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War Thunder is a next generation MMO combat game dedicated to World War II military aviation, armored vehicles, and fleets. You will take part in all of the major combat battles, fighting with real players all over the world.
Release Date: Aug 15, 2013
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[Historical] The Swiss Air Force

July 31st, 2014

Sparked by the start of World War I three days earlier, the Swiss Air Force was established on the 31st of July 1914. The emergency unit consisted of a handful of pilots flying civilian aircraft and armed with rifles in case of combat. Despite the primitive condition of their air force, the Swiss were prepared to defend their neutrality by force.

In October 1916, the Swiss began a practice that would become commonplace for them in WW2. A German Fokker fighter landed in Swiss territory under poor conditions, and the Swiss captured the aircraft as their own. The Fokker D.II became the first proper Swiss military aircraft. On that foundation the Swiss purchased more fighters from France as well as manufacturing some indigenous designs.

After the war, the air force remained underfunded and under-equipped until 1929, when a bill to fund a permanent air force was passed. The Swiss Air Force was formed as a separate military service in October 1936.

In a final modernization effort in the late 1930s, the Swiss ordered Messerschmitt Bf 109 D and E as well as Morane-Saulnier D‐3800 fighters from Germany and France. In addition to the imports, the Swiss also flew their indigenous EKW C-36, which was eventually found obsolete for WW2 combat service.

Although Switzerland remained neutral through World War II, it had to deal with numerous violations of its airspace by both sides. Initially it was German aircraft, especially during the invasion of France in 1940. The Swiss fighters shot down Do 17s, He 111s, and Bf 110s violating their airspace, which caused tensions between them and the Nazi German government, and the Swiss decided to stop firing on aircraft of foreign nations.

In April 1944, a Bf 110 G-4 night fighter with an advanced FuG 220 radar strayed into Swiss territory. Germany wanted the advanced device destroyed so that it wouldn’t fall into Allied hands and agreed to supply Switzerland with 12 new Bf 109 G-6s in exchange. The Bf 110 was demolished by Swiss engineers according to the arrangement.

Later in the war, the Allied bomber offensive occasionally took US or British bombers over Switzerland. Some Swiss cities were bombed by mistake, and American aircraft fired on Swiss interceptors flying German-built Bf 109s. Eventually the Swiss decided to shoot back if forced to, and several British and American aircraft were shot down by Swiss forces. To make them easier to identify for the Allies, the Swiss added red and white stripes to the wings of their aircraft.

According to Swiss records, 6,501 aircraft were involved with airspace violations over Switzerland during WW2. 198 foreign aircraft landed in Swiss territory with 56 crashing there. The Swiss interned the aircraft, and ended up with an interesting collection of planes at their disposal, some of which they decided to once again use for themselves. In addition to large numbers of B-24s and B-17s, the Swiss interned P-47s, P-51s as well as Bf 109s, and a single Me 262 jet fighter. While most Allied aircraft were returned after the war, the Swiss kept flying their Bf 109s until they were eventually replaced with surplus P-51s and first generation jets.

2014, the Centennial year for the Swiss Air Force, will be commemorated with an air show over Payerne Air Base and a specially minted coin.

In War Thunder, we will honor the airmen of the Swiss Air Force by introducing the its roundel with one of the coming updates

he War Thunder Team

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[Special] Summertime madness!

July 31st, 2014

Pilots and tankers!

“Summertime Madness!” comes to War Thunder!

Enjoy numerous events, discounts and special missions in the first weeks of August. Gain more RP and Silver Lions, earn the best premium vehicles! And while the main game show of the year - Gamescom - is on, Golden Battles await you!

From 12:30 GMT July 31st to 12:30 GMT August 6th

Missions to get premium tanks Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. N and T-34-57 is available today!
Destroy 90 player controlled vehicles while playing tanks or tank destroyers of USSR or Germany and get a premium tank of the respective nation.

From 02:00 to 06:00 GMT and from 16:00 to 20:00 GMT August 2nd and 3rd

x1.5 Silver Lions gain for all vehicles in each battle.

From 00:01 GMT August 1st to 00:01 GMT August 4th

30% Discount for modifications research with Golden Eagles.

From 02:00 to 06:00 GMT and from 16:00 to 20:00 GMT August 9th and 10th

x2 RP gain in each battle

From August 4th to August 10th

Missions to get A6M2 (USA), Wellington Mk.I (Germany), I-16 type 28, Boomerang Mk.I, Bf.109 E-3 (Japan) premium aircraft.
The mission details will be announced later, you can complete several missions and get different aircraft.

From August 8th to August 10th

Discount event! (terms to be announced).

