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Jetzt wird aufgerüstet! Mach dich bereit für noch mehr Geisterketten-Mampfen und rasante Action in PAC-MAN CE-DX+! Das preisgekrönte Fressspiel feiert seinen Einstand auf Steam – mit mehr Inhalten und neuem UI, über das du Highscores mit Freunden vergleichen kannst!
Veröffentlichung: 24 Sep. 2013
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PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+ All You Can Eat Edition kaufen

Enthält 9 Artikel: PAC-MAN™ Championship Edition DX+, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+: Mountain Course, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+: Big Eater Course, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+: Championship III & Highway II Courses, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+: Dig Dug Skin, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+: Rally-X Skin, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+: Pac is Back Skin, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+: Pac Steps BGM, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+: Reentrance BGM

Über das Spiel

Jetzt wird aufgerüstet!

Mach dich bereit für noch mehr Geisterketten-Mampfen und rasante Action in PAC-MAN CE-DX+! Das preisgekrönte Fressspiel feiert seinen Einstand auf Steam – mit mehr Inhalten und neuem UI, über das du Highscores mit Freunden vergleichen kannst! Erwecke die Geister, bilde den längsten Zug an Verfolgern und mampfe so viele und so schnell wie möglich, um den Highscore zu schaffen! Und vergiss nie, dir einen Weg nach draußen frei zu halten – mit Geschick oder ein paar Bomben!

Diese PAC-MAN-Erfahrung wird dich überraschen!

Online Features

  • Besiege das Spiel!
    Folge deinem Spielfortschritt und schalte alle Medaillen frei, indem du die Labyrinthe unter den übelsten Umständen abräumst.
  • Knallharte Rivalität
    Stürme die Bestenlisten und fordere deine Freunde über die sozialen Netzwerke heraus.

Key Features

  • Unfassbares Tempo
    Fetze mit maximaler Geschwindigkeit durch neonartige Labyrinthe für den Highscore.
  • Unmengen an Labyrinthen
    7 Labyrinthe mit einzigartigem Aufbau und speziellen Optionen, jedes eine eigene Herausforderung.
  • Tonnen spannender Kurse
    5 verschiedene Spielmodi garantieren jede Menge Herausforderungen in jedem Labyrinth.
  • Dein ganz persönliches PAC-MAN
    Passe Spielschwierigkeit, Hintergrundmusik, Charaktere und die Darstellung der Labyrinthe nach deinen Vorstellungen an und schaffe deine ganz persönliche PAC-MAN-Erfahrung.


    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: 1 GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics device
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9 sound device
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20.3 Std. insgesamt
Dies ist für mich ein Retro Remake wie es auszusehen hat.
Es bündelt das klassische 90iger Jahre Pacman mit aufregenden Neuerungen.
Es wurde sehr hübsch aufgewertet und sieht für das was es sein soll (klassisches Pac-Man) einfach unglaublich aus.
Lichteffekte, Farbpaletten, verschiedene Designs und und und.
Da die Gestaltung der Abläufe, Geister und Pillen neu überdacht wurden, ensteht ein sehr schnelles und rasantes Gameplay welches durch den unglaublich guten Soundtrack aufgewertet werden.
Noch nie wurde ich alleine schon durch einem Soundtrack in Verbindung mit dem schnellen Gameplay so befriedigt, nachdem sich die BGM in 10 Minuten unglaublich steigert und intensive wird.
Für mich ein gelungenes Remake und ein perfektes Spiel.
Leider fehlt die Online Tabellen und Online Modus mit Freunden.

Absolute Kaufempfehlung für Retrofreunde UND Neulinge!

~ Bloccy
Verfasst: 22 April 2014
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This is the best PAC-MAN version I have played since the original, although it has a bit of a twist. All the game modes are time based so you could have a 5 or 10min run at a score, or have a specific challenge like how many ghosts you can eat in one go or how quickly you can collect a certain number of fruits. There is a ton of maps and PAC-MAN themes you can unlock too, although I wish the classic theme was unlocked by default.

