Combatti per dominare i cieli!I cieli sopra l'Europa sono pericolosi, pieni di assi dell'aviazione che guidano le loro squadriglie verso gloriose vittorie o dolorose sconfitte! Pilota decine dei più famosi caccia della Prima Guerra Mondiale e affronta i duelli aerei. Rolla, scivola e fai looping per colpire gli assi nemici.
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Nella media (436 recensioni) - 436 recensioni degli utenti (69%) per questo gioco sono positive.
Data di rilascio: 27 ago 2013

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Informazioni sul gioco

Combatti per dominare i cieli!

I cieli sopra l'Europa sono pericolosi, pieni di assi dell'aviazione che guidano le loro squadriglie verso gloriose vittorie o dolorose sconfitte! Pilota decine dei più famosi caccia della Prima Guerra Mondiale e affronta i duelli aerei. Rolla, scivola e fai looping per colpire gli assi nemici. Aggiorna i tuoi caccia nel corso della campagna e promuovi i tuoi migliori piloti per dargli un vantaggio in combattimento. Riuscirai a cambiare l'esito della guerra? O un asso nemico ti farà precipitare in fiamme?

Key Features:
  • Progredisci da comune aviatore ad asso in oltre 180 missioni usando 30 aerei autentici
  • Guadagna promozioni, equipaggiamento e manovre avanzate come rollate, looping e scivolate
  • Sblocca nuovi assi con serie speciali di abilità per espandere le tue possibilità di gioco

Requisiti di sistema

    • Sistema operativo: Windows 7 or later
    • Processore: 1.8 Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3600+
    • Memoria: 1 GB di RAM
    • Scheda video: 256MB Video Card w/ OpenGL capabilities (Intel HD4000+, GeForce 7600+, GeForce 100+, Radeon HD2000+)
    • Memoria: 300 MB di spazio disponibile
    • Scheda audio: Audio output capability DirectX®: OpenGL
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Nella media (436 recensioni)
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 lagrenouille☠
( 5.3 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 17 aprile
Like usual, sid meier did a pretty fun and unique game experience.
( 1.2 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 14 aprile
( 4.5 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 13 aprile
This feels like the Blue Max old school board game ported to PC. For the low price, it's worth it if that's your style of game.
( 34.1 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 31 marzo
Very fun little game but crashes every two missions.
( 16.3 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 31 marzo
This game is a great way to kill an hour whenever you don't feel like the full on commitment of Rome Total War or some other month long epic. The graphics are pleasant, the aircraft fairly realistics, the ground representations even show German tanks that look like an A7V. The variety of ways to modify a progressing pilot can be fun, and the effects different aircraft and skills have on your tactics can be challenging. As in real life, the introduction of a new plane may not actually suit your way of doing business, so you may find some pilots flying the newset while others stick with an older variant. The missions get a little samey same, but hell, you can always up the skill level when you feel ready. Planning your pilot skill development is worth a little time. The fact you can be UK, US, France or Germany means there is plenty of variety. Well worth the outlay. Game of the year it is not. A great game to play anyway? It certainly is.
Aids & Other Assorted Goods
( 16.0 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 26 marzo
Love ♥♥♥♥ Smears ♥♥♥ Patrol.
( 5.0 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 25 marzo
As of the writing of this review, I have about 1 hour and 20 minutes in the game, and that's all I can handle. The rest of the time was just idling the game for cards.

The concept of this game seems solid — it's a tactical plane combat game that's turn-based and feels almost like a card game.

The reason that I don't recommend it, however, is its production quality, which is atrocious. Textures are super low-res, explosions are just layered 2D textures, and the few voice actors say only a few lines.

Frankly, this feels like a port of a mobile game, which isn't far from the truth, as the game was released on PC and iOS.

