PlayClaw 視頻錄制軟件能爲您提供全方位的支持。PlayClaw 可以充分利用多核處理器和硬件加速 H.264 編碼器,保證優秀輸出品質的同時將對系統性能的影響降到最低。PlawClaw 能在最小性能影響下記錄您的高幀率全高清遊戲畫面和您的語音解說。PlayClaw 的特色功能是可以渲染一些覆蓋層到遊戲畫面中。它可以顯示誰正在使用Teamspeak 3說話,這樣可以幫助您更好的進行團隊合作。您也可以在遊戲中通過覆蓋層檢查GPU或者CPU的負載。覆蓋層插件兼容最新版本的Windows和圖像引擎。特性一覽:多種遊戲內音頻及語音記錄方式硬件加速H.
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2013 年 9月 10 日


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11月 21 日

PlayClaw 6 is released

We're glad to inform you that we have just released this major update for v5

For a limited time we provide a free steam keys if you're already owner of version 5. This will end on 26 Nov 2017, 23:59 GMT+0
If you want a free key, please send a request here with a screenshot of your steam account with visible username and profile (and playclaw 5).

If you're late or just do not want to get a free key (donation? ) then you'll be able to get v6 steam license from this bundle with 50% OFF

Thank you for your support!

p.s. If you get something for free in Steam then your review (if you will write it) will not be counted in overall rating for app/game.
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9月 15 日

First PlayClaw 6 beta

We worked hard to prepare this major update. Or, may be, almost new software - PlayClaw 6.
We've changed the core of our software a bit. Overlays are the very important thing, other features are just useful "addons".
Here is how PlayClaw 6 looks after the first start.

Overlay editor with realtime preview and dashboard to fast access common overlays properties.

You can add up to 255 overlays using right mouse button click on preview or dashboard.

Set of overlays

PlayClaw 6 supports interactive mode with overlays (if overlay can do it). Double click on overlay opens a "door".

Interactive with browser overlay

Overlays have a set of common settings. Some of them are new for PlayClaw.

Render layer to draw specific overlay over or under others

Visibility mode for every overlay

PlayClaw 6 supports Scenes management. You can prepare scene for every your game or streaming mode and just switch them in one-two clicks.

Scenes management

We've optimized our capture and encoding engine and version 6 does its job 2x faster than version 5. FPS drop during capture is very low, really.
This beta has limited set of available overlays.
This beta can have bugs :)
This beta is free for all PlayClaw 5 steam owners.
We plan to make paid upgrade to v6, but it will cost only a few USD.

To install this beta you need to open software properties in Steam client and select "version-6" beta in Betas tab. Steam will start download after closing properties window.
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PlayClaw 視頻錄制軟件能爲您提供全方位的支持。

PlayClaw 可以充分利用多核處理器和硬件加速 H.264 編碼器,保證優秀輸出品質的同時將對系統性能的影響降到最低。PlawClaw 能在最小性能影響下記錄您的高幀率全高清遊戲畫面和您的語音解說。

PlayClaw 的特色功能是可以渲染一些覆蓋層到遊戲畫面中。它可以顯示誰正在使用Teamspeak 3說話,這樣可以幫助您更好的進行團隊合作。您也可以在遊戲中通過覆蓋層檢查GPU或者CPU的負載。覆蓋層插件兼容最新版本的Windows和圖像引擎。

  • 多種遊戲內音頻及語音記錄方式
  • 硬件加速H.264編碼器(支持Intel QucikSync編碼器,NVIDIA編碼器,AMD VCE編碼器)
  • 串流到YouTube、Twitch和其他RTMP直播服務
  • 在Windows 7,8/8.1及10上有特殊的桌面錄制模式
  • 可以調整記錄視頻的幀率和大小
  • 支持多達16個音頻源輸入
  • 獨特的預錄制模式
  • 可以輸出多種視頻格式(AVI,MP4)
  • 自動屏幕截圖
  • 多種覆蓋層插件:Teamspeak 3語音插件,FPS幀率顯示插件,CPU/GPU負載顯示插件以及計時插件等等
  • 支持攝像頭畫面輸出到錄制畫面
  • 支援第三方插件
  • 支持多線程編碼
  • 可以保存基本設定檔
  • 兼容VAC反作弊系統和PunkBuster反作弊系統


    • 作業系統: Windows 7
    • 處理器: 2-cores CPU with SSE support
    • 記憶體: 1 GB 記憶體
    • 顯示卡: Intel/AMD/NVidia graphics card
    • DirectX: 版本:8.0
    • 備註: Administrator rights to run software are mandatory.
    • 作業系統: Windows 10
    • 處理器: Intel SandyBridge CPU or AMD APU A10-58xx or better
    • 記憶體: 4 GB 記憶體
    • 顯示卡: NVidia Geforce 6хх or AMD Radeon HD 77xx or better
    • DirectX: 版本:8.0
    • 備註: Administrator rights to run software are mandatory.


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