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Epigenesis is an online multiplayer sports/FPS game in which two sides are locked in a never-ending fight for world domination by playing ball. In this non-lethal ballgame of the future, players leap across platforms suspended high up in the air trying to get a ball located in the middle of the arena and score goals against their...
Utgivningsdatum: 1 Nov 2013
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“Hi there, thanks for checking out Epigenesis!
Epigenesis is currently in Beta and is almost feature complete.

The game is a multiplayer-focused FPS with a fast-paced movement system that relies heavily on jumping and air movement. There is a singleplayer mode, but so far only two maps have bot-support.

If you choose to buy Epigenesis now this is what you can expect:
• A multiplayer ballgame plant domination game mode.
• A very early version of the InstaGib game mode with one blockout-level.
• A singleplayer mode with access to two of the game's six maps.
• It can be hard to find players to play with during weekdays.
• A small and helpful community.
• Community involved developers (yay us!).
• 6 Plants with different abilities (Smokescreen, Ramp, Mortar, Trench, Turret, Shield).
• 5 Passive buffs to enhance your playstyle (Speed, Airmove, Acceleration, Firerate, Jump-boost).
• Customization system granting 30 possible Plant/buff combinations.
• 6 Maps featuring 3 different gameplay elements (Tornadoes, Jump pads, Tactical Smoke) in different combinations.
• There are bugs! Most of them are annoyances rather than mega-mutant-game-crashers.
• Community and Official game servers in the US and EU.
• A server hosting tool for helping with setting up your very own server!

All the best,
Dead Shark Triplepunch”
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Patch 0.2B

11 April 2014

Heya Westleaf here!
We have been hard at work at the office and here are the latest patch notes coming in this update!

The biggest features of this update are:

Full notes below!

New feature: Bots

  • Bots have been added to Epigenesis by request from the community!
  • New feature: Singleplayer
  • Setup a game through the new singleplayer-menu and battle against bots on Gadget arena and Omani arena
New feature: Achievements
  • "Longshot" achievement for making a score from X distance (should be a pretty long distance)
  • "Marksman" achiev for hitting with ten rails in a row
  • "Not a beginner, not a pro" for winning 10 matches
  • "Promode, activated!" for winning 500 matches
  • "Tactician" for using every power-up in a single match
  • "Iron Defence - Goal" for stealing the ball with a melee within X distance from your goal (should be on the spawn-platform)
  • "Desecrate Omani Homelands" for winning 10 times as Argos on OmaniArena
  • "Desecrate Argos Homelands" for winning 10 times as Omani on ArgosArena
  • "Hattrick!" for when a player does 3 goals in a single match
New game mode: Instagib
  • Play the classic game mode “instagib” in Epigenesis. Selective servers will be hosting this free-for-all game mode!
  • This is instagib v.01 and we’ll need further development. Feedback is always welcome on our forums!
New map: Legacy Arena
  • Battle on this new medium-large map that have a wide range of jump difficulties.This map features a lot of line-of-sight
  • Major update to all HUD elements and menus
  • Changed placement of Loadout icons in pre-game
  • The smokescreen on Mixed Arena and Argos Arena will now fade in and out instead of just disappearing
  • Changed banners back to Argos and Omani characters
  • The team flags now have cloth physics. The flag can’t interact with players and/or the ball due to performance issues
  • The shockwave pickup should now be able to push players down if they are below you.
  • Added a sound for when a player melees another player
  • Powerups will be available in the warm up and will respawn when the match begins
  • Added sound for buttons in menues
  • Added showcase for Plants and Buffs in Customization menu
  • Added text below the status-heads for the teams (HUD)
  • Added a sound when players hit with melee
  • Added particle for flying platforms on Gran Arena
Balance Changes:
  • The Methylation beam is a bit longer
  • The Methylation beam appear directly once the right mouse button is pressed.
  • The smokescreens smoke is bigger
  • The smokescreens detection range is bigger
  • Increased the time between shots for the Turret from 1 to 2
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where the ball sometimes had a snowball-material.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could hear other players welcome sound
  • Fixed a bug where the menu didn’t disappear when the player pressed “resume”
  • Fixed scaling bug for Grapple icon (HUD)
  • Fixed the “Welcome” sound bug
  • Powerups now spawn in warm-up

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Groupees Bundle and Dev Play Days!