Personally, I didn't experience any crashing like other reviewers mentioned, and there are absolutely no performance issues. If you have a weak system and don't care in the slightest about graphics, this may be the game for you, but otherwise, stay away.
( 0.1 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 24 marzo
Seems like there are a number of people with the same situation as me - it crashes after the second mission. Clearly they aren't going to fix this, and there don't appear to be any fixes, so there isn't really much point in bothering.
( 2.5 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 20 marzo
I like the concept of the game. It is a relaxing and fun game....well at least the first two missions. Should say mission and a half. Everytime I complete the 2nd mission of intercepting the German reconnaissance aircraft the game crashes. So far, I wouldn't recommend this game as it crashed on the second mission everytime. I thought it could be fun maybe if this program is debugged.
( 16.4 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 16 marzo
Nope, nope, nope, simply nope. Could be a nice little game BUT crashes nearly after every mission which is sadly a total no go.
Killer Frost
( 5.8 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 14 marzo
Frequent Crash
Dont buy this Crap.I bought this on sale. Game is Good and entertaining but random and constant crash will frustrate you and force you to play same mission for multiple times. Finally I quit playing this Bugmeier Ace Patrol. Stay away
( 2.2 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 14 marzo
Very simple game. But kinda addictive, atleast in the beginning. But then it gets very monotonus. It's a good game for tablets, not for PCs
( 0.5 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 13 marzo
This is such a buggy mess. The game is a crappy mobile port. It feels like there is no strategy to it which Sid Meier games are known for. How could Meier senpai aprove of this?
Divide by 0 Please
( 6.5 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 12 marzo
I don't do nice reviews kill your selves like now
( 2.8 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 10 marzo
Nice game, but doesn't turn the tides in a war...whatever you do, however you are good at...nothing will change the dates or the outcome of the war! :/
But nice graphics & good manuvers will keep you at it's table...for a 2h gaming till the end...& that's about it!
Mean Mr. Mustard
( 2.6 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 6 marzo
Mean Mr. Mustard's short Sid Meier's Ace Patrol review

1) Essential - buy it NOW
2) Recommended - buy it on sale
3) Avoid

Time to complete – 2 hours to beat the campaign as the British
Played multiplayer? No
Worth revisiting? No, pretty boring. I'd had enough of it after only 2 hours

Best part – The voice clips are fun "I'm going down!!"
Worst part – Looks and feels like a mobile game, because it was.
The Rudy Soup
( 4.7 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 3 marzo
Super Fun Turn Based Casual Flying Game. Lot's of extra WW1 Trivia but nothing to make it dull. Perfect game for when you don't want to think to much but still want some strategy.
( 1.7 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 1 marzo
Same as Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies, this game is more fun than it seems to be on the outside. It is really fun to strategise a solution to the challenges the game throws at you.
( 2.0 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 26 febbraio
To be fair, it essentially came free as part of the Sid Meier's Humble Bundle.

To be straight, it is hard to believe this game was released in 2013, it has no place on a PC and only belongs on a mobile platform with its repetitive gameplay and lack of depth. The store page may advertise all sorts of diverse missions/environments/planes/pilots but after an hour you will have seen every trick this game has to offer. For the achievement hunters, all 50+ achievements are different levels of grinding for the four different pilot nations.
( 8.2 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 25 febbraio
A straight forward, drop-in tactical game that is perfect when you need a quick break.
Recensioni più utili  Negli scorsi 180 giorni
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70.8 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 13 gennaio
Back in the day, Ace of Aces was a book-based air combat game. Each player would select an aerial maneuver in an attempt to gain a positional advantage over their opponent. Based on the comparison of the maneuvers chosen, each player would be directed to turn to a page in their book that gave the view from their cockpit and another series of maneuvers from which to chosen. Sid Meier's Ace Patrol uses the power of the personal computer to do the same thing.