From August 11 to August 17th

Missions to get premium vehicles: Pz.Bfw. Jagdpanther, Su-122P, P-63A-10 (USSR), Fw.190 A-5 (Japan), La-5-Fn (Germany), Mustang Mk.IA (Britain), Spitfire Mk. IX (USA).
The mission details will be announced later, you can complete several missions and get different vehicles.

From August 11 to August 17th

x4 RP gain for the first victory for all Nations.

From August 15th to August 17th

Discount event! (terms to be announced).

From August 15th to August 17th

Golden Battles! Earn up to 1000 Golden Eagles ! The terms are yet to be announced.

Follow the "Summer Madness!" timeline, and you won't miss out on these awesome events! See you on the battlefield!

The War Thunder team

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"War Thunder extremely easy to slip into"
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"Most Historically Educational Way to Destroy Planes"

"With fun, exciting combat combined with plenty of customization and room for personal skill, this game is sure to be a fan favorite."

About the Game

War Thunder is a next generation MMO combat game dedicated to World War II military aviation, armored vehicles, and fleets. You will take part in all of the major combat battles, fighting with real players all over the world.

War Thunder offers a highly detailed and personalized aviation experience, giving players access to hundreds models of planes with detailed cockpits, dozens of upgradeable weapons, and flying skills that can be honed and improved with each mission. Thanks to the game’s painstaking attention to detail, you’ll truly feel like a World War II fighter pilot as you plunge into battle.

The genuine World War II experience isn’t limited to the skies. The massive historical battles featured in War Thunder cannot be fought by aviation alone, so the game will also expose players to combat on land and at sea. Currently the game is in open beta stage and full functionality is yet to come.

Features Include

  • Varied PvP-experiences set in full-scale combat missions
  • Multiple settings options allow advanced virtual pilots and beginners to enjoy playing the game together
  • Rich PvE content: dynamic campaigns, solo missions, mission editor, and much more for single-player and cooperative gameplay
  • Impressive diversity includes detailed models of planes and their cockpits, as well as tanks and ships
  • Astonishing graphics, authentic sound effects, and beautiful music

PC System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: 2,2 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 7XXX series or higher; AMD Radeon 1XXX series or higher
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7,
    • Processor: dual-core 2,4 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 460 or higher
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space

Mac System Requirements

    • OS: 10.9 Mavericks
    • Processor: Intel Core i7
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD/Nvidia/Intel HD 4000
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    • OS: 10.9.2 Mavericks
    • Processor: Intel Core i7
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD/Nvidia
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
1,334 of 1,895 people (70%) found this review helpful
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1 review
1,277.6 hrs on record
Hello my name is KingTyrone (look me up :)) and I have been playing this game for 1.5 years (was ranked #1 in kills all-time in RB) while this game was a hidden gem the changes recently cannot overshadow how much the developers have ruined the game and it is not helped by awful community managers who don't get paid and are usually 15 year old children who barely speak english and deal permanent bans left and right for minor offenses.

DO NOT PAY THEM ANY MONEY premiums are far more expensive then they were before (4-5x times more)
GRIND GOT HARDER (without premium you will need 2-3 years to get all airplanes)
NO COMPETETIVE GAMEPLAY (all your time will be spent in the grind)
SIMULATOR BATTLES ARE BROKEN (And usually locked into russia vs germany for months at a time)
HIT BOXES (completely broken at times otherwise known as SPARKS)
BROKEN PROMISES (events,world war mode)

Only play this game if you are bored as it is certanly better than it's competition but the question remains:"At what price?Litterally"
Posted: March 15th, 2014
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287 of 391 people (73%) found this review helpful
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2 reviews
114.8 hrs on record
Banned me for my screen name. Not a happy person, especially after they claimed my birthyear (1988) was a hidden "heil hitler"... WTH? My "offensive" screen name was D88isaac. Evidently, my Jewish name Isaac right after the "heil hitler" didn't spare me. 88 was a year, 88mm cannons are used in the game... Are they going to ban those too? The people who moderate this game need to explain things. I was simply told I "displayed pro-Nazi symols" and without warning banned. I would not trust spending another dime with this company. They might label you something terrible, then ban you for absolutely no reason. What a let-down, as the game itself is a lot of fun.

If you play the game, I would not recommend spending any more than you are willing to lose. As I, someone with an Israeli name directly in my nickname was banned for a nickname "espousing Nazi identification". I'm politically aligned at the opposite spectrum of National Socialism and absolutely believe 88 can represent things outside of crazy Nazi hidden symbols (ironically found also as premium unlocks for the planes you freaking fly).