29 Mars 2014

Hey everyone!

Yesterday the Be Mine 12 bundle from Groupees was released, and you can now get Epigenesis together with some other awesome titles for as little as 3.50$! To get the bundle, visit groupees webpage

For those of you who might have just received the game from the bundle and find yourselves here for the first time, welcome! We organize Dev Playdays every Sunday at 20:00 CET were we hop on the servers and get owned by the community! Everyone is welcome!

Join our official group on Steam to get news and updates about upcoming events!

Talk to us on TeamSpeak 3: voice.deadsharktriplepunch.com

Like us on Facebook to get more updates!

And follow us on that Twitter thing!

Have a great weekend and see you in-game!

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Om spelet

Epigenesis is an online multiplayer sports/FPS game in which two sides are locked in a never-ending fight for world domination by playing ball.

In this non-lethal ballgame of the future, players leap across platforms suspended high up in the air trying to get a ball located in the middle of the arena and score goals against their opponents. Each player carries a gravity cannon capable of pushing enemies (and friends) down from the heights of the arena.

When a player scores, he receives a genetically modified super-seed and gets the opportunity to plant it onto a platform to capture it. To win the game you must capture towers and construct a node system from your goal post all the way to your opponents' goal post. If this hasn't happened by the time that the clock reaches zero, the team with the most scores win!

Teamwork, tactics and precision is key to win eternal glory in a game of Epigenesis!

What people are saying

"When you see the trailer you’ll understand why it won this year’s Make Something Unreal contest: it looks brill."
- PCGamesN

"It’s just crazy enough to work, and where it wasn’t crazy enough of its own accord, developer Dead Shark Triplepunch (yes, that’s their real name) just added tornadoes. Done and done."
- Rock Paper Shotgun

"Judges praised Epigenesis for its ingenious concept, engaging gameplay and clever use of a scientific concept inspired by the theme for this year’s competition."
- http://www.unrealengine.com/en/news/dead_shark_triplepunch_wins_make_something_unreal_live_2013/

Key Features

  • Ball Sport of the Future
    Play a ball as well as a domination 5-on-5 game on top of tall towers and platforms!
  • Fast-paced high-altitude Action
    Equipped with jumping-jets, players will have to time their jumps or suffer steep falls.
  • Non-lethal combat with surgical precision
    All weapons used are non-lethal force-based gear. Push your opponents down from the platforms and boost your friends towards the goal!
  • Customize your loadouts
    There are several plants with various activated abilites as well as 5 different passive stat-boosts for you and your team. Discuss combinations with your team and choose the plants that best fit your playstyle!


    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: Dual Core 2.0Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GT600+, Radeon HD 7400+
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Windows Compatible Sound Card
    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: Quad Core 2.0Ghz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 650+, Radeon HD 7750+
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Windows Compatible Sound Card
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It has potantial, but it needs a lot of changes and also needs to be balanced.
It is one of the most unbalanced game I have ever played
Upplagd: 21 December 2013
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Amazing twitchy game. The game is based on bringing an orb from the center of the map and throwing it in the other teams goal, located several platforms away. Doing so gives you a seed which you plant on the platforms to provide powerups. All players are provided a rifle which propels players shot, both teammates and enemies, which, when used properly, leads to an very interesting gameplay.

The developers are very forward sometimes join games in progress, which is nice and helps make the small community better. The only negative is the small community, which is something I hope goes away over time!
Upplagd: 25 November 2013
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If you like LAZORS, Flying through the air and balls, you'll love this game. Action-packed game with constant battles for the ball and land possesion. Never a dull moment with this game. Form a group with some friends, start a team, develop tac-tics and play agains the people of the game, or sign up for the frequent community tournaments. Or play by yourself with whoever else is online. Cool consept, amazingly well executed, awesome design and great gameplay.
Really cool game, loads of updates, still in alpha and still the best game I've played in months!
Not enough people own it!
Upplagd: 8 December 2013
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*Note: The game is in early access and is still being worked on. Everything said in this review is subject to change.

