music is relaxing, the game works with a gamepad, and the controls and character animations are quite realistic in feel. There are five areas to hunt within and challenges range from snapping photographs of creatures and shipwreck, to hunting fish and collecting treasure at the bottom of the ocean. An XP system is in place as well, although I'm not quite sure what it does, but it's always nice to see a character leveling up. Purchases can also be made to upgrade equipment, such as a larger USB stick to hold more pictures, a longer spear, bigger oxygen tank, etc. So there is some depth to the game, although minimal, no pun intended.

The two downsides to this game are the fact that the campaign is short and can be beaten in a few hours, and the lack of any story whatsoever. Personally, the lack of story didn't bother me at all though, as I don't really see how the game would benefit from one. In conclusion, I can definitely see why people don't like this game, but for me, sometimes it's fun to just turn on a game and admire the atmosphere. So if you're looking for something with some action or a challenge, look elsewhere. The price-tag is a bit high, so I would wait until this game goes on sale to pick it up, but other than that 'Depth Hunter 2' is quite enjoyable after a long day with a nice cold beer.
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Posted: December 27, 2014
This is the first game of this type I have played, no Zombies, no bazookas, just a peaceful time underwater locating treasure, taking pictures, locating items, and not forgetting "Fishing",definately one for children and adults alike, I like it, and am happy to play it, DLCs are available and future updates are on the cards, Developers are screening the forum and are quick to help if you encounter a problem, and by the way, I am (60) years young..Recommended
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35.7 hrs on record
Posted: January 1
A great underwater game, it is really relaxing to play. The gameplay is great for all ages. The game makes you feel like you are really underwater. I have never had so much fun catching fish other than catching them in real life. I loved it all.
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Posted: January 9
I went into this game with mixed expectations. On the one hand I utterly adore underwater games and their setting, on the other I hate hunting in every way, shape or form.
What I figured would happen is that there would be the fun underwater exploration and swimming around competing with the actively hurting fish aspect and that depending on which part was more prominent I'd give it a positive or a negative review...

Turns out it went a different way.

There are three locales in the game, which you'll go through in order. Each has a variety of missions... which you'll go through in order. They range from catching specific fish, to catching as many fish as you can in a specific amount of time (no minimum amount for success) to finding treasures or taking pictures.
To summarize, these are... lacklustre. At no point did I feel challenged, engaged or even relaxed by these missions.

The hunting aspect of the game is present, but forgiveable as there is no blood, no real skill involved and as long as you're super close to the fish not even any animations... I'm not sure that's a good thing in general, but for me it was.

Progression through the missions as well as capturing / photographing fish and finding coins and treasures give you money and EXP. Money is used for upgrades which make you swim a bit faster, require you to go up for a air less and to make the fishing and photographing slightly easier.
I will always approve of an upgrade system, and I'm glad it's there... but I wish it would do a bit more. It's easy to get everything and the levels you gain do little more than unlock a few of the upgrades and then just give you bonus coins, and if I were to play a level on somebody else's profile and then be asked if he or she had all of the upgrades or none of them I wouldn't be able to tell.

Lacklustre is the name of the game here, and I can't say I recommend it.
It's better to just wait until World of Diving makes it out of early access.


I did not factor this into the review, but I felt it was relevant to point out that there has been some criticism towards the developer regarding some of their business decisions.
Depth Hunter 1 was part of several game bundles and had promised Steam keys once the game made it here, instead it hasn't and we get Depth Hunter 2 instead which is supposedly practically identical.
Seemingly critical updates (like adding a radar for finding treasure that is strewn about) and more than the original 3 levels are locked away in DLC (review of that here).
I'm not saying you shouldn't buy the game because any of that, but be mindful of it.
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Posted: January 28
A very relaxing fishing / object finding game. The graphics look good and the sound design is fitting, but nothing spectacular.

This is a good game to play when you need to get rid of some stress and don't want too much of a challenge, it's very zen.
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Posted: December 28, 2014
Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive is a casual and relaxing first-person diving/snorkling game where you explore 3 different locations (Thailand, South Africa and the Bahamas) to search for gold and treasures, hunt fish or take photos of the underwater life.

