The world's speediest homage/roast to JRPGs! Can you save the world in 30 seconds? Get a quest, find those in need, fight through dungeons, earn cash, get cool loot and level up until YOU>EVIL. Don't have enough time? Pay the Goddess to reset the clock and try again! Over 100 mini-JRPGs for you to test your might with!
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"HMH2 offers more content and a better story than the prequel. You will also meet some old acquaintances. This time you can level up globally."

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From now until the end of time, purchase Half-Minute Hero : The Second Coming and receive

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  • The complete soundtrack for Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming!

You will not receive extra copy of HMH:SMNCUB if you already have it in your Steam library

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08 月 25 日


From August 25th until August 31st, purchase the Half Minute Hero Bundle at 33% off and receive:

  • A free copy of the first game: Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy!
  • The complete soundtrack for Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming!
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However, you will not receive extra copy of HMH:SMNCUB if you already have it in your Steam library

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“Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming makes a number of improvements on an established formula. It's endearing, provocative, and silly.”
8 – Destructoid

“The Second Coming is a delight to play.”
8 – Gamespot

“Shut up and take my money!”
8.5 – 4Players


From now until the end of time, purchase Half-Minute Hero : The Second Coming and receive

  • A free copy of the first game: Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy!
  • The complete soundtrack for Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming!

You will not receive extra copy of HMH:SMNCUB if you already have it in your Steam library

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The world's speediest homage/roast to JRPGs! Can you save the world in 30 seconds?

Get a quest, find those in need, fight through dungeons, earn cash, get cool loot and level up until YOU>EVIL. Don't have enough time? Pay the Goddess to reset the clock and try again! Over 100 mini-JRPGs for you to test your might with! Available outside Japan for the first time ever exclusively on Steam.

Key Features:

  • A robust single player mode that features persistent leveling and FIVE separate eras of the Half Minute Hero saga.
  • Four-player multiplayer with lobby support so you can see which of your friends is the TRUE hero.
  • Time Attack and Infinite Battle Modes with Steam leaderboards!
  • A custom map editor (with mouse support) so you can create your own maps and quests. Find, download, edit, and share via Steam Workshop.
  • An art gallery and music player you can unlock as you progress through the game.
  • More fun and charm than should be allowed in a game!


    • OS: XP SP2 32bit
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0GHz or equivalent
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 2000 or equivalent
    • Hard Drive: 800 MB available space
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80.0 記錄時數
張貼於:11 月 19 日
Great game, since I was a fan of the original. As soon as I knew there was a sequel I knew i would love it. This game is AMAZING, the soundtrack is great and much better than the original. The storyline is amazing, even if its confusing at times. The gags and jokes are classic for a Half Minute Hero game and the dialogue is great, but you need to get past a certain point in the game before a lot of it becomes better than the first.

All that said, this is certainly one of the best games i have played in some time.
2 人之中有 2 人(100%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
25.7 記錄時數
張貼於:11 月 19 日
Great game! Made improvements to pretty much everything from the first game. Great soundtrack also. Looking forward to Half Minute Hero 3, if they make another.
3 人之中有 2 人(67%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
23.1 記錄時數
張貼於:10 月 29 日
If you've played the first Half Minute Hero you know what you're going to find here. There have been some changes but the core game is still nearly identical. That's not entirely a bad thing, I enjoyed the first game and enjoyed this one equally.

Playtime: 23h
23 人之中有 2 人(9%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
4.3 記錄時數
張貼於:10 月 25 日
its like skyrim except with second comings 10/10
21 人之中有 0 人(0%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
24.9 記錄時數
張貼於:10 月 29 日
THis is a fun game. It's sexist though.
3 人之中有 3 人(100%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
4.8 記錄時數
張貼於:05 月 26 日
18 人之中有 18 人(100%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
38.5 記錄時數
張貼於:06 月 29 日
I have been waiting for a long time to play this game, waiting for a good sale, and even if I only found a 50% one on this Summer Sale, oh man, if it was worth it.

Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming is, as you might have know, the sequel of "Half Minute Hero; Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy" (the hell is going on with the names, man?), and it does fell true to the first one, while being original on his own.

