Trials Fusion is the gold-standard platform racer for the next-generation of gaming. Built upon the Trials franchise’s proven gameplay foundations, Fusion challenges players endlessly in both classic and all-new ways.
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Release Date: Apr 24, 2014

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"A great balancing bike game which has new mechanics such as trick tracks new to the series, not the best in the series and requires UPlay but its good."

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March 31

After The Incident - Available Now!

The findings from the crater have brought about an age of technological abundance, but when good things come to an end, they have a habit of doing so rather badly.

Welcome to the world, After The Incident.

After The Incident is the 6th DLC for Trials Fusion and brings with it a wealth of new content including a brand new career event where players will navigate ruined cities, a ravaged ecosystems, and the devastating consequences of technology progressing too quickly and unchecked.

After The Incident features 8 new Classic Trials tracks, a new skill game and an FMX track. There are more secrets for players to piece together, including 5 hidden dating-simulations with everyone’s favourite A.I., SynDI, as well as 24 new Track Challenges that span revisiting a classic Trials HD track, all the way to riding with an attached ball & chain.

Track builders will find new items in the editor, including Extreme Weather Effects, Destroyed Buildings and Wooden Ramp sets.

After The Incident is available now on the Steam Store.

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February 24

Fault Zero One & Single Lane MP

Welcome to the age of the hyper-advanced Megalopolis – where man and machine are only distinguishable by their medical records.

Fault One Zero, the 5th DLC pack for Trials Fusion, includes of a whole new career event which will see players gliding through holographic cityscapes, testing facilities, and even worlds of retro gaming. You will have new achievements & trophies, editor pieces, a new Dark Lynx helmet and a brand new look for everyone’s go to bike, the Pit Viper.

There might even be an Epic Boss Battle hidden in the mix.

What else is in the package?

  • Epic tracks, featuring:
    • 8 Classic Trials Tracks
    • 1 Skill Game
    • 1 FMX Track
  • 2 new garage items
    • “DarkLynx” helmet
    • New look for the Pit Viper
  • Five new achievements/trophies
    • 250 Gamer Score on Xbox One
    • 100 Gamer Score on Xbox 360
    • 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze Trophies on PlayStation 4
  • 24 new Track Challenges
    • Each Classic Trials track features three surprising Track Challenges
    • Track Challenges ranging from warping to a magic-rainbow-land to defeating a giant robot.
  • Dozens of new Editor Objects, including:
    • Giant advanced robotics
    • Colourful holographic ramps
    • Portals and warps

    In addition to Fault One Zero, our latest patch includes the following notable updates for Trials Fusion;

  • 21 reworked & new Track Central Feeds
    • Recently Played
    • Newest for XSX, SX, FMX and Skill Games
    • Feeds for Highest Rated 24hr & Month
  • Single Player Career Trials Tracks in Private Online Multiplayer
    • Over 50 track additions for Online MP
    • Includes Trials Fusion Standard Edition and DLC tracks

    Fault One Zero is available for $4.99 for the DLC, or included in the $19.99 Season Pass, which includes our 4 previous DLC packs, as well as 1 more to come before May 2015. Both the DLC and Season Pass are available on the Trials Fusion Steam Store Page.

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Deluxe Edition

Get the Deluxe Edition now, including the full game and the Season Pass!

Add some craziness to your game through additional content! The Season Pass provides you 1 year of additional content and includes 6 DLCs before May 2015. Get the Season Pass to receive all 6 DLCs, featuring new tracks, new bike parts, rider gear, and new items for the track editor, and each DLC will let you enjoy a new Career Mode Event.
On top of this, the Season Pass also includes one exclusive item: the Crater Hazmat Suite! Stand out in the Trials Fusion universe and get the respect of your peers with this new and exclusive skin for your rider.

Please note: If you purchase the Season Pass, do not also purchase the standalone DLC Packs, as you will be charged for them.

Last of the 6 DLC Packs expected to be available before 1st May 2015.

About This Game

"The most ambitious Trials yet." – EDGE

“The next step in the franchise's evolution.” – CVG

“Once the Trials bug has bitten you, it's hard to go back.” – GameSpot

Take on an unlimited array of platform-racing challenges in the unreal world of Trials Fusion. Using your skills to traverse across obstacle-laden, ramp-ridden courses, you must strive to set track records against the best Trials players around the globe. Whether you’re racing alone, with friends, or in a global tournament, competition is always around you. And racing on official courses is just the beginning. A rich world of custom courses — built by some of the most creative and skilled content creators in gaming — awaits those who are continually searching for a new, insane track to conquer. And with long-term support of fresh features and content, the Trials experience will continue to expand and challenge players in new and exhilarating ways.

