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One of the few hardcore restaurant sims in existence, Cook, Serve, Delicious! is a deceptively easy game to learn but incredibly challenging to master as you progress through your career from owning a terrible zero star cafe into a five star world famous restaurant.
Release Date: Oct 8, 2013
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Update 2.6 Released! Extreme Difficulty Leaderboards and Faster Texting Added!

April 18th, 2014

Hey folks, thought I'd do a quick v2.6 update that adds a few new features to the game that were the most requested so far. Enjoy and thanks again for all the support!


  • Extreme Difficulty Leaderboards added! Your perfect combo will be posted to both the Extreme Difficulty and Normal Perfect Combo leaderboards when playing Extreme mode.
  • Combo/Amount cap raised. You will no longer receive errors when posting large perfect combos or scores on the board.
  • Texting while dating has been sped up considerably. In addition your phone will now vibrate and chime when a new alert appears for texting or snapshot voting.

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Update 2.5 is here! EXTREME DIFFICULTY mode, full controller support and more!

April 14th, 2014

Hey everyone, Cook, Serve, Delicious! just got the largest content patch to date! It's available now for Win/Mac/Linux. Thanks to all the beta testers who made it the best update yet.

Here's a list of changes you'll find with this update:


  • EXTREME DIFFICULTY mode added! Start up a new game and you'll get the option of choosing the Standard Difficulty level, or go full blown crazy with the Extreme Difficulty option. This is the most brutal challenge you will likely ever face. Good luck.
  • Full controller support added! The game now supports Xbox 360 and DualShock 4 controllers. All of the menus, foods, everything is controllable via your gamepad, with a brand new opening tutorial as well. Get ready for a crazy new experience!
  • (Windows) Rumble is also supported, allowing you to feel the hit of every tenderizer, the sizzle of the deep fryer, the pouring of delicious beer, and lots more. You can toggle this on and off in the new gamepad options menu.
  • New Game+ added! Now you can import your customers served count and achievement progress into a new game with a higher difficulty (Extreme) after achieving Platinum Star status. To activate, make sure you have a Platinum Star save, then start a New Game+ in any empty slot in the save selection menu.
  • New Steam Challenges have also been added! Choose from the Staple Gun, the Pile of Meats, and the Bubbly Kitchen. $500 participation bonuses awarded for each challenge!
  • A new quick options menu is now available in the opening save slot selection screen. You can now change all graphical/audio options and gamepad toggles before selecting a save slot.
  • Support for High Rendering (1080p display) has been significantly improved. Recipes text, logos, tutorial splash screens, and lots more have been reworked to be properly displayed at 1080p. You can select High Rendering in the options menu, and you'll need to restart after doing so to apply the changes.
  • The opening tutorial can now be replayed in the Gallery/Tutorials menu. There are two alternate tutorials for mouse/keyboard and gamepad controls.
  • Options menu revamped to include gamepad options, as well as adding a keybinding menu shortcut.
  • Five new achievements added.
  • Foods that have a consistant recipe (Fried Chicken, Chicken Breast and Beer) now have a different recipe title depending on the star quality.
  • A handful of confetti will now appear after completing a perfect day, along with some extra notifications and music.
  • The trash chore of throwing garbage into the dumpster has been sped up by 30%
  • New end of day perfect combo music stingers added plus a new Rush Hour track for New Game+, all by Jonathan Geer.
  • Patch notes for CSD are now added as an email in your inbox when loading a save for the first time since the patch.
  • The game will now display a badge for your chosen difficulty level on many game menus, including a New Game+ badge on the main menu.
  • Slightly sped up texting with dates.