The story picks up on the year 200, 100 years after the first one, and as the original one, has multiple stories (5 in total, the first one being a bit short as the introduction and tutorial, while the last one is pretty much the ending and final battles), most of them with their own characters, like in the original (the Hero Mode, Princess mode, Evil Lord mode, and Knight mode on the original).

The main thing that has changed here is the seriousness. This game is more serious than the last one, where half the stages where filled with parodies, jokes, easter eggs and references. There are still some quite hillarious stages, but nowhere near before. Instead, you can find parodies and references in the story, maps, and even the items (really? The bike and Buster Sword from Cloud? I rather wear Vivi's outfit...).

The soundtrack is f#cking boss. I'm not even kidding. Not only it sounds way better while having the same style, but each episode of the game has multiple themes for each battle and map. And I can tell you, the music just gets better the further you go into the game.

One main problem is the difficulty...It might be that I'm a Badass, or something, but I found it a bit easy. Specially with the "Global Level system", and the "Global Dungeons". The idea is that you can level up out of the stages, so when you start your next battle, you will start at level 5 or so, instead of level 1. The Global dungeons are a good adition, but it's way TOO easy to level up in them, while searching for the loot on them.

Another trouble I find on this game, is that the story doesn't have multiple routes like the original. Further more, while in the original there where multiple ways to finish a stage, here there are not much of those. There are, though, some secret companions that are not easy to find, and usually need some backtracking to get (like Cozain, who you will need a guide to find, like me).

Something that has also been done well, are the cameos. A good amount of characters from the original can be found in here: Allied characters, the other heroes of the game, some Evil Lords...Even the main character itself! Most of them will join you in some way, and only a few of them will serve of any way on the story (like Geezer, who I'm not gonna spoil who he is, since it's quite obvious, but appears in all the chapters, helping the heroes). The new Formation system also makes the allies feel a bit more usefull than before, and now both you, allies and enemies have skills...Even though they appear out of chance, making them pretty luck-based.

Something great, and that I wanted really bad on the game, is the Map Editor. I mean, IT'S PERFECT! Now you can make your own maps, or download the maps from others, play them alone, or with friends! It makes the game last much more, and it's something that A LOT of games should have by default.

While it took me about 14 hours to unlock most of the original Half Minute Hero, I have played this one for 20 hours, and I'm nowhere near getting everything (Dude, the Demon Maze is a nightmare...). I would totally recommend this game, SPECIALLY if you played the first one. 20€ is a bit too much, though, so wait for a sale like I did. 10€ or less is a good price, and you should buy it from that point. There are probably DLC's for this game, I haven't checked them yet, but you could also buy them to extend the game, if you want.
12 人之中有 12 人(100%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
44.8 記錄時數
張貼於:06 月 4 日
A huge step forward compared to the first game. The addition of freeroaming, the connected world, global level and permanent companions are just a few additions that made this game much more enjoyable than Half Minute Hero 1 (which I already liked). There are tons of hidden items, achievements, formations, companions, dungeons... you name it. The dialog and story is typical in the style of a cheesy JRPG. Not my taste but it's a minor complaint. While the very core gameplay is truthful to that of it's predecessor, the content compared was quadrupled. You can expect 20 hours of gametime, for completionists it's easily double. Overall a very enjoyable experience with minor flaws, definitely recommend buying it.
8 人之中有 8 人(100%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
23.3 記錄時數
張貼於:07 月 11 日
The Time Goddess has given me more than 30 seconds to review this game, so I will make use of her charitable nature.

Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming is the second (obviously) Half Minute Hero game. With a good mix of RPG, puzzle, and action all packed into one hilarious RPG which lampoons pretty much everything in those games. You have several stories to go through which span an impressive plot which is told in a series of (technically) 30 second levels. The characters are colorful and the gameplay is amazingly fun. Keeping in touch with true frantic action, you must make all your choices quickly, lest those 30 seconds you have be wasted, or you could always pay the stingy Time Goddess.

