Legends of Eisenwald is an adventure game with tactical battles, RPG and strategy elements. Take the lead of a small feudal army and try to defend your right to survive in this ruthless medieval world.
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Mostly Positive (785 reviews) - 77% of the 785 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Jul 2, 2015

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September 19

Last 24 hours of Eisenwald: Blood of November Kickstarter campaign!

Last day of Kickstarter campaign!

There are a few rewards left where you can get Legends of Eisenwald and this new game for just $12!

Less than $700 is needed to reach the goal, join us!

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September 16

Quest System in Eisenwald: Blood of November

Here is a recent update from our Kickstarter campaign for Eisenwald: Blood of November.

Legends of Eisenwald featured a heavily story driven gameplay. The main campaign, the Masquerade, Road to Iron Forest - these are all examples of a story driven approach.

In Blood of November we want to try something else. Sandbox gameplay cannot rely too much on the story. Having just a scenario completely without a story though is not very fun either - Cursed Castle is a good example of that.

In Blood of November the map will be filled with things to do sometimes seemingly unrelated to each other. Due to new handling of the quests majority of player's actions will gradually influence the outcome and make subsequent quests either available or unavailable. The influence will not be immediately seen and we believe that only towards the mid or late game a player will understand what road he/she took. Given the fact that there will be some random quests too, the gameplay each time will differ to a certain degree.

An underlying framework story in Blood of November will have a surprise for you, we would love to say more but even a little detail can become a big spoiler, so please have patience until you start playing.

We are already testing this new game and maybe more things will be added or adjusted. We think that this gameplay might be very interesting both to players who are familiar with Legends of Eisenwald and for those who are not.

We reached 69% of funding and still have 4 days to go. Please spread the word, we need more recruits to strenthen our Eisenwald army!

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“Legends of Eisenwald is a diamond in the rough. It tries to do something I've never seen before, putting a focus on story, quest structure, as well as choice and consequence, which one almost always associates with a classical role playing game. It combines this with the game play of a turn based strategy game.”
4/5 – RPGWatch

“The combat system of the game is very different from what the genre normally offers, and there are moments when its bloody results and focus on placement and movement makes it feel revolutionary.”
80/100 – Softpedia

“Legends of Eisenwald is both a unique and quality game in a sea of clones, rehashes, and titles that disappoint.”
Hardcore Casual

Knight's Edition

The Knight's Edition contains Legends of Eisenwald OST in MP3 and FLAC formats and artbook. The last two screenshots above in the carousel are from the arbtook.

About This Game

Legends of Eisenwald is an adventure game with tactical battles, RPG and strategy elements. Take the lead of a small feudal army and try to defend your right to survive in this ruthless medieval world.

The mysterious lands of old Germany are waiting for you - it's a land where the superstitions of the time have come to life. This isn’t a fantasy game. There are no elves or dragons here. There are only people - and their passions, sins and fears that often take a tangible form. Which path will you choose? Live according to your conscience? Or live by power and might? Or will you live by justice? And what is your justice, really?

Game features

  • A unique and dynamic combat system - each move is also an attack
  • The ability to individually equip *each* fighter in your army
  • A large selection of weapons, spells and abilities, including the option to use mounted units
  • Diverse upgrade trees, and each unit level up provides cosmetic changes
  • An intriguing non-linear story
  • A distinctive game world without common fantasy cliches
  • Over 50 hours of gameplay within the game. A main campaign consisting of eight chapters plus two additional scenarios.
  • A beautiful symphonic soundtrack in a medieval style
  • An accompanying Scenario Editor with the full set of developer tools

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Similar to games like Disciples 2 and HOMM, there may be points farther into the game where you lose it all, troops, gold, inventory. All those things you worked so hard for. This is part of the game, not a bug. And you wont know when.... Be warned.

System Requirements

    • OS: х64: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
    • Processor: 2 GHz dual-core CPU
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1024 MB graphics memory, shader model 3 (Radeon HD 6670, GeForce GT 630)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Screen resolution 1280x1024; Dedicated video card required
    • OS: х64: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
    • Processor: 3 GHz quad-core CPU
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1024 MB graphics memory, shader model 3 (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 / AMD Radeon HD 6950 or better)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Screen resolution 1680x1050 or higher; Dedicated video card required
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117 of 134 people (87%) found this review helpful
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163.9 hrs on record
Posted: July 3, 2015
This is the first and only Early Access game I have backed so far, but it really has left me with a high standard mark that I doubt will be met by all the other projects I back in the future.

