The title says it all. Take one part falling block puzzle game, combine one part old-school platformer, add a couple thousand pixels, blend and serve. Why match colored blocks when you can just shoot the hell out of them? Your goal is to survive as long as you can. From celebrated indie developer Andrew Morrish and Adult Swim Games.
User reviews: Very Positive (186 reviews)
출시 날짜: 2013년 5월 24일

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Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe 구매


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"Un peu de Tetris, un peu de Plateforme, mais beaucoup de Fun dans ce Puzzle-game !"
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2014년 8월 28일

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2014년 8월 5일

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“Easily one of the best Tetris-style games to show up in a very long time.”
- Hardcore Gamer

“Fans of simple, yet long-lasting arcade games will find this to be another title they come back to again and again.”
- Indie Statik

“Harkens back to a simpler time when the ultimate goal of a videogame was simply to obtain a high score.”
- Destructoid

Steam Big Picture

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The title says it all. Take one part falling block puzzle game, combine one part old-school platformer, add a couple thousand pixels, blend and serve. Why match colored blocks when you can just shoot the hell out of them? Your goal is to survive as long as you can. From celebrated indie developer Andrew Morrish and Adult Swim Games.

Key Features

  • Nov. 2013 Update: new outfit, new level, new challenges and MORE!
  • 9 playable characters, each with unique abilities
  • 7 different worlds to explore
  • Dozens of obstacles, hazards and enemies
  • 20+ challenges to overcome
  • Play single player or local head-to-head multi-player
  • Amazing soundtrack
  • Leaderboards support
  • 30+ Steam achievements

시스템 요구 사항

    • OS:Windows XP SP3
    • Processor:2.0GHz
    • Memory:2 GB GB RAM
    • Graphics:Pixel Shader 2.0
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:70 MB HD space
    • OS:Windows 7
    • Processor:2.4GHz or higher
    • Memory:2 GB GB RAM
    • Graphics:Vertex Shader 2.0 compatible card
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:70 MB HD space
    • OS:Snow Leopard 10.6.X
    • Processor:Dual Core 2 Ghz
    • Memory:2 GB GB RAM
    • Graphics:Pixel Shader 2.0
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:170 MB HD space
유용한 고객 평가
19명 중 18명(95%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
36.3 시간 기록
This game is not for the faint of heart.

You may be playing as an armed piece of cheddar with massive eyebrows, but you'd best be on your damn toes in this intense puzzle platformer. But this ain't your average "puzzle platformer", no, forget your braids and your fezzes, because this game's got GUNS, SPIKES, MISSILES, DYNAMITE, LASERS, JETPACKS, SKELETONS and BLOCK, AFTER BLOCK, AFTER BLOCK, THREATENING TO TURN YOU INTO CREAM CHEESE.

And to top it all off, this game has a BLAST PROCESSING option, which does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
게시 일시: 2014년 7월 27일
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9명 중 9명(100%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
3.3 시간 기록
This title, although small, is a great send-up to the 3rd and 4th generations of gaming. Players can choose one of nine different outfits, each with thier own ability (for example: Ninja offers double-jumping; Domino Mask utilizes two-way shooting), and endure amidst a small arena of falling blocks. Jump, shoot and strategize your way to a high score.

As for the gameplay itself, the premise is simple: survive as long as possible, with no time limit. This quickly becomes a welcome challenge, as numerous traps [and blocks] will appear according to the players' level (goes up to four; the higher the level, the more difficult it is to survive). Each map has its' own set of traps. Usually, it is a better option to wait for the screen to fill at least halfway, as connected adjacent blocks of the same colour will all explode when shot as a combo. As blocks explode, they drop block bits, which add 1 point on thier own. Collect enough bits in a row, and an invincibility star will appear.

Get this title while it's still only 2 dollars; it's worth it. The game has a small footprint as well, being under a gigabyte, as well as lower specs.
게시 일시: 2014년 6월 22일
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6명 중 6명(100%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
6.7 시간 기록
Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe is a perfect mixture of old school gameplay and modern twisted role reversal concepts; it controls beautifully, it's hard but not frustrating, when you pick up block pieces, diamonds and everything else it's very satisfying, and on top of it all, it's great for short bursts.
This is the kind of game I would have trashed every last coin into its coin op in late 80s/early 90s.

For those who don't know what this is about: it's a platform game set in a block-drop puzzle stage.
You have to avoid and destroy falling stuff. If you destroy a block placed near other blocks of the same colors you obtain more stuff. Picking up stuff is needed to level up and become more powerful.
The more you proceed, the more dangerous stuff drops down.
That's it, basically. But in a perfect arcade fashion it could virtually offer endless joy.

This is the kind of game you just can't stop playing. Like, never.
게시 일시: 2014년 8월 30일
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7명 중 6명(86%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
5.5 시간 기록
Where can I begin?
This game is one of the most fun and addictive titles I've played in a while.