Sid Meier's Ace Patrol is a simple one or two player game simulating air combat in World War I. The game avoids the immersive experience of a first-person flight simulator and the more complex physics that the experience brings. Instead, the game uses a hexagon based movement system with a view of action from the side, much like a board game. Flight physics is simplified by giving the player a selection of "legal" maneuvers so you don't have to worry about pushing your pilot or aircraft beyond its limits. Airspeed doesn't play a factor in the game and altitude is generalize to one of four levels (well, five if you count the ground). It was very easy to learn the game's mechanics despite the lack of documentation. There is a tutorial and hints are displayed at the beginning of each scenario.

The game itself is set up in a campaign style. The player selects one of four nationalities (British, American, French or German) and a special skill for one of their pilots. During the game, players manage a squadron of four pilots, selecting skill upgrades as pilots increase in experience and aircraft upgrades as the squadron completes missions. The player has the option of switching aircraft types for each pilot between missions. Aircraft have five characteristics that they are rated from one to five to allow players a general understanding of each type's performance against other aircraft.

Covering the years between 1916 and 1918, the player's squadron participates in four campaigns with six battles each. Each battle presents the player with 1 to 3 different missions with varying degrees of difficulty and reward. Missions are performed either over friendly territory or enemy territory. The location of the mission will determine what side of the map the objective is on. Landing behind enemy lines will result in your pilot being captured as a prisoner of war and unavailable for the remainder of the campaign. Crash landing in friendly territory will result in injuries that will keep the pilot out of battle for a number of missions. Missions available are randomly selected with the exception of the final battle which appears to always be a "boss fight" against an enemy zeppelin and its fighter escort.

I found the game to be a highly enjoyable simulation of air combat with a small element of asset management. Missions are short and the entire game can be completed within few hours. The randomization of missions for each battle provides extended replayability. Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol is a simple game with a simple interface that is a delight to play.
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1 persona ha trovato questa recensione divertente
2.6 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 28 gennaio
This is a clean gaming experience. I really enjoyed the 3D UI controls embedded into the map.

It's about 90% tactical map play, and some trivial levelling mechanisms (airplane upgrades and pilot maneuvers).

There is no strategic map.

This game would go very well as a mini-game along with Sid Meier's Railroads as part of a grand-strategy Civilization game. The mechanics are good, but it's too redundant to stand alone and hold interest for very long.
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7 persone su 11 (64%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
0.1 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 23 gennaio
Both Ace Patrols crash after completeling the second mission (tutorial). Only have them because of the bundle.
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4 persone su 6 (67%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
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3.2 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 30 gennaio
Buggy as hell,

the Red Baron would turn in his lederhosen if he knew he stars in a game as badly programmed as this!.

On my time played for this failure it says 1 hour, and I have literally had to restart steam 5 times,
and the game has crashed on me at least 10 times...! and thats not exagerating!!.

Pity, because the minutes I am able to play for any stretch without a crash for a few levels, its actually quite fun... :(

Disappointed Sid.
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3 persone su 5 (60%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
1 persona ha trovato questa recensione divertente
0.2 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 28 gennaio
Check your graphics adaptor carefully. This game does not seem to support Intel HD Integrated Graphics and the publishers have not indicated that they care enough to change this anytime soon.
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Recensioni più utili  Complessivamente
14 persone su 16 (88%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
8.8 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 22 dicembre 2013

Per neanche un euro agli sconti, ci si può portare in libreria un gioco davvero geniale! Costa meno di un dlc ed è veramente ben fatto!!!
Molto semplice come Fortix, menu, audio, grafica, e gameplay essenziali ma riusciti. Sarete al comando di una squadra di caccia, e dovrete fare delle missioni che di tanto in tanto vi appariranno ingame. Il tutto comporta punti, livelli in più per i vostri piloti, nuove manovre, e magari nuovi aerei e potenziamenti.