The game is amazing, people wouldn't think such a feat could be done with as little funding as this project had. The battlefield in this game offers a variety that might be overlooked at first glance, but it's that what makes it much better than HoMM or King's Bounty, at least in my eyes.

The battles in the games previously mentioned tend to become dull and repetitive after a while, and I grow tired of the game and don't touch it for a long while. But in the case of this game, the battles are always quick-paced and focused. You can't just fiddle around wasting turns, you have to move and so does your opponent. Planning before the battle is as important as the fight itself.

And that's just talking about how the fights go. The music is simply wonderful and the art is very well-polished. Still, it's a turn-based combat game, so it's a niche game on its own, but for a cautious turn-based player such as myself, this game has delivered much more than it promised.
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334 of 451 people (74%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
96.2 hrs on record
Posted: July 5, 2015
[Main campaign complete - the original review will be left "as is" with updated comments in brackets. The original review was written between a quarter and one third of the way into the campaign.]

In my opinion, Legends of Eisenwald is first and foremost a turn-based squad level tactical combat game with a character development system that is focused almost exclusively on combat. The game ships with a campaign that tells a single story from the point of view of one of three possible protagonists. Your character will level and you do get to choose how your character develops in terms of the game's combat mechanics, but that is pretty much it. There are no game mechanics to provide any real character depth; and the story is very linear. NPCs with any real character are few and far between. The members of your army (really just a squad) are interchangeable generic constructs. I don't know why the devs even bothered to give them names. Thus (and there will be more below), I don't see how one can think this is an RPG in any way.

I am going to judge this game largely on the merits of the default campaign as that is what one experiences as neither of the two items in the Steam Workshop (7/5/2015) speak to me. The game's fundamental combat mechanics are easy to grasp, but there is plenty of depth. This is not unfamiliar territory if one has played game franchises like Heroes of Might and Magic or Warlords. Just know that Legends of Eisenwald is not a rip-off of those other games; it is its own game. Overall, I have no complaints with the combat mechanics or the skill tree for the knight. The tactical combat is the game's strength; and, if that is enough for you, then you may enjoy this game. However, the game's liabilities are significant enough that I can't recommend the game in its current form.

[There is an a scenario in the Steam Workshop that looks interesting]

Points to get out of the way early:
  • Use descriptive names for your saved game files as you are probably going to need them. I know I've done a fair bit of backtracking, and I wouldn't have been able to do so as easily with the default saved game file names.
  • Wrap-up side quests before completing the main quest(s) in each chapter. If you don't have good save game files, there is no going back to previous zones to complete a side quest once you finish a chapter. Obviously, if you use a saved game to go back and complete a side quest, you are going to be forced to replay the chapter ending event(s). For me this is a relatively minor annoyance, but that may not be how others feel.
  • The journal and notes system does not allow you to refer back to previous chapters as far as I can tell. There are two problems here. First, there is information that one would like to refer to from previous chapters. Second, the quest and journal system does not capture all the dialog that it should to eliminate the need for a custom note feature (which does not exist in this game). Thus, one has to use another application outside the game for taking notes. Alt-Tab or play in a windowed mode; or posses perfect recall!

There is too little documentation for the game. Yes. The devs did post a useful User Guide and a series of intro videos. However, this is not what I mean by documentation. There should at least be a text file that systematically lists and describes all skills, equipment modifiers, etc. There isn't one. For example, there are branching skill trees for NPCs, but there is no right-click or mouse-over to explain what they they are and you can't look ahead in the skill trees to know which one seems the most interesting to you. Thus, one is forced to save the game. Try one option, and read what it does. Then you load the save game, select the other option, and read what it does. The same is true with equipment with special characteristics. Want to know if a "rugged" helmet is worth the hit to initiative? Save game. Buy item. Equip item. See what it does (sometime it is still not clear what an object does). This is the opposite of fun - it is tedious and boring; and it is a waste of my time.