Key Features

Rock-solid motocross physics and reality-bending course designs come together for an over-the-top racing experience that no other game can provide. Show your fearless side with the brand new FMX tricks system, and choose your path towards victory on branching courses. The finish line is the ultimate goal, but the challenge is everything before it.

Whether you’re racing alone, with friends, or in a worldwide tournament, competition is all around you. Its variety and depth will offer limitless ways to scratch your competitive itch, and the opportunities keep coming. With ongoing support for special tournaments and events, team racing, and much more coming soon, the competition is never ending.

Immerse yourself in a boundless Trials experience with custom track designs made possible by the in-game Editor Mode. With a user-generated content community that boasts some of the most creative and skilled track creators in the world, Trials Fusion offers new track after new track and opens the door to a world of possibilities only the crazy minds of Trials fans can bring.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1
    • Processor: Intel Core i3 550 @ 3.2 GHz or AMD Athlon II X4 620 @ 2.6 GHz
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTS450 or AMD Radeon HD5770 (1024MB VRAM with Shader Model 5.0 or higher)
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 10.1 Compatible Sound Card
    • Additional Notes: DirectX 10.1 or higher required
    • OS: Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 2400s @ 2.5 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 955 @ 3.2 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti or better / AMD Radeon HD7850 or better
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 10.1 Compatible Sound Card
    • Additional Notes: DirectX 10.1 or higher required
Helpful customer reviews
67 of 83 people (81%) found this review helpful
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66.1 hrs on record
Posted: January 13
This game is my go to time killer, it's not for everyone though.
You should NOT buy this game IF you don't like spending hours trying to perfect a level, or use 30 minutes on a level and then have the game tell you that you took too long.

Although this game is so rewarding when you pull off that insanely difficult jump, or when you beat everyones high score. This is a time waster, if you make it through to the extreme maps, then I'd say good luck.

The difficulty of the game ranges from beginner, easy, normal, hard, extreme. When you are on the beginner maps you'll blast through the levels, although when you move up, it'll of course get harder - a lot harder.

The game has 1 big bug which could put you off buying it though. It's that low fps cause a slowmotion effect, which renders the game more or less unplayable. A solution is to lower the settings, but i'd just like to include this.

The DLC that's out so far (3 out of 6 planned) they're all worth picking up IF you like the game. I'd say they're more difficult than the other maps, but not by much. In each DLC you get atleast 9 new trails. I think you'd have to be a person that wants to get the best medal on everything to justify the 5€ price tag though.

I personally love this game when I need to take a break from everything. It's calming and frustrating in a weird sort of way.
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59 of 85 people (69%) found this review helpful
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9.1 hrs on record
Posted: March 27
I am heartily disappointed with this game. The previous two Trails games were great; full of content, great level design, simple but effective layout/gameplay/difficulty levels.

Trails Fusion offers an infuriatingly bad soundtrack, a forced 'story' and setting, an SSX style 'tricks' dealy that is hardly utilised, a redundant multiplayer mode etc etc

Not to mention the fact that the game is largely hidden behind a season pass paywall. That means £32 for all of the content. Most of which is probably w*nk.

What a load of paywall bull***t.

Also: Uplay.

Thanks for nothing Ubisoft and associated sell-outs.
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18 of 26 people (69%) found this review helpful
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89.8 hrs on record
Posted: March 7
This is basically the same game as Trials Evolution, but this time around we got the DLC on PC, which means boatloads of new options in user-made tracks. The people at Ubi / Redlynx finally started updating Track Central with manually converted console (XB1, PS4, X360) tracks so you have cool new challenging tracks to play every week. Single-line multiplayer is finally here too, and it's functional. This is a thumbs up if you have a few friends to multi with and compare scores.
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35 of 59 people (59%) found this review helpful
8.4 hrs on record
Posted: March 14
TO be honest, i think the whole future thing was not a good move. It was really disapointing not seeing the woods and the dirt as much as trials evolution. The feel of trials evolution was so much better and it felt for of a dirt bike game in my opinion. Fusion is a step down from evolution.
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9 of 11 people (82%) found this review helpful
16.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 18

This was the first Trials game I ever played, and it's great. Don't let the negative reviews put you off, most of them are negative simply because it uses Uplay, which I shall talk about further down the review.


First off, the environment in this game is stunning. For a game like Trials, in which you just ride your bike across level after level, you wouldn't expect this level of quality, the world looks like it's part of a much larger game. There's also plenty of variety, as you quickly move from the futuristic city to platforms in the sky, ancient ruins, outdoor courses, underwater bases and even the planet's core. There is also some slight hints of story included through a few characters talking throughout the game, which hint at how the world became like this.