  • Fixed a display error for five star restaurants and above that would improperly mark complete the number of updates needed to progress, as well as the wording on food purchases.
  • Fixed bug with friars (Fries) that could allow bad orders even when perfectly completed.
  • Fixed various visual bugs with a few Specialty Foods.
  • Fixed a small bug with robberies.
  • Improved menu UI and displays in many instances.
  • Recoded the Practice/Try Out event that would sometimes "gift" the food to the player when trying out a food. The code has been rewritten so that this bug would be totally obliterated.
  • Fixed glitch that would sometimes cause Extra Events to restart, even after you have successfully beaten it.
  • Changed Lettuce to Cabbage in the Soup ingredients because that's what I meant to put and I'm an idiot and I can't believe it took me this long to fix and gahhhhh.
  • Fixed small visual error with dating sim (when dating women, the profile pics on your phone would sometimes be inaccurate).
  • Fixed glitch when serving fish with lemon when order didn't call for it (keyboard controls).
  • Fixed error with the My Daily Buzz menu percentage display when above 100% (it now displays MAX BUZZ instead).
  • Raised cap for Steam Leaderboard combos and income.
  • Fixed a glitch that could cause duplicate customers to come in when your prep stations are all full with orders.
  • (Beta 2.50 fix) Fixed text referring to New Game+ for Munchies and Buzz descriptions. It now refers to Extreme Difficulty mode.
  • (Beta 2.50 fix) Fixed lemon/seasoning perfect order bug when using a controller.
  • (Beta 2.50 fix) Changed the Super Rush Hour sound stinger.
  • (Beta 2.49 fix) Separated the New Game+ feature from the new Extreme Difficulty level so that everyone can try it.
  • (Beta 2.49 fix) Opening tutorial no longer crashes when being played after practicing a food.
  • (Beta 2.49 fix) Fixed a random occurance that would cause the game to crash after the controller is accidentally disconnected.
  • (Beta 2.49 fix) Trash is now thrown properly when using mouse controls.
  • (Beta 2.49 fix) Fixed a glitch that would give the player burgers and corndogs for their menu when starting a new game with a controller.
  • (Beta 2.49 fix) Fixed a glitch that would take away burgers and corndogs (if purchased) when replaying the opening tutorial with a controller.
  • (Beta 2.49 fix) Change some wording in the tutorials to better communicate the LB/L1 and RB/R1 controls for the player.
  • (Beta 2.49 fix) Properly turned off rumble when controller is accidentally disconnected during the game when the controller is enabled.
  • (Beta 2.49 fix) Remapped the Pancakes gamepad controls so they feel more natural.
  • (Beta 2.49 fix) Certain foods now allow a full/rapid rotation of the analog stick to place all toppings/ingredients, but only when the recipe calls for all ingredients. The foods that allow this are Salads, Ice Cream, Fried Rice, Breakfast Sandwich, Nachos, Pasta and Pizza.
  • (Beta 2.49 fix) Changed the icon of save slots to indicate Extreme Difficulty selection.
  • (Beta 2.49 fix) Changed achievement text to reflect the separation of Extreme Difficulty and New Game+
  • (Beta 2.49 fix) Very slightly slowed time down even further for Super Rush Hours, extending them by ~4 seconds. More effects have also been added to Super Rush Hours to up the intensity.
  • (Beta 2.49 fix) Upgraded all silver-finished menu panels to 1080p (pause menu, main dialogue box, main menu).
  • (Beta 2.49 fix) Fixed a glitch that would not display an Extreme Difficulty save file properly when using the Restore Saves feature.

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“Along with being one of the (very unexpectedly!) funniest games I’ve played this year, the game’s disarming & charming aesthetic did not prepare me for what is undoubtedly the best WarioWare-like game I have ever played. In fact, I probably ended up spending more time with Cook, Serve, Delicious! than with almost any other game this year. The gameplay is simple in nature but blisteringly fast, resulting in a challenge that is more than enough to keep the average player interested. The game does not overstay its welcome, as it evolves in numerous ingenious ways by the time you’ve reached the end.”
The Stereogram

“It's not an easy game to excel at, but it's an easy game to get hooked on, and the challenge of building and running your own restaurant from front to back is going to captivate you for weeks on end...with depth to rival a strategy game and carefully controlled chaos ruling the action sequences, Cook, Serve, Delicious! is a rare release that encourages you to play until you master every nuance of gameplay.”
Jay Is Games

“Cook, Serve, Delicious! is fast paced, engaging, and absolutely addictive for foodies or non-foodies alike. Don’t be fooled by the cute cartoonish style because you’ll find your eyeballs popping and button mashing like mad after a few hours.”
Vivid Gamer

Steam Greenlight

About the Game

Cook, Serve, Delicious is a hardcore restaurant sim, one of the few in its genre that gives the players total control over where they want to take their restaurant.