Speaking of tedious and boring, there are quest objectives that require one to hit just the right spot in order to trigger a necessary event. Now I don't mind this much when there is the occasional quest that involves discovering something that should be hard to find. However, it is another matter when it comes to obvious things or when it occurs too frequently; it is maddening when one is well aware that one is wasting time trying to find the correct pixel to stand on for an event to fire. Once again, this is tedious and boring; and it is a waste of my time. Worse, it takes one right out of the story . . . and there is too little of that as it is. Yes. I would dispute that the campaign is "story rich". With almost every quest I am left wanting more story.

[The maddening "find the pixel to stand on" theme does not exist in later chapters (and is limited to two instances in the early chapters), and is replaced with a slightly less annoying mechanic. Specifically, one has to hit a series of waypoints in the correct sequence. I found this annoying because I had gone off and done some exploring and grabbed some castles in advance of the story line. Thus, I had a pretty good idea where I was supposed to go in the quests; but I still had to follow the sequence of waypoints nonetheless.]

Legends of Eisenwald has an interesting story to tell, but there are few opportunities for role playing and most of those opportunities are ruined by the story. Specifically, circumstances will dictate your options and your actions. One is given few real choices as the story unfolds; and there is little point in attempting to role play as, more often than not, you will be railroaded into only one course of action no matter what you do. Your only real choice is how you develop your combat skills. Thus, Legends of Eisenwald has a story to tell; but it is not your story. You are merely a puppet. In some regards, this is a very medieval point of view; and, if this was a conscious decision on the part of the devs, then they have succeeded in conveying that world view.

[By the end game I was on rails; no choices at all.]

There are major missed opportunities with the campaign from both a reward and historical perspective. There was an opportunity to better distinguish between true followers, feudal levies and mercenaries - particular in terms of the transition between chapters; but the opportunity is squandered. Also, a player might expect to be rewarded by being able to carry gains forward from one chapter to the next, but this is an expectation that has not been met in my game. This may be down to a lack of skill tree depth for NPCs or perhaps it is a necessary concession to play balance. In any event, there will be unexplained losses of inventory and members of your squad between some chapters - the game doesn't even offer a simple dialog box with a plausible story for the losses. One is left to make-up one's own story to explain what came through and what did not between chapters.

I am at that point in the game where I am deciding if I am going to continue playing Legends of Eisenwald. I've completed several chapters; and, if the pattern holds for subsequent chapters, I think I know what to expect; and there is not enough on offer to justify taking significant time away from other games. I've done a little back tracking through my save game files to see if I can see where things might have gone differently, and I'm fairly certain that I've not missed anything obvious. Too bad. I'll monitor future release notes in the hope that better things are to come . . . as, to this point, I definitely feel like I paid too much for the experience currently on offer. That said, I suspect I'll keep chipping away at the campaign as I do enjoy the tactical combat portion of the game.
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A developer has responded on Aug 24, 2015 @ 8:41am
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62 of 71 people (87%) found this review helpful
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51.4 hrs on record
Posted: July 8, 2015
If one of those bigger budget game companies released a game as well written and storied as this, they would get full 100% reviews louding them as the new "planescape torment". It's really that good. Even moderately good recent RPGS like Divinity, Wastelands2 etc, have'nt on staff any writer even half as talented as whoever wrote this game and its characters.

This is one of those rare gems so full of style, atmosphere, character, story... This is exactly what gaming really needs. The more you play it, the more it reveals itself to you as a deep setting, with a rich story and very deep characters that any other developer would envy.

At first I thought negatively of this game because of it's enormously lackluster combat mechanics. Yes, they are really simplistic and bad, forcing the same kind of repetitive mindless grind every single time. But this game is so much more.
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70 of 84 people (83%) found this review helpful
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38.8 hrs on record
Posted: July 18, 2015
Legends of Eisenwald is in my opinion one of the best games that came through greenlight. The story is good and exciting. While playing you will have many decisions to make, all of which make the story evolve in different directions. The graphics are also well done, and there are a lot of nice side stories which come with beautiful pictures which you can read in a tavern. This gives the game a good flair. The combat system has a balanced and demanding design. I always looked forward to the next battle, because after I won a fight, my knight can level up again.