Il bello del gioco sta nelle manovre! Infatti per seminare ed attaccare gli aerei nemici, avrete un ampia scelta di manovre effettuabili (alcune di base, già disponibili, altre appunto da sbloccare) da scegliere assolutamente con cura perché anche una sola manovra sbagliata, almeno nelle difficoltà più altine, può compromettere l'intera missione, visto che un caccia nemico se riesce ad accodarsi a voi, sarete veramente nella mer... ehm.. avete capito! :D
Tutto questo per dirvi che è un gioco di strategia a turni molto ben ideato, e che può tenervi incollato per diverse ore.

La longevità però è quella che è. Una volta finite le missioni di gioco, tutto quello che si può fare e rigiocarlo per ottenere un punteggio migliore della scorsa partita, e questo potrebbe essere la vera sfida che vi propone il gioco, visto che le missioni con più punti, sono anche mooolto difficili. :)

Consigliato anche a chi non ne capisce una sega di aerei come me! :D ;)

PS = Ricordate, COSTA MENO DI UN DLC!!!
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6 persone su 6 (100%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
5.2 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 26 febbraio 2014
Un ottimo strategico a turni a base d'aerei della WW1 che ci vedrà scegliere una delle 4 fazioni (Usa,Francia,Germania e Inghilterra) per affrontare le 4 campagne (o offensive) che compongono il gioco.
La durata non è alta, si attesta su 1h per campagna (livello di difficoltà pilota) e se avete la voglia di rigiocarvi il tutto con un'altra fazione il discorso cambia, ma non il gioco : un'offensiva presenta delle missioni casuali nelle quali dovrete fare le cose più disparate, che però diventeranno ripetitive dopo 2 campagne e non cambiano in base alla fazione.

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3 persone su 3 (100%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
3.7 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 25 luglio 2015
Non è proprio il mio genere, ma ovviamente lo consiglio, difficilmente un Sid Meier's vi annoierà o vi deluderà.
Per il titolo in questione avevo aspettative molto basse, anche se forse leggendo le recensioni le avrei avute troppo alte, ma in ogni caso si è dimostrato un titolo valido e per il suo prezzo basso lo consiglio assolutamente.
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79 persone su 90 (88%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
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18.5 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 13 marzo 2014
Bland, limited & repetitive gameplay is what you can expect from Sid's Ace Patrol. I really tried to enjoy this (I put in the time!), but it has none of the 'one-more-turn' addictiveness of his other games.

So why is it so bad you ask?

Each map looks almost identical, graphics look like direct port from mobile platform, the mission types you can count on one hand & the game itself is very short covering 24 missions across 4 campaigns. They can go quick too! You do not feel there is any progression as you go through as the game centres around your score; having little in the way of feeling like you are winning a war. There is no territory to defend or conquer instead you choose from 3 random missions then up to 4 pilots to progress through each level. Pilot & plane upgrades are rewarded as you proceed through your game, but only really make it easier to win & that isn't really a strong point when the 'Legend' difficulty is not really very challenging. Legend (besides boosting your score) just makes it more frustrating than anything else since the opposing pilots get big stats boosts making it take a painfully long time to shoot them down yet much easier for you to be shot down.

Tactically you will find many dogfights are reduced to both of you flying around in circles for multiple moves until the AI decides to fly out giving you an opening to attack. You can try different tactics but it always comes back to 'circling' from my experience. Once you get behind someone it is very hard for them to get away (unless they're an Ace pilot), and likewise when the roles are reversed. It makes the first few turns of your engagment most important, but then very predictable after that. To add to this, I also couldn't play this on my old PC with ATI graphics as it wouldn't render the display, showing all white, so I have only been able to play recently since I got my new PC with NVidia graphics.

All said & done, I can't help but to ask myself why Sid would put his name on such a sub-par game, let alone make a sequel! Also milking it further by charging almost twice as much locally in AU @ $8.99 instead of US @ $4.99 (still well overpriced for what you get if you ask me).