The game is extremely fun, with the game keeping the pedal to the metal at all times. The story and dialogue gloriously pokes and prods fun at many tropes present in video games, from forcing you to pick a specific choice to giant robots (who doesn't love giant robots?)! This game, like its predecessor, has an overarching story that encompasses several campaigns following different heroes of different eras, all helped by the Time Goddess.

The gameplay is simple, but fun. You'll find yourself smiling as you plow through fields or Global Dungeons looking for EXP, gold, and items. During missions, you have to balance time and money, adding a strategic / tactical aspect to each and every mission. Do you plow through to the boss and risk being too weak or grind your levels until you're strong enough? Not only there, there's plenty of secrets in the game that'll keep you engaged for awhile as well.

There's also a map creation system where you can create your own maps to play and download creations of other players, to further add to the content of this game!

It also has a multiplayer function, though I've yet to try that out.

Overall, it's an amazing game that is definitely worth the price tag that it has.

Unfortunately for me, the Time Goddess noticed I called her stingy and has taken all my money, my shoes, and my shirt.

Thankfully, I still have my pants. Wait, no. She took those too.
7 人之中有 7 人(100%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
68.2 記錄時數
張貼於:09 月 4 日
Okay after beating the ♥♥♥♥ out of everyone I can finally review this game and giving my own opinions about it.
Uhm sorry where was I? Oh okay thank you.
The story is the sequel to Half Minute Hero Super Mega Bla Bla Bla and if you're planning to buy this game you have the chance to play the first one for knowing what should you wait after you beat the game. The story if you play it right should be long about 26 hours.
The gameplay is simple, you have 30 seconds to level up to defeat the boss of the level. If you can't make it in time you lose.
The soundtrack is one of the best I ever heard, Is composed by multiple people but one of these guys is Motoi Sakuraba, the artist who made the Dark Souls soundtrack.
My last words are please buy this game, support the company! I want a sequel!
29 人之中有 17 人(59%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
34.3 記錄時數
張貼於:10 月 14 日
What a disappointing sequel !

Half-Minute Hero was a very clever game. At first glance, it seemed to be just a parody : it mocked grindy RPG with cliche story. But once you delved into it you found a very original gameplay system, with lots of cool ideas. The maps were full of secrets and branching paths, and the combat system had some clever mechanics for people that wanted a challenge or wanted to find all secrets.

The Second Coming, by trying to add more stuff is now...a grindy RPG with cliche story. The super cliche plots are force fed to you through endless and pointless dialogs. The "metagame" added is a grindy RPG (not sped up) with linear plot, repetitive gameplay, forced backtracking to unlock all items, etc. Exactly the kind of games the first game was mocking.

The new combat features (Skills, formations, party, classes, etc...) are also completely broken. All attempts to use theses features will be constantly thwarted by the game, which reset your formations, party, equipment everytime a story event requires a single change (which is...almost always). "Luckily" you actually you do not have to use theses features most of the time, as brute forcing is often the way to go.

Unfortunately, brute forcing can be applied to everything in the Second Coming. Most of the cleverness of the combat is gone : there are tons of items, but they don't have special attributes anymore like you could find in the first game. So you just get whatever give you the biggest stats bonus and rush. No need to be clever anymore, just go through the motions, endure the repetitive combats and you will win all missions. Even the secret titles, which used to be a challenge in the first game, are now rather straightforward and super easy to get.

On the bright side, for people who are looking for a challenge, there is a very challenging "endless" mode, but i doubt you will come back to it once you've finished it, since the maps are always the same.

Multiplayer has also been upgraded, but since there are very few players, I've been unable to try it, which will be the case for you too if you don't have friends who own the game.