Thanks Alex
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48 of 53 people (91%) found this review helpful
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139.9 hrs on record
Posted: February 18
I watched Legends of Eisenwald (LoE) as it made its way through early access. I liked the graphics and I loved the Middle Ages feudal setting. I put it on my Wishlist and when it went on sale I bought it.

My first play, however, didn't quite go as expected. It wasn't that I disliked it. It was just that I had a bit of trouble understanding some of the game concepts. I stopped play after an hour or two and moved on to other things. About a month later I decided to try LoE again, but not before I watched some gameplays on YouTube. There I learned about right-clicking and stopping time. Right clicking on my troops allowed me to study their specific attributes, blessings, curses, etc. Stopping time limited the characters on the world map to move only when my army moved. Those two simple things completely turned the game around for me.

I'm sure glad I gave it a second chance. I believe that I've invested 60+ hours in it so far and I know that this game is one of my all-time favorites. (For the record, Number 1 on my list is the Heroes of Might & Magic series 1-7, and number 2 is the Spellforce series 1-2.) This game is unique, but has a number of elements, especially combat, which reminds me of the Disciples series (another favorite).

Some might complain about the amount of text, but I really believe that the developers went out of their way to make an interesting story. My only small complaints are the vague information provided for a number of quests and the re-use of the same face for multiple characters.

Anyway, a long review, but I HIGHLY recommend this game. If you enjoy turn-based strategy, the Middle Ages, and think that you might like taking a castle by force, collecting money from your serfs, and building up a strong army to take out your enemies, pick-up LoE.
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49 of 55 people (89%) found this review helpful
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46.3 hrs on record
Posted: November 7, 2015
Well...at first sight, i thought that i made a mistake by bying this game. Combat looked to simple, story telling in messages dull. But wow, have i been ever more wrong! This game is awesome! Awesome story, might be a bit linear, but hell its a decent story! The dude who wrote the script should do more of those. Becouse each stage of game have more of the lore than HOMM during the whole game lately. The graphics is realy pleasing the eye. Devs did a great job. Hope we will hear from them more. Becouse im definetely looking forward for any other project from theese guys. Good job. Keep it up!
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54 of 63 people (86%) found this review helpful
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8.6 hrs on record
Posted: July 4, 2015
A mix of King's Bounty and Disciples set in (more or less) medieval Germany.

The first impression can be somewhat off-putting, because the graphics and animations look simple and feel outdated for at least 5 years. Nevertheless, once you get past it and get into your first quests, the engine doesn't really matter anymore. After the tutorial map the story picks up quickly and the first full size campaign map is very entertaining.

If you enjoyed Disciples, HOMM or King's Bounty, and you don't mind simple graphics, I would definitely recommend this game.

Bonus points for including an excellent Belarusian translation!
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47 of 53 people (89%) found this review helpful
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5.5 hrs on record
Posted: December 31, 2015
Legends of Eisenwald is a great gift for everyone who loves European history and The Middle Ages.

Its beautiful art and interesting story tied together with old good HoMM-styled gameplay makes the renaissance of a truly classic. I'm also amazed by the quality and quantity of content. While for the most of the time game keeps you engaged, the only thing that can distract you from the game is rare performance problems from time to time.

This is a great result for a game made by a small indie studio.
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68 of 88 people (77%) found this review helpful
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1.5 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: October 11, 2013
You and your trusted companion set out to visit an old friend of your family's, but during your stay trouble stirs in your homesteads. You return to your lands only to find your former vassals at war with each other, bandits ravaging the lands and strange pagan cults arising.