There's no story present at all. From the main menu you pick the first of the 3 locations and then start on a boat where you receive your first task. Once you accept it, you spawn underwater and have to complete the task in order to get the next one. Quite frankly, not every game needs a deep and meaningful story, but at least some sort of introduction or explanation who you are, why you're there and what you do there would have been nice.

The game was originally developed for iOS and the PC version is pretty much just a port with a couple graphics settings (brightness, resolution, fullscreen, image quality, sun shadows, SSAO, water reflection and vsync) added to it. Personally, though, I have not much to complain about the graphics. You surely can't expect next-gen visuals, but there are quite a lot native/PC-exclusive games that look much, much worse than DH2:DD. Especially the lighting works really great in the underwater scenario and some areas, such as the underwater caves with sunrays shining through cave openings, look outright beautiful.

The music is really good and perfectly fits the relaxing underwater atmosphere, however, the tracks tend to abruptly end when the next track starts playing, so this can be a bit annoying at times, but it's not much of a big deal. What's a real immersion killer, though, are all the other sounds such as the chime when you catch a fish or the coin sound when you pick up treasures or coins. They're way too loud compared to the music and the enviromental sounds and become extremely annoying after a while - especially, when you're on a hunting spree.

The gameplay is fairly simple and easy to get into. Since this is more of an arcade-y game rather than an actual simulation, you don't have to worry about anything else other than your oxygen level, which can be replenished by simply swimming to the surface and taking a deep breath.

There are basically 3 different 'categories' of tasks in different variations: Hunt species, collect treasures and photograph species or the enviroment. The hunting and collecting tasks sometimes come with a time limit where you have to hunt as many fish or collect as many treasures as possible within 5 or 10 minutes, however, since the game rewards you for the task itself only and doesn't take into consideration how many fish you have hunted or how many treasures you have collected, you might as well just hunt 1 fish or collect 1 treasure and let the time run out while you do something else. Since there aren't any highscores or leaderboards, you don't know how you did compared to your previous timed (treasure) hunt, so there's absolutely no point in trying because there's really nothing to win here.

For every action (hunting, collecting, photographing) you earn XP and money. While you can waste your time and search the ground for coins or treasures, hunting fish is by far the easiest, fastest and most profitable way of earning both XP and cash and if you do nothing but hunting for the first couple minutes of the game, you will have amassed enough money to completely upgrade your fins, spear, oxygen and your camera, so you don't need to worry about them later on. So much for long-term motivation.

The XP, though, is entirely meaningless and might as well not be there at all. When you level up, you get a small cash bonus as a reward, which isn't more than a nice gesture because you can easily get that amount of money by hunting 2 or 3 fish in a couple of seconds. Since you don't have any stats that could increase when you level up, this feature probably just got implemented to give the player the illusion of progress but ultimately fails to.

While the tasks are fun in the first location, you quickly notice that you're really doing nothing else than the same things over and over again across all 3 locations, so this can get a bit boring after a while. Swimming around to look for interesting stuff is rather pointless, too. The locations aren't really big and apart from a plane or a ship wreck, there's really not much to see or explore on any of the 3 locations.

The game does feature a nice amount of species (various fish, crabs, dolphins, sharks, manta rays, ...), though, so it's probably a nice thing for sealife lovers to swim around and identify the different species or just look at them. It really does have a mesmerizing effect to see a gigantice blue whale swim around in the Bahamas.

Note, though, that if you want to troll around and try to hunt a shark - you can't. Nothing else other than regular fish can be hunted. If you aim at a shark, dolphin, manta ray or such, your crosshair will turn red and a red 'Don't shoot!' note will pop up above it. It's nice that the developers obviously cared about wildlife conservation, but come on... this is a chance wasted for another set of tasks that could've enhanced the gameplay a bit.