On the whole, I don't see enough good stuff in this game to alievate the bad, and I can only advise you to stick to the first game. I completed the game, but it wasnt because i enjoyed it, it was only for completion sake and to be sure i wasn't missing something....
4 人之中有 4 人(100%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
19.5 記錄時數
張貼於:08 月 27 日
Does what every single second part of game should do: take first game and shine it to perfection.
PC version has made significant improvement to first part, they actually got resolution as well as benchmark, which means that pixel art actually scales properly this time without blurring and menus seem to work naturally. There even seems to be VR-support but I can't even imagine how that works :D

Game itself now actually feels like story based RPG where after missions you can roam around and collect money, XP and secrets, where first game at least I simply started skipping text and that end credits joke got old really fast.
Missions are pretty much the same like in first game with little variances, which definitly isn't bad thing as that was best part of first game.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tekee juuri sen mitä joka ikinen pelin toinen osa pitäisikin tehdä: ottaa ensimmäinen peli ja hioa se täydellisyyteen.
PC versio on aivan selvä parannus ensimmäiseen osaan, mukaan on lisätty niin resoluutiovalinnat kuin benchmarkki, meinaten että pikselitaide skaalautuu nyt hyvin ilman blurrausta ja valikot toimivat tällä kertaa ihan järjen mukaan. Jopa VR-tuki näyttää olevan mukana, mutten pysty edes kuvittelemaan miten se toimii :D

Itse peli tuntuu nyt ihan oikealta tarinalliselta roolipeliltä missä tehtävien välissä voit kulkea maailmassa ja keräillä rahaa, XP:tä ja salaisuuksia, missä ensimmäisessä pelissä alkoi skippailla tarinaa ja lopputekstivitsi alkoi käydä vanhaksi.
Tehtävät ovat aika hyvin samanlaisia pienillä tuoreilla muutoksilla, joka ei todellakaan ole huono asia koska se oli ensimmäisen pelin paras osa.
5 人之中有 4 人(80%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
49.5 記錄時數
張貼於:06 月 22 日
Ok after 100% achievements I think its about time I finally did a review on this.

To start off this sequel pretty much takes the Hero 30 gamemode from the first game and expands everything about it (unfortinately there are no other gamemodes from the first game)

As usual you got your hero who has 30 seconds to defeat the evil lord and save the day and all that. Pretty much what you would expect from playing the first game but what is different here is how the quests are bigger, theres overworld exploration, and even little dungeons you can go through without worrying about the time in between quests. The game also has roughly twice as much content in the story compared to the first. As for more gameplay you got time attack, infinite battle, multiplayer, and the custom levels you can make and play.

So about the story I can say its pretty good. Starts off from where the last game left off but this time around it parodies the RPGs around like the SNES and PS1 era with more drama and character development (similar to that one quest in the first game). Even with that It still keeps its humor and makes me smile at some parts of it.

With all that I say its worth checking out.
2 人之中有 2 人(100%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
86.6 記錄時數
張貼於:06 月 8 日
Even more brilliant than the first game to play through. Unfortunately the Global Level system hampers the "Master each individual stage" aspect that was a huge draw in the first game... but the actual main adventure this time is several times bigger and more creative than the original Hero 30 mode, and the level creator and sharing in Steam Workshop is fantastic. Seriously, play this.
4 人之中有 3 人(75%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
23.7 記錄時數
張貼於:08 月 29 日
A really fun game with a staggeringly large amount of content for how simple it could have been. It's a direct upgrade to the first in every single way and I'm having a really fun time and I can see I have a lot more to go.
4 人之中有 3 人(75%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
7.3 記錄時數
張貼於:08 月 25 日
As you can very well tell its very fast paced, no time to afk (not like you would want to) just very thrilling and entertaining. So worth, I had a lot of fun.
1 人之中有 1 人(100%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
60.9 記錄時數
張貼於:09 月 16 日
I never played the first game. I always liked the final fantasy game's and rpg's however i thought most of them were slow to start and hard to get into. This game removes that, you can jump in at any point and have fun. Many RPG aspects including leveling up and sidequests. The story is suprisingly good, there are 5 main storyline each including different characters meaning lots of content. The game also has mutiplayer, controller support, level editor and workshop. You can crate and play levels or other levels crated by others. The game is so fun and a must for any RPG player.
3 人之中有 2 人(67%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
7.8 記錄時數
張貼於:06 月 21 日
Fantastic game. Has a good soundtrack, nice story, and the battle system is pretty good.
3 人之中有 1 人(33%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
63.8 記錄時數
張貼於:08 月 14 日
Also no time to explain, Also buy this!
3 人之中有 1 人(33%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
43.6 記錄時數
張貼於:06 月 19 日