Legends of Eisenwald promises a fresh new look at old-school RPG and turn based strategy glory, long forgotten in today's big releases. You are to assemble a team of capable warriors, healers and priests, manage their equipment and upgrades and lead them to victory against the many foes now scattered throughout the lands. You go through various chapters of the main story, all taking place in different areas, most of which pretty darn big. Lots of castles, villages and taverns bid you welcome and offer mercenaries or information, ruins and bandit hideouts offer their ill-gotten gains to whoever is brave enough to demand them back.
For most of the game, you will be controlling your personal army of 12 soldiers (at max.), following the main quest. This alone will allow you to go down different paths, with a little bit of open-world feeling thrown into the mix. When returning to your old vassals, they will ask you to deal with their respective neighbours for them, and it is up to you who to side with. Apart from following the story, a healthy number of sidequests will beg for your attention. Some may offer unique treasure, others might get you a valuable companion. If you played Mount & Blade, the campaign-map will feel very familiar. Each army is represented only by one token character and the time goes by in a flash (adjustable).
If you meet with a hostile army or enter an enemy settlement, battle will commence. Here is where the turn based strategy part advertised by the game comes into play. It is your task to organise your soldiers on a field of hexagons, with melee characters in front and support in the back. Based on every character's initiative-value, they all take turns going at each other. Some units have special abilities, some may buff your troops or curse the enemy.
Combat is done well enough, though hardcore-fans of the days gone by might find it lacking in depth. Apart from different stats and abilities, your equipment plays only a minor role and will not even change the physical appearenace of your soldiers. Upgrading them feels like a somewhat sterile and uninteresting process. Quests are generally very straight-forward and come with exact map-markers, so friends of complex storylines might not get their money's worth here either.
One major problem with the game: It is still in development, as the Early Access tag suggests. I experienced a lot of crashes and graphical glitches that have yet to be fixed.

Eisenwald has an interesting setting. The music is atmospheric and the aesthetics are fitting. Also, work on your pronounciation-skills for German words, as "Eisenwald" is only one of many.
Is Eisenwald worth buying? Maybe not so much at this point, but at the very least it is worth to keep an eye on it. If you want your nostalgia-nerve tickled, this might just be the thing for you.
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41 of 47 people (87%) found this review helpful
30.6 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: October 14, 2014
First of all there are many negative reviews due to misrepresentation of the game by developer. Most people assumed that this game is an old school RPG game (as it is announced) and judged accordingly. If you want to categorize a game like this it simply falls somewhere between the Heroes series and Disciples series.

I don’t usually write any reviews on games but in my opinion this one is particularly wronged by too many people. The early access version is 6-8 hours long to beat on first playthrough but there are people who played it like 40-50 hours and then disliked it on so many levels which is odd.

At this stage this game deserves at least a 7 out of 10.

-Good graphics
-High quality sound and music
-Good controls and camera mechanics
-Simple yet sufficient tutorial as a part of the campaign
-Good story telling
-Manageable army and battlefield size
-Simple yet fun to play battles.
-Good blend of side quests
-Challenging AI both in strategy map and battles

-Some bugs and crashes which may hopefully be fixed before full release
-Quest tracking is very unclear, some won't update as you progress, you have to read through the quest that you are on several times before you can figure out what to do.
-Throws you in too deep and leaves you in the dark too soon.
-Camera can’t be unlocked in strategy map (always fixed on your party)
-no minimap (going between the map and strategy map is tiresome at some point)
-very slow levelling
-Lack of restart level option (VERY important to have.)

Overall most of the cons are agreed upon by too many people but most of them can be fixed, polished or added before the full release of this game. As far as I can track the developer team is highly interested in what people think of their game and active on the Forums. So I believe that they can release a way better final product at the end.
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Recently Posted
30.4 hrs
Posted: October 21
While I would recommend the game overall, there are a few frustrations to be aware of:
1) There doesn't seem to be a way to scroll the map. VERY annoying to try to get around.
2) Healer type followers are difficult to find.
3) The most annoying factor, for me, has been the frequency of game crashes (roughly every 3 hours) and the inability to send errors/bugs/crash logs. I don't have an Outlook account, which is required to send crash logs?
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Shan (Fisto)
198.0 hrs
Posted: September 19
Really enjoyed the story and the mulltiple play throughs to see all the variations
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Desolater IV
4.6 hrs
Posted: September 9
A Turn Based Medieval Strategy RPG
+ Visually the game looks fantastic. I was especially surprised at how detailed the overworld map, and the great looking battle environments.
+ The combat system is fairly basic, but I found it to be very satisfying. You basically take turns attacking on a grid. There's some strategy in choosing which enemy you will take down first, or what abilities to use but nothing too complex which for me was a good thing.
+ The medieval rpg elements are great. I really felt emersed in the lore, and felt like the quests were quite interesting and engaging.
+ The User Interface is great and easy to navigate, which especially comes in handy when equipping items to your party, hiring new members, or buying things from a shop.