Epigenesis is a first person frantic shooter. The game was released on Steam as an early access game on November 1, 2013. Now you would expect an early access game that's only in its alpha stage, would have some issues but believe it or not, this game is pretty well set. This doesn't mean that the game is perfect, there are a few issues, but nothing that stops you from enjoying this game.
So what exactly is Epigenesis? Well its a first person shooter, but it has much more than your average shooter. Your main goal as the player is to grab the ball and throw it into the other teams gate. This then gives your team a point, as well as a power up. Power ups add let you modify the map. You can do all sorts of stuff including adding another path or causing a tornado. If somebody has the ball and they fall over the edge, but don't manage to pass it to another player, the ball resets. It is also possible to intercept the ball from the enemy. This makes the person who has the ball have a reason to score quickly. The game also has pickups which allow you to be more mobile. Now, if you have the ball, you're all set for the most part. Your main problem is not jumping to your death. Trying to shoot the enemy players when they have the ball is quite difficult. I found that using the rapid fire weapon was very ineffective, however, using the rail gun, I was able to get some shots on people. The game, currently, only has two weapons(as of 12/7/13). This is a little disappointing because a variety of weapons would add a variety of strategies. The rail gun itself does no damage, it can either push or pull somebody if you land a hit. The rapid fire gun is your damage dealing gun, but it's very difficult to hit somebody. The player can move quickly and unpredictably. This is both good and bad. Its good because it keeps you safe, but, its bad because if your shooting you had better be a good shot. This does add challenge and excitement to the game, especially when your able finally get a connected shot.

Epigenesis adds different froms of challenge and fun through its unique maps. The maps are made up of a variety of floating
square surfaces and building tops. You jump from panel to panel, trying to reach the ball first, usually is located in the center. Some maps offer launch pads which send you flying across the map and onto another panel(picture above shows a player being launched). This can be used as an escape route, and offensive route, or just extra fun. When you grab this ball, you can't shoot, so you have to rely on running. With the multiple pickups and launch pads, you can make your way to score a goal with no problem, that is until somebody gets a good shot on you and sends you off the map. But, if this happens, the ball and you simply re-spawn, after a short countdown, at the designated spots, and you continue playing.

The game only has one game mode(as of 12/7/13) which is to grab the ball and send it through the enemy’s gate. This still offers plenty of fun and hours of entertainment. Eventually though the same thing gets a bit old, but I feel that the developers will add more, remember the game is only in alpha. There is one problem that puts a damper on things, the lack of players. The game allows for 5v5 matches, however the biggest I have even been involved in is a 4v3. This, however, is not a permanent issue. I have only seen three servers on my game, but once the game is closer to actual release, there will more than likely be plenty of servers, and people. Most of the time I am able to get into a match that is 2v2. This does restrict what this game truly has to offer. If you have ever played Quake you will know that more people equals more fun. The developers were trying to make their own “Quake style” game.

Epigenesis is something you should look out for. Unlike these new shooters that have been the same for the past 5 games, this game is unique and contains countless hours of fun. Since the game is only in alpha there are still many more advancements that can take place in this game. The good part about it being an early access game is that the developers will listen to the community and respond to what players say. If you love fast paced games like Quake, or just want to try something new, Eigenesis should be on your wishlist as soon as your done reading this review.

for more great reviews visit http://kingsjelly.tumblr.com/
Upplagd: 7 December 2013
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Need a Game of Skill that combines, Lasers, Sports, Science-fiction and Bad ♥♥♥? Well this is the game for you!
Upplagd: 6 December 2013
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Winner of Make Something Unreal Live 2013
Game of the Year Swedish Game Awards 2013
Game Concept Challenge Winner 2013