Very disappointing! :(

If you enjoyed reading this review, please follow True Blue Reviews for more recommendations!
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11.3 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 27 novembre 2013
This little gem is actually quite intereresting. Made for smart phones and Tablets originally but ported to the PC and beamed into our collective HD using the magic that is STEAM Ace Patrol is about two things. Biplane Hex Combat and more importantly fun.

Gameplay is basically this. You pick a nation (UK, France, Imperial Germany or America!) and each nation has a selecton of randomly generated pilots with aeroplanes of the era and you dogfight the enemy using a turn based hex combat system. Your squadron can have up to four Pilots who fly a series of randomly generated missions over four different offensives against NPC pilots who like your own can be captured or forced temporary out of the war to repair their damaged crates. Both friendly and enemy squadron Pilots unlock RPG-esqe skills, upgrades for their planes and learn special manauvers that give them the upper hand in combat. Oh and as the offensive progresses so does air technology for both sides. You might be flying easy one moment and then the enemy has a fancier crate with another set of wings and a bigger gun to keep you on your toes!

Combat itself is pretty simple, get a good shot under or behind the enemy plane whilst not exposing yourself to the dangers of their wingmans guns or AA gun fire. You are graded with a score system that is tied to the general STEAM achivements and online leaderboard for said game. To increase the score obviously you'll have to ratchet up the difficulty level (or be lucky enough to get a Pilot with the DOUBLE SCORE ability).

The other feature to keep you playing again is once you complete a Offensive with a certain nation the first time you unlock famous WW1 Ace Pilots with their own biplane livery schemes.

Bugs wise I've only encountered one and that sometimes you have some trouble clicking on a hex, this gets really fiddly when your Pilot has a million manuvers and you really don't want to select the FORCE LANDING one. I expect this is to do with it being more of a Tablet game really. Also, some of the art assets are slightly bland (Don't get excited about seeing the Offensive Victory screen more than once) despite the fact they did their best locked more or less in a single location.

Is it worth buying though? sure, why not if you want a addictive but slighty short turn based aeroplane game . But for the best value get it in a Sale and make sure you pick up the rather decent WW2 Pacific Campaign sequal at the same time.
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0.9 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 14 aprile 2014
Ace Patrol feels like a port of a mobile game with no challenge. In a mere hour, I blew through half of the missions. You get to see the mission grid, much like other mobile games. You get four pilots / planes and pilot them on missions. Mostly blow up other planes. Sometimes, blow up tanks or zeplins. The game is turn based and played out on a hexigrid with each plane getting a certain amount of spaces based on their speed or altitude.

As you progress mission after mission, your planes / pilots will level up and gain skills you can chose from. You will also unlock upgrades to equip to your 4 planes. These skills feel useless and very subtle. You don't need the skills or upgrades before you get them. Never once did I feel like now that upgrade will totally help me do better.

This is just a very dull game. The maps look identical. The only real thing you even need to concern yourself with each map is enemy territory that will shoot you down, but enemy territory is so sparse, that you'll barely run into it. Plus its easy to avoid. The only way to hide from an enemy is hang out in clouds, but since you operate planes, you cannot really stay in clouds since you'll always be moving.

Avoid this game. Maybe on a phone it would be more fun to kill a bit of time with, but on PC, its just too easy to blow through.
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19.0 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 2 novembre 2013
I bought this game right when it was released, but I suppose I forgot about it for a while, while I had plenty of other games to play. Two months have passed, and today I finally realized it was time I tried it.... and damn! It's actually a fun game!

Having Sid Meier's name in the title, I expected this game to be heavy, super-deep and difficult to learn, kinda like Civilization, but it's actually pretty simple, intuitive and easy to get into. I've only been playing for a few hours, and while I'm sure the more advanced missions and the harder difficulty levels can make the game very challenging and complex, it's very begginer-friendly on 'easy mode', so I'm quite happy that for once, I put my ego aside and started with the lowest difficulty level (I usually choose "Normal" or whatever the medium difficulty level is called).