The game centers on an old, worn down restaurant in the SherriSoda Tower, which was once the heart of the building but closed down as business (and tenants) dropped to an all time low. But with the local economy rising back up and occupancy reaching its maximum, SherriSoda Tower has decided to bring back the old Cook, Serve, Delicious restaurant, and has given you complete control to bring it back to its old five star status of world class dining.

To do that, you’ll start with a few thousand dollars and thirty foods to choose from to put on your menu, as well as a host of restaurant equipment and more. Nearly everything is unlocked from the start of the game for you to purchase; this is your restaurant, and you must figure out the best strategy to get that restaurant packed with satisfied customers. Can you prove your culinary skills?

And if that weren’t enough, you’ll also have the opportunity to be cast in the Iron Cook television show, throw parties for offices in SherriSoda Tower, read virtual mail in your SherriSoda Tower Email account which ranges from game tips to crazy spam (nearly 500 emails in all), from customers providing feedback to your restaurant to opportunities such as being able to fund projects via “ClicknStart” and other big surprises!

With hours of content and tons of secrets and unlockables, Cook, Serve, Delicious will provide a big challenge for anyone who’s ready to take their crumbling, rat infested eatery to a luxurious Platinum Star Restaurant. Good luck!

  • New Steam Features include key binding support for all foods and events, a new gameplay option called CookBets where you will receive randomized challenges each day, fifty new spam emails and options as well as improvements to UI across the board, and full Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud, Steam Leaderboards with special Steam Challenges and Trading Cards support.
  • Includes the upgrade pack, "Extra Crispy Edition," that brings ten new foods to the game including Lobster, Bananas Foster, Enchiladas, Sushi and more!
  • Music by award winning composer Jonathan Geer
  • Art by Sara Gross - Two Bit Art

PC System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista, 7 or 8
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 128MB Graphics card or greater
    • Hard Drive: 150 MB available space

Mac System Requirements

    • OS: Mac OS X 10.8 and above
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 150 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Mac OS X 10.6x is not supported by the newest versions of the game.

Linux System Requirements

    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 and above
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL-capable graphics card with valid driver
    • Hard Drive: 150 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Currently Ubuntu is the only Linux platform that is officially supported by this engine.
Helpful customer reviews
77 of 82 people (94%) found this review helpful
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15 reviews
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"Your food is just meh. I might come back, dunno"
SherriSoda Tower worker (God damn you!)

A great game, that gives you everything that it promises. It is casual, very grindy, very addictive and it is really funny. It is both simple and hardcore X) You start with 1 star restaurant and in couple hours you know every hobo that comes to drink beer to your place at 9 am. It is incredible funny to play with your family, sitting nearby, watching your poor restaurant management. To give names to all the visitors, to invent their biography, and to comment their choices like "Omg lady it's you again and you want more ice cream?! you already ordered 3 scoops of ice cream in the morning, you won't fool anyone here by changing your clothes".
So you work your way to 5 stars and posh ladies, ordering wine and lobster. Both music and art style are lovely, food is drawn yummy and appetizing, and it makes you want to cook it in real life. Side missions like dating, vip guests, robbery and hardcore catering\iron cook events gives you healthy dose of fun and competitive expirience.
I recommend it to people who admit existence of their inner child, who understand that it is just a very cute&casual simulator, who are curious enough to read all the spam letters and food description, and who will addictively push wrong buttons while cooking the most horrible soup in the universe.
Posted: February 2nd, 2014
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68 of 78 people (87%) found this review helpful
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7 reviews
9.7 hrs on record
This feels like a rhythm game married to a restaurant simulation, and the result is delicious. If you played "Taco Joe" on Flash back in the day, this is that idea taken to the extreme and polished up. For the uninitiated: the game tasks you with keeping a busy kitchen moving by cooking customer's orders correctly, quickly, and while balancing other orders or demands of a restaurant. On top of that, you're also responsible for managing the "buzz" of your restaurant by keeping your menu fresh and balancing complex/expensive dishes with easy/cheap dishes. Complex dishes will bring in more income and potentially more customers, but also give you a greater opportunity to screw up the order.