It feels like an authentic PAC-MAN game; it has all the sound effects you would expect, good soundtrack and responsive controls. You need those responsive controls as it gets really fast when you survive longer! To make it more forgiving, you do have bombs and a slow motion "bullet time" effect giving you an extra split-second to make the right move. Even with these tools at your disposal there still an excellent challenge for your reflexes; Online leaderboards as well to challenge your friends :)

One thing that could definitely have been left out is the Facebook medals to earn in-game; this should not be part of the games' achievements! At most it should be an option for those who want to use FB, not required to get all the in-game achievements nor plaster the icons with a 'Share' tag till you do share it!

Facebook farce aside, the game itself is a great trip down memory lane introducing a modern twist to the PAC-MAN legacy.
Verfasst: 5 April 2014
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3 Reviews
2.6 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 20 Juni 2014
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8.3 Std. insgesamt
This is probably the best 3.75 I have spend this year. No words can describe how much I enjoyed it. If it's on sale, it's a steal and you should be arrested for buying masterpeices at such low prices.

Before I begin to explain myself why I highly encourage you to buy the game, I would love to say that I am a huge Pac-man fan. I grew up playing Pac-man acardes since I lived in a small neighbhorhood with an acarde not to far from my house. Walking to school, I would spend 25 cents to play Pac-man. So, to play a modern Pac man game that does everything exactly right and BETTER just brightens my heart.

This game simply does everything right, and if you love pac-man as much as I do, you will quickly agree that this is your favorite purchase.

To begin with, the music is fantastic. Reentrance( DLC song) is probably my Video Game music of my Year almost beating DuckTales's legendary "The Moon". It's very techno-ish. I am not usually a fan of this type of music, BUT surprising, I instantly fell in love with it. It does its job right of making you feel very intense as your heart beat raises as the game rapidly gets FASTER. It's freaken intense and the music overall just enchances the experience. MUSIC DONE RIGHT.

The game offers the original calm relaxing game we all know love in stunning beatiful visuals. There are servals skins and colors to pick from! From 2D outlines to fully 3D. There even Dig Dug! Just look at the screenshots! They're the perfect colors and visuals for this game. There is simply no complains about the graphics. HOWEVER, there is no resolution settings, and I believe it runs at 720p.

In addition, Championship Edition DX+ is able to convert a unviserally claimed game, which is played for calming and relax, into this instantly fast, suspenseful, intense game that is can be VERY addicting. This is where the game shinies the most. Besides the usual collecting orbs and trying to get high scores, now they included a rate of speed, bombs, and slow down feature. Being honest I hated them. I felt that it made the game too easy. BUT, as soon as the game blasted to 40 speed of rate, the game completely changed as I grateful for the new features. Now, when you're close to a ghost, the game slows down, so the player is allow to make better decisions on where to move next. In addition, if you're about to die due to being trap, you can use the bomb feature to destroy all the ghost. I try as much as possible to avoid the bomb, but I still enjoy using it as it can be a lifesaver to achiveing a higher score. Overall, if you love fast gameplay, you will love this game. At 50, the game went soo fast that my eyes couldn't catch up. However, I eventually got used to it.

My favorite feature is the Free mode where the player is allowed to set a time limit. It's basically like a time attack and your goal is to see how many points can you can obtain. I am a college student who has been dying to find a game where I can pick up for 10mins and return to homework. I've even played it on campus as many commented saying its "pac-man on acid" or "What is this sonic?".

Overall, there are a TON of gamemodes. I could explain them all, but its just something a player has to try on their own.

To conclude, I'm glad to see a new Pac-man game isn't just clone of the original with HD fancy graphics. To those who would rather play it on a TV Pac-man console or on a flashgame, I'd like to mention that the game introduces so many new features and visuals elements that it entirelly changes everything, and you'll get a FAR better experience than playing it on a flashgame on TV console.

I can see a TON of effort put into the game, and it simply stands out. This is by far the best Pac-Man game you can buy on a console or PC.
Verfasst: 29 Juni 2014
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This is the Pacman gameplay you know and love with a twist. The additon of ghost chains makes the classic Pacman gameplay way more intense and addicting. Combine that with amazing music and a wide variety of visual layouts and you have one little fun-filled package. The game is on the short side since you can unlock all achievements and modes in an hour, but just like the original pacman, you can play this in short bursts for as long as you want.
Verfasst: 23 August 2014
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