- No voice acting. This is more of a personal note, but there's a ton of dialogue in the game that you must read through. It would have been nice if at least some parts were voice acted.
- When inside villages / castles / etc. you only see a rather boring still image of the interior. I feel like the developers should have created a 3D lively environment to represent the interior of each place you visit.
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99.4 hrs
Posted: August 29
It took me 90 hours to do the first playthrough, though I was not hurrying so I certainly got my money's worth already - and I want to replay with another char and going down a different line.


I like the setting

Good grahics and music

The comabat sytem. Some don't because soldiers in effect have a ZOC, so you can't rush past a heavy infantryman to bash a squishy priest at the back. Some don't like that but it seems more 'real' to me

Good immersive story

I enjoyed building up my little army and trying to max out their kit.

Customer support from Alexander is when I got stuck (see 1st 'con' below) was fantastic


Largely due to inadequate tutorial or else I wasn't paying enough attention. I found some objectives v. hard to find but it became a lot easier when I learned to click of the magnifying glass icon on many quests which showed where to go.

Pathing sometimes unnecessarily hard - quite a bit of random clicking needed sometimes to get through a forest for example. This is mostly why the stealth chapter is quite annoying, but at least it's quite short.

Special weapon attributes not/not well explained. I still don't know what a silver weapon does and I had to learn that bleesd weapons were needed to kill ghosts. Also, when I had a choice of path for upgrade to a soldier, I learned to save in advance and then upgrade 1 way then repeat using other path so I could make the better choice - tho' this is a minor irritant only.

Overall I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who likes this genre and to others wanting to try something new. A great achievement by such a small team and excellent VFM
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27.9 hrs
Posted: August 19
This game got me hooked right from the Tuturial.
Im a sucker for maps full of details and things to explore,turned base strategy, Roleplaying games with character develoment and aquiring of better gear and also a good story and good Quests.
LoE delivers on all of those and even brings in a small part of finance management,as i found out the hard way after hiring two mercenaries that became quite expensive.

This game is basically a more quest and Story oriented version of Kings Bounty or HoMM. Though where KB and HoMM focus more on resource gathering and large Armies, LoE chooses to go with small Squads and quality over quantity. The peons you hired may lack on punch and Hitpoints at the beginning, but after gainign some XP and leveling them up (and all of those, including your character have talent tree( not big ones..but they do)) they behcome quite adept and you will miss them when you move on to a different map and you havbe to leave them behind.

The maps reward exploring and listen to rumors and tales in bars or cities...though there are a lot of tales and stories lore related to the LoE Universe which are not necessary to read to continue the main story or quests, but they are well written and help you immerse more easily. And a lot of those stories and the persons decribed in them are story related and you eventually meet them.

The combat system is aturned based system on small hexagon battlefields. Here the game lacks a bit in depth. Im in Chaopter 3 now and all the battle fields are just flat boards. No obstaclkles, cover or objects to interact. Some units learn sepcial attacks when they level up, but mostly its just auto attack. Some situations are a bit unfair e.g. when you besiege an castle or watchtower, you as attacker will start the battle with a health debuff, which can be quite big. And when one or two units are shot down by cross bow units before you can even make a move makes you want to chocke your mouse. But normally you can get past those situations hiring more units (even cheap ones can make a difference. They may die with one hit, but they draw fire so your regualr units can pop a potion) and using different strategies.

So the battles are ok ish and another thing is that the game crashes rather often..and in random situations. But at least it creates alot of autosaves so you can pick up where you started very easily. And i noticed that the gfx and the gameflow get somehat choppy stuttery as the game progresses. Having an I7, A 1070GTX and 16 GB of RAM...this should not happen.
But those are all minor things nothing is game or enjoyment breaking.

All in all this game is full great ideas and keeps you busy for a long time. I really have a great time with it and decided to write a review..which i normally dont do.
Both thumbs up.
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34.0 hrs
Posted: August 17
NOT RECCOMENDED... The Game doesn't deliver after hrs of effort, respectfully, i would not reccomend this game to anyone.... unless it cost less then a BUS/SUBWAY fare... 'cause thats all you'll get... a ride on a boring, repititive, monotonous, repetitive, boring.... journey. Avoid ....
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Gustavo Fring
123.4 hrs
Posted: August 17
This is a fun game let down by its lack of polish.