Playtime & Replayability
It took me roughly 3.5 hours to beat the game, however, I was also going for the achievements since they seemed rather easy to obtain (more on that below), but if you don't care about them and just rush from task to task, you can probably beat the game in 2 hours or less.

15 of the 17 achievements are indeed easy to unlock, however, there are 2 extremely grindy ones: 'Captain Nemo' - Spend 24 hours underwater and 'Pro Swimmer' - Swim underwater for 100km. Upon completion of the last location, I was at about 33km/100km, so that means that I would have to spend another 7 hours or so just swimming around aimlessly. And another 14 hours to get the 'Captain Nemo' achievement. Uh.... nope.

I wish that developers in general would finally understand that such achievements aren't funny or fun to obtain. They're plain annoying and dumb - especially in a game that doesn't even remotely provide enough content to keep the player busy for such a long time. What's worse: you can't even let the game running in the background because a fully upgraded oxygen will only let you stay underwater for around 15 minutes until you drown, so you would have to get back into the game ever so often to catch a breath.

While the tasks are pretty uninspired, I actually enjoyed just swimming around and doing them because the enviroment paired with the music really produce an extremely relaxing atmosphere, so I would tend towards a thumb up if you're looking for a way to unwind after a hard day of work or before going to bed.

However, the more time you spend in the game, the more you notice that it feels like a game where the developer had quite a couple of good ideas but ultimately failed to work them out properly and just left them in the game in an unfinished state. If you let the players earn cash, don't make the equipment so cheap that it becomes entirely useless to amass even more money once you have fully upgraded it. If you let the players earn XP, reward them with something that makes a difference to the gameplay. If you don't let the players hunt certain species and thus limit the interaction with the enviroment, at least tell them why...

I definitely can't recommend the game at its full price. It simply doesn't have enough gameplay, content and polish to justify the pricing. I probably wouldn't even recommend it at anything below 75% off due to this. Seeing that the game has already been bundled 3 times, it's probably better to wait until it shows up in another bundle if you really want to get it for cheap.
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Posted: January 1
KAMGUSTA's mini Review

An immersive (LOL) and relaxing dive hunting game... In the first mission I killed 65 fishes with a 95% precision in just 5 minutes. And that's without the advanced gear. Yup, it's that easy. An Unreal Tournament in the ocean with harmless mobs!! Nice try, but it's a no.

Score 5/10
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Posted: January 8
I've long wanted a cool underwater simulator, not for combat but just exploration. Depth Hunter 2 could have been that game except for one massive failure.

There is no way to remap the keys. In the 21st century, lacking this feature is simply unforgivable.

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Posted: May 19
The graphics are fine, cool seeing the underwater life. Creates nice relaxing ambiance. Problems :Only 3 levels, takes like 2-3 hours to beat. Most of the fish look the same. You can't do anything with the other cool animals. You use the same gun the whole game, and do the same 3 things (catch fish, take pic, collect meaningless similar looking treasures) every level. No story, you just randomly do missions at the few spots. The upgrades are uninteresting and not that helpful (besides longer breath holding). Your sprint runs out in 3 seconds, takes 30 seconds to refill, and doesn't move you much faster. Then there is a terrible part of the final level where you have to collect 10 different fish, but you don't know what you've collected, and what you have left to collect, which doesn't help since all the fish look identical. Having a list for you to see would have worked, but instead they inflate game length by having you swim around continuously looking for that single last fish, of which you're not sure which it is, while you catch more of the same fish you already have. Other pointless tasks like (collect fish for 5 min) are obvious grabs for increased game length and lack of creativity, especially since it doesn't matter how much you catch. Your levels stop mattering after like 10, but they go up to 30. I have tons of gold but had already bought the 4 possible upgrades. Just a boring repetitive game with nice atmosphere and a stupid final mission. 4.5/10.
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Posted: January 25
I'm a little embarassed to say how much I liked this game, given how completely simple it is. Swim around, spear fish. Sometimes you take pictures of fish or find treasure. Not particularly difficult, no real strategy required, but it's oddly theraputic. Takes a couple hours to beat, a couple more if you want all the achievements.
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