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Divekick is the world’s first two-button fighting game. It distills the essence of the fighting game genre into just two buttons with no d-pad directional movement. Divekick’s focused gameplay demonstrates how much depth a single move actually has, and introduces (or reinforces) skills fundamental to the genre: mind games, spacing,...
Release Date: Aug 20, 2013
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Divekick upgraded to Divekick Addition Edition for free!

April 4

Release Date - April 4, 2014
Price - Free!!!!

Non Gameplay -
[ + ] Traditional Menu mode added. Now you can control the menu screens with a d-pad like you have been for the last 20 years. Two Button Menu mode is still also available, and can be turned on in the options.
[ + ] Blind selection has been added to ranked play. Choose quickly and in confidence!
[ + ] Over 180 new Tips from Uncle Sensei have been added to the game.
[ + ] How to play screens have moved to the main menu, and are updated for Addition Edition! Show them to new players please!

Bug Fixes -
[ + ] The game now pauses when a controller is unplugged and replugged during gameplay
[ + ] The game no longer unpauses when a controller is connected when the pause screen is active.
[ + ] Menu sound effect now only plays once when entering any mode from the main menu
[ + ] The game no longer prompts the player to set their kick and dive buttons since Two Button Navigation is no longer the default method of navigation
[ + ] The player is now able to go back to the main menu after entering either Story or Versus mode
[ + ] Various SFX and audio that had been missing have been restored.

System -
[ + ] Style gem bonus is now 15%, up from 10%. Dive gem bonus remains at 6%, and Kick gem at 12%. All of these still say 10% on the gem select screen because we like it that way.

Divekick Addition Edition Character Change List

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“If you were afraid that the idea of a fighter that's controlled with just two buttons was a joke that would get old quickly, then you clearly haven't played much Divekick!.”
9 / 10 – Destructoid

“Simply put, Divekick is a fighting game that you can — and should! — play even if you're not usually good at fighting games.”
A- – Gaming Age

“It has captured everything we love about fighting games in a mere two buttons. Simply put, it’s genius. This is no joke.”
8 / 10 – Cheat Code Central

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About the Game

Divekick is the world’s first two-button fighting game. It distills the essence of the fighting game genre into just two buttons with no d-pad directional movement. Divekick’s focused gameplay demonstrates how much depth a single move actually has, and introduces (or reinforces) skills fundamental to the genre: mind games, spacing, timing, and quick reactions.

At Iron Galaxy we love fighting games. To the average fan, most of what makes them fun is hidden behind a never-ending series of input combinations that they have to memorize. That’s why Divekick has just two buttons: Dive (into the air) makes your character jump straight up. Kick causes your character to fly foot first at a downward angle. If you press Kick on the ground, you can jump away from your opponent. Utilizing these moves, the first hit will win the round, and the player that wins five rounds first wins the game. It’s pure adrenaline, awareness, and outsmarting your enemy. It’s a fighting game deconstructed into its purest form.

Key Features

  • 13 Completely unique and original characters, each with their own fighting style and special techniques. That's 91 unique match-ups to play and learn.
  • A story for every character in the game, including an intro, ending, and rival battles. You will be moved to tears!
  • Ranked and non-ranked GGPO-powered online multiplayer, the most trusted netcode in fighting games. Includes ranking boards for each character, as well as overall.
  • Single player plus Local VS multiplayer for two players, with quick and easy button reconfiguration to accommodate a room full of unique personalities.
  • Full Steamworks integration, including Big Picture Mode.


  • "How a two-button fighter became the toast of PAX East" Penny Arcade
  • "Divekick is living the dream of diving and kicking. Yes, it is real." Kill Screen
  • "Divekick: The best (and only) two-button fighter." Shack News
  • "Divekick is the Smartest, Most Absurd Two-Button Fighting Game I've Ever Played" Kotaku
  • "Divekick and Sportsfriends turns friends and strangers into rivals." Venture Beat

IndieCade 2013

Divekick has been selected for the IndieCade 2013 Festival which takes place from 10/3 - 10/6 in Los Angeles!

System Requirements

    • OS: Vista or later
    • Processor: Intel or AMD Dual Core Processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 10 / DirectX 11 compliant video card
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 10 compliant
    • Additional Notes: OS needs to be updated to have the DirectX 11 Runtime libraries
Helpful customer reviews
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Ummm...yeah. This game is AWESOME! Part of me has a difficult time reconciling it's sheer awesomeness with it's inherent simplicity, but really, that is the beauty of this game. You use two buttons (on the gamepad anyway, and you get to decide which two you want to use). One is for diving, one is for kicking....and that is it. All movement is accomplished by virtue of these two moves, and the battles are short and sweet, and yet surprisingly complex. Considering how basic and simple the game mechanics are, this may possibly be the greatest game ever made, lol.
Everybody owes it to themselves to give this game a go.