Ugh, not sure how to summarize this, so I'll just go grab something to eat. C'ya. :P
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11.8 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 26 agosto 2014
This game exists for the ipad and its exactly the same there as it is on the PC. If anything, the way the controls work makes it better on the ipad. Except for one small detail, its free on the ipad...

I find it insulting that i had to put up money for it when a better version is offered for free on another platform.

For that reason alone, i do not recomend buying it.
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6.8 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 28 settembre 2014
Enjoyed the first time through, though it's far too short. Unfortunately, it has nearly no replay value.
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3.2 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 4 dicembre 2014
Ace Patrol is a turn-based air combat game. If you've ever played a civilization game in your life you will instantly recognize the hex grid across which you direct your squadron. There are some really neat concepts here; each pilot has their own flight competencies which enable them to take increasingly more aggressive maneuvers. As you navigate the battlefield you must take into account all of the factors one normally would in a flight combat simulator. From the angle of attack and altitude all the way to the direction you’re currently banking, every aspect affects the options you have for your next turn.
It’s a neat game, but I would love to see it brought back with more graphical polish and a more robust tutorial. During my time playing, everything felt very disjointed and fragmented. It’s not a bad little strategy game, but doesn't feel fully realized.
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2.3 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 23 giugno 2014
Was disappointed with this latest edition from sid meier. Not what you have come to expect from Sid Meier, while good for specific Genre, it is less than the quality many Meier fans have come to expect.
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16.8 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 27 agosto 2014
한국어로 작성된 리뷰 보기 (클릭)

1. Like a Civilization. so easy
2. The dogfight have a tension
3. Unique Ambience

1. Unkindness control
2. ♥♥♥♥ graphics (ported from Phone version lack sincerity. Can't control any graphic option. even resolution! ♥♥♥♥!)

It's nice game except ♥♥♥♥headed porting.
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11 persone su 16 (69%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
5.5 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 13 marzo 2015
Great early game but as you progress on and have some 30 missions under your belt then you will really start to wonder why you play this game. Achievements? no way unless you really like to grind. Tactics? yes sure i guess. you have a lot of moves available at this time and you use them constantly.

Quite bland and does not contain the 'one more mission' -bait.

I suppose this can be recommended with caveats. Know what you buy when you fork over cash for this.


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13.4 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 29 novembre 2013
8.5/10 great little casual.
Don't be thrown by the "Sid Meier's" part. This is a game that you can pick up and run with in a coffee break, but will still draw you in for the long sessions. Originally made for mobile devices, it's short sweet and simple. this is reflected in the price, so it's easy to buy with no regrets. The Graphics aren't amazing, but they don't leave your eyes bleeding. Things kinda look like the things they should look like, and the style reminded me of "WINGS" waaay back in my Amiga days. The controls are fairly straightforward, and the icons make it obvious. (a twisty arrow beside you means "roll this way" an arrow curling upwards means "Climb" etc) so there is no need for a long training mission, just enough to check you can click and tell how to shoot the enemy. The different factions and their planes are given special commands or abilities which fit in without intruding (some turn faster, some have better guns, etc)
If you see it on sale, remember that you can download it faster than you read this review. I guarantee it'll make a train journey fly past, (especially in 2-player hotseat mode) or make a nice break between "serious" games on your rig at home.
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7.0 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 12 gennaio 2014
While it might be a great mobile title (like Steambirds and Flight Control) it's a very poor desktop PC game for a host of reasons:
- it's a hurried exact port, with an engine resembling Flash, carrying very odd problems like complete broken graphics if i'm running Fraps or EVGA software, flickering menus if Winamp's running in brackground.
- gameplay cluttered with buttons and the dogfighting planes on the neighbouring hexes, making very difficult space orientation, and moving the camera (3D) doesnt help much since it's very unsmooth (feels like 10fps)
Basically a great concept from Sid, but the the monkeys who ported it for PC weren't fed.
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