It's exactly what it says it is, a Puzzle Platformer. The puzzle aspect is quite simple; there are multicolored blocks that cascade from the sky, and your primary objective is to destroy them. Same colored blocks can connect, and chain for extra points. Massive combos result in massive amounts of points (buckle your pants, you're in for a massive amount of screen shaking.)

Now, the platforming part is where the fun begins. In addition to the puzzling, your next objective is survival. It's an endurance test. You'll need quick reflexes and lots of caution when blocks are falling from the sky - but that's not all you need to be wary of. Various stage hazards appear from time to time and vary from each world. Each hazard making the gameplay a ton of fun, as well as somewhat frustrating from time to time. A wise person will avoid letting hazards stack up. (Trust me.)

While the gameplay remains the same through each world, each world feels fresh as you play through them. As stated previously, each world adds new hazards, and you're in for a surprise every time. The graphics on each stage look great, and the music for each stage is even better.

In addition to solid gameplay, Super Puzzle Platformer has quite a few unlockables - various costumes that grant different bonuses and change how fast your character moves, how high they jump, and how strong their breaking abilites are. If you're feeling brave, there are also unlockable challenges that are both fun and, well, challenging. (They get pretty darn hard.)

This game even added some words to my normal vocabulary, I'll be calling things radical, jazzy, smokin', and nifty from now on.

Overall, I can't not recommend this game. Vibrant, colorful, retro graphics and a kickass soundtrack that are reminiscent of the Sega Genesis, simple and solid controls, with simple and great gameplay, as well as long lasting re-playability make this title shine. My only gripe would be the massive screenshake on very large combos. It can be pretty disorenting, but makes those combos feel worth it. I love everything about this game.

At the time of writing this review, I've only got a couple hours logged. But I'm extremely satisfied with this game, and I can't wait to log some more hours. 10 / 10.
게시 일시: 2014년 6월 23일
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3명 중 3명(100%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
6.9 시간 기록
This was a neat game and I had a pretty good time with it.

The gameplay is fun and interesting, though frustratingly hard at times. The basic idea is that this is a matching block breaker type game, except you don't have any control over how the blocks fall. Instead, you're a guy on top. The game actually plays like a platformer, except you score points by breaking blocks. The bigger your combo (the more of one color that you break in one combo) the more you score. There's some exp type things that raise your general attack power. You also immediately level down upon taking some forms of damage (some damage out right ends the game, like falling on spikes), As you progress you unlock new stages which in turn have their own unique mechanics that don't typically appear within other stages. Certain stages (♥♥♥♥ing fire cave, for example) are harder than the end ones simply because of the design of their mechanics.

There are also some challenges and those were fun, though they're more about learning the progression of the drops than anything else.

Additionally, there are different characters that have different abilities but I never found myself wanting to use any of these. The base character is pretty balanced and his ability is good.

The music is pretty good in Super Puzzle Platformer and I really enjoyed listening to the sound track.

Graphics are graphical. They don't get in the way but they're also not super fancy. They work.

If I had any negative things to say it would be how the difficulty curve scales (that ♥♥♥♥ing fire cave, world 3 or 4, is pretty hard but later stages aren't really). That, and if you're an achievement hunter then yeah, this game can go ♥♥♥♥ itself lol. Most of the achievements aren't hard and I had fun doing them (beating challenges, clearing stages, getting max level on stages). However, the ones that suck ♥♥♥♥ing suck. Although not the worst, there is an achievement for dying 1k times: sorry, I don't want to play this game that much; even grinding that out would be a massive hassle.

The worst, however, involves lasting for an inordinate amount of time in a stage to unlock a special challenge. There is a challenge for each stage and clearing one of these challenges earns you an achievement. These challenges are pretty tough to unlock and I gave up on them. Not interested in the time it takes to get that.

Those two points, the achievements and the difficulty, are pretty minor though. I count this as a great game and I think everyone should play it. It deconstructs the puzzle genre very well.
게시 일시: 2014년 9월 4일
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16.4 시간 기록
'캐주얼'의 정의를 잘 살린 게임.
테트리스 크기만큼의 조그만한 공간에서 나름의 액션과 퍼즐성을 잘 살린 게임.
너무 깊게 파고 들어가진 않을 정도로 맵이나 캐릭터, 챌린지 등의 컨텐츠도 적절했다.
(다만 챌린지는 한번깨면 땡! 인거고, 캐릭터는 사실상 닌자밖에 안썼다.)
어느정도 불타오르면서 했고, 업적 다 따고 나서도 가끔 생각나면 켜볼만한 게임.

추가 컨텐츠가 업데이트 되기 전까지는.

팬서비스성 업데이트라곤 하는데, 어째 좀 억지로 억지로 컨텐츠 늘려놓은 느낌이 강하다.
그나마도 게임 출시되고 시기가 좀 지난 뒤의 업데이트라 게임 샀던 사람들이 알아차리기도 힘들었고.
(오죽하면 본인도 올업적게임 둘러보다가 어?! 뭐지!? 하고 겨우 눈치챘을 정도.)
추가 업데이트가 오히려 독이 되어버린 케이스.
게시 일시: 2014년 1월 10일
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