The only knock I have on it right now is I couldnt find an online match. I wonder if people have moved on from the game. Hopefully though (and especially since we are currently in the midst of the Steam Summer sale), more people will buy this and the online aspects will thrive once again.
Posted: June 21
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Literally the best Drinking game ever invented.
Hands down. I speak from black-out drunken experience that this is my go-to game for when me and any number of friends not only want to get drunk but want to have a hilarious time as well. I recommend this game to drinkers, party goers, and just about anyone who wants a great laugh and alot of fun.

This game gets better the more friends you have with you to play it.
Posted: June 19
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4 of 5 people (80%) found this review helpful
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7 reviews
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This game.....OH THIS ♥♥♥♥ING GAME. There is only Dive and Kick no combo breakers, combos, punching, jabbing, final moves, crying, or even a ♥♥♥♥ing health system. That's right one hit K.O. NO BACKING DOWN, NO CRYING, AND NO CALLING FOR MOMMY TO CHANGE YOUR RUSTLED UP DIAPER...THIS IS ♥♥♥♥ING HYPE AS ♥♥♥♥ DIVEKICK.................................................................................. MOTHA♥♥♥♥AS
Posted: August 7
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This game has so many layers
Posted: March 25
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ood fighting games boil down to position and timing, and Divekick gave me exquisite control over both through an intuitive two-button interface. It subverts expectations by whittling the notoriously complex movesets of the fighting genre down to two simple maneuvers: diving and kicking. The result is engaging – after only a few rounds of combat, I was able to feint, dodge, and fake out my opponent with gratifying precision. Peel away the colorful artwork, and Divekick closely resembles the best of classic arcade fighter design philosophy. The goals and interface are instantly comprehensible, bouts are quick,
AUGUST 20, 2013
Divekick distills the essence of the fighting genre into a two-button, no-joystick, rage-inducing form that can be enjoyed by anyone.
Friendly fighters
Persona 4 ArenaBlazBlue: Calamity TriggerSuper Street Fighter IV and the pacing is snappy. Practice and experimentation are tangibly rewarded by skill development. Divekick has no dull tutorial or five-minute story interludes, just fighting, an occasional dumb joke, and more fighting.
A diverse cast of characters infuse Divekick with a variety of special abilities without overly complicating matters. I found something to appreciate in every one of the 13 warriors, but I kept coming back to Uncle Sensei, a cartwheeling hippie wearing boots on his hands. The nearly horizontal angle of his full-body Divekick extension leaves him vulnerable, but it frequently beguiled my opponents, creating an intriguing risk vs. reward proposition.
Divekick’s humor varies between cute and bizarre, and occasionally it goes too far. There are gobs of in-jokes about fighting-game tournament culture, staples, and tropes, as well as less obscure comedic one-liners. Some of the visual gags are quite funny – I laughed out loud the first time I watched one of the fighters writing notes on her clipboard while divekicking through the air, immediately before her foot impacted on my face.
Less successful is the tongue-in-cheek commentary on racial prejudice. Mr. N’s announcement that “I don’t hug white girls” might make sense to folks familiar with personalities in the fighting-game circuit, but stripped of context it just comes across as unsettling and offensive. The ill-advised naming of Asian martial artist Kung Pao also strikes a distasteful chord.
The Vita version has a remarkable competitive two-player mode. My first local Divekick match took place in an IGN hallway on a single handheld, where I held half of the Vita and my opponent held the other half. I expected the layout to be awkward, but was pleasantly surprised to find it quite ergonomic. I could easily envision two friends on a train or kids sharing the back seat on a road trip going at it. It can, of course, also be played online, and my experiences on PS3, Vita, and PC were nearly free of latency.


Divekick is a deep, refreshingly approachable tournament fighter. The unusual control configuration is no gimmick, but rather a functional design choice that helps tear down the barrier of entry for players intimidated by combo breakers and juggling. It is unfortunate that there’s not a better single-player mode, and more unfortunate that Divekick’s cultural insensitivity can be downright cringe-worthy, but it’s still a successful experiment in simplified fighting.
Posted: July 29
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This does more to teach people about the fundamentals of fighting games than really any fighting game I have ever seen. If you can ignore the fact the artstyle looks pretty DeviantArtish there is actually a really fun game inside.

With two buttons however, comes the realization that people who ARE good at fighting games, have much less to think about. Divekick is both the easiest and hardest fighting game to learn and excel at respectively, for this very reason.
Posted: November 25, 2013
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