There is a demo on the developers website if you're curious. It's addictive.
Posted: November 25th, 2013
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63 of 73 people (86%) found this review helpful
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1 review
30.8 hrs on record
I want to start here: I love this game. The review that follows may sound critical at times but only because this is an "Icarus" game for me, i.e. it fell apart only because it got so close to the sun.

I've heard some people complain that the game is too difficult, but I disagree. The difficulty felt a lot like Guitar Hero. Do you remember how you could barely keep up with songs on easy or medium the first time you played? But after trying a song on hard a few times, suddenly going back to medium felt like a cake walk? CSD is a lot like that. You can barely keep up with the small customer queue and simple orders at first, but you get used it and CSD has a wonderful, smooth difficulty curve. Eventually, you'll find yourself humming along quite nicely with an 8 person queue and all kinds of complex recipes.

I really liked the mini-games that were built into the progression as well. Each of them was a nice change of pace and provided an interesting spin on the core mechanic. I also liked the way the game felt. It is very responsive and I could easily get into a rhythm on the PC version. FWIW, I much prefer the PC version to the iOS version. I was able to get into a satisfying muscle memory groove on PC and that's exactly what a wanted. A challenging game using muscle memory and twitch-based time/efficiency management.

This game is so close to being perfect that I ended up more disappointed than perhaps I should be. I still readily recommend the game but with a caveat. I've put 30 hours into the game, completed the main game progression and all side challenges, purchased every recipe, every ClicknStart project and anything else I could use money for. After completing the game and playing a little beyond that, I have not yet received the 10K customers served achievement and there is still a 15k served achievement after that. However, I have no desire to grind it out. There isn't a point other than completionist satisfaction.

My enjoyment came primarily from completing challenges and those have run out. I think this game could easily be a 10/10 for me with a couple minor additions:

1) A challenge list that requires you to complete a perfect day with certain recipe combinations. The list could be huge as there are many possible combinations. Some would be very simple using the beginner recipes but some would be very challenging if you require 4 and 5 star variants of the difficult items. Perhaps this mode would only unlock after all recipes have been maxxed out for further end-game enjoyment.

2) Expand on the mini-games. Similar to the above suggestion, have the gameshow mini-game force some challenging combinations and building up to harsher and harsher queuing restraints.

3) Leaderboards so you can create your own challenges based on competitive spirit.

The core for all these things is already present in the game, it just needs to be fleshed out a little. The developers did an amazing job of creating a wonderful difficulty curve and establishing a solid play mechanic that's fun and rewarding. If a later patch adds some challenges to overcome, such as my suggestions, I can recommend this game without any hesitation whatsoever. It would be top of the class for the genre. As is, I can only recommend it with the caveat that it is fun for 20-30 hours and then loses its appeal.

Like I said originally though, I loved the game and only criticize it because it comes so close to being truly great. But try it out! It's cheap and even with my caveat, you're still purchasing a game that provides fun a rate of less than a half cent per minute. Hard to beat that!
Posted: November 29th, 2013
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This game is absolutely fantastic, especially when you count in the amount of enjoyment you get for the price. The game has a great, steady difficulty incline, so whenever you feel like you're really getting the hang of all the button combinations you need to perform for every recipe, the recipes get more complicated and make you have to work for it again.

This game does however definitely require you to have good muscle memory and fast fingers once you get to the later parts of the game, because some of the combinations get really complicated.
Posted: November 25th, 2013
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Picked this up 8 minutes before the end of the Flash Sale since it caught my eye.

It was definitely the right decision!

Love this game so far, many challenges (rush hour), options such as washing the dishes and also taking out the trash which is first time I see in these sort of games! I love the different recipes and the buzz percentage! This is definitely worth its price and you can play this for hours without getting bored (many upgrades and recipes)!

Also great soundtracks, fits the game well!
Posted: December 26th, 2013
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