It's trials. You drive your bike, tilt your weight and try to make it to the end as fast as possible and with as few failures as possible. Every level also has three challenges that encourage you to play differently, and some even involve minigames entirely different to how the game is usually played. The difficulty as you pass through the levels is done very well. By the time I was met with much harder obstacles, I'd already got a basic idea of how to surpass them, and not once did a death feel cheap.


The DLCs add some nice extra content that also gives you a look at more of the world of Fusion, and provide some decent challenge. I wouldn't recommend buying them seperately, but if you don't want to buy the Deluxe Edition, here's a summary of their content and quality:

Riders of the Rustlands
The first DLC and the weakest. Featuring only 6 levels, an FMX course and a mediocre minigame. Not really worth £4 compared to the other DLCs, skip this one and get another.

Empire of the Sky
Same as above, 6 levels, FMX and a minigame. The levels are a bit better than Rustlands, but still not worth £4. If you've beat the game and want some more fun, get this DLC. Otherwise you can ignore it.

Welcome to the Abyss
Breaks the chain and includes 8 levels instead of 6, as well as the FMX and minigame at the end. This DLC gives an interesting look at an underwater empire that used to live under the ocean. Some story is delivered through another AI who speaks to you at certain points. The levels are of a higher standard than the first two DLCs, and I think barely justifies its £4 pricetag.

Fire in the deep
9 levels, FMX and a minigame. In this DLC you are even further down, underneath the planet's core. As you move from level to level you go further underground, giving a nice indication of your progress through the DLC. There are also multiple secret recordings hidden around the levels, which give some extra information about the world, and what went on in the mines. Worth it.

Fault One Zero
Personally, I believe this is the best DLC. It drops one level and returns to 8 trials again, but the quality of the levels steps up greatly. This DLC has a focus on technology, much more so than previously shown, with teleporters, anti gravity machines and Mechs featuring. The levels in this DLC are very inventive, including one that repeatedly glitches between looking normal, and a blue cyberspace-esque environment and an interesting level in which you drive around inside three arcade machines! This DLC is definitely worth £4.

After the Incident
The sixth and final DLC. Same as above, 8 levels with an FMX and Minigame. One of my main disapointments with Trials Fusion was the lack of detail as to what was happening. I understand that this is a game solely based on a random guy riding a bike through obstacle courses, but with such an interesting world, with many deeper story elements hinted at throughout, I really wanted to learn more. After the Incident does so nicely. It's set in the future, when all the world is in ruins after the aforementioned "Incident". The levels all focus on fairly different areas, all destroyed or going through some form of crisis. Similar to Fire in the Deep, you can find secrets in the levels, which give you some backstory as to how all of this started. The way this is done is great, as SynDI talks to you through a dating game text box, with amusing exagerated changes in her expression as she talks. If you want to know more about the world behind Fusion, or just want to play even more levels, this DLC is worth the money.

Deluxe edition
I'd like to point out that this game has gone on multiple sales, but not a single time have the DLC packs gone on discount themselves, and it doesn't look like they will at any time unfortunately. As such, I highly recommend you get the Deluxe edition during a sale, I managed to pick it up for £10. Otherwise, if you beat the game and decide you want more, you will be paying a much higher price. Say you got the base game on sale for £6. Now if you got three of the DLCs, that'll cost you an extra £12. Half the DLC total DLC and you've spent £18 already. The Deluxe edition is a much better purchase (During a sale of course. The DLC is good but not worth £30!)

Why the negative reviews?

Now, there are three main flaws that have gave this game so many negative reviews. First main point is the multiplayer. I played the game entirely solo and had fun, I can't really comment on it.
Secondly, people seem to be complaining about this being a bad port, and having a many performance issues. For reference, I ran the game on an i5 3570k, 8gb RAM and a GTX 770 with constant 60fps and no issues of any kind. The issue may be related to lower-end machines.
And as for the last point, UPlay. The majority of these reviews are from people starting the game, seeing Uplay, closing it and leaving a bad review. I will say right here that if you avoid this game because of Uplay, you are stupid.

But UPlay sucks!

The impact of UPlay is nowhere near as bad as the reviews make it sound. You start the game on Steam, UPlay appears, takes a couple seconds to log in, then minimizes and starts the game. You only need to interact with it once in order to create an account, and after that you don't need to touch the thing, aside from closing it when you are done.


All in all, I recommend Trials Fusion to anyone who is an existing trials fan, or enjoys 2D games with high difficulty. Though the price is a little steep for the content on offer, so I'd suggest waiting for a sale and getting the deluxe edition. As earlier stated, it's much better value as the DLCs never get discounted, and only costed £4 (the price of a single DLC) more than the normal pack in the latest sale. And finally, do not avoid this game because of UPlay, there is no reason to.
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