Legends of Eisenwald is a solid turn-based combat game at heart framed by a weak RPG element, which becomes more and more irritating as the game progresses.

It's a pretty standard set-up from the off; pick a fighter, archer or mage and off you go trying to right some terrible wrong to your kingdom.

The objective of most chapters is to take over the whole map, largely done by levelling up your hero and his companions through a series of fights.

The hex-based combat works nicely, with troop composition, formation and tactics vital to success - reminisent of the turn-based Conquest of the New World (1996!).

However, you find yourself horribly mismatched at the start of nearly all chapters, forcing you to spend long times dodging larger armies for a fight with an easier army, then waiting for that army to spawn again.

It becomes a tiresome and tedious grind until you can take on enemies which you think you can beat.

This is exacerbated by the fact the only outcomes are victory, bringing loot and experience, or defeat, which is game over.

There's no chance to retreat/be taken prisoner like Mount & Blade, forcing you to pick your battles carefully. You'll find yourself constantly reloading saves to beat a difficult battle, instead of being able to a take a mauling and then licking your wounds after.

After a while the novelty of the combat system wears off; your army rarely changes and you find yourself doing the same opening moves again and again, watching characters amble across the screen to attack.

You know before you attack exactly how much damage it will do, which inevtiably reduces most battles to a predictable affair, necessary only because you fare badly auto resolving battles.

There's also a stage in every chapter when the balance of power shifts dramatically. You go from running from most battles to completely dominating every encounter without breaking a sweat.

The RPG element leaves a lot to be desired and feels completely superfical to the combat. There's castle, fortifications, different terrains and a day/night cycle, but it feels like very few events impact your battles.

The quests are rlike an afterthought after developing the great combat, there's no depth to most of the characters you encounter. The main character might have some dialogue with some of the chaps wandering around, but you rarely get an input into the conversation.

They're just something to improve your army with rather than to get emotionally involved in for the most part.

I know the developer intentionally didn't want to handhold players through missions, but I had no interest in them because they felt so incredibly shallow.

With that in mind, the game felt like it went on too long with too many drawn-out chapters, rather than fewer that were well polished.


A fun little indie medieval fantasty combat strategy game let down by a lacklustre RPG element.
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19.8 hrs
Posted: August 12
A-Simple Tactical turn based game with trailed storytelling elements, very easy to grasp
B-It is a combination of elements from other games, Heroes of Might and Magic, Crusaders, King's Bounty, Medevil and with its own look and feel. As if someone played all of those and plucked certain aspects to create the best result.
C-Battle System is simple and direct
D-Equiping and Leveling of characters with direct task puzzle solving quests
E-Wonderful screen shots and artwork, Night and Day timeframes.
A-This game can use a vast upgrade and more action packed oriented screens and flash action. This makes the combat stiff and one view point instead of various action sequences that make you part of the action like an Xcom 2. Tolerable
B-Saves have to be specific and like HOM&M equipping army members do not carry over. Each scenario resets
C-Mercenaries can drain your funds so quickly that your limited in quantity and time.
D-No voice storytelling can tire you with a lot of reading. You can miss details if you skip and it hurts its dramatic storytelling deliveries. However, a great game to inspire reading.

Final Take: I would do three things. 1. Get it on sale 2. See Videos of gameplay in workshop to get a full feel if its for you
3. If you don't like classic role playing then this is probably not for you. Overall alot to like and I can see if they upgrade the engine and add more depth in storytelling, flashes, and action this game expanding on its humble beginnings.
LoE 2 if ever made will have a lot of upgrades to build on. It is a nice game for your collection if you love the combination of games I mentioned above. It will challenge you and once familiar with the game mechanics keep you invested.
My grade 3 of 5 stars
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38.9 hrs
Posted: August 9
Very addicting game. Hope the next DLC comes out soon.
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12.7 hrs
Posted: August 7
Good music, nice graphics and good tactical grid based battles. Only just started, but hoping for more immersive gameplay to come
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