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Samurai Gunn is a lightning-fast Bushido brawler for two to four players. Each samurai is armed with a sword and gun, with only 3 bullets to a life. Discipline and quick reflexes are the key to deflecting bullets and sending your opponents’ heads rolling.
Release Date: Dec 10, 2013
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“Samurai Gunn is a smoking gun, a blood-stained sword, the quick feet of a trained warrior out to kill. It’s a local multiplayer survival game that feels lush in its violence. I love it. I’m a slave to hitting replay.”

About the Game

Samurai Gunn is a lightning-fast Bushido brawler for two to four players. Each samurai is armed with a sword and gun, with only 3 bullets to a life. Discipline and quick reflexes are the key to deflecting bullets and sending your opponents’ heads rolling.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 201 MB available space
Helpful customer reviews
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Way too expensive for the little content it has and has been pretty much abandoned by the dev. He published only one patch since the game was released and is now working on a different game.

It's got really good gameplay but is not feature-complete. Here's a list of the stuff that should be in the game but somehow isn't:
- replays
- tournament mode in which you choose how many matches you want to play and the winner will be the one who wins the most. There could be some stats shown between each match. You could choose which levels you want to play or have the game randomise them.
- any match modifiers such as timed matches, no guns, no super jumps, etc.
- any kind of stats that carry over the matches
- unlockables/secrets
- an option to base spawning on the proximity of the enemy, so that you won't spawn near players and be able to instakill them just because you got lucky.

I can't recommend getting the game at it's basic price. It's really fun and has a great soundtrack but at the same time it feels like an early beta at this point. Wait for a sale (UPDATE: the dev didn't even bother putting it on Summer Sale). And get Towerfall Ascension in the meantime if you're looking for a good couch deathmatch game. It's a bit slower in terms of gameplay but at the same time it's superior in pretty much every way and is still getting new content and updates.
Posted: July 1st, 2014
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Silly competitive fighting game similar to that of say Towerfall. The pixel art style and movement is great. Definitely worth picking up if you usually have 3 friends hanging out and you all feel like battling.
Posted: June 22nd, 2014
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Super fun multiplayer that harkens back to marathon sessions of Bushido blade with friends in high school. If you're looking for frenetic 4-player-local fun (and you have controllers), pick this up!
Posted: February 2nd, 2014
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This is a very fast, reflexive, bloodbath of a party game. The premise is fantastically simple- You have a sword you can swing, and a gun you can shoot. Kill the other players- But the strategies build in complexity pretty quickly if you're playing with three or four people.

Within seconds, you can shoot at one enemy to your right as someone drops down above you. They go to slash, but you intercept with your sword, flinging them back up. At this point, the bullet you shot gets reflected back at you, so you jump over it and towards the guy that dropped down, swinging your sword as you jump. This propells you up into him, netting you a clean kill. But at this moment, the fourth player wraps around from the left side of the screen and shoots you. You barely just landed, and only have enough time to deflect the bullet with your sword, but the guy is already in the air, jumping over the reflected shot, bringing his sword down on you.

This takes about three or four seconds, and the default mode is 10 kills to win. If someone has at least 9 by this point, it'll enter a showdown between the victor and the close second. These arenas change depending on the stage: One can have a rain of arrows to deflect and dodge, while another turns you both invisible. The variety is fantastic.

There IS a singleplayer mode, but it's merely just a gauntlet, pitting you against waves of enemies. It's fun for a bit, but starts getting kinda monotonous. Also, there is no online. This was built for local multiplayer, and if you can take advantage of that, I can guarantee that you and your friends will sink hours at a time into this.
Posted: February 3rd, 2014
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Amazing game. Spent hours and hours and hours playing this with people. It's probably one of the easiest pickup-'n-play fighting games on Windows and really gets everyone going. I definitely think this was my game of 2013. I've spent far more time playing it with guests than any other game I own since I bought it on Christmas.

Because there's absolutely no documentation, there's a lot of learning in terms of moves and rules. For instance, if you press your sword and jump and a direction at the same time, you do a mightier jump in that direction than normal. Also, you're limited to 3 bullets a life (gets rid of bullet sniping or camping), and you can hold down to play dead (you'll die in water if you do this). There are a bunch of stages all with their own little intricacies. If there's any game I'd recommend for party play on Steam, this is it.

I'm using Logitech F710 controllers because they have an amazing d-pad for this kinda stuff. Definitely something worth trying out if you're having issues w/ a 360 controller's analog stick. PlayStation controllers should work as well based on their d-pad positioning and functionality.

Based on what the game offers, I do think the price is high; although, that's not something I ever think about. Of the hundreds of games I purchased in 2013, it was by far the best and most-valuable.
Posted: February 11th, 2014
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100% Recommend this if you have gamepads (i'm using PS3's w/ MotionJoy on XBOX setting works perfect), HDMI cable, 3+ friends, and plenty of beer. This is my new party game, and I can see it hanging around for a long time.

Even of you have no friends and can't drink beer, it is worth it for the survival mode alone.
Posted: December 10th, 2013
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