Also, Gaijin charges people (200 Gold Lions) to buy Nazi symbols those are not hidden symbols, but outright Nazi symbology. Yet they claim I knowingly, sported a "hidden symbol" in my nickname. Haha, this is beyond laughable and will be brought up with Steam Customer service as I will be expecting a full refund on my purchases so far unless my crazy ban is removed promptly.

Update: They simply say I chose my nickname and the "symbolism it supports"... WHAT? Wait, now they are pointing to their ToS acting as if their contract is above slander and fraud laws, while accusing me of horrible intentions, with an innocent screen name!

How juvenile, politicized and incendiary is it to assume someone's intentions, then blindly defend that position!? The grammar from the company correspondence is absolutely terrible. Here are some of my favorite excerpts from one of the supervisors:
"Did we choose you a nick which was against our rules mate which did u sign to agree?"
"Does it is enough for you? Basically u will not get any compensation cause it was you who violate our rules. So u dont have any rights to have it."
Posted: April 4th, 2014
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38 of 48 people (79%) found this review helpful
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19 reviews
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Plane Ramming Simulator 2014
Posted: July 25th, 2014
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89 of 134 people (66%) found this review helpful
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1 review
164.2 hrs on record
EDIT: Updated for patch 1.39

Patch 1.39 has changed several things. For one, all aircraft are 25% less reserch points. It still takes a long time to unloack all aircraft, but at least they're making some effort to balance the progression curve.

1.39 has also massively dropped the price of aircraft (and slightly dropped the price of repairs), in some cases aircraft are 1/3 of the lion price they were. Again, a step in the right direction. Original review content is below, most of the bullet points are the same.


As much as I want to, I can't reccomend this game. Gajin seems to have turned it into a money farm. Progression was always a problem in the game. pre patch 1.37 money was a problem. If you wanted to buy all the aircraft of a rank you had to either grind hard or buy premium currency. It was a constant complaint on the forums. Did Gajin listen? nope!

Post patch 1.37 the problem is even worse. Money is still an issue, only now you have to research aircraft individually. Other members have done the math on this showing that it slows progression and devalues premium currency by 4-5x. The progression curve is broken. So broken that it's kind of pointless to switch between countries. if you want a jet before your 60th birthday, you grind the hell out of one country until your brain melts.

This saddens me. The game itself is wonderfully fun. The way the devs have handled it makes me want to puke. If you do play, play for free. Don't give them your money like I did.
Posted: April 8th, 2014
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53 of 83 people (64%) found this review helpful
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2 reviews
223.3 hrs on record
This is the game that had it all. It had great graphics, fun gameplay, a brilliant free-to-play system with only modest rewards for those willing to pay, and an easy recipe for success.

Unfortunately, the Russian-based Gaijin apparently decided they no longer needed any of that in their game, and have been working tirelessly to remove any inkling of fun the game might have once had.

Since the 1.37 Patch was released, the player population of the game has stagnated to the point where the only players you'll encounter are either the Die-Hard Russian fanatics or the "too stupid to quit playing" crowd. Up until today, I was in that latter category. No more. I've had it.

The planes are ridiculous in every game mode - almost none of them bearing any sort of truthful resemblence to their real-life counterparts. The weapons are comical at best - with machine guns that literally do no damage and bombs that make you pull your hair out and wonder why the citizens of Dresden were so upset. The maps are extremely tired and repeat themselves so often that you begin to quit matches before they even load, because you know exactly what Pacific Hidden Base is going to be. The game types sound wonderful on paper, but in practice are so amazingly bad that once the honeymoon phase wears off and you begin to earnestly focus on the gameplay, you realize that these guys (the programmers) have absolutely no clue what's fun and what isn't.

They're falling the way of Blizzard - where every patch removes another desperately needed piece of the "fun" equation. Yet unlike Blizzard, who calmly acknowledge that they're ruining their games with words like "casual" and "approachability," these dumb Ruskies instead completely ignore their playerbase. Totally. Even mentioning a gripe with the game on their official forums will warrant you a ban - almost immediately. Have a problem with a player in game? Report them! But beware - if you report one player multiple times (for example, you notice them cheating, so you report it, then they use a racist term towards you, so you report them again) you'll be the one banned. Notice a group of players cheating? Don't even bother - the moment you start reporting multiple people in one round, you're getting banned.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

Couple that with the unending stream of new cheats and hacks that are coming out almost daily, and it's plain to see why the popularity of this game has rapidly decreased. Do yourself a favor and wait for something better to come along.
Posted: March 24th, 2014
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1,397 of 1,862 people (75%) found this review helpful
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5 reviews
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You're not interested in flying games? Well this one is gonna change your mind.
Posted: October